Flush Settings for Engagement Rings (Including Pros and Cons)

Flush Settings for Engagement Rings (Including Pros and Cons)

Thinking about buying an engagement ring with a flush setting but are not sure of the pros and cons?

Good, you are in the best place. Here you will learn about:

  • Is flush setting the best for an engagement ring?
  • Differences between the flush setting and pave setting as well as the prong setting
  • The best online stores to buy flush engagement ring setting
  • Tips for saving money when buying a flush setting
  • And a lot more!

Flush settings are very rare ring settings to find in jewelry stores, but once you find them, you will appreciate how unique and special they look. Most people confuse the flush setting with a bezel or bypass.

In search of an engagement ring that has flush settings? Here is my list of preferred online shops that you can shop from.

There are many flush settings for rings, but not all ring settings are flush. While it is hard to get an engagement ring with a flush setting, flush settings are very common in wedding bands.

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Engagement rings that have a flush setting are the perfect choice for individuals who have a very active lifestyle or those who have hands-on kinds of jobs. They are a good choice for personal trainers, medics, or any other job that needs a protected ring.

You will love the fact that you get maximum protection for your ring and at the same time get a full view of the diamond table.

Most flush settings come in cluster settings and are very affordable since they do not require high-quality diamond stones. Is a flush setting really the ring setting you want? Let’s help you make that decision.

We jump right in.

What is a Flush Setting Engagement Ring?

Many people seem not to know exactly what a flush setting for an engagement ring is because of its great resemblance to other settings like gypsy/tension settings and bezel settings. The flush settings sit flush to the metal but a true flush is commonly found in wedding bands.

Another name for the flush setting is “hammer setting”. This name is gotten from the technique used in designing, the jeweler drills a hole into the metal (platinum or gold) in which the diamond will be placed which allows the diamond to sit flush. The jeweler or lapidary then hammers the edges of the metal to make it surround the diamond. Then the jeweler goes on to give it a smooth finish.

Starlight Diamond Eternity Ring
Starlight Diamond Eternity Ring

In some styles used in a flush setting, a milgrain design is used such that do not see how the hammering was done. Hammer settings are more familiar in wedding bands, especially those worn by men.

Settings that have diamonds set into the band are also grouped as flush settings. These settings leave the diamond table exposed.

In other flush settings, you will notice some short prongs that secure the center stone in place and still maintain it in the metal and flushes to the ring shank. Such may also have stones on the side or a variety of diamond shapes

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14K White Gold Modern Leaf Bypass Engagement Ring

Should You Buy a Flush Setting Engagement Ring?

Owning a diamond ring that has a flush setting comes with both benefits and drawbacks. In this guide, we shall look at all those good and bad things to help you make an informed decision if a flush is the setting you need.


  • Maximum diamond protection
  • Rarely snags
  • Can fit in many styles
  • Can be antique or modern


  • Rarely found
  • Picky when it comes to stones

Of the countless benefits of flush setting rings, one of the important ones is that it is a very protective setting and is safe for your fiancé if they live an active lifestyle. Security is even increased with a setting that is hammered.

However, if you set inside a metal that has an opening, security is compromised. In addition, you will not have to think so much about a flush setting snagging, even if it has small prongs. The small prongs are too short to cause any problems.

A flush setting is a unique setting that focuses on the metal band rather than the center stone. You will find the metalwork has additional side stones and milgrain design used in the works.

For a more modern appearance, jewelers like to use bold and geometric shanks together with princess-cut diamonds.

Flush settings are not only unique but also very hard to find in stores. The ones you are likely to find just have a low profile but not set low into the metal.

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Flush settings are mostly found in bezel settings or tension settings more than in true hammer settings. The hammering method can only be done with particular gemstones. Likewise, you will find flush settings in wedding bands more than rings for women.

While a diamond would be very safe sitting in a hammered setting, other colored stones can easily crack when being hit by a hammer. It is important to check the level of hardness of your stone against the Moh scale to distinguish ones that can be hammered from ones that cannot.

Flush Setting vs Bezel Setting

If you have been reading about ring settings, you may have come across websites that say a bezel setting is the same as a flush setting. This is true for some aspects but not others. There are distinct differences between these two ring settings.


  • Flush settings allow in a lot of light
  • A flush-set ring has accent diamond setting with more details
  • Bezel settings are common
  • Bezels settings have several dimensions


  • Flush settings tend to ignore the center stone
  • Flush setting is rarely used in rings
  • Bezel setting covers a section of the diamond
  • A princess-cut diamond does not look good in a bezel setting

Even though bezel settings may look almost similar to flush settings, there are several differences. The bezel setting features a metal that covers the girdle of the diamond as well as the diamond edge. Only half of the bezel is left exposed.

In a flush setting, the metal band is close to the edges of the center diamond and not over it. This design allows light to be reflected making the diamond sparkle. The flush setting also has more details on the band than a bezel.

Flush settings have a vintage look while the bezel settings look more modern and industrial. Diamonds set in a flush are always fixed as melee stones and create designs that look like vines or leaves.

Bezel settings are usually set high compared to flush. Flush settings are normally set in the metal band or next to it. If it is not set in the band then it would not flush to the metal.

A bezel-set can be set high on a cathedral setting or as part of other styles. The metal used in bezel ring settings also gives the ring additional shape which makes it easy for the center stone to pop up more than a flush setting.

A flush setting may not be the best option for someone who likes diamonds that have high color grades or high clarity. It would be a waste to pick out the best quality of loose diamonds, only to hide them inside a metal band in a flush setting.

If this is what you want, then a bezel setting would be the best option to showcase the diamond brilliance and sparkle, even if the setting is low. As already mentioned, bezel settings are easily found, but you are also likely to easily find wedding bands with flush settings.

Bezel set rings covers some section of the diamond that allows light to get through, which is not the case with a flush setting. The light that passes through may not be so much but the bezel setting also has its own drawbacks.

This is the reason you will notice that princess-cut diamonds look more beautiful than flush settings. The princess will come up to the girdle of the diamond instead of covering it. In a bezel setting, the diamond is covered. Look at the ring below.

14K White Gold Pavé Crown Bezel Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Pavé Crown Bezel Engagement Ring

Flush Setting vs Tension Setting

While a tension setting can be flush to the metal, it does not necessarily qualify to be called a flush setting. This is a bit confusing, right? Let’s understand this a little further in the comparison below between a flush and a tension/gypsy setting.


  • A flush-set ring is more secure
  • Flush sets have options for wedding bands
  • Tension settings are better in brilliance
  • Tension settings attract more eyes


  • Flush settings are not elegant
  • In a flush setting, the center stone looks smaller
  • Diamonds in a tension set are prone to chipping
  • It is hard to find a matching wedding band for tension setting

In matters concerning diamond security, the flush setting wins the battle. In a tension setting, a part of the diamond girdle is exposed and makes the diamond vulnerable. Also, tension is designed to look like a diamond that is floating. With a flush setting, you also get many wedding band options, and getting a matching set is easy.

Since the diamond in a tension setting is somehow exposed, it becomes very easy to chip it while you go about your daily activities. Although the diamond is the hardest mineral, it can still crack.

However, not all tension set rings have their diamonds exposed. Even the ones that are exposed do not mean that the ring setting is bad. A tension setting has space below the diamond that allows light to get through. This allows the tension to have a better sparkle. This is the major reason for the tension catching the eyes of the people around you.

The flush setting is beautiful, complex, and features an intricate design. They are neither simple nor dainty, and they also do not have appealing elegance levels.

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When it comes to a true flush set diamond, the hammering is done in the metal; all the other details are concentrated on the band rather than the center stone. The diamond in the flush setting also looks smaller than a tension setting when inside. The metal simply holds the top and bottom of the diamond so that you see its actual size.

A tension setting leaves some edges of the diamond exposed making it more likely to chip. A flush setting is secured by a metal that prevents chipping.

When measured on the Moh scale, diamond is the hardest mineral. However, this does not mean that it cannot crack when the right amount of pressure is put on it.

Because of the metal surrounding, a flush setting is less likely to chip. A tension setting usually features a ring shank that is swirl and wavy. This makes it hard to find wedding bands that match.

You must make sure that the tension setting you pick has a wedding band that matches unless you wish to have a customized wedding band. Flush settings normally have a lot of variations in wedding bands, so it would be easy to pick one.

Best Place to Buy Flush Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

I have already mentioned more than once that flush settings are hard to find, they are even harder if you go looking in a brick-and-mortar store. You will find flush settings, but mostly in men’s wedding bands and countable safe settings like flush or bezel.

In fact, even among the retailers, we are going to recommend here, you can hardly find a true flash setting that has a hammer setting. Most jewelry retailers stock low-profile flush settings that have tiny prongs or bezel settings.

If you prefer buying your engagement ring locally, the best place to go shopping would be local designers that can custom design a flush setting for you. A family-owned jewelry store is also a good place to start. If you are more open to buying anywhere, I suggest you go online; you will get better options from online diamond vendors. Here are a few online diamond sellers that we can recommend.

James Allen

James Allen has all the reasons to top the list of the best online diamond sellers. This online store has a large diamond inventory that has diamonds of various shapes. You get the opportunity to choose a diamond grade according to clarity, carat weight, color, and cut, and fit it to your budget.

There are also numerous styles and settings for rings. However, it will be a little hard to find flush settings for engagement rings. If you check on their categories for side stones and tension, you can find countable flush-set rings.

The transparency level at James Allen is on another level. Let’s face it, in this online jewelry; you will not get the pushy experience that is common with physical stores. In such stores, you are nothing more than a sales target that they must meet before the day ends so that they are assured of job security.

James Allen customer service team is available 24 hrs, 7 days of the week, and is always ready and willing to answer all the diamond questions you may have. This staff is not paid on commission and therefore you can rest assured that the information you get is reliable.

There is also a group of diamond experts who will explain to you in detail all you need to know about the 4Cs while finding a way to fit the perfect stone into your budget whether low or high.

Their sales strategies are purely dependent on what your wallet can accommodate. James Allen also allows you to view all of their loose diamonds to see any inclusions under a 100x magnifier. You may not find this in other jewelry stores. With this store, you will get exactly what you are looking at.

Most jewelry stores offer jewelry warranties of different kinds but none matches the lifetime warranty that James Allen offers. This warranty is very convenient as it covers rhodium plating for white gold jewelry, prong re-tipping, tightening the center stone, cleaning, and polishing, or any other routine works that may be necessary. In addition, if the ring does not fit, you get an either up or down resizing for free in the first year.

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14K White Gold Halo Pear Shaped Side Stone Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Halo Pear Shaped Side Stone Engagement Ring

Blue Nile

When you read anything about online jewelry stores, you will not miss reading about Blue Nile. Because of the many positive testimonials and customer reviews, Blue Nile has continued to attract a huge number of customers.

While it may not be as good a jewelry store as James Allen, I still love Blue Nile because of their large collection of ring settings and loose diamonds. You can even customize your engagement ring. There are a variety of ring styles and combinations that you can choose from.

White gold is the commonest plating you will find, but Blue Nile also has several yellow gold and rose gold rings. However, this can be a problem for Blue Nile since most retailers trade in what customers like.

Blue Nile does not have and true flush settings but you can find countable flush settings. They have a lot of low-profile settings that have small and short prongs.

Blue Nile is a great jewelry store to shop at if you want a one-of-a-kind ring that is affordable. Their customer service desk is available online to attend to you 4hrs. In addition, you will not wait on the phone for long since they say that they answer phone calls in the first 10 seconds.

Some diamonds in their collection can be viewed using their 360 technology. However, if you like fancy colored gemstone or diamond, you will not view it like you would a white one.

Like other jewelry stores, Blue Nile has a warranty. They offer all their customers a manufacturer’s warranty.

Blue Nile will take care of their mistakes through this warranty. If the ring has any flaws or defects in the design, they will replace it. The downside is that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any routine works needed.

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Bella Vaughan for Blue Nile Seattle Split Shank Double Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Bella Vaughan for Blue Nile Seattle Split Shank Double Pave Diamond Engagement Ring


Whiteflash is not as well known as James Allen and Blue Nile but they too stock high-quality diamonds. Their main area of interest is in the diamond’s brilliance. They concentrate on selling diamonds that have high brilliance. In addition to that, this store has a patented collection of arrows and hearts diamonds called A Cut Above.

Whiteflash is a great place to shop at if you want to learn more about diamonds’ brilliance, fire, and scintillation. They have a highly professional customer service team that is trained by GIA. Some customer service representatives are also American Gem Society members.

Their collection is made up of many loose diamonds, ring settings, and designer settings. They do not stock various flush settings but they have several flush eternity ring settings. When it comes to warranty, all customers get a year service plan. This is a limited warranty that covers regular maintenance as well as ring resizing for the first year.

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Platinum Flush-Fit Diamond Engagement Ring
Platinum Flush-Fit Diamond Engagement Ring

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