James Allen’s Warranty and Return Policy

James Allen’s Warranty and Return Policy

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James Allen Guarantee

James Allen Return Policy

The return policy at James Allen is very generous. This retailer allows you 30 days to have your jewelry shipped back to them after delivery, either for exchanging or a full refund.

The return fee is taken care of by James Allen so you do not have to incur any extra cost in case you are not satisfied with the jewelry you purchased.

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Fortunately (or unfortunately), the return policy only applies to customers from the USA and Canada. A customer can only return items a maximum of three times, a fee will be charged for any extra returns.

What Can You Return?

With James Allen, you can return anything you bought from them and they will not ask you any questions. However, the product has to remain undamaged, new, and not used for it to be accepted back. James Allen rejects any jewelry that has signs of wear and tear, has faded, has been altered, or engraved. Any modifications that were done by any other jeweler other than James Allen will not be accepted back.

Special orders from James Allen cannot also be returned. Special orders refer to custom-made jewelry pieces and pieces made for a specific purpose as well as those not appearing on the list on their website or in physical stores.

The whole point of returning is to allow James Allen to sell the jewelry to another customer provided it is in good condition. Custom-made jewelry cannot be listed on the site since they are not everyone’s taste and therefore cannot be returned and/or sold.

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If you wish to return a loose diamond to James Allen, you need to make sure you include its original grading report that came with the stone. Failure to return the grading report attracts a $150 fee for replacing the certificate because of the time and effort needed to ensure the diamond is genuine.

Any items that have already been used or clearly show wear and tear should not be returned.

In case you need to return an item, you must package it properly and follow the laid down procedures for James Allen returns. Remember, any jewelry that is sent after the provided 30 days or returned without a RAN number will not be accepted and the store will send it back to you.

How Many Days?

James Allen gives their customers 30 days to return any unsatisfactory items with no questions asked. The 30 days start counting from the day of the shipment and not when the item was purchased. This is so because the store takes into account the estimated time for manufacturing and preparation.

Where Are Returns Sent?

The process of return jewelry bought from James Allen starts with a phone call to the customer service staff. Once you tell them of your intention to return the product, James Allen will send you an email with a fully insured FedEx label in 24 hours. With the email comes instructions on how to pack the jewelry and what you need to do in readiness for shipment back to the store.

Once you pack the jewelry, take the package to your nearest FedEx office and mail it back to James Allen. You will get their address in the email that was sent to you. The FedEx label is 2-day, meaning your return has to reach James Allen within 2 business days.

James Allen starts to process your return as soon as they receive it and the process may last 2 weeks. The return is processed using the same purchase method as a credit card or cash. If you bought the jewelry via a bank wire, James Allen will refund using a check.

 Cost To Return Jewelry (Is it Free?)

It costs absolutely nothing to return faulty or unsatisfactory jewelry to James Allen. The store sends you a fully paid and insured shipping label as part of the process of returning. Where you may be required to part with some fees is if the jewelry shows some signs of damage after being returned.

James Allen Warranty

James Allen provides a lifetime warranty for all the jewelry sold. The warranty applies to all the jewelry that benefits from the services advertised on the warranty policy stated on their website. The warranty also takes care of any manufacturing flaws at no extra charges.

Is the Warranty Free?

You will not be charged any fees for the warranty at James Allen. The warranty takes care of routine metal works like rhodium plating, stone tightening, and prong re-tipping, polishing, and cleaning. Any other jewelry maintenance services attract a fee that will be decided by the jewelry experts at James Allen once they receive your jewelry. The fees will be different depending on the services needed.

James Allen charges $30 for a fully insured label that you will use to return the jewelry. This fee will, however, increase significantly for international customers depending on their region. James Allen takes care of the return shipping fees.

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Does Warranty Cover Resizing?

The warranty does not cover any cost incurred to resize any ring, but customers are offered one free resizing in the first year of purchasing. Included in the one year single resizing is free return shipping if you are in Canada or the USA. International customers have to pay a small fee ($50) for their resized ring to be shipped back to them.

The resizing policy covers material adjustments or small sizes at no extra cost. Any further resizing needs attract s fee that may vary depending on the type of metal used to make the ring. Again, the return is free unless you are outside the United States or Canada.

Does Warranty Cover Cleaning And Polishing?

Yes, the warranty covers polishing and cleaning services for rings and all the other types of jewelry they sell. The warranty lasts for the entire lifetime of the jewelry. This means you are free to take advantage of the warranty when it comes to cleaning the jewelry for an s long as you are still using it.

Does Warranty Cover Repairs?

James Allen does not have a provision for repairs in their warranty. Any repair services will be charged a fee depending on the nature of the repair needed. The services will be performed for the entire lifetime of the jewelry, although at a fee.

Does Warranty Cover Stolen Or Lost Jewelry?

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover any lost or stolen jewelry. It is only when the jewelry does not arrive at your address that an exception can be made. The warranty may also apply if there is a shipment error or the jewelry is demonstrably lost.

Does Warranty Cover Loose Stones?

The warranty can be adjusted to cover loose stones only if the diamonds were bought from James Allen. James Allen accepts to exchange any loose diamonds purchased from them for 100% credit.

This credit comes in handy when you want to replace diamonds with one of a greater value. The diamond that needs upgrading MUST come with its original grading certificate when you want to exchange. In addition, it must be in its original condition; not clearly showing signs of wear and tear, otherwise, James Allen will reject it.

Does Warranty Cover Re-Dipping?

Re-dipping is not taken care of by the warranty that James Allen offers. The services may be offered for as long as you are willing to pay the fee that is quoted by the jewelry repair experts.

How Long Is The Warranty?

Both the warranty and jewelry repair services last for the entire lifetime of the jewelry or as long as James Allen still sells jewelry.

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