James Allen Customer Service: Comprehensive Review

James Allen Customer Service: Comprehensive Review

Are you wondering how good (or bad) the customer service at James Allen is?

You are in the right place!

We shall cover the following in this article:

  • Is James Allen’s customer service good?
  • What does the Better Business Bureau have to say?
  • Which is the convenient way to reach James Allen customer care?
  • And a lot more!


Is James Allen’s Customer Service Good?

The customer service team at James Allen is widely defined as adequate, some say it is extraordinary. There are several ways to contact them and they also provide a one of a kind live diamond inspection that no other retailer in the industry offers.

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Several review websites have seen most of their users giving positive reviews about customer Service at James Allen and all its outlets regardless of whether the service was offered on phone, via email, or through their online chat.

As expected, other customers were not contented but their number is insignificant compared to the positive and neutral comments about customer service at this online diamond vendor.

What does the Better Business Bureau Say About James Allen?

The Better Business Bureau gives an unbiased rating about James Allen’s customer service.

BBB is a review site that gathers information and feedback from its users about a business. The feedback and information gotten are combined into a grading system with grades ranging from letters A-F.

Better business

Any business that gets accredited by the Better Business Bureau is considered good and trustworthy. However, the ratings given at BBB do not necessarily mean that the business is 100% reliable or is a top performer.

James Allen enjoys an A+ BBB rating. This attracts high levels of confidence in the business and their customer service.

An A+ rating simply means that the BBB and any other sites that review business has not gotten as many customer complaints as are enough to warrant doubt about how James Allen performs. This is a good sign that James Allen does not mince professional care and concern for its customers at all points that they interact with.

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Go to James Allen’s official website page review to see what actual customers have to say about their experiences. However, the information there is almost definitely filtered to display more positive than negative reviews. To get a more balanced view, head over to Yelp page where you will get reviews by actual users.

Can You Get Free Advice About Diamonds at James Allen?

Unlike any other jewelry store in the industry, James Allen offers a fully interactive and live diamond inspection service for its customers. You can get this on their website page for consultations and see how the whole proves goes.

You get the freedom to peruse through a wide selection of diamonds and select your preferred piece then click on “Diamond Inspection”. You will then be prompted to give your personal information before you start chatting with a diamond expert.

The expert you will chat with is a trained gemologist who does not work on commission and is available every day of the week and all round the clock. You do not need an appointment or schedule to utilize this service.

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The process is completely interactive with enough room to get notes and even focus on particular aspects of the diamond inspection while you chat in real-time.

The gemologist will let you view all the specifications you have chosen for your diamond in 360 view and also provide a grading report. If you have any burning questions, the expert will answer them as you go along with the live chat.

You can engage in this service on your laptop, video-enabled tablet, or desktop.

This incredible service provides you with a sure way to know that you are buying the perfect diamond that will suit your needs and also getting the best quality jewelry that will last long.

Contacting James Allen Via Phone

Is it possible?

The phone line at James Allen is available throughout the day and the week: you can call them at any time. The company has two active numbers: the first is for their customers residing in the US and the second is for customers found outside the US. US-based customers can reach the store at 877-826-9866 whereas those beyond the US borders can make phone calls using the number 1-301-631-1414. Both these numbers are available on the customer service page of the James Allen website.

What are the available hours?

As we have already mentioned, these phone lines are available all seven days of the week and 24 hours of the day.

Is the phone line helpful?

According to word from several user reviews, the James Allen customer service phone line is helpful; customers have reported their phone calls being answered. They promptly offer answers to questions about navigating through their website, discounted products, future sales, and promotions. You will also get answers on issues related to their return policy, refunds, warranties, and other company policies.

Contacting James Allen Via Email

Is it Possible?

Questions, requests, and concerns can be directed to the customer service team at James Allen by emailing them at service@jamesallen.com. You can send the email with your issue at name time during the day or the night. The response may take some time depending on the traffic or the events in the company. If you send an email during sales periods, the customer service team may take long to respond compared to other customer service channels like online chat and phone calls.

Available Hours

Technically, the James Allen email is available 24 hours, although the website specifies that the email will be replied to within two business days. Business days run from Monday to Friday but not Saturday and Sunday. This means if you have an issue and send them an email on Friday, the earliest you can receive a response is Wednesday of the following week.

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Is it Helpful?

If you are looking for the fastest way to contact the customer service team at James Allen, you will be better at making a phone call or using the online chat. Emails are always pushed aside for later response by the team.

Even though emails take longer to be responded to, it allows the customer service team to give you an in-depth response to the issue you raise. Also, staff on the other end may cut the online chat or phone call shot with a promise of giving more information via email if they can’t answer the question there and then.

Also, all questions and concerns about shipments and returns will be answered via email.

In general, while the email may help provide detailed information, it is slower than a phone call or online chat. Furthermore, emails do not provide an immediate response to questions that may need immediate answers or clarifications.

Contacting James Allen Via Online Chat

Is it possible?

You can also get through to James Allen customer service via the online chat. However, you need to provide a few pieces of information including your name and email address before the chat can be initiated. The email you provide will allow James Allen to send you seasonal discount codes, special offers, and newsletters regularly.

As soon as you start the chat, a member f the customer service team will reach out to you. They will answer all your questions where possible. If they cannot provide immediate answers, they provide you with further contact information.

Available hours?

Like a phone call and email, online chats can be started at any time of the day,, any day of the week. However, if you start a chat at an awkward time (odd hours that don’t follow the US timescale) you will be forced to wait a bit longer for a response. This is because there are only a handful of employees working at that time.

Is it helpful?

Chatting with James Allen customer care representative online is one of the best ways to get instant answers to simple questions. Additionally, through this means, the team helps you to navigate through the website and locating pages that have catalogs to find exactly what you need.

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