Blue Nile Customer Service Review: What Should You Expect?

Blue Nile Customer Service Review: What Should You Expect?

In this guide, we analyze Blue Nile customer service to help you understand what to expect when contacting the online diamond vendor. 

Wondering the kind of experience you will get when you contact the customer service staff at the Blue Nile?

Good, you have landed in the right place!

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This guide will give you all the information you need including:

  • Whether the customer service at Blue Nile is good
  • The best and convenient way to reach the customer care team

These will be covered alongside other things. Let’s start.

Blue Nile Customer Service: What to Expect

Any diamond vendor or company is rated good or bad depending on the kind of customer service they offer. If you decided to buy expensive jewelry, it is wise that you purchase from a retailer who has invested in their customer service team and will give you the great experience you need. Blue Nile makes sure that you do not forget the kind of experience you will get from their support staff if you shop from their collection.

Blue Nile is very much aware that there are other jewelry shops from which you can shop, so they invest in their customer service staff. At Blue Nile, it does not matter whether you are just mystery shopping or you are a serious buyer, you will directly talk to one of the store’s Diamonds and Jewelry consultants and you can be sure of getting unparalleled service. We shall look at the consultant program a bit later on.

It is almost straight forward that you cannot just trust what good things a company says about itself on its own website. So, we did some spot checks to get more information. The results were incredible.

Unlike other jewelry retailers who send their customer service abroad, Blue Nile decided to put extra weight in their consultant program. This clearly shows how the store is committed to great customer service. Aside from this, their website is also worth mentioning. Their website has user-friendly features, it is intuitive. You can search for jewelry and narrow your diamond results depending on the collection styles and your preferences.

In addition to the personal touch on the experience, you also get a 30-day return policy, you will also get financing for the diamonds that are located elsewhere. The customer service at Blue Nile is all-inclusive and supportive because of benefits like free shipping, insurance, and no questions asked when refunding. From the spot check we conducted, we established that Blue Nile does not only boast of the quality diamonds in their collection but also their great customer service.

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Does Blue Nile Offer Free Diamond Advice?

Before you reach the point of getting diamond advice, the shopping experience gives you the opportunity to decide what exactly you want to buy. One of the unique features of the customer service team at Blue Nile is their advice center. When you decide exactly which of their diamonds you wish to acquire, you will be given a contact number that you can use to reach a diamond and jewelry specialist.

The good news is that the diamond expert you will talk to does not work on commission and therefore you can rest assured of getting unbiased information about diamonds. You can reach the consultant through any of their customer service options. By the time you are through with the consultation, you will get an affordable insurance policy, return policy, and free shipping. All these in a bid to protect the investment you are about to make. The ring can impress you but if the size ends up changing, Blue Nile will do the resizing for you free of charge in the first year.

Contacting Blue Nile Customer Service through Phone

Is It Possible?

You can get the Blue Nile customer service direct line number on different parts of the website. The following are ways through which you can contact Blue Nile by phone whether you are shopping for the first time or you are a repeat customer:

Questions about diamonds: 1-888-565-7641

Questions about jewelry and policy: 1-800242-2728

Blue Nile has stated on their website and their employees have confirmed that the customer service representative you will find is not a commission worker and will give you all the information you need as well as educate you on finding the best diamond you want that Blue Nile can offer. Several customers have exclaimed that their calls did not take long before they were answered.

Image showing phone contact details

Available Hours to Call

The call center line at Blue Nile is available 24/7, most customers can attest to this and also to the fact that the call is answered almost immediately with a warm voice.

Is the Customer Service Team Helpful?

The customer care team has been reported to treat customers professionally and also to be very helpful. When you make a call to Blue Nile, you will talk to a friendly representative who will answer all your questions regarding their shipping, return policies, exchanges, and any other questions that you may have.

Contacting Blue Nile Customer Care Through Email

Is it possible?

Like phone call support, the Blue Nile customer service is spread across departments. You can find the email address to use at the Blue Nile’s Contact Us section on their website. The following are the email addresses you can use:

Available Hours to Send an Email

Just like you would receive customer care via phone, the customer service team is available via email 4 hours a day and 7 days a week. The email team will respond to your questions as soon as they can, although they are not as fast as the Live Chat representatives or the phone call team. This is understandable given the nature of how email communication flows.

If you intend to send any sensitive or confidential information via email, it is good that you make sure the email settings are secure.

Is Email Support Staff Helpful?

The support staff that attends to email communication is professional and very helpful, but the process of looking for diamonds requires that you move back and forth. While the email team will reply to your emails as soon as possible, they will always recommend that you engage the phone or Live Chat team after the first email.

Contacting Blue Nile Customer Team via Live Chat

Blue Nile is well conversant with the latest technology and therefore they take advantage by offering Live Chats on their website for customers to connect with the customer care team. When using the chat feature, you get the luxury of talking to the diamond expert about all the information that you need without the pressure of having to stay on a call. The chat is the best feature for back and forth questions.

Is It Possible?

The Live Chat is an online feature exclusively offered at the Blue Nile website; it was developed in-house and is supported by any browser. This simply means there is no need of downloading software externally which ensures your computer’s security. The chat feature is easy to find since there are calls to action on almost all the WebPages. This is the best option if you have to send any sensitive information since you avoid any email security breaches. The Live Chat is quick and highly responsive.

Available Hours to Chat Online

Like phone calls and emails, the Live Chat is also available 24/7. The non-commissioned team is available always to help you understand the kind of investment you are about to make.

Is Live Chat Customer Support Team Helpful?

The chat is helpful and has many benefits. However, before you start the chat, you will be required to give your full name as well as your email address and an opt-in so that you can get email notifications. This starting point is not favorable to all and some may prefer to opt for a phone call instead. Sometimes you may not escape as there too the customer care staff will repeatedly ask for your email.

Blue Nile Customer Service Reviews: Conclusion

Most customers have reported that the customer service at Blue Nile is exceptional. Whether you want to buy a wedding ring, engagement ring, bracelets, necklace, or any other kind of jewelry, all your questions concerning return policy, resizing, shipping or diamond exchanges will be answered professionally. Furthermore, you will not wait long before you get a response. One customer even noted that the customer service received was almost as exciting as the proposal.

When buying an expensive piece of jewelry, you need to be treated with professionalism, respect, and dignity. While a diamond can be bought from any of the physical and online stores, it would be nice if you bought from a jeweler that allows you to enjoy the tinny-tiny customer warmth. At Blue Nile, you will get above-average customer service and jewelry at affordable prices.

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