Welcome to Twirl Weddings!

Hey there, Fredrich and Anne, the founders of TwirlWeddings.com here.

We built TwirlWeddings.com to help people make smarter decisions when they are preparing for a wedding.


Before we got married, we had a difficult time deciding on the right engagement ring. Fredrich was particularly frustrated with the endless options, questionable sourcing, and ulterior motives.

He eventually settled on a dash…

However, after the experience, we thought: how many other people out there are just as frustrated as Fredrich when it comes to looking for engagement or wedding rings?

And with that, an idea was sparked.

To give you a little context, Fredrich was the original founder of Twirl Weddings, while I joined him later.

I’ll let Fredrich take it off from here.

Twirl Weddings is Born…

How did I get started with jewelry?

Well, it was during the engagement period. I’d had the “discussion” with Anne and she game me 3 main criteria for her engagement ring:

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphire
  • Non-conflict

That’s all.

After the discussion, I started researching to find the perfect engagement ring.

Well, I can honestly say the experience was really hard.

During the search, I came across endless options, settings, variants, and colors to choose from.

I am quite an analytical guy, thanks to my background in accounting. So, I decided to learn everything could about jewelry before buying.

I had just 3 months to do this!

From diamonds to gemstones, cleaning methods to settings, I learned everything I could so that I could make the right buying decision.

After months of researching, I settled on an 18K White Gold Gramercy Sapphire Diamond Ring (see the picture below). This ring was elegant, unique, sourced responsibly and priced correctly.

But do you know what I was even happier about?

It met all the three criteria that may wife had given me during the “discussion”.

Where We Are Today

The experience of trying to find the right engagement ring for my wife sparked in me an interest in jewelry. From all the information I’d gathered, I felt I should help other people that may be looking for jewelry and advice.

And this is how the idea of TwirlWeddings blog came about.

Today, together with Anne, we are focused on providing helpful information and advice on buying jewelry

There are TONS of pitfalls anyone looking to buy jewelry (whether online or offline) should be aware of. At TwirlWeddings.com, our goal is to help you cut through the noise. We tell you what to expect without all the fluff.

We’ve helped many readers avoid getting fleeced when buying jewelry. If you are not sure what to buy, we encourage you to email us for free advice. We can save you from buying something worth ½ the price of its actual value.

If you are looking for an engagement or wedding ring, browse our blog posts to get ahead and make the right decision.

Your trusted jewelers,

Fredrich and Anne Chertoff