Does Blue Nile Offer Financing? How Does It Work?

Does Blue Nile Offer Financing? How Does It Work?

Did you know that you can buy diamonds by taking advantage of Blue Nile financing? In this guide, you will learn everything about how the financing works, the qualifications, payments, and much more.

Does Blue Nile offer financing or a loan to help someone buying jewelry?

Here, we will delve into:

  • Financing program at Blue Nile
  • Credit card options with Blue Nile
  • Monthly payment plans at Blue Nile
buying jewelry through financing
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Is Blue Nile Financing Available to Buy Jewelry?

Currently, Blue Nile doesn’t have any programs for financial support or loans to buyers through its website. This may eventually transform soon.

They however they have credit card options for individuals. This is usually offered to people seeking loans or financing to buy a piece from them. To apply or check if you are eligible go to Blue Nile Credit Card that is directly from Blue Nile.

There are other alternative financing options through other institutes for buyers wanting to buy from Blue Nile.

To know all the requirements, just contact their customer service.

In addition, you can use your valid debit cards, major credit cards, and PayPal to buy a piece at Blue Nile. There is a 1.5% discount for paying directly from the bank. It is good to contact the bank prior to making the purchase to ensure that your transfer is processed correctly.

Does Blue Nile Offer A Credit Card?

Yes, it does. There is a Blue Nile Credit Card acquired from Comenity Capital Bank. This card comes with several benefits for credit cardholders. They include: unique promotions for holders, payment over time and there is no yearly fee charged for all eligible members.

How Much Credit if Offered?

Qualified members can access credit card lines of up to $6000 and more. An individual credit line is usually determined by either their creditworthiness or the first purchase made using the Blue Line Card.

What is the Interest Rate (If Any)?

Blue Nile Credit Card acquired from Comenity Capital Bank has an interest-free financing choice for those qualified cardholders. These options include:

There is an interest-free financing if the purchase ranges from as low as $500 to $1499. This option is for qualified people only who pay the total amount within 6 months of acquisition. If the purchase is above $1500 and you are qualified card bearers then, they enjoy an interest free financing if they pay the total amount within 12 months of acquisition. Additionally, this no-interest financing option can also be used by eligible individuals who complete payment of $2000 and above within 18 years of purchase.

Check the table below to know more about the interest-free options available.

$500 -1499.99 6 months
$1500.00 and up 12 months
$2000.00 and up 18 months

There is financing options accessible at a certain promotional interest. This only works for qualified cardholders. The promotional interest rate is 9.99% APR. this financing option comprises of a fixed equal amount payable that is based on the entire amount financed.

To receive this APR, you must fully pay the purchase amount of $2000 to $2999.99 within twenty-four months of the purchase date. There is an initial grace period of 25 days included in all the transaction done on accounts. This is in good standing that the amount has been completely paid during the earlier period.

If you make a purchase between $3000 and $3999.99, the APR rate of 9.99% will be maintained for you. This is only possible if the account stays in good standing and if the entire amount is fully paid within thirty-six months of the purchase.

Similar to other purchases, there is a twenty-five-day grace period awarded to any new account whose previous balance completed the prior billing cycle.

All purchases, taxes, and the added fees of $4000 and beyond are more qualified for the set 9.99% APR. this is together with the fixed-rate options and payments if the account is fully paid within forty-eight months of making the purchase. To determine the fixed amount then the full purchasing price is considered including all the fees, added merchandise, and taxes.

For those accounts in good standing of more than $6000 qualify for 9.99% interest rate APR. they also qualify for the easy fixed payments option if they are completely paid in 60 months and are in good standing.

The table below shows the equivalent payment financing options and the length of their equivalent terms.

$2000.00-2999.99 24-month term
$3000.00-3999.99 36-month term
$4000 and up 48-month term
$6000 and up 60-month term

The 9.99% interest rate APR the equivalent payment options are not applicable on any purchase below $2000. If you are interested in the financing options and no interest, you can look back at the information provided above. Your account must be in good standing and any outstanding balances fully paid. This must be done within eighteen months from the original purchase date. All the financial options provided require you to have a valid active and good standing account all through the promotional terms of the desired purchase agreement.

Any new purchase will qualify for the twenty-five-day grace period prior to any financial charges being applied if your account is fully paid for the last billing cycle.

If a purchase is made outside the requirements of the promotional terms it is subjected to the uniform variable APR of 29.99%. there is an additional interest charge of about $2.00 and a further additional minimum monthly payment of not less than $27.

What Are The Requirements?

Customers who successfully pass all the necessary credit requirements and approval, then the Blue Nile Credit Card acquired from the Comenity Capital Bank will be availed. To receive the promotional terms, then your account has to be in good standing. It also works for new purchases past the original purchase made in qualified accounts.

How Do You Sign Up?

The Blue Nile Credit Card comes from the Comenity Capital Bank. To find out if you qualify to hold this card just visit the Blue Nile Website and check out the Financial Services.

To own any credit card from the Comenity Bank it must be subjected to credit authorization. Additionally, the account must always be in good standing to facilitate the upcoming promotional sales or any other financing options available.

There are other available options offered by Blue Nile Card from Comenity Bank. They include deferred promotion. This is only for a narrow period. There is also no interest applied to the promotional purchases made when the account is in good standing. An account that is in good standing is one that has all its payments currently paid. The account must not have had any delayed payments in the previous twelve months. Additionally, it must have an appropriate and acceptable credit limit for any future purchase. However, all these will not apply to any accounts that have any supplementary service fees applied within the last twelve months or have achieved their credit limits.

There are several benefits offered to cardholders by Comenity Bank. These offers only affect cardholders that make an extra payment on top of the financial arrangements or payments made via the Blue Nile Credit Card.

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Does Blue Nile Offer Any Monthly Payment Plans?


At the moment, Blue Nile doesn’t have in place any monthly payment strategy for its clients directly through their stores or websites. Members qualifying to have the Blue Nile Credit Card have access to several options for their monthly payment plans options. This is bound to change in the future as they are ever introducing better purchasing terms for their clients.

The monthly payment options availed by Blue Nile through their Blue Nile Credit Card include zero-interest financing on any purchase that qualifies and is fully paid within six and eighteen months. There is a monthly payment option added for qualifying consumers. This is the APR rate of 9.99% for any purchase of $2000 and above. The term length may also vary from 24 months to sixty months. This depends on the actual amount financed.

Any other purchases that may be made through Blue Nile Credit Card are normally subjected to the APR rate of 29.99% after the awarded 25-day grace period for these accounts that are in good standing and the previous billing cycles are fully paid.

To get more information, you can check out the Blue Nile Website and further to the Blue Nile Credit Card section.

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