Blue Nile Resizing Policy: Detailed Guide

Blue Nile Resizing Policy: Detailed Guide

What does Blue Nile resizing policy say? Can you get your diamond ring resized for free? Read on to find out.

Are you wondering what the resizing policy is at the Blue Nile jewelry shop?

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  • What the resizing policy is at Blue Nile
  • How long Blue Nile takes to resize a ring
  • How much does it cost(if you have to pay)
  • Does their warranty cover ring resizing?
  • And a lot more!

Let’s jump right into the resizing policy at Blue Nile.

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What is Blue Nile Resizing Policy?

It is quite understandable to not know the ring size of the person you are buying the jewelry for.

It is also possible to know the correct size, but this may change over time and you will need to resize.

Because of the value they have for their customers, Blue Nile includes an additional resizing for all their custom made engagement rings to be done in the first year after purchase.

When the first year elapses or if you buy any other ring other than an engagement ring, Blue Nile still offers to resize, but at a cost. This cost will, however, vary.

You can also take advantage of the different options offered by Blue Nile to choose a way of resizing the ring at the time you purchase so that you avoid incurring the cost of resizing later.

There are several options for finding the correct ring size. Blue Nile provides you with a free ring resize and will send it to you via email. All you need to do is sign up for email newsletters and give them your email address.

Once you give your email, the ring resize will reach you between 7 and 10 days and between 8 and 10 days for residents of Canada. If you need the ring urgently, you can expedite the shipping process for $15.

As you wait for the ring to resize, take the opportunity to download their free PDF and use it to determine the right size for your ring. The PDF gives you clear directions of how to take the right measurements for the ring always are smaller in the morning or when it is cold. I bet you didn’t know that.

Blue Nile says the most appropriate time to measure the size of your ring is during the evening hours. This will ensure you do not buy a ring that is either too big or one which will become tight after some time.

How Long Blue Nile Takes to Resize a Ring?

Rings that cost $500 or less are normally resized using the return tool found on Blue Nile website. Alternatively, you can talk to a Diamond and Jewelry Consultant if you have a ring that costs more than $500.for each of these methods, a return merchandise number will be assigned to you then a pre-paid FedEx shipping label will be sent to you via email which you can then print. When you return the ring, remember to enclose all the original paperwork that came with the ring, your account number for return merchandise and any other thing that Blue Nile may ask you to return along with the ring. The shipping will also include any necessary insurance.

Blue Nile advice that you purchase insurance when you need to ship your ring back to them. It will also be safe if you add the signature requirement upon delivery. If you have any jewelry for which Blue Nile does not offer insurance, you can go for the Parcel Pro partnership with the jewelry store to get a shipping discount and lenient insurance rates. Once the ring arrives, Blue Nile takes approximately two weeks to complete the resizing process.

How long a ring will take to be resized will vary depending on several factors such as the amount of resizing required, service demand, and material used to make the ring. Longer waiting periods have been reported to fall after holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, right after massive weddings in June, and in July. Outside these times of the year, you can expect to get back your ring in 14 days after returning it to Blue Nile.

The Blue Nile service page on their website gives you a chance to track your request size and check on your return status.

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Cost of Resizing Rings at Blue Nile

How to measure your ring size blue nile

As already mentioned, resizing the ring in the first year after the purchase will not require you to pay anything. If you take back the ring for resizing after one year, you will pay for it. The cost of resizing depends on the type of band, how much work needs to be done while resizing, and if you are resizing down or up.

Sometimes, you may want to avoid the resizing cost charged by Blue Nile by taking your ring to a local jeweler or a discount jewelry shop. While this may sound like a good idea, it is important to note that any works done on the ring by a third party render the manufacturer’s warranty null and void immediately.

To get a clear picture or approximation of the likely cost of resizing, you should get in touch with a diamond and Jewelry Consultant at Blue Nile. The consultant will give you information about the cost you are likely to incur when resizing the ring depending on the setting of your ring, material used to make the ring, ring type, and the kind of adjustment needed. All these should be discussed during your conversation with the consultant.

You will also be told how important it is to begin the return process for any ring you buy that sells for more than $500. In case you decide to proceed with the return policy after talking to the consultant, make sure you get a return merchandise number that will help you when tracking the return process.

Does Blue Nile Warranty Cover Resizing?

Blue Nile offers only one kind of warranty for their rings-the manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover any resizing costs. However, there are a few other ways that you can utilize options from Blue Nile if you purchased a ring that is too small or too big.

One of the great ways is to return the ring to Blue Nile to get a full refund. However, you can only get your money back if you return the ring within 30days after delivery. This means you have to check your ring for its size as early as possible before 30 days elapse. This makes it easy for you to initiate the return process early if the need arises. This is very convenient for people who buy rings that have a small ring. In most cases, resizing your ring up will attract more expenditure than resizing down.

If after the 30 days you need to return the ring, you may have to do that on credit, provided you still have all the original paperwork and a genuine return merchandise number from Blue Nile. The return merchandise number is normally gotten from the Blue Nile returns portal for rings that cost $500 or less. If your ring is $500 and above, you will be required to call a Diamond and Jewelry Consultant to get that authorization.

If all the above options do not work you can also utilize the option of Buyback Diamond to sell the diamond ring that is either too big or too small. This service is offered by Blue Nile in partnership with Mondiamo. This service can, however, be used by customers who have any ring settings with diamonds that are more than 0.30 carats. To utilize this option, you will also be required to have a GIA report and all the documentation for the diamonds you intend to sell.

Other Considerations

Some ring types like silver rings, Tungsten rings, gemstone, and diamond eternity bands, and most ornate bands cannot be resized. Similarly, custom made rings (those different from Build Your Own Designs) can prove difficult to resize. For any other rings that are different from these, Blue Nile is ready and willing to resize to your appropriate size or refund your money if you return within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Need Further Assistance?

In case you need additional help with ring resizing, you can start by getting in touch with a Diamond and Jewelry Consultant at Blue Nile for personalized interaction. These consultants are available to help you round the clock. There are also other resources found on their website that you can use to get help. These resources will help you with picking the correct size of the ring and also give you additional tips on how to buy a surprise ring for a loved one.

Furthermore, if you bought a ring from Blue Nile for someone, that person can still return the ring if the size does not fit. Blue Nile issues a gift certificate via email in exchange for the recipient of the ring. This certificate is issued only when the ring reaches the intended recipient and is processed.

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