Is James Allen Legit or is it a Scam? (Yes or No?)

Is James Allen Legit or is it a Scam? (Yes or No?)

The best way to save money when purchasing a diamond is to make an online purchase.

This is because by buying online you leave out the middle man. You will still get the high-quality diamond but at a cheaper price. A good online retailer is James Allen.

However, there are several risks associated with online buying. It is common thing for customers to be duped by several online retailers. A customer makes a costly purchase only to be given poor quality stones

Scam alert

Bottom Line Up Front

To clear your doubts, James Allen is among the most trustworthy online jewelry dealer. This is because they only make online sales, give quality deals at relatively lower prices.


Additionally, they have 3600  20x zoom for every single product they stock. This enables you to clearly see the details of your jewelry as you make that purchase decision. In case you want to make a return, there is a simple return process available.  To top it all up, there is a customer service support team that operates 4 hours seven days a week.

In the absence of middlemen, customers are extremely like to fall into the hands of a scammer.

Not only is James Allen popular when it comes to selling diamonds online, but they ship throughout the world.  They normally offer a better deal compared to other dealers. Here you can expect to get better grades for a lower cost.  It is common to question the trustworthiness of this retailer. The case is no different when it comes to most of their potential customers.

In this piece, we will get to know the most common complaints brought forward against James Allen. This company is real but it is not perfect either. There are several other things you should know before making that purchase from their stores.

Does James Allen Bait and Switch?

A good number of online retailers lure you using the cheaper offers. Once you settle on what you want then they tell you that the offer that lured you there is over. The next thing that happens is them selling you a costlier piece.

It is unfortunate to know that James Allen has used this plan severally. Some customers claimed that it’s only after they placed an order that they were told that the item was no longer available. They were then offered a piece that is costlier instead of an alternative of the same cost. They pushed for the highly-priced item.

At times diamonds run low in quantity. This means that what will be delivered may be different from what you ordered. If the dealer is good, they will find an option that fits your budget and needs. James Allen will not do this all the time. This fact stains their well-guarded reputation.

Does James Allen Not Follow Through On Upgrade Offers?

Upgrading diamond jewelry is a common thing. Several customers also complained that James Allen never agreed to upgrade their rings. This is after they promised to do so when the customer was making his purchase. They said that altering the ring is not possible so the client should go ahead and buy a new ring.

Some customers complained that James Allen did not follow through on their upgrade offers to exist diamonds or any other jewelry. This store would sell a piece of jewelry, with promises of altering later. When the time came for upgrading, they would decline claiming it was no longer possible. In most cases urging you to buy another ring.

Do Products Match Their Description?

The greatest fear we all have when making an online purchase is the ‘what you ordered vs what you get. Unfortunately, these fears are confirmed by several sellers. At times what you order is not exactly what is delivered to you. You may make an order for a quality product only to receive an inferior one.

Disappointing enough is that James Allen at times does this. Even though their reputation in delivering what was ordered there are some few cases where they did not deliver what was ordered.  Most of their clients were satisfied with what was delivered.

Even so, some were disappointed by the cuts of those diamonds they purchased. They say what they got was different from the description given to them. One of the cases was the difference in style. As much as the quality was the same as ordered the cut was different. Other customers claimed that what was delivered to them was of a worse quality than what was ordered.

Does James Allen Make Mistakes With Orders?

It is common for online buyers to set high standards. They all expect that what they get matches up to all their expectations. For cheaper and lower-quality products, buyers pardon the small mistakes. However, it is difficult and unacceptable for such mistakes to be ignored when one buys an expensive piece.

James Allen normally gets complaints on several of their orders. They include sending an item that was not ordered, failing to meet the jewelry specifications given, and even shipping diamonds that are flawed to customers.

The good news is that the good outshines the bad. Most of their customers were satisfied. They gave plenty of positive feedback and reviews. Most of them said that their diamonds are really good and that they make beautiful rings. This means that they are not consistent in satisfying their customers and that they make mistakes even with the big investments.

Are There Issues With Shipping?

When it comes to timely deliveries, James Allen fails at times. Most of their products have the next day as the set date for delivery. Some of the customers said that James Allen keeps pushing back the delivery date hence they did not get their jewelry in good time.

Whenever these clients tried to talk to the customer support team, they were never given definite answers to their questions. They were only informed that the orders made were still on the way coming.

From a simple analysis, for this problem to occur, James Allen must either have very little diamond stock and are waiting on more to be brought or they want to save on costs. This is done when they decide to ship using the standard way instead of the next-day delivery. Such acts mislead and frustrate their customers.

If a customer is outside the US they are more like to face these shipping problems and have their orders delayed.

Does James Allen Honor Refunds?

At times when you make an online purchase the product you get may not turn out as expected. There may be a defect, wrong size erroneous delivery, and several other disappointments. Retailers solve such issues by putting in place a nice refund policy.

There are plenty of complaints concerning James Allen especially their customer service. Several people have claimed that the store’s refund policy put in place is not as clear, additionally, when it comes to processing the refund, it takes them a very long time to finalize. Some customers complained about the number of calls that had to be made before action was taken. Others said that they incurred shipping fees every other time the order required some adjustments.

The worst claim complaint was that their refund was not honored. It is a nightmare for anyone buying online to experience this. It’s even worse when large and reputable retailers have these problems.

Issues with the timelines for the refund policy have also arisen from the customers. Some customers claim that they tried to start the refund process by contacting their customer service center, unfortunate they could not reach them. And those that managed to get some assistance, were told that the period for refunds had already elapsed.

What About James Allen Negative Reviews?

Even though there are several complaints about James Allen, they are still a reputable online seller. Some several limitations and cautions that need your attention.

We all know diamonds are expensive stones. This means customers will expect perfection considering the investment they make. As a result, if a mistake happens then these customers will be loud about it. Not just loud but also unfair.

Mistakes are bound to happen with some orders made online. More so if the specifications are exact. Since no one is perfect, even renowned retailers will make some mistakes. such mistakes can cause an uproar on online platforms.

Even with the listed complaints, there are very many compliments. Most customers have positive reviews concerning their customer service. Before deciding to buy from them the look at both the ups and downs.

Should You Trust James Allen?

At James Allen, there are options availed to you. Most of these options guarantee quality and value. At times, however, the store decides to use sales strategies that may mislead the customer.

Their biggest challenge is being transparent with their clients. The prices they have set are at times unclear. You can’t be certain of what you will receive. Other times, if what you want is not stocked they try to upsell you.

Making mistakes is common to every online retailer. The only thing you can do is to believe that if a mistake happens, the company will quickly solve the problem. And that after the problem is fixed you will finally get the desired product. James Allen is well known for not honoring the refunds requested by customers.

Since several people were satisfied with Diamonds bought from James Allen, the retailer is not a scam. However, you need to be keen and look out for switches, bait, and upselling tactics used by this seller. Also, keep in mind that their customer service is not very responsive when you have a challenge with an order.

By choosing James Allen, there is a gamble involved. Hopefully, you will receive exactly what you ordered. If you are looking for a smooth shipping process and quality that is guaranteed, then you need to also look into other online retailers.

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