Blue Nile Build Your Own Ring (or Pendant)

Blue Nile Build Your Own Ring (or Pendant)

What is Blue Nile build your own ring program all about? What can you expect and does the company truly allow custom rings? Read on to find out.

Do you want to build your ring at Blue Nile? You’ll get the chance to learn all about it here.

In this guide you will get to know:

  • Whether Blue Nile allows you to make your ring
  • How building your ring works and what it costs
  • How long it takes to build your ring

building your own ring

Let’s get into it then.

Does Blue Nile Let You Build Your Own Ring?

Are you looking for a customized ring? More personalized than others? Then Blue Nile offers you an opportunity to pick out the metal, the diamond cut, the setting, and the design of the ring. They call it Blue Niles Build Your Own Ring®. You are allowed to build your dream ring from scratch.

Delivery of the custom-made ring depends on the options taken. It can be as early as 2 weeks since placing the order.

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How Does it Work?

1. Decide on the Diamond

The first step when building your ring is deciding the perfect diamond that you want your ring to be set around. At Blue Nile there are plenty of diamond stones to pick from as they have more than 150 000 pieces at your disposal.

Picking out a diamond can be confusing as they are all glamourous. They come in a variety of attributes including shapes, cut, weight and sizes. Here is a simple guide on how to pick out your diamond.


Price is a very important thing to factor in. you do not want something out of your budget. At this retailer, their prices range from as ow as $200 to as high as $200000. However, the prices change constantly so you need to stay updated.


The shape of your diamond plays a big role in how elegant the ring will look. There are different shapes offered at Blue Nile. They include princess, round, pear, and cushion. Pick one that you love the most.


This refers tit e weight of the stone. It can be a set or one single stone. Carat weight is a factor to consider if you love high-end rings.


Pick out the color that you find interesting. A diamond’s color is determined by the most visible color on the stone. Blue Nile offers color grades ranging from J to near colorless through D. D is the highest color grade here.


The cut is relevant since it determines the total amount of light reflected by the stone. It is necessary if you love shiny rings. At Blue Nile, the cut varies depending on the need. For those that are constrained by the budget, then a good cut suffices. If quality is what you want, then Astor will work. Astor™ is unique to Blue Nile™ and is a cut that is well polished so as to permit the highest levels of light reflection.


Clarity refers to the blemishes and inclusions present in a diamond. Clarity is important for those that may be looking for eye-clean diamonds. There is a wide variety of clarity levels at Blue Nile. They range from the slight blemishes (I1 and I2) all the way to internally flawless and flawless clarities (IF and FL respectively.)

There are some filters that you can add to your diamond. These include:


This is the alignment of the facets in the diamond. It factors how precise the facets lie in each other.


This is the exterior state of a diamond. Polishing is done to all diamonds on a special wheel. If you want a stone with little to no polish marks, then you need to pick high-quality stones. It is not possible to make out polish marks unless you are using a jeweler’s loupe.

Carat Price

To get the price per carat, divide the total price of the diamond by its total weight. For larger diamonds cost more per carat compared to smaller diamonds. This is mostly because they are rare.


This is the ability of a diamond to transform the ultraviolet light produced into light visible to your eye. This factor affects the cost of a diamond. If the fluorescence is high, then the price will be slightly low.

Table percentage

If you divide the table surface by the diameter of the diamond, you get the table percentage.

Depth Percentage

The exact height of a diamond from its culet all the way to the table divided by its diameter is called the depth percentage. The percentage plays a big role in the overall look of the stone.


This is the point found at the bottom of a diamond stone. It contributes to the brilliance of the stone. If the cullet is pronounced, you’ll get less brilliance.

L/W Ratio

This is the length to width ratio. It is important in any rectangular, marquise, and square-shaped diamonds. It is used to match a diamond and to a proper setting.

Delivery Date

If you expect to get your ring by a certain specific date then, you must consider the delivery date.

2. Choose the Perfect Setting

As soon as you are satisfied with your diamond proceed to choose that setting that will hold the diamond. There are a few factors and features to keep in mind when selecting the setting. They include:


When building your ring, prices are set separately. This means you will find different prices for different settings. This allows you to work within your set budget.


There are different metals you can choose from. Pick from 18k Rose Gold, Platinum, 18k or 14k White gold, or the 14 k yellow gold available in their store.

Stones Shape

There are different diamond shapes you can include in the setting. This must match with the shape you picked for the diamond. These shapes include Princess, Asscher Emerald, Round, Marquise, Cushion, Pearl, Oval, Radiant, and Heart.


You can locate different types of materials on the rings. The common materials include gemstones or diamonds. The band can as well be plain.


Size of the Ring

Build a ring size perfect for you. Choose between sizes 3 -10. Even with this option, the largest and smallest sizes of rings have fewer options when it comes to settings. If this is your size, it is advisable to contact a Design Consultant at Blue Nile for more options and advice.

Style of the Ring

At Blue Nile you will find all the main ring styles in the market. some of the styles permit engraving on them. The variety of rings include Channel Setting. Halo, Designer, 3 Stone and Eternity. Some styles include marching bands. These are Sidestone, Infinity, Pave Vintage, and Solitaire.


At Blue Nile you are allowed to pick between sapphires or diamonds and other options available.

Width of the Band

This is the thickness of the ring. It starts from 1mm all the way to 7mm.


You can also choose a designer setting. You can get designs from Monique Lhuillier, Bella Vaughan, The Gallery Collection™, Zac Posen plus their Blue Nile Studio.

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Blue Nile Build a Ring Charges

When building your own ring, costs are set separately for every activity. Selecting the diamond and setting it are charged separately. There is a price list set for you to peruse before proceeding. They additionally offer engraving services at a non-refundable fee of $25

How Long Will It Take to Make?

Build Your Own Ring expedites your delivery. It is possible for your ring to be delivered one week after you build it. If it costs more than $1000, your signature will be required upon delivery.

Additional Considerations

After building your own ring you should then proceed to checkout. This step is finalized by inserting your email address. Upon checking out, you’ll receive a price alert. You can now be sure what you will spend on the ring. If there is a price change in any of the conflict free diamonds on the cart, you will get an alert.

Build Your Own Ring misses out on Blue Niles promotions, however, there is a one-way diamond guarantee that you’ll receive the best market price after building your own ring at Blue Nile.

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