James Allen Ring Resizing Policy

James Allen Ring Resizing Policy

Like most other people, you have probably thought twice about buying a ring online for the fear that it might not fit.

Luckily, most online jewelry retailers offer ring-resizing policies. With such a policy, you can return the ring for resizing at no cost.

James Allen is among the widely known online ring and diamond sellers. This store has resizing policy whether your ring is either big or small.


It is possible for mistakes to happen when fitting a ring online, even if you are buying from the best retailers. What makes the difference is if the retailer offers to correct the mistake fast and not charging customers for it. In most cases, that is what exactly happens at James Allen.

James Allen offers a one-year-long resizing warranty for any ring bought from them. This means that they will resize your ring for free if you return it in the first year of buying. However, this offer is just for the first resizing. This vendor also incurs the shipping and handling costs. Any additional resizing, especially those needed after the first year attracts a fee.

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How Long Does James Allen Ring Resizing Take?

The time it takes to resize a ring depends on the kind of modification that needs to be done. Most customers have, however, alleged that it only took a few weeks to have their rings resized and sent back to them after returning to James Allen.

You can help shorten the period somehow. For example, you are in a rush, say you have a wedding coming up; you simply need to let the customer service team know. This way, the resizing will be done as fast as possible and you can get the ring back in a week!

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The resizing period is going to take longer if they have to manufacture the ring again. The period will extend to several weeks if the ring design is a little sophisticated and if you need any special adjustments.

Cost of James Allen Ring Resizing

The resizing policy at James Allen covers the first year after purchase. This means that you will not pay anything for your ring to be resized during that period. The company will also pay to ship the ring back to them.

This policy, however, works only for the first resizing request you make. If you need any other modifications to the ring, you will pay for it. If you need a second resizing within the first year, James Allen charges $25 if the ring is rose, white, or yellow gold. Platinum rings attract $50 for the same services. If you are within the USA, you will pay $30 for shipping costs and $50 if you are outside the USA. The same fees apply if you would like the ring resized after one year has elapsed since you bought the ring.

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You can save a lot of money with James Allen whether you are resizing in the first year or after considering that most other jewelers charge between $50 and $100 for resizing. It is better to buy and resize a ring at James Allen instead of a jeweler in your locality.

In some instances, the customer service team at James Allen will tell you that your ring cannot be resized and it needs remanufacturing. If you take such a ring back in the first 30 days, the company will cater to the costs. If you do not return the ring within 30 days or not in the first year of purchasing, you will pay the remanufacturing fee out of pocket.

The fee you will pay for the ring to be remanufactured depends on the type of ring and its price. Customer service staff can give you a quotation of the fee prior to sending the ring back. You will be on the safe side if you ask about the remanufacturing cost before buying the ring just in case you might need to remanufacture.

After the one-year warranty period is over, James Allen does not cover the remanufacturing cost. If you want the ring remade, you will pay for it in full or take it to the local jeweler for resizing.

In most rings, the diamonds go so far into the band making it hard to resize. You may need to go a size down or up or even more. Eternity rings make resizing even harder since the diamonds go round the band.

James Allen offers a different resizing policy for custom-made rings from the rings in their inventory. Most times, this company will not be able to resize a custom-made ring, they will need to remanufacture. The remanufacturing fee will depend on the ring and can be a full price or a significant amount.

At the time of order, you should ask about the particular resizing policy that will affect your custom-made ring. The cost will vary depending on the material used for the ring as well as the style of the ring.

What Warranty Covers Ring Resizing At James Allen?

All the rings sold at James Allen are covered by a 1-year resizing warranty that does not have a minimum amount attached to it. There is no need to pay any additional insurance to get this warranty.

This policy does not only cover local orders, but also international orders, only that you will pay the shipping cost.

How to Start the Resizing Process

The process of resizing a ring at James Allen is straightforward. To get started, you need to call a customer service representative or contact them via the website. Once you send in your request, James Allen will send a shipping label to you.

FedEx is a good partner to James Allen, and they work together to make sure your ring reaches James Allen intact and in time. You will be required to drop the ring at FedEx and they will ship it for you. James Allen embarks on the resizing activities as soon as they receive the ring and will alert you when it is ready to be sent back to you. You will not pay anything for the ring to be sent back to you even outside the first year.

Customer Complaints About James Allen Ring Resizing Policy

James Allen offers a one-of-a-kind ring resizing policy with which you can get a ring that fits perfectly. Nonetheless, some customers were not satisfied with the process and had something not so good to say about this resizing policy.

Some customers allege that the resizing period took longer than they expected and that the company did not make it clear when the resize would be completed. This complaint may seem minor but it is a huge inconvenience, especially if your ring is very expensive or if you are in a rush.

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Some customers complain about having to take the ring back to James Allen several times for the right adjustments to be made. Since the company charges for any additional resizes, customers feel that it is unfair to have to pay for something that is not their making. In addition, people have also complained that pave stones keep falling off the ring after resizing.

Given the large number of rings sold by James Allen, it is obvious that there will be some bad reviews. However, for most customers, the process of resizing is fast and smooth and the customer service responds quickly.

Should You Have Your Ring Resized At James Allen?

James Allen has all the advantages that you need when it comes to ring resizing. They have managed to build a reputation from their quick response and fast resizing process. They will send the ring back to you in less than a few weeks. Moreover, they charge zero fees for the first year after you buy the ring. Even after the first year, the fees they charge are affordable.

For most customers, the resizing is done well the first time. Other customers have been forced to return the ring several times for the resizing to be done right. Most customers have had a positive experience.

James Allen may do their job within weeks if you want it earlier; you are better off taking the ring to a local jeweler. This might be a little more costly but you will have saved 4 days of shipping time. A local jeweler is likely to get the adjustments right the first time since they take the measurements in person. By doing this you save time and avoid frustration.

In general, it is difficult to get resizing right when you buy a ring online. James Allen is doing a good job. If you want a ring resized and you can afford to wait a little longer, you should consider James Allen for ring resizing.

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