5 Best Places to Buy Princess Diamonds

5 Best Places to Buy Princess Diamonds

Are you searching for the ideal online store to purchase princess diamonds?

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In this helpful Twirl Weddings guide, I will address common queries such as:

  • What factors should you consider when purchasing princess diamonds online?
  • Are princess diamonds suitable for engagement rings?
  • How can you ensure that you’re getting a fair deal?
  • What warning signs should you be cautious of while making a purchase?

Best Places to Buy Princess Diamonds Online

If you’re in a hurry to get the list, here are my top recommendations for discovering trustworthy online sellers that offer princess diamonds. Continue reading to learn more about each of these stores.

James Allen

Shop at James Allen

We highly recommend James Allen as the top choice for purchasing princess cut diamonds due to their extensive selection, affordable price ranges, and excellent warranty.

Now, let’s delve into the details.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the wide range of loose diamonds available at James Allen. They offer customers a variety of options, including natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and fancy color diamonds, all with the choice of princess cut.

For the best quality princess diamonds at James Allen, look for those under the “Ideal” or True Hearts cut grades. Although there are no perfect ideal cut princess diamonds, these diamonds will provide the utmost sparkle and brilliance that James Allen has to offer.

For more information on ideal cut princess diamonds, refer to the FAQ section. James Allen has a selection of over 1400 one-carat diamonds with a minimum clarity grade of SI1 and a color grade of H. They also offer diamonds with lower grades.

On average, princess cut diamonds at James Allen are approximately $500 more affordable compared to choosing a loose diamond from popular jewelry retailer Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. Not only are they slightly cheaper, but you also have the option of selecting a GIA certified diamond from James Allen.

If you’ve read our other guides, you may be aware that we recommend purchasing loose diamonds that are either GIA or AGS certified. Certified diamonds from these labs ensure that you receive the diamond grades you paid for and provide the highest value.

In June 2021, James Allen introduced a new addition to their engagement ring design process called The Ring Studio. This feature allows customers to customize their ring settings beyond the options provided by James Allen.

For instance, if you desire a platinum ring head for sturdy prongs but prefer the shank to be made of 14K gold to avoid excessive weight, you have the flexibility to mix yellow gold with rose gold or create other combinations. Take a look at the options below.


Many individuals choose to purchase diamonds online from James Allen due to their customer-oriented service, impressive 360-degree videos, and the ability to have full control over selecting the engagement ring and wedding band. Moreover, they provide a lifetime warranty plan to all customers, covering any necessary routine maintenance for your ring.


– Lifetime warranty
– Free resizing within the first year
– Lifetime upgrade option
– Clear 360-degree view of diamonds


– Limited options for diamond fine jewelry
– Loss of stones in settings not covered by warranty

Shop at James Allen

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Clean Origin

Shop at Clean Origin

Clean Origin is a strong contender when it comes to princess cut diamonds, especially because they offer something essential to prospective diamond buyers: lab-grown diamonds. Despite the misconception that they are “synthetic,” lab diamonds are genuine diamonds created by scientists instead of occurring naturally.

Clean Origin specializes in selling lab-grown diamond jewelry, ranging from engagement rings to diamond bracelets. While we typically recommend purchasing diamonds from conflict-free retailers, many individuals opt for lab-grown diamonds due to the added assurance of knowing the diamond’s origin.

There are several reasons why one might prefer Clean Origin over other online sellers, such as their diamond prices. Lab-grown diamonds can cost anywhere from 20% to over 70% less than mined diamonds of the same quality.


Choosing the perfect princess cut diamond from Clean Origin can be a bit challenging since there is no specific cut grade available for non-round diamonds.

As diamonds other than round shapes don’t have an official cut grade, it’s up to you to select a diamond with the best proportions for princess cut shapes. For more details on this, you can refer to the FAQ section.

Fortunately, browsing through Clean Origin’s selection is easy, and you can view all the details of the diamond, such as polish and fluorescence, without needing to click into each one. Their selection of princess cut diamonds is relatively small, with a total of 1004 diamonds, and only around 30 of them are GIA certified.

Luckily, when it comes to lab-grown diamonds, there isn’t a significant distinction in grading labs. Therefore, we also recommend considering IGI or GCAL for lab-grown diamonds.

One of the advantages of purchasing from Clean Origin is their generous 100-day return policy. Most online jewelry stores typically offer a 30-day return period. Why such a lengthy return policy? It could be speculated that they are highly confident that you’ll love their rings and want to give you ample time to assess your satisfaction.

Additionally, the extended return period may be due to the fact that most manufacturing defects become apparent within the first few months. Although Clean Origin doesn’t provide a lifetime warranty for routine maintenance, their return policy is certainly a valuable aspect.


– Exclusive collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry
– Free resizing option for one year
– Wide selection of 13,000 loose diamonds
– Generous 100-day return policy


– Some 360-degree viewers may not provide optimal viewing experience
– No warranty coverage for repairs

Shop at Clean Origin


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Blue Nile

Shop at Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a strong contender among the top places to purchase princess cut diamonds, largely due to its excellent reputation. Being the first online diamond retailer, they have gained high recommendations from their customer base.

Similar to James Allen, Blue Nile provides 24/7 customer service without any pressure, and many customers find their service highly enjoyable.

When you select a loose diamond at Blue Nile, they provide real-time information about the available inventory for that specific diamond shape. Currently, they have 9,667 loose princess diamonds in stock. The princess diamonds are categorized into cut grades: Good, Very Good, and Astor Ideal.

It’s worth noting that the Astor Ideal diamonds are exclusively for round diamonds, but they still appear as an option. The Very Good princess diamonds offer the best light performance among their selection.

Blue Nile’s 1-carat princess diamonds, with a minimum clarity of VS2 and color grade of H, are slightly more expensive compared to James Allen, with a maximum price difference of around $600. One notable aspect is that Blue Nile exclusively carries GIA certified diamonds, eliminating the need to sort through other grading labs. Blue Nile acknowledges that GIA provides high-quality diamond grading, and they strive to offer the best.


With over 250 ring setting options available for princess diamonds at Blue Nile, it’s important to note that some styles may have slight variations, resulting in a wide range of choices.

One aspect that I find unfavorable about Blue Nile is that they do not provide a 360-degree view for all of their diamonds. However, they do offer a filtering option where you can choose to only view diamonds that allow for a close and detailed examination. This is particularly useful if you are considering diamonds with lower clarity grades, such as SI diamonds, that may not be considered “eye-clean.”

Another drawback is the absence of a lifetime warranty, which is a recurring theme among diamond dealers. While Blue Nile does offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty to cover any design flaws, they do not provide coverage for routine maintenance.


– Clear and customizable 360-degree view for many diamonds
– Additional services provided to customers
– Diamonds graded by GIA, a trusted grading authority
– Strong reputation among customers


– Limited availability of 360-degree view for some diamonds
– Lack of warranty for repairs and routine maintenance

Shop at Blue Nile

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Brilliant Earth

Shop at Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has gained a reputation for their strong commitment to offering ethical diamonds to their customers. They specialize in blockchain diamonds, which are natural diamonds with a detailed record of their origin and manufacturing history. This includes information about where the diamond was sourced and how it was processed. In addition to blockchain diamonds, Brilliant Earth also offers lab-grown diamonds and natural colored diamonds.

While blockchain technology is commonly associated with the tech industry, Brilliant Earth is the first diamond retailer to introduce it into the diamond industry. They aim to provide customers with the complete story behind each diamond, going beyond just the place it was mined from.

With approximately 4,100 natural princess cut diamonds available, Brilliant Earth offers a 360-degree view for many of them. Although not all diamonds have this feature, the substantial selection of 4,100 diamonds makes it possible to find a high-quality one.


All princess diamonds from Brilliant Earth come with certification from reputable grading authorities such as GIA, IGI, or HRD. They provide GIA Diamond Origin Reports instead of the standard GIA Diamond Report, which confirm the specific mine location where the diamond originated.

Brilliant Earth places a strong emphasis on giving back to society. They have dedicated collections where a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting causes such as the NAACP and female miners in Tanzania.

However, some potential customers have expressed concerns about Brilliant Earth’s higher prices. Additionally, the significance and purpose of their blockchain diamonds may not be well-known among many people, as Brilliant Earth does not provide explicit information about them.

Another issue is the difficulty in adding the Extended Service Plan to a purchase. It can only be done through personal contact, either in-person or during a virtual appointment. This limitation may be inconvenient, assuming that customers are aware of the existence of the plan. Information about it is only found in the website’s footer.

While Brilliant Earth offers a warranty option, it is valid for only three years. Some individuals may feel that if they are required to pay for a warranty, it should provide lifelong coverage.


– Specialized retailer offering blockchain diamonds
– Contributions made to the community through purchases
– GIA Origin Reports for diamond authenticity
– Availability of 14 showrooms across the United States


– Insufficient information provided on the website regarding warranty and blockchain diamonds
– Limited option to purchase a temporary service warranty

Shop at Brilliant Earth

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Shop at Ritani

Many people recognize the name Ritani, but they may not be aware that they also offer loose diamonds and gemstones. Ritani has gained fame for their exclusive patented ring settings, which often come with a higher price tag due to the prestige associated with the designer brand.

However, when it comes to their loose diamond collection, there are no additional costs involved. Ritani provides customers with a transparent breakdown of how they price their diamonds through market analysis. By sourcing diamonds directly from the suppliers, online retailers like Ritani eliminate the middlemen that traditional brick-and-mortar stores have, resulting in more affordable prices.


On the other hand, the ring settings at Ritani tend to be pricier on average. While their standard solitaires are reasonably priced, typically under $500, the prices increase significantly for more intricate settings with smaller diamonds. Nevertheless, Ritani’s pricing is still more affordable compared to renowned designer brands like Neil Lane and Vera Wang.

One advantage of Ritani is that you have the freedom to choose your own diamond instead of being limited to a preset yellow center stone.

Although Ritani’s inventory of princess cut diamonds is not extensive, they still offer a selection of 4,352 princess cut diamonds, with at least 1,232 weighing a minimum of 1 carat. However, as you narrow down your specifications, the available options become more limited. For example, using my preferred criteria of H color and VS2 clarity, I found only 34 options to choose from. Of course, if you are more flexible with your grading preferences, you will have a broader range of choices.

One standout feature of Ritani is their lifetime warranty. This warranty covers routine maintenance tasks such as rhodium plating for white gold and gemstone tightening. While you need to sign up online to activate the warranty, once registered, you will be covered for life.

It is worth noting that Ritani, along with James Allen, is one of the few online retailers on our list that offers a free lifetime warranty for routine maintenance, making it an important consideration for customers.


– Availability of both natural and lab grown diamonds
– Free lifetime service warranty
– Detailed market analysis report
– All diamonds are certified by GIA or AGS


– Limited 360˚ viewing for all diamonds
– Higher cost associated with designer ring settings

Shop at Ritani

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FAQs About Princess Cut Diamonds

Here are some commonly asked questions about princess cut diamonds. For more detailed information, you can refer to our comprehensive Princess Diamond Buying Guide.

What are ideal cut princess diamonds?

Fancy shapes refer to any diamond shape other than the round brilliant. Among all diamond shapes, only round cut diamonds are officially recognized as ideal cut diamonds.

An ideal cut diamond is known for its precise symmetry and exceptional brilliance. Some diamonds may be labeled as super ideal cut, which means they have additional facets, but this doesn’t significantly enhance their overall brilliance and usually comes at a higher cost.

While some jewelers may list ideal cut princess diamonds in their inventory, the cut grade might be left blank on the grading report. This is because ideal cut fancy shapes like princess and cushion cuts cannot achieve perfect symmetry.

However, it’s important to note that for each ideal cut princess diamond, it has been cut to the highest quality standards for that specific shape. Since square shapes like princess cuts cannot achieve perfect symmetry, there are guidelines that define the best way to cut them for optimal brilliance.

These guidelines include factors such as length to width ratios, depth percentages, and table sizes. Having knowledge of these specifications can also help you save money by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary carat weight that doesn’t enhance the visible size of the diamond.

Are Princess Cut Diamonds Costly?

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, round-shaped diamonds tend to be the priciest option. Many individuals might assume this is due to their popularity. However, the true reason behind the higher cost of round diamonds is the significant wastage of diamond rough during the cutting process.

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Creating different diamond shapes involves the process of removing excess diamond rough that doesn’t align with the desired shape, similar to discarding leftover scraps from construction paper.

However, unlike construction paper, additional shapes cannot be cut out of the remaining rough material. The diamond cutter carefully examines the rough diamond through a jeweler’s loupe, taking into account the cleavage planes and crystal structure to determine the suitable shape for cutting. Saving the rough material is more challenging than one might assume.

In comparison to round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, which are the second most popular shape, retain a higher percentage of the original rough material. Princess cuts retain approximately 60% to 90% of the rough, while round cuts retain only about 40%. This discrepancy in rough retention directly impacts the pricing of diamonds.

Which Type of Jewelry Setting Is the Most Suitable for a Princess Cut Diamond?

When it comes to the best setting for a princess cut diamond, it’s important to consider the durability and protection of the stone. While diamonds are known to be the hardest mineral on the MOH scale of hardness, it’s crucial to understand that hardness doesn’t equate to being unbreakable. Instead, it refers to the stone’s resistance to scratching. Even dirt can cause scratches on softer gemstones.

mohs hardness scale

Therefore, when choosing a setting for a princess cut diamond, you should opt for a design that offers sufficient protection to prevent damage and scratches. Certain settings are more suitable for daily wear, ensuring the longevity of the diamond.

Gemstones, including real diamonds, can crack or break if they are hit hard. The areas most prone to chipping in diamonds are the edges, such as the sides and corners of pointed shapes.

When choosing a setting for a princess cut diamond, it’s important to prioritize protection for the corners. Due to its linear shape, modern ring settings are popular choices for princess cut diamonds. Here are a few examples of popular settings:

Solitaires: The sleek and metallic appearance of a solitaire ring setting complements the geometric shape of a princess cut diamond. It’s crucial to ensure that the prongs cover the corners to provide adequate protection.

Infinity Settings: Infinity settings, also known as twist settings, have gained popularity in recent years. They feature loops in the band, which can enhance the beauty of a princess cut diamond. The empty spaces between the loops create a visually appealing effect, preventing the center stone from getting lost among smaller diamonds.

Please note that the ring setting mentioned below, which costs $1490, is not the full price shown in the image.


Cathedral Settings: Princess cut diamonds without a halo often go well with cathedral settings. A cathedral setting is a type of ring design that can be simple, like a solitaire, or adorned with small diamonds. In a cathedral setting, there is a bar that runs underneath the diamond head, as shown in the image below:


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