James Allen Design a Ring Guide

James Allen Design a Ring Guide

 James Allen is an American jewelry designer based out of New York City. The company specializes in creating custom engagement rings. In this article, find out whether the company allows you to build your own ring.

James Allen is among the biggest and widely known online diamond sellers.

On top of their wide selection of loose diamonds and other types of jewelry, this store allows you to piece together your own ring and lets you decide the design you prefer.


James Allen has a most detailed library of rough diamonds and rings than any other jewelry store.

The large inventory size makes it easier for this store to process custom designs and have the same delivered to customers in a week. This makes the store one of the perfect places to choose if you want a build a ring in a short time.

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James Allen allows you to submit even more specifications to your ring if you want to customize further. Their highly qualified designers will look at your order and develop a #D image of your ring so that you can see it.

In this article, we shall look at how to go about designing your ring at James Allen and the experiences of customers who have customized their own rings before.

Design Your Own Ring at James Allen

James Allen provides their customers with a variety of ways they can use to put together a ring piece by piece. The method you use will depend on the degree of customization you want.

The easiest way is to use a ring builder that is available on their website. This tool allows you to have fun with different features used to build a ring of your choice.

The first step in the customization process is to pick a setting like three-stone, solitaire, or halo. Their designer setting collection also has other varieties. The next step is to choose a loose diamond. Here you can choose the quality of diamond as well as the color.

If you already have a design in mind, the creation process is simple and should take a few minutes only. If you have no clue yet about ring designs, the Inspiration Gallery is there to help you out. The gallery contains a lot of rings that were designed by James Allen which you can use as models. When you find the right base, you can use one of their designs as a template to create your ring.

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If you want detailed customization, James Allen lets you design the ring from zero with a design of your own. When you land on the custom ring page on their website, you will be asked to give information about the kind of ring you want.

If you had already created a design, you can submit it together with the other information so that the designers can start working on it. As soon as you give all the design information for your ring, the retailer reviews your request and then gives you a quotation.

James Allen goes ahead to create a 3D rendering of your ring based on the specifications you have given upon accepting their quotation. You will see the design and request for it to be modified if needed. Once James Allen establishes that you are contented with the ring, the production process will begin. As soon as the production is complete, the piece will be put in a setting and the ring sent to you.

James Allen Design a Ring Charges

James Allen does not charge any amount for rings that have been designed using their ring builder feature. The cost you incur will be based on the kind of diamond you select and the setting that you choose for your ring.

The charges are different if you build your ring from scratch, you will be charged an extra fee. Although the fee is not directly charged, it is included in the quotation as part of the design. The price of the quotes is different depending on what you request. The prices of the rings in James Allen’s inventory are not the same as those of custom made engagement rings.

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The return policy is also different depending on the kind of ring you designed. Rings that were designed by the “build your own ring” feature are fully backed up by the 100% money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, if your ring was build using your own design from scratch, you will still be covered for any manufacturing defects. You can also request a refund if the ring looks totally different from the 3D rendering that you saw on the website.

But if the ring is flawless, you will not be able to return it for 100% money back. This is because James Allen does not carry fully custom made rings in their collection. This means you will be taking a risk by building a ring from scratch.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Custom Ring?

Not all rings take the same duration to be made. The time varies depending on the type of diamond and the style that you choose.

A ring will take a few weeks if you design it using the ring builder feature on the James Allen website. Although this may vary from customer to customer based on the features added to the ring. It may also take longer if you pick specific colored diamonds.

The process of ring building will take more than a few weeks if the ring was build using your own design from scratch.

The type of design you choose causes a great difference in the building process. If the design is basic, James Allen can squeeze the production to a few weeks. However, if you want a more complex design, you may have to wait a few months to get the ring.

James Allen states on their website that fully customized rings take less than 30 days to be ready. Based on what most customers have to say, this is true, although some rings have taken a bit longer.

When the ring is ready, James Allen alerts you and gives you a tracking number for the shipment. FedEx Priority is their trusted shipping company and therefore you should expect the delivery in a few days.

Quality Of James Allen Custom Designed Rings

The main reason for designing your own ring is to get full control of the design process. James Allen goes out of their way to allow you to decide several features to get the ring you want. Luckily, the quality of customized rings is great.

The testimonies about custom rings from James Allen are positive with most customers being contented with the ring they got. However, there have been reports of orders being delivered with errors while some have lower diamond quality than expected. Having said that, the general impression is that the custom rings from James Allen are high-quality and that customers get the diamond grade they requested.

Is James Allen Custom Engagement Ring Worth It?

Designing a diamond online is not easy, you need to trust in the jewelry retailer completely. When you choose to build your ring online, you need to have faith that it will be done. This means you need to choose a diamond vendor with a good reputation before committing to the process.

James Allen boasts of a good reputation when it comes to building custom rings. This company processes orders fast and within a week, a customer can get the requested product. The orders of rings build from scratch are usually processed within 30 days, this is quite impressive considering the amount of work that needs to be done.

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Although this company is good with custom rings, they are not good with other matters related to the same. The return policy can be a little complicated. Some customers have complained of having to return the ring several times for it to get repaired. Some customers even say that James Allen failed to fully honor their refund requests, leaving them with a ring that is the opposite of their expectations.

Away from the complaints, James Allen is a good place to build your own ring. There is a wide selection of settings that you can choose from and an excellent choice of diamonds. Their team of designers is also on standby to help you during the entire process. They will produce the ring according to your specifications and make sure you get it in less than a month.

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