Blue Nile Return Policy & Warranty (Detailed Review)

Blue Nile Return Policy & Warranty (Detailed Review)

You may have heard of Blue Nile before but did you know they offer free returns on most items? Find out more about their return policy!

Are you concerned about Blue Nile’s return policy and their warranty? This guide will help you answer all the questions you have.

blue nile returns policy

This guide takes you through:

  • Blue Nile’s return policy and how good it is
  • How Blue Nile’s warranty works
  • The necessary qualifications and everything to know about the policies

All these and plenty more available.

What is Blue Nile Return Policy?

Most of the items shipped from Blue Nile have a complete return and refund policy on them. This policy applies to items returned within 30 days after the purchase date. There are a few conditions put to this policy. First, the goods must be in good and original condition. Secondly, all the original documentation must accompany the returned goods. Thirdly, the valid Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization number must accompany the items being returned. To get this number talk to a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry consultant or visit the return portal.

This means that your return may fail to be processed if you do not attach all the necessary documentation. In addition, the 30-day window does not rest during the exchange process. Thence, if the RMA and all the needed items fail to be included then the period may extend past the set return window. To know more about the appropriate and necessary documentation for the return, get in contact with Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant. You can also visit their website and read the return policy.

What Are You Allowed to Return?

You are allowed to return all items you purchased within the 30-day window. However, this does not apply to personalized items. There are some items that do not qualify for the refunded return. They include:

  • Exchanged goods
  • Specialized entity rings with either gemstones or diamonds
  • Custom engraved items
  • Resized or repaired items
  • Specialized orders and form a part of closeout sale

At times, items like engraved rings can be returned but for credit. Non the less, the engraving fees won’t be credited.

For some items, the shipping fee is non-refundable. The good thing is most of their items do not have a shipping fee. If you choose to use the Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant or the online portal to return your items, then you will receive an email showing the shipping label from FedEx that is prepaid. This includes suitable insurance.

Blue Nile has made partnerships to facilitate favorable returns. It is in partnership with Mondiamo specifically for the Diamond Buyback option. If you have a loose diamond or diamond jewelry that is 0.30 carat and more, you can return it and receive a cash offer. There is an unseen guarantee offered for any jewelry or diamond that qualifies for this option. All the diamonds, in this case, must have a valid and current report from GIA.

Any item purchased for less than $500 can simply be processed on the internet. The return must however be accompanied by the Blue Nile Merchandise Authorization. You can find it on the return portal. Any purchase above $500 can only be processed after communicating with a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant. Get in touch at 1-800-242-2728.

How Many Days?

Returns are possible within 30 days of the shipment date. There are also exchange options set in place. If you purchased your diamonds via the Blue Nile Upgrade Program, then you can exchange them within 40 days. It however does not qualify for a refund.

Where Do You Send Returns?

If you are returning an item, do so through the prepaid FedEx shipping label. You will receive this label through email once you initiate a return that qualifies. Ensure you stick the label on the packaging and contact FedEx or visit the nearest FedEx drop-off. All FedEx return label includes the appropriate insurance. If you decide to use a different shipping method it is advisable to get an insurance policy for the full purchasing amount.

What Does It Cost To Return Jewelry (is it free)?

As earlier mentioned, returns must be made within 30 days of the purchase date. If a return is done in good time and all the necessary documentation listed by Blue Nile are attached then, it will be free. Ensure you properly follow the Return Policy including the original documentation, the Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization. Appropriate authorization is issued depending on the method used for returning. It can be for an item below $500 via the online portal or items above $500 done through the Consultant.

If an item is returned for repairs, resizing, or cleaning, the process can be expedited. This is done using the shipping services available but at a customer’s cost through Parcel Pro. There is a discounted rate for insurance and shipping if you choose to use Parcel Pro.

To track the progress of your return then check the online return status portal. All you need is your valid email address and the Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization number.

What is Blue Nile Warranty?

At Blue Nile, there is a lifetime warranty put in place. This warranty covers the manufacturer’s defects only. It will not cover damages due to trauma, theft or loss, or ordinary wear and tear.


Does The Warranty Cost Extra?

The lifetime warranty is offered in part of the merchandise. Currently, there are no options for additional warranties more so for online customers. For the customers who walk in, there is an option to purchase an additional warranty. If you make an online purchase, you will have to look for outside insurance coverage. Look for those that cover theft, damage, and loss of the jewelry.

Does the Warranty Cover Resizing?

This Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty doesn’t take care of resizing.

Does the Warranty Cover Cleaning/Polishing?

There is complimentary maintenance and cleaning services offered for all Blue Niles products. All you need to do is return the pieces regularly to Blue Nile. However, you will cater for the shipping and insurance charges. Since Blue Nile has a partnership with Parcel Pro that allows for discounted charges, you can use this to your advantage.

By regularly using these complimentary services from Blue Nile will go a long way in helping you prevent potential losses. They normally examine for loose prongs, wear and tear or any other damages, they will then be repaired in good time.

Does The Warranty Cover Repairs?

The Blue Niles lifetime warranty caters to repairs for those damages that were caused by manufactures defects. If a repair arises from the initial delivery will be processed in a different way from the others. If receive an item that is already damaged kindly contact the Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry consultant.

Does The Warranty Cover Lost or Stolen Jewelry?

For stolen or lost jewelry, they are not covered by Blue Nile’s Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. You have an option of contacting other independent jewelry insurers or look for additional coverage to your renters or homeowner’s insurance policy.

To ease your search, Blue Nile has a partnership with Jewelers Mutual. Here you get credible information, reasonable insurance rates, and quotes for their clients. You can either get free quotes from Jewelers Mutual or simply visit Blue Nile Insurance Services page to get more informed.

Does the Warranty Cover Loose Stones?

When it comes to stolen or lost items, the Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover the loose stones. Even so, repairs can be done on loose stones at a reasonable price. To do this, put to use the complimentary inspection and cleaning services offered for items bought at Blue Nile. You will receive direct communication if the services do not cover the required repair on the loose stone.

Does the Warranty Cover Re-Dipping?

Re-dipping is not covered by the Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How Long is the Warranty?

The complementary warranty put in place is only a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This means that it protects against manufacturer’s defects only. Additionally, it is rendered void when you take the item for repairs or resizing by any other company other than Blue Nile. It is therefore advisable to resize, clean and repair items bought from the online jewelry store at Blue Nile.

Additional Considerations

One important thing to remember is that all the policies offered by the warranty apply to original buyers only. The policies include a 30-day return policy, complimentary inspection and cleaning services, and the manufacturer’s warranty protection. Make sure all communication goes via the original buyer to allow easy access to all the policies and services included.

You must be careful when picking the ring size and designs since the options for refund, warranty and return are very few. To find the right size, refer to the online sizing tool.

Blue Nile Return Policy

Blue Nile agrees to exchange or refund money for jewelry returned before 30 days elapse after the date of shipment from their stores. You will receive a free shipping label that is insured in your email within 24hours (on a business day) after you put in a return request. Furthermore, this seller allows one buyer to put in two complimentary return requests in a year. For all returns to be processed, a Return Merchandise Authorization number is needed. Follow the steps outlined below to get an RMA number.

Remember, a product qualifies to be returned only if it is in its original condition as delivered and all documentation must be intact. The product must also be shipped within 30 days after purchase. If you are not covered by the return policy, you can utilize the buyback program offered with CIRCA.

To accelerate the process of exchanging, you can return the original product and request a refund, then place another order. Give a grace period of about two weeks for your request to be processed.

As a warning, do not accept any package that is delivered to you damaged, instead make a call to 1-800-242-2728. You need to retain all the material that was used for packaging the jewelry. If there are any missing or damaged items, you MUST report to Blue Nile immediately, where not possible, you can report within five days after receiving your order. Blue Nile does not take responsibility for any damaged or lost products.

Non-refundable Items

Apart from rings, any other engraved jewelry is not eligible to be returned. The engraved rings can be returned for credit but the fees for engraving will not be refunded. Removing of any sort of engraving on are sized or exchanged ring is done at zero additional fees.

Products purchased through the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program cannot be returned for credit but qualify for an exchange within 30 days.

Special orders are considered a final sale and are therefore not eligible for an exchange or return.

No shipping fees are given back to the customer.

Any return that does not have a Blue Nile Return Merchandise authorization will be instantly rejected. In the same spirit, no processing will commence if you return any jewelry without paperwork or part of the product missing.

Non-resizable Products

Some of the products that Blue Nile will not resize include some types of silver rings, rings that have precise number of gems per finger, ornate or milgrain bands, or any rings that are made using alternative metal like tungsten. This means, if you want any of these ring types, you must be careful at the time of order to get the right size. If you do not know exactly is the correct size, there is a ring sizer tool offered or you can speak to the shop’s customer service representative.

Diamond Buyback Option

Blue Nile works hand in hand with CIRCA for its buyback program. This option makes it easy for jewelry customers to sell any diamond jewelry or loose diamonds and get cash based on the piece’s prevailing market value. CIRCA will give priority to any diamonds that are 0.30-carat or bigger to extend the least guaranteed cash offer. This cash is issued as soon as the jewelry is received and inspected. CIRCA offers customers who wish to sell their diamonds a free shipping kit that is insured. You may also be required to provide a GIA report and number and all the information accessible about the diamond.

International Returns

If you are returning jewelry from other parts of the world, you will incur an extra cost. Canada Post and other carriers will attract a shipping fee. Blue Nile has the right to deduct fees from your credit card for all the expenses that will be incurred at the time of receipt of the package.

For any orders being shipped to China, Blue Nile counts the 30 days starting from the day you receive what you ordered.

How to Prepare an Exchange or Return

Follow the steps below to return any diamond jewelry to Blue Nile:

Select a carrier and initiate the return

You will be given a free FedEx shipping label if your return is within 30 days after purchase. This label will be emailed to you as soon as you initiate your return. Remember the return is limited to two complimentary returns for individual customers in a year. If you return the diamond outside the 30-day window, you can select a carrier of your preference. Regardless of which carrier service you utilize, all returns must have an RMA that must be written on the package used for returning. You can print the label and attach it to the box on the outside. The following options are available for initiating a return:

  • Single jewelry pieces returned for refund within 30 days go for $2,000 or lower:

The process can be initiated easily and conveniently online. You can check out the Online Returns portal to get more details and start the return process.

  • Single jewelry items that are more than $2,000 and any products for repair, resize, or exchange:

For these items, you will need to call a Consultant at Blue Nile using 1-800-242-2728. The line is available 24/7.

You then need to pack the item for return in its original packaging box or material. If you are returning for exchange or refund, be sure to include the grading report in the package. The same report will not be necessary for resizing and repairs. Failure to return the diamond grading report the came with your order attracts a fee of $150 in replacement cost. To ensure security, avoid writing Blue Nile anywhere on the packaging material.

It is strongly recommended that you insure the return shipment for its complete purchase value. Blue Nile does not take responsibility for any stolen or lost items. If you are using the vendor’s return service, you can rest assured since the label emailed to you is protected by insurance. If you are not using Blue Nile return service, they will offer expedited shipping through Parcel Pro. This offers FedEx shipping and discounted insurance rates. Go to to initiate your return.

After your return is received

All returns to Blue Nile are normally processed on weekdays. As soon as the return is received, it is fed into the system before 24 hours elapse. Once this is done, a confirmation email is sent to you to let you know that the item has been forwarded to the Quality assurance team. This process can be completed between 5-15 business days.

In case you returned the jewelry for a refund, the credit will be sent to your bank within 3 business days. Depending on your bank, it may take 10 business days for the funds to reflect in your account. If the fund is more than $1000, it may take 7-10 business days. If the fund is less than $1000, Blue Nile will write a check to you. The check will then be sent through the US Mail to the original order billing address unless you request otherwise. The check should be delivered within a week after processing the return. If you paid using Paypal, the funds will be credited back to your Paypal account within 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that this process can take longer after a significant holiday.

Blue Nile sends an email as soon as the outgoing shipment date is set for customers who expect a return shipment. A confirmation email will also be sent to you on the day of the outgoing shipment.

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