Best Place to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings

Best Place to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you looking for the perfect place to buy diamond engagement ring online but torn between choices? You have come to the correct place!

In this article, we shall give you all the information you need to get the best engagement ring, including:

  • The best place to buy diamond engagement ring online
  • What to look for when buying an engagement ring
  • How to know if you are getting value for your money
  • Some of the red flags to look out for when purchasing an engagement ring

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Buy Diamond Engagement Ring Online

An engagement is among the life-changing events that most people look forward to. For a long time, high-quality engagement rings could only be found in mega brick-and-mortar stores.

But in recent years, many diamond sellers have offered these precious jewelry pieces online. They are not only top-quality engagement rings but cheap too. Plus, you go through a hassle-free buying process with no pushy salespeople bugging you about buying what you don’t want.

You may be wondering how to tell if you are buying from a trusted online jewelry brand.

Don’t worry, this guide is written for you specifically. We shall tell you all that you need to know about the best 6 online stores to buy diamond engagement rings from.

Were to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online

We pulled up a quick list of the best 6 shops that sell diamond engagement rings online. Continue scrolling to learn more about every one of them.

1. James Allen Most Renowned

  • Variety Of Options
  • Price Options
  • 360° Viewing
  • 30-Day Money Back
  • Lifetime Warranty
2. Clean Origin All Lab Created

  • 100% Conflict-Free
  • Big Savings
  • Custom Filtering
  • Grading Report
  • 100-Day Return
3. Blue Nile Astor Ideal Selection

  • Customized Filtering
  • Modern & Classic
  • Bank Wire Discount
  • 360 HD View
4. Ritani One-Of-A-Kind Settings

  • HD Photos By Request
  • In-Store & Online
  • Market Analysis
  • Lifetime Warranty
5. Whiteflash Brand Designs

  • Build-Your-Own
  • Topnotch Standard
  • 30-Day Return
  • Care PLans Available
6. Leibish & Co. Exquisite Collection

  • 14 Fancy Colors
  • Free 60-Day Resizing
  • Loyalty Program
  • Lifetime Warranty

1.      Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring From James Allen

James Allen has grown to earn a spot among the best online stores to buy an engagement or wedding ring. There is no doubt that it is the best store to buy an engagement ring.

They have countless loose diamonds all ready to be put in a setting of your choice. You can go for halo pave, Tiffany solitaire, or any other setting. Their diamonds also come in a variety of shapes including princess, Asscher, and others. You get overwhelmed by the vast shapes and settings.

When shopping for an engagement ring from this store, you get options like three stone, vintage, halo, and many more. The settings are tagged with prices for the setting only, so you get to select a loose diamond on the side.

When buying a ring from James Allen, you get involved fully in the process of creating the ring from scratch, something you will not find in many stores.

1.25 Carat H-VVS2 Cushion Cut Diamond Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Cushion Emerald, Radiant)
1.25 Carat H-VVS2 Cushion Cut Diamond Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Cushion Emerald, Radiant)

Ring prices at JA are cheaper than most online stores. The prices vary with the cheapest loose diamond of SI1 clarity going for $500 and a VS1 clarity for $9,000.

There is no second-guessing when you shop at James Allen. This store gives you a free lifetime warranty to cover regular works on the diamond such as steam cleaning, rhodium plating, steam-cleaning, prong re-tipping, and changing the ring size.

In addition, you have 30 days to return any ring that does not satisfy you, they will not ask you any questions. you can also trust that you will get your money back.

Read the full James Allen review


  • Wide inventory
  • Budget-friendly
  • 30-day return policy
  • Lifetime warranty covers routine maintenance


  • Colored diamonds not visible in a setting

2.      Buying Diamond Engagement Rings at Clean Origin

Clean Origin is the best online stop jewelry shop if you want to buy lab-created diamond engagement rings. All their diamonds are manufactured in the lab. Diamonds created in the lab are known as artificial diamonds, but they look just like natural diamonds in all their characteristics. These diamonds do not grow in deep in the earth but they have the same chemical and physical characteristics as those that do.

Lab-created diamonds at Clean Origin are conflict-free. Clean Origin is fairly new in the jewelry market having opened its doors in 2017, but when it comes to industry experience, they have more than a decade.

Buying lab diamonds at Clean Origin will have you saving more than 50% of the cost you would have incurred buying jewelry in a shop that sells natural diamonds of the same quality and grades. You get the chance to customize the lab diamonds filters to end up with a conflict-free engagement ring.

You can filter down to hearts and arrows. This shop sells top-quality loose synthetic diamonds. You may not find any I clarity diamond rings in their collection.

clarity diamond ring
Vida Marquise Cut Halo Promise Ring

Clean Origin offers a 360-degree view of all their synthetic diamonds with an additional blow-up viewer that lets you control the images and see all the diamond characteristics. The grading report is also available.

Once you have selected a loose diamond, you select a ring setting too. The settings come in one of the recycled precious metals.

This store has one of the most convenient return policies. you have 100 days to return any synthetic diamond engagement ring that you do not like. This plays a big role in ensuring that customers are satisfied with what they buy. This boosts trustworthiness in new customers.

When it comes to a warranty, you will only get a manufacturer’s warranty. This isn’t really a warranty if you ask me. It only covers designer flaws and not routine works. If you want to tighten the stone, prong re-tipping, rhodium plating or polishing, you will have to engage a local jeweler for it.

Clean Origin has cheaper diamonds but there is no provision for trading in the diamond or upgrading. This is because synthetic diamonds don’t have a resale value and are not a great investment.

Clean Origin is the one-stop-shop if you want n alternative for a natural diamond. you will pay much less for a real diamond engagement ring.


  • Conflict-free diamonds
  • Environment friendly
  • Large 360-degree viewer
  • Cheaper than natural diamonds


  • No real warranty
  • Zero resale value diamonds
  • No trade-in for lab diamonds

3.      Buying Diamond Engagement Rings at Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one other great jewelry shop to purchase a diamond engagement ring online.

Like the two stores above, Blue Nile lets you choose a loose diamond of the characteristics you like from their inventory. This store has ideal cut diamonds as well as their exclusive Astor Ideal cut.

You get the chance to customize the loose diamond chosen in various metals like 18K and 14K rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum. There is a large collection of loose diamonds.

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BN has fancy colored diamonds that you can put in a ring. This option is good for customers who want the diamond ring to have more life.

twisted halo diamond engagement ring
Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond selection at Blue Nile comprises both classic and modern ring settings like vintage, pave, three stones, and halo.

If you want a pick-and-go diamond engagement ring, there are also pre-made engagement rings at BN as well as engagement rings made of gemstones.

When you purchase an engagement from Blue Nile via the bank, you get a good discount compared to if you pay using a credit card. JA does not offer that, so Blue Nile scores with this offer.

One downside is that Blue Nile doesn’t take care of routine diamond maintenance for free. They only talk of and offer a manufacturer’s warranty. Although, you will get one free resizing. There is a ring resizer on their website that you can order or go with a plastic ring resizer. This feature is helpful for customers who may not know their exact ring size.

twisted halo diamond engagement ring
Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


Blue Nile offers a wide selection of top-quality loose diamonds but they lack a favorable warranty.

Read the full Blue Nile review.


  • 360-degree viewing
  • Wide selection of loose diamonds
  • Fancy colored diamonds
  • Bank payment discount


  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Fancy diamonds not visible in a setting

4.      Buying Diamond Engagement Rings at Ritani

Ritani Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Ritani is amongst the oldest names in the diamond industry. You may know them as ring designers but they have since evolved into diamond sellers. Ritani began its operations as a ring designer, making unique ring designs for sale to Whiteflash.

Solitaire Diamond Cathedral Tapered Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Cathedral Tapered Engagement Ring

Today, Ritani has loose diamonds as well as unique ring settings. There are both loose real diamonds and loose synthetic diamonds. Regardless of where you buy, all shops charge extra money for any brand name. This means the ring settings you find in Ritani will be pricier than unbranded settings.

Ritani is known for being transparent with all the loose diamonds they carry. You will get a breakdown that shows how much they bought the diamond for, the markup cost, and how much you will pay when buying.

There is no diamond viewing consistency in Ritani. While some diamonds have 360-degree videos, others have HD images only. A few diamonds have both video and images and others have nothing completely.


You can get HD photos for your preferred diamond within 48 hours if you request.

Diamond prices at Ritani are more or less similar to those at Blue Nile and James Allen. Ritani is among the few online diamond sellers that let you see diamonds in-store in one of their partners’ shops. However, with the advent of COVID-19, viewing diamonds in-store may not be possible for now.

Solitaire Diamond Knife-edge Tulip Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Knife-edge Tulip Engagement Ring

Ritani offers a free lifetime warranty for all their diamonds. This is a lifetime warranty that covers routine works for diamond rings.  You do not have to worry about the cost of prong re-tipping, stone tightening, cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating, or any other work. However, you need to activate this warranty before 45 days elapse, although you can do it later.


  • Both online and physical store
  • Free lifetime warranty


  • Viewing not consistent
  • Pricey ring settings

5.      Buying Engagement Rings at Whiteflash

If you like to buy brand names, you will definitely love Whiteflash. Whiteflash is known to carry more than 50% of designer engagement diamond rings in their collection.

This online store carries bridal jewelry from famous brand designers like Verragio, Ritani, Simond G, and Tacori.

This store does not carry many engagement rings of their own but they will let you create an engagement ring of your own using their vast collection of loose diamonds.

18k White Gold Tacori 56-2RD Sculpted Crescent Classic 3 Stone Engagement Ring
18k White Gold Tacori 56-2RD Sculpted Crescent Classic 3 Stone Engagement Ring

You build the ring from scratch by choosing a diamond with your preferred grades. This feature helps you cut costs while getting your dream ring.

Choosing a loose diamond has been made easier by the ability to narrow further the choices and eliminate what you don’t want by comparison.

Unfortunately, Whiteflash does not have pre-made engagement rings, but they compensate for that with the wide section of loose diamonds. They have both a virtual and in-house loose diamond collection.

The loose diamonds are sourced from different places and manufacturers but have to be screened by resident gemologists to make sure they get the best diamonds.

14k White Gold Danhov LE101 Per Lei Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring
14k White Gold Danhov LE101 Per Lei Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

One great thing about Whiteflash is that they can cut a diamond to the shape of your choice. Give them a rough diamond and their lapidaries will cut it into an admirable stone.

Whiteflash gives customers a 30day period to return an unsatisfactory ring, but if you buy from the online selection, the period is slashed to 10 days. This is accompanied by a 1-year warranty that pays the cost of prong re-tipping, rhodium plating, polishing, stone tightening, and cleaning.

Additionally, there are two kinds of care plans from which you can choose.

One is a 3-year Ultimate Care Plan and the other is a Lifetime Ultimate Care Plan. How much a care plan costs is determined by the price range of the diamond engagement ring you buy.


  • Largest collection of loose stones
  • Care plan options
  • Online collection
  • Sells brand names
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not many of their own designs
  • Slow website

6.      Buying a Diamond  Engagement Ring from Leibish & Co


If you love unique jewelry, make a stop at Leibish & Co for jewelry that stands out.

If normal engagement ring styles do not excite you anymore, log into Leibish & Co website to find out what they have to offer. They have an exquisite selection of fine engagement rings made of fancy colored diamonds.

Of all the online stores listed here, Leibish & Co is the best when it comes to fancy diamonds. They have a collection of high-quality unique fancy colored diamonds. You get the opportunity to make your own colorful engagement ring.

Because they are the best fancy diamond sellers, expect their diamond engagement rings to have high price fact, the price ranges are not in everybody’s budget.

Princess-cut Diamond Full Eternity Band Ring (3.00Ct TW)
Princess-cut Diamond Full Eternity Band Ring (3.00Ct TW)

Their collection features 14 different diamond colors including the rarest red diamond. You can buy these diamonds in a set or loose.

All these fancy diamonds can be viewed in 360-degree ut at an angle. When the light dims out of the stone, you will not see anything on it. Needless to say, the view is bad.

However, you can see the real diamond physically at a store at a fee. If only they put clearer views of the diamonds on their website.

Leibish & Co offers a Loyalty Program from which you can gain points when you buy a diamond engagement ring from them. Any time you purchase earns you loyalty points. When you buy more diamonds, you earn more points. These points can be used for other purchases later on.

88 cut Diamond Band Ring (0.74Ct TW)
88 cut Diamond Band Ring (0.74Ct TW)

Not so many jewelers offer this kind of program.

In addition to the loyalty program is a lifetime warranty. The warranty pays for any rhodium plating, polishing, cleaning, and re-tipping you may need as long as you still own the ring.

Some of the diamonds in Leibish & Co are certified by GIA while some are graded in-store by GIA-certified employees. if you wish to have the diamond certified by another laboratory, you will be charged $150.

The return period of jewelry bought at Leibish & Co is 30 days. Also, you earn a free ring resizing within 60 days if your ring does not fit.


  • Loyalty Program
  • High-quality fancy diamonds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Temporary resizing


  • Bad quality viewing
  • Expensive

FAQs When Buying Diamonds Online

There are many questions that you ask when buying a diamond engagement ring online. Should you buy an all-diamond ring or a mixture of diamonds and gemstones?  What setting is the best? White, rose, or yellow gold? There are many options. Here are some of the frequently asked questions when buying a diamond engagement ring online.

Is it cheaper to buy a diamond engagement ring online?

This question is somewhat weighty. Most people like to think of products in the lines of cheap and expensive, but diamonds involve much more than that.

A less costly diamond does well saving a few bucks, but you will be compromising on durability. Cheap diamonds have low grades. they have the worst cuts and “all” the inclusions. Not all cheap diamonds meet these criteria but most of them do surely.

If you opt to buy the diamond engagement ring from a physical store, you may not find the best diamonds and if you do, prepare to dig deeper in your pockets. Buying a diamond engagement ring online will cost you50% less than it would in a physical store

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You will get a ring of the same size but lower quality for a similar price or an even better diamond at one of the online stores listed here.

Red Flags When Buying Diamond Rings From Online Stores

The process of buying a diamond engagement ring online is not a walk through the park. You need to watch out for scams, which is hard to do online. Thankfully, the online buying process has been made easier nowadays.

Legitimate Companies

All the online diamond sellers on our list are trusted, legitimate sellers. You should know better than not to research any other jeweler that is not listed here. They may have affordable diamond engagement rings, perhaps even better designs and you may find favor in them.

Other smaller retailers may be 100% legitimate but it won’t hurt to check. If you intend to buy in any other online retailer like Costco, research the company as much as you can.

A good place to start for trusted reviews is the Better Business Bureau or Facebook business pages. Make use of these tools to see what customers have to say about their buying experiences in smaller jewelry stores online.

Conflict-free Diamonds

If you are concerned about ethics, then the source of the diamonds sold to you must be important. It may interest you to know that all the online stores listed here take part in the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process was started in 2003 to make sure that all diamonds entering the market were not gotten from places where the proceeds from the diamond sale are used to fund terrorism and civil wars.

A good diamond retailer should state their policy on conflict-free diamonds, whether selling diamonds online or in a physical store. All the stores on our quick list sell conflict-free diamonds.


Clarity is an important factor when you want to buy loose diamonds.

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Take time to know about the 4Cs of a diamond before buying it.4Cs refer to the diamond quality features by the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the best company when it comes to jewelry research and education.

Clarity is an important factor especially if you want to put a loose diamond in a setting. You need not worry about clarity if you are buying other fine jewelry. A ring is always looked at from the top, so you need to make sure there are no inclusions or any other blemishes on the diamond.

If you are shopping from a store that does not give a specific clarity grade at least for the center stone, then you are in the wrong store. Much lower clarity and lower quality diamond rings are found on Amazon.

 Get the Best Diamond Engagement Rings Deals Online

When buying a diamond engagement ring online, getting the best deal does not involve numbers only. A large diamond ring at a cheap price does not mean it is a great deal. The best engagement ring is not necessarily the biggest. All top-quality diamonds are graded using the 4Cs which are Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Color.

If you look around, you can actually get a 2-carat diamond engagement ring from an online store with a lower color grade, good cut, and low clarity grade. You may forego the diamond’s beauty if these characteristics are important to you.

Not all pretty diamonds are expensive, but you may choose to let go of some characteristics when creating your own engagement ring.


The diamond’s cut affects the longevity and brilliance of the stone. How the diamond will be cut is dictated by its polish, proportions, and symmetry.  A diamond that is poorly cut causes light to leak and produces poor fire. with that said, I wouldn’t recommend sacrificing diamond cut quality.


Clarity refers to how clean the diamond is when looked at by the naked high (refer to the red flags section).


All diamond grading labs measure color on a scale from D-K where K is pale yellow and is the lowest quality of color. Next to it is a fancy yellow diamond. Some companies may assign a lower color grade, but the majority stop at grade K.


Many people confuse a diamond’s carat with how big it looks. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Diamond size is determined by its shape and not carat weight.

It is rare to find large diamonds that are clear and colorless. This is the reason their prices increase significantly from one carat to the next.

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You can save a lot if you opt for a diamond engagement ring with lower clarity. However, take your time to view the stone before buying.  Shop from one of the online shops that have 360-degree viewing technology to identify where inclusions (if any) are located and other characteristics.

You will pay less for an SI1 diamond with inclusions on the edge where the prong will sit. These inclusions will not be visible.

In the same way, there is almost no difference between a D and E diamond when it comes to color grades, but their prices are greatly different.

You will always notice a difference between two color grades apart. For instance, there is a noticeable difference between a D-colored diamond and G but hardly any between G and H. They may look similar but you will save a lot if you buy a diamond with a lower color grade.

The Carat weight of real or synthetic diamonds is calculated in points. 1 carat has 100points. When looking for loose diamonds, pay attention to the difference in cost between a 1-carat and .90 carat diamond.

The price difference ranges in hundreds but if you observe the two stones together, you will hardly see any difference. You will save a lot if you buy diamond engagement ring online in points rather than whole carat weights.

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