How to Stack Rings: Wearing Your Wedding Bling With Style

How to Stack Rings: Wearing Your Wedding Bling With Style

Are you prepared to master the art of stacking rings like a professional stylist? Unveil the newest trend in jewelry through this guide.

How to Stack Rings: Wearing Your Wedding Bling With Style

Starting from the fundamentals to advanced methods, we’ll present you with various ideas for stacking rings that will help you showcase your unique fashion sense.

You can count on me to offer useful tips and address inquiries such as:

  • How many rings should you stack in a single pile?
  • Is it necessary to solder your ring stack?
  • Which metal varieties are ideal for an engagement ring stack?

What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking refers to the practice of combining multiple rings to wear simultaneously on the same finger. This popular trend in jewelry can be incorporated as a bridal set or as a statement piece in fashion.

A ring stack typically comprises three or more bands on the same finger. Although some may consider an engagement ring and wedding band to be a ring stack, I hold a different view.

In my opinion, a ring stack only looks fashionable if it has three or more rings. If I were creating my own ring stack, I would opt for four stacked rings.

How to Create a Ring Stack

Stacking a wedding ring with an engagement ring involves deciding on the number of rings you want to stack. While there is no limit to how many rings you can choose, it is crucial to consider the width of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring band has many curves, it may be more challenging to stack your rings, unless you prefer gaps.

Remember, your ring finger has limited space.

The typical bridal stack comprises a wedding band, an engagement ring, and another band. This extra band could be another wedding band, part of an enhancer/ring jacket, or a future anniversary band.

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Pairing with Other Diamond Bands

Creating a standalone ring stack involves combining and coordinating various diamond bands that you adore. If you desire even more variety, plain solid gold bands can be an excellent option to reduce your costs while achieving the perfect stack that mirrors your unique fashion sense.

Don’t feel like you have to start with two or more rings at once. Some individuals create their ring stack gradually, starting with one ring and then adding more on special occasions, milestones, or anniversaries.

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Tips When You Create Your Diamond Ring Stack

Creating a ring stack with various rings and bands is a creative process with no strict rules. It is a way to blend diverse styles and jewelry preferences to produce a distinctive ensemble on your finger.

However, there are a few things to consider when building your ring stack. Firstly, you must determine the type of person you are. Do you prefer a ring stack with delicate rings that complement each other, or would you rather mix chunky and thin bands that capture attention?


There is no incorrect answer to this question, as the only ideal ring stack is the one that represents you.

No matter what kind of stack style you are drawn to, the following tips can help you create a ring stack that you will love. Some of these ideas may be more appropriate for those seeking a subtle yet unique appearance.


Here are some of my best tips and ideas for crafting a ring stack that will steal your heart.

Diamond Size

When creating your ring stack, the size of the diamonds in each band is a crucial factor that affects the price, width, brilliance, and overall appearance of your ring stack.

If one of your bands has a higher total carat weight than the others, it is likely that the band is thicker than the others. While there is no issue with having bands of different widths in your ring stack, it is important to remember that this can limit the number of rings you can wear on one finger.

Fortunately, you can always wear rings on other fingers if you want to include larger carat weights.

The size and total weight of the diamonds in your band also affect the cost. Larger diamonds require higher grades, making them more expensive than thin diamond bands.

Unlike engagement ring center stones, diamond bands are graded for color and clarity as a whole, not for each individual diamond. Some bands may have SI or VVS diamond clarity, while others may have colorless diamonds, and others may have near-colorless diamonds.

When choosing larger diamonds, it is important to select the appropriate grades, as this can affect their brilliance.

Keep your bands in the same grade range as much as possible, unless the carat weights differ significantly. If the color grade is not high enough, larger stones may have noticeable inclusions or duller color.

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Number of Diamonds

Consider the diamond placement in each band when creating your ring stack. Some bands have diamonds that cover a third, half, or the entire band, such as eternity bands.

However, be cautious when including eternity bands as they can be uncomfortable to wear if the diamonds are too large, and the underside may be prone to diamond loss.

If you choose to include an eternity band in your ring stack, it’s recommended to wear it on a finger without additional rings to avoid rubbing and potential scratching. Keep in mind that diamonds are the only substance that can scratch other diamonds.


Type of Metal

While many bridal sets are typically purchased in 14k white gold, some people may opt for platinum or white gold engagement rings. If you choose to mix metals, ensure that your stacking rings are also made of platinum or gold. Avoid sterling silver rings since require more maintenance to keep up with.

Metal Color

Mixing metal colors can add a unique touch to your ring stack. While white gold may be your go-to, consider experimenting with two-tone or even tri-tone jewelry for a more interesting look.

The best part is that the price should remain the same as long as it’s the same gold karat in a different colored metal.


Band Width

The width of the bands in your ring stack will determine how many rings you can comfortably stack on the same finger. Rings with widths larger than 2-4mm may fit tighter, so consider going up a ring size to accommodate them.


Diamond Shapes

When it comes to diamond shapes, round and princess cut diamonds offer the most options for stacking. Other shapes such as pear or marquise cut diamonds can be harder to find as ring bands and may not pair well with mixed metals and styles.

However, there are some vintage wedding bands with wavy metal bands and round diamonds in marquise-shaped settings that can add a unique touch to your ring stack.

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If you prefer a bold and statement-making style, it’s best to limit yourself to a single showstopper in your ring stack. This will prevent your fingers from looking overcrowded and allow your statement piece to shine.


Should You Buy a Ring Stack?

After getting married, many people opt to have their engagement ring and wedding band soldered together by a jeweler. Soldering is the process of fusing the two rings together, which can be easily undone without any visible signs if done by a skilled jeweler.

However, it’s important to consider the following before deciding whether or not to solder your rings:

Reasons to solder:

  • Prevent the engagement ring from spinning on your finger
  • Keep track of only one ring
  • Make cleaning easier
  • Save space in your jewelry box
  • The main benefit of soldering rings is convenience.

Reasons not to solder:

  • Wanting to wear only one ring on certain occasions
  • Potentially ruining the rings during the unsoldering process

If you decide to unsolder your rings in the future, there is a risk of a poor repair job. It’s important to carefully consider whether soldering is the right choice for you and your ring stack.

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How Much Does a Ring Stack Cost?

Determining the exact cost of a ring stack can be challenging due to various factors. Every tip mentioned earlier plays a role in the cost of a ring stack. For instance, while sterling silver may be cheaper, it requires more upkeep compared to gold.

If you prefer low maintenance jewelry, then sterling silver rings may not be suitable for you.

Similarly, choosing platinum bands for your ring stack will cost more than selecting 14k or 18k gold wedding bands. Besides, larger carat weights in your stacking ring will be more expensive than choosing a 1.4 ct tdw ring.

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All the details of the bands that you choose to mix and match in your ring stack add up to the final cost.

However, the main cost determinant is the number of rings you want to stack on your finger. Some people want their entire finger covered as a statement ring, while others prefer to keep a section of their finger bare.

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Finding the Perfect Location for a Ring Stack

When searching for a diverse collection of diamond bands, any location with a wide selection will suffice.

However, most brick-and-mortar jewelry stores only carry popular styles. If you seek unique bands in a variety of metals, your best bet is to search online.

One excellent option is Brilliant Earth, which offers a ring stacking feature. This feature enables you to preview your ring stack before purchasing, making the process of selecting rings simple and stress-free.

You have the choice of selecting from different diamond and gemstone bands, all of which are made from recycled 18K gold (or 14K rose gold) or platinum.

With Brilliant Earth’s Create Your Own Ring Stack feature, you can select three to four bands and preview them together. It’s easy to change the order of the rings or switch up the metals to find the perfect combination. Watch the video below to learn more!


Mastering the Art of Ring Stacking Opens Up New Possibilities for Accessorizing

By learning how to stack rings, you can elevate your engagement ring or make a statement in a playful and exciting way. Whether you opt to wear your ring stack on your wedding finger or your middle finger, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads and embrace this popular jewelry trend!

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