Best Place to Buy Diamond Bracelets Online

Best Place to Buy Diamond Bracelets Online

Are you online in search of best diamond bracelet?

This is the place to be.

Here, you will get answers to questions concerning buying diamond bracelets unlike like:

  • Which online store sells the best diamond bracelets?
  • Which warning signs to look out for when buying diamonds online?
  • Is it cheaper to buy diamond bracelets online?
  • How would you tell if the deal you are getting is a good one?

Buying diamond jewelry online offers you more advantages than shopping from a physical jewelry store.

Majority of jewelry online stores present you with a wide selection of products from which you can choose as opposed to the collections in high end street jewelry stores.

Plus, you will get incredible special offers and varying prices which will go a long way in saving some cash when buying bracelets.

Best Place to Buy Diamond Bracelets

Without wasting so much time, below are the 6 best online stores where you will find quality diamond bracelets online. More details about each shop are given.

  1. James Allen (my number one pick)
  2. Blue Nile (second best)
  3. Whiteflash (incredible return policy)
  4. Leibish & Co. (best place for fancy color diamonds)
  5. Brian Gavin (best deal for warranty and diamonds)
  6. Abe Mor (best store to sell diamonds)

In this guide you will also learn easy tricks and tips to use when searching for and purchasing diamond bracelets on the internet and also get the best deal.

1. James Allen’s Diamond Bracelets

When talking about jewelry industry and online stores, you cannot miss a mention of James Allen. This online store is known to offer the best high quality diamond wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets and other diamond jewelry.

Available Inventory

Naturally when shopping, you want an opportunity look at and analyze different products and their prices. The same applies to diamond bracelets or any other jewelry. A less than a second search the James Allen website for diamond bracelets gives you a variety of pieces to look at and choose from. You will get diamond bangles, tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, cuffs and  bolo bracelets among many others. This is the best online place for diamond bracelets.

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Given the high quality diamond bracelets, coupled with a wide and convenient selection, the price of jewelry at James Allen is bound to be higher than at Amazon. That being said, the prices also come in variety since James Allen has built a reputation of retailing fine jewelry.

Warranty and Refund Policy

Shop from James Allen with extra confidence as you are assured to get your money back within 30 days if the bracelet does not impress you. All products also carry the lifetime warranty benefit. From the lifetime warranty, you will get from rhodium plating; prong tightening, polishing services and cleaning.


  • Wide variety of diamond bracelets
  • Product lifetime warranty
  • 30 day return policy with money back guarantee
  • Affordable jewelry for smaller budgets


  • Some products cannot be shipped immediately

2. Blue Nile’s Diamond Bracelets

Blue Nile was the first jeweler to retail diamonds online and has since the years established a niche for itself. Not only does this store sell the best diamond necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings but it closely connects with renowned jewelry designers and brands like Monique Lhuilier. Blue Nile offers all that you require for easy online jewelry shopping and will deliver products across Europe.

Product Selection

Selection jewelry pieces at Blue Nile cannot be compared to any other store. One quick search on their online store, and you are presented with a myriad of options. You will get a range of beautiful bracelets with different prices. Scroll through to get an ornate open ended bangle, tennis bracelet, a pave bangle, or any other piece of your choice. You can get any jewelry in colors ranges of yellow, white and rose.


Low or high on budget? No worries, Blue Nile have products that cover both budget ends. You will definitely find diamond bracelets that fit into your budget.

On the lower side, you can get this fancy rose gold diamond halo bracelet at only $550. If you want something pricier, this white and yellow diamond bracelet going for about $9,000 will do. For something neither too cheap nor too expensive, go for this sophisticated white gold 18K diamond bracelet and part with $3,600.

Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

You can rest (or purchase) assured that there is a return policy from Blue Nile that will be beneficial in case you do not like your purchase. If that is the case, return the bracelet (or any other jewelry) within 30 days and you will get all your money back.

Blue Nile also offers a manufacturer’s warranty for product lifetime. With this, you will have your jewelry repaired and replaced for any manufacturing flaws.


  • Varying diamond bracelet designs and styles at affordable prices
  • 30 day return policy and a lifetime manufacturing warranty
  • Opportunity to increase carat weight and personally choose the metal you want for any product


  • Limited product selection than that of James Allen

3. Whiteflash’s Diamond Bracelets

This is the best online jewelry shop where you can get ideal cuts for diamond bracelets. There are great offers in terms of bracelets designs at Whiteflash, even though their selection range is not as vast as the one found in James Allen and Blue Nile.

Product Selection

Whiteflash has you covered for different kinds of bracelets, including super ideal cut diamonds, to suit your taste. Talk of diamond tennis bracelets, multi-strand bracelets, chain bracelets, oversized bracelets, and charm bracelets. They not only carry diamonds only bracelets, but also bracelets that have other gemstones. There are bracelets with sapphire and turquoise that can be found in white, rose, sterling silver and yellow colors.


I have to admit this may not be the best online jewelry store if you are constrained on budget. However, you will still find something for slightly less than $1,000. If you are willing to compromise on the jewelry, you can take the option of a bracelet with diamond and gemstone. This diamond and sapphire bracelet is $895. For higher budgets, you can start from this Whiteflash by the Yard bracelet going for $1,195 or dig deeper and buy this 3-prong diamond tennis bracelet at $3,475.

Refund Guarantee and Warranty

Whiteflash serves and satisfies its customers without compromise. Within the first 30 days after your diamonds are delivered, you can return a product that was not too god for your liking, no questions will be asked. Selected few products like those that fall under A Cut Above, Premium select and Expert Selection diamonds are covered by a lifetime trade-up. What this simply means is that you can exchange any Whiteflash diamond bracelet for any other in-house diamond jewelry of a similar or greater value.

All routine services like regular repairs, cleaning and polishing are offered for free for up to twelve months after the shipping date. The lifetime trade-up offer from Whiteflash is far much better that the lifetime warranties from James Allen and BlueNile.


  • Wider range of bracelet designs than James Allen and Blue Nile
  • Top quality jewelry with 30 day refund guarantee
  • Lifetime trade-up offer that allows you trade your jewelry for another piece at any time.


  • Majority of the products are not budget friendly
  • Free repair and other services offered free for only one year.

4. Leibish & Co. Diamond Bracelets

Wrapping up our list for best online places to buy diamond bracelets is Leibish & Co. Just like Abe Mor, this is a high end store where low budgets will not get you any diamond bracelet. However, the products carried by this store are worth the top of ceiling prices. One major reason for the high prices is that all of Leibish & Co. products are 100% natural untreated diamond. For this reason, all diamonds have a Natural Diamond warranty.

Product Selection

Open bangles, tennis bracelets, chain bracelets and unique and cute shape bracelets are just some of the pieces you will find at Leibish & Co. collection. The selection is not wide. Unlike other stores, bracelet designs at Leibish & Co. cannot be customized: there is no room for change in carat weight or metal type and color.

If you are a lover of colored diamonds, Leibish and Co has you covered with this white and yellow diamond milgrain bracelet design that will cost you $19,950.


Currently, Leibish& Co ranks amongst the most priced jewelers online. Their cheapest piece as seen on the website is $4,450, the 18K white gold open pave diamond bracelet. A more flexible budget can allow you get a white and pink rose gold halo bracelet that is 18K at $7,990.

As much as diamond bracelets are expensive here, Leibish & Co offers financing options. Take advantage of the installment plans from Splitit. With this, you can pay for the diamond bracelet of your choice in three equal installments.

Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

30 day money back guarantee and Natural Diamond Warranty are good to go customer care services. In case a product is delivered to you and for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days of delivery and get your money back. No questions will be asked. The Natural Diamond warranty gives you assurance that the diamonds you bought and not lab-creations.


  • Colored and colorless diamonds available
  • 30 days return policy and 100% money back guarantee
  • Available financing options


  • Expensive diamond jewelry
  • Desired metal types and colorless cannot be chosen

5. Brian Gavin’s Diamond Bracelets

Brian Gavin online jewelry shop has gained popularity over the years because of its brilliant Signature and Black jewelry lines. This store concentrates on selling high quality jewelry. It’s no wonder their diamonds rate at number one in terms of sparkle and fire. Look no further than Brian Gavin for cut quality brilliant diamond bracelets.

Product Selection

Brian Gavin is known for a wide selection of engagement rings. Unfortunately, the same does not apply for diamond bracelets. Even with the limited diamond bracelet selection, you are assured of getting carefully curated pieces in terms of craftsmanship and quality. For example, take a look at this pretty 3 carats pillow tennis diamond bracelet . There is also a stunning 1 carat diamond bangle.

The diamond bracelets at Brian Gavin are available in varying gold quality and in colors such as yellow, rose gold and white gold.


Just like the online stores mentioned above, Brian Gavin is not different in pricing its jewelry. You will get both high and low priced items. Although the highly priced diamond bracelets are more than the affordable ones. On the lower side, you can buy this delicate diamond bracelet with .06 carat bezel set diamonds at $750.

2-carat diamond tennis bracelet for $3,850 could be what you are looking for on the higher side. If your wallet can accommodate further, Brain Gavin has bracelets as high as $4,000 going up to $ 21,000.

Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects is offered for all rings, bracelets, earrings and any other diamond jewelry bought from Brian Gavin. This warranty is however offered only if no other jeweler has tampered with the product and if it does not have extreme wear and tear. This is unfortunate as you cannot have your diamond bracelet serviced elsewhere when the need arises.


  • Uniquely cut diamonds
  • Customizable metal color for diamond bracelets
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing flaws


  • Too expensive to attract small budgets
  • Narrow selection of diamond bracelets

6. Abe Mor’s Diamond Bracelets

Along the Diamond District in New York, you will find Abe Mor jewelry store known as an “upstairs” jewelry retailer. Go to Abe Mor online jewelry store well equipped with a fat wallet as the diamond bracelet prices are high. You may be set back for as high as $50,000 for all types of diamond jewelry. This store is not so appealing to jewelry shoppers with a low budget.

Product Selection

At Abe Mor, there is a considerably limited selection of diamond bracelets but which you will surely love. Some of the pieces notable from the limited collection are chain bracelets that have bezel set small diamonds and tennis bracelets. The online journey of shopping is made easier by allowing shoppers to pick the diamond quality they desire and also part with metal specifications.


As has already been said, diamond bracelets at Abe Mor are not cheap; most of them come with price tags in thousands of dollars. If you are working with a budget that is less than $5,000, you will not get a single diamond bracelet to suit your taste. My advice would be to go and shop for diamond bracelets at James Allen, Brian Gavin, Whiteflash or Blue Nile.

Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

Unfortunately, information concerning product warranty and return policy is not available on Abe Mor’s website. To get this information, contact the store at


  • The best diamond quality jewelry with GIA certification


  • Very high jewelry prices
  • Limited product selection
  • Nothing is said about warranty and return policy on the website

FAQs on Buying Diamond Bracelets Online

Are diamond bracelets more affordable online?

Just like with any other product bought online, diamond bracelets are cheaper too. This is because the product selection is wider than in the retail stores. Online jewelry stores are more budget friendly than high-street stores. A 14K diamond tennis bolo bracelet in white gold from James Allen costs $1,600. The same bracelet will cost you over $2,500 if you buy from a jewelry store on the street.

As you have seen from the above 6 online stores, some sell their pieces at very high prices compared to others. When you are ready to purchase diamonds online, it is wise to take some time looking around for the stores that are affordable without compromising on quality.

Red Flags When Buying Diamond Bracelets Online?

Do not blindly buy diamond bracelets on the internet. Take a step back and pay attention to a few things.

To start with, make sure the jewelry piece you are buying comes with GIA or AGS certification. These certificates have a consistent grading system and thus are regarded as the top standard in diamond industry. If the pieces  you are buying do not come with either of the certificates mentioned above, you are better off not buying at all, try elsewhere.

Certificates that are issued by other grading entities not mentioned here may not be reliable as they do not really reflect good diamond quality. If you rely on these certificates, you will end up with substandard diamond bracelets.

Next, look out for the return policy. If a retailer does not have a favorable return policy, move to the next. A standard return policy allows you 30 days from the delivery date to return an unsatisfactory product. However, with some retailers, you will not return the diamonds for free. This means yo have to get separate insurance just in case the diamonds get lost on transit back to the retailer.

The return window period is also important. If it is short, say 14 days, please go to another shop. This is because defects and flaws may not be so obvious in the first few days of product delivery.

To wrap up, get diamond bracelets that have warranty and preferably lifetime warranty. As an important after sales service, a warranty is the jeweler’s or the store’s promise of quality product. A warranty ensures that the diamonds you buy will be catered for under any circumstance  or in case of manufacturing defect. If the bracelet falls or the clasp stops working, the warranty becomes your best friend.

Get the Best Deal When Buying Diamonds Online

The following are three important tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money when purchasing diamond bracelets online.

1. Check and choose the quality of diamond carefully

It is not easy to shop for diamond jewelry, you can be sure of that. Several factors like carat, cut, clarity and color come to play. All these have a huge impact on the quality and price of the final diamond bracelet. Because bracelets have smaller sizes of diamonds unlike other jewelry, it is easy to choose.

A tennis bracelet with 0.5-1K carat weight is too small for you to see any defects. This gives you a chance to bargain since you will be compromising on the quality specs given the fact that you cannot actually look at the bracelet.

Diamond bracelets that have “ideal” cuts are recommended since they maximize on fire and brilliance. Such diamonds bracelets stand in for other flaws in color and clarity.

2. Getting a quality assurance certificate is not negotiable

This should be the number one question to ask the retailer. This is worth stressing again and again: buy diamond bracelets that come with diamond certificates from CIA or AGS. Certificates that come from other grading entities are not consistent and reliable. Diamond graded by such entities are most likely of poor quality If an online store does not provide diamond quality certificates, it is wise to start looking for another shop.

3. Pick a jeweler that offers good product warranty

You can expect that your diamond bracelet will experience wear and tear as you continue adorning. A good product warranty will ensure that damages caused by wear and tear are covered by the jeweler. The warrant will cover services such as cleaning, repairs and polishing. These services will make sure your bracelet maintains a great shape and sparkle.

Product warranties do not cover any abnormal wear and tear; you will pay for such services separately.

Our Recommendation

We are reiterating that James Allen and Blue Nile are the best online shops to buy all types of diamond bracelets and any other diamond jewelry. They have vast products with different price points. You most definitely will find gorgeous and pretty jewelry in these online shops at affordable prices. To crown it all, the lifetime warranty and return policies protect your purchase fully.

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