6 Best Infinity Engagement Rings

6 Best Infinity Engagement Rings

Have you been looking for a high-quality yet affordable infinity engagement ring?

Perfect, you have stopped at the right spot! Here, we talk about the in and out of infinity setting engagement rings as we fill you in on:

  • What is an infinity engagement ring?
  • How much will an infinity engagement ring cost you?
  • Which is the best place to buy an infinity engagement ring?
  • Review of the best 6 infinity engagement rings
  • And a lot more

Let’s start with a sneak preview of my best pick.

Best Pick: James Allen Pave Infinity Diamond Engagement

  • The center stone can be 0.10 – 8.00carat weight
  • Has small diamond side stones
  • Available in platinum, 14K white, rose, and yellow gold

Platinum Pavé Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

I have looked at many infinity engagement rings, but none of them comes close to this.


Looking at the customer feedbacks, this ring boasts the highest number of authentic feedback about the ring quality and customer service received.

James Allen is rated among the best jewelers if not the best and from them, we get this infinity engagement ring that has an appealing pave design that excludes class and value for money. It is characterized by an opulent appearance.

infinity engagement ring

This ring has a brilliant round cut diamond for a center stone and is secured by four prongs.

The ring band has an infinity style with pave set diamond decorations. This design compliments how the center diamond sparkles. These features make this ring what you would not like to miss especially if your budget is limited.

James Allen provides this infinity engagement ring in different metals such as 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold as well as platinum. With these options, you get to choose your preferred metal color.

This infinity ring is worth the investment, especially for a bride-to-be. You can as well check out the other best infinity rings that I found.

6 Best Infinity Engagement Rings

  1. Pave Infinity Diamond Engagement by James Allen
  2. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile
  3. .75-Carat Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White/Yellow/Rose Gold
  4. Aquamarine and Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold
  5. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring By Blue Nile
  6. 1/3-Carat Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

What is an Infinity Engagement Ring?

An infinity engagement ring is a ring that embodies the infinity sign in the band design. In most rings, there are two parts that get twisted together to form the infinity sign.

There is a general belief that the infinity symbol is meant to represent how a wife and husband intertwine. This kind of ring is also a great way to show the eternal feelings and how committed you are to the marriage.

Are Infinity Engagement Rings Always Set in a Diamond?

Not all infinity engagement rings are set in diamonds, you will find several of such rings set in other gemstones like amethyst and sapphire.

The number of diamond center stones in an infinity ring will be determined by the style of setting used in the ring. Look at this 1/3 carat infinity diamond engagement ring, the 1/3 carat center stone is held in a setting with 4 prongs.

We understand that diamonds can be a little on the high side when it comes to pricing, you may simply prefer other gemstones. You can still find several gemstone infinity engagement rings set with morganite, aquamarine, or any other quality gemstones.

Other infinity engagement rings have small diamond accents put on the band. They are normally put on either of the two metals twisted to form the infinity symbol. Check out this .75-carat diamond ring. This Blue Nile aquamarine and diamond ring are great too.

0.88 Carat Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat I-J I2 Center
0.88 Carat Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat I-J I2 Center

Aquamarine and Diamond Infinity Twist Ring
Aquamarine and Diamond Infinity Twist Ring

Price of Infinity Engagement Rings

The price of an infinity engagement ring is determined by several factors. In general, the most expensive infinity engagement rings are those set in diamonds while the affordable ones are set in other gemstones.

If you prefer a diamond set infinity ring, remember to consider the 4Cs of diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight.

The price if a diamond engagement ring basically depends on all these factors usually analyzed by GIA grading criteria. A diamond stone that is highly rated is also going to be the most expensive ring.

When looking at carat weight, the majority of infinity engagement rings range in the weights of 2-carat, ¾-carat, ½-carat, and 1/3-carat.

As already mentioned, the price is not determined by the carat weight only. Diamond color grades are important too and the scale runs from D-Z. Clarity and cut also determine the price, where clarity is graded from lowest I1/I2/I3 to highest FL whereas the cut grade is from “poor” to “excellent”. All these factors combined in one diamond cause the difference in price.

Below is a carat sizing chart to help you understand better.

For instance, a ½-carat diamond that has a color grade of D-E and VVS1clarity with an “Excellent” cut carries a higher price tag than a 1-carat diamond ring that has a K-L color grade and SI1 clarity with a “very good” or just “good” cut.

RECOMMENDED: Buying Guide for a ½-Carat Diamond Ring| Buying Guide for a 1-Carat Diamond Ring

The price of an infinity engagement ring will drop significantly if the ring is set with an alternative gemstone like aquamarine or morganite. The cost will still be less than diamonds even if the gemstones are large or with higher carat weight.

There are other infinity engagement rings that have side stones.

When the infinity metal band is decorated with small diamond accent stones, the price will go up depending on the total carat weight of the stones.

If you compare a halo engagement ring that has small gemstones around the stone at the center to a solitaire engagement ring with similar decorations, the halo bears a higher price tag than the solitaire.

Finally, the kind of metal used in the infinity ring also contributes to its price. A ring will be more expensive if the band is made using precious metals like platinum and gold unlike one that has a sterling silver band.

If you want to buy a gold band, make sure your wallet can accommodate especially if the gold percentage in the band is high (ranging in 18K and 24K).

Choosing an Infinity Engagement Ring

Getting the best infinity engagement ring is not easy, especially if you don’t know what makes the ring a good option. Read the following recommendations to help you make an educated decision when buying an infinity engagement ring.

Center Stone


The most basic thing you need to consider when looking for infinity engagement rings is the stone at the center. Most engagement rings are normally set with a diamond stone that is 1-carat, but you can still find others with heavier stones. Truth be told, the heavier the diamond, the higher the diamond price, and there will be a considerable increase in price.

The lowest carat weight you should be looking at for a center diamond for your infinity engagement ring is 1/2-carat. Apart from the diamond weight, pick a ring depending on the other characteristics of the center stone. When it comes to diamonds, the quality is measured against color, clarity, and cut. All these determine the brilliance and general appearance of your ring.

The following recommendations will make you realize the value for money you spend buying an infinity engagement ring:

  • Color: diamonds with color ratings from G-I are rated as near-colorless. This means they are almost as clear as the diamonds in the D-F scale.
  • Clarity: the lowest you should go with clarity is VVS1 where your center diamond’s blemishes or inclusions will not be seen by the naked eye.
  • Cut: to get the most of the diamond’s brilliance, fire, and scintillation, buy an “Excellent” cut diamond.

Other Gemstones

If you do not feel the vibe that comes with diamond center stones, don’t worry, there are other options. There are several gemstones that can be used in rings and make very cute center stones. The commonest gemstones used in infinity engagement rings are aquamite and morganite.

These stones are cheaper and larger than diamonds, the best options if you are constrained by budget. You will get an attractive look at an affordable cost.

14K Rose Gold Infinity Halo Engagement Ring
14K Rose Gold Infinity Halo Engagement Ring

Band Style

Different infinity engagement rings come in different styles. There various styles of how the infinity symbol is created on the ring. In some rings, the infinity sign can take up only a third of the ring band size; others will take up half of the bad size while some there are those that will take up the entire band.

You also need to think about whether you want to have accent stones put on the band. Most ring bands feature pave designs that enhance the ring’s beauty and value, the reason most customers love this ring style. If you feel like you do not want a diamond for the center stone, feel free to stick with infinity engagement rings that have gemstones that sparkle.

The diamonds used as side stones are normally small and thus may not affect the ring price so much. Furthermore, you don’t have to concern yourself so much with the 4cS since the diamonds are not large enough to be differentiated according to their grades.

How the Band Has Been Crafted

There are different types of metal that are used in crafting ring bands. For infinity engagement rings, jewelers make bands using platinum or solid gold. Some ring bands are made using non-valuable metals and plated with platinum or gold.

Ring bands made from less valuable metals are significantly cheap but not as long-lasting or as gorgeous as the precious metal. In addition, they will need regular maintenance to keep up with their appearance.

Since an engagement ring does not just end with the proposal, you must pick a ring that is durable to symbolize the unending love between you and your soon-to-be partner. And in case you’re interested, here are the best proposal songs ever!

We suggest that you select infinity engagement rings that are crafted using precious metals so that you get beauty and durability in one package.

To be more specific, if you select an infinity ring that has a gold band, ensure that the gold is either 18K or 14K. Most engagement rings have 14K gold to give the ring an admirable finish and offer value for money. With an 18K gold, the price will be high because the content of gold is higher than that of 14K gold. They also boast of a higher quality and less likelihood of causing allergies since the metal alloy percentage is lower.

If your partner has sensitive skin or is allergic to nickel, silver, copper, or zinc, we recommend you buy a 14K gold infinity engagement ring. This makes it easy for you to get a quality product on a budget.

Six-Prong Infinity Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
Six-Prong Infinity Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Clean an Infinity Engagement Ring

Not all infinity rings are cleaned the same way. The cleaning process can bring about a great difference in the ring appearance after some time. Rings made from different metals and having different gemstones are cleaned differently. This means the cleaning process and agents will vary depending on the ring.

The most common way of cleaning an engagement ring no matter the metal type and gemstone is by letting the ring sit in a mixture of water and mild soap for not more than 15 minutes.

Soaking makes any dirt or grime that has stained the band or the stone soften. This makes it easy to remove the dirt using a soft bristles brush. When cleaning, you need to concentrate on the area under and around the center stone as these areas prove difficult to get to and most times end up being forgotten.

Keep repeating this process until all the dirt is removed. When you are done, dry the ring with a blow dryer. Ensure the dryer is set to low heat.

Avoid doing the following:

  • Drying the ring using a cloth or tissue to prevent scratching the band and gemstone
  • Leaving the ring to air-dry as this leaves the gemstone looking dirty and cloudy because of the water marks.
  • Using harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals that will cause permanent damage to your ring.

Make sure you clean your infinity engagement ring after every 2-3 months so that it keeps looking as good as new.

Best Place to Buy Infinity Engagement Rings

The kind of experience you get when shopping for an infinity engagement ring will be determined by the jewelry retailer you choose to buy from. Amazon is one of the preferred places to buy infinity engagement rings that are high quality. Amazon has a wide selection of items at varying prices. From time to time, you will also get fine jewelry special offers, with this, you will be lucky to get a good deal on your infinity ring.

If you are ready to spend a little more, then go to James Allen and Blue Nile websites. Their collections are not as wide as Amazon’s but you can rest assured of getting high-quality jewelry and expert advice. Blue Nile has been in the jewelry industry for more than 21 years.

Best Infinity Engagement Rings

1. Pave Infinity Diamond Engagement by James Allen

This is among the most popular engagement rings that James Allen sells. It has a pave set band measuring 1.8 mm and a center stone held in place by 4 prongs.

In an engagement ring, pave settings are used to accentuate the center stone and this ring band does that perfectly.

From the numerous positive 5 star reviews, it is clear how customers love this ring from James Allen and how great their customer service is at helping customers get exactly the ring they want.

This infinity engagement ring comes in different metals giving you a variety of options. You can choose from a selection of platinum, 14K white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold.

James Allen also allows you to set this band with other gemstones aside from diamonds.


  • Can be set with stones with carat weights ranging from 0.1-carat to 8-carat
  • The band features many tiny side diamonds
  • Available in platinum and 3 different colored 14K gold


  • Can be expensive depending on the diamonds and metal used

2. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile

This is a 1/3-carat infinity ring that brings to you all the qualities you are looking for in an engagement ring, although at a high price.

This ring features a band with a classic intertwined loop set with many side diamonds. The diamonds are round cut, adding a great sparkle to the ring’s design.

Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile

This ring is made using durable platinum metal which is a great way to express the love, loyalty, and commitment between two people. There are added metals like 14K rose gold.

For this kind of band, a 1.5-carat diamond at the center would be a great pick.


  • Blue Nile has admirable customer service
  • Where need arises, Blue Nile has several physical locations
  • Various gold shades and platinum metal


  • High price tag

3. .75-Carat Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White/Yellow/Rose Gold

This piece from Houston Diamond District is exactly what you want if you are in search of a diamond infinity ring that will offer exceptional money value. You can get this ring at Amazon.

The center diamond is .75-carat and is round cut. This ring has an amazing infinity style that makes it look beautiful.

This infinity engagement ring has side diamonds with a total of 0.13-carat, which contributes immensely to how the center diamond sparkles as well as its fire. You can get the ring in 14K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. You can customize the look of the ring with your favorite or her favorite color.


  • Plenty of small diamond side stones on the band
  • .75-carat center diamond that is near-colorless
  • Three shades of gold available
  • Affordable compared to other fine jewelry pieces


  • Clarity rating of I2 is too low and may affect the diamond’s brilliance

4. Aquamarine and Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

This infinity engagement ring sends a powerful statement of elegance. The center stone is 7 x 7aquamarine gemstone that gives this ring color.

This ring has 34 side diamonds that do a good job highlighting the infinity twist. These diamonds contrast the serene shade from the center aquamarine.

The band is made to last long using 14K white gold, making it hard to wear off.

This ring has side diamonds that weigh a cumulative 0.12-carat. It is the perfect infinity-style engagement ring if you are on a budget.


  • Aquamarine center stone that is cushion cut
  • Crafted with 14K white gold
  • Very pocket-friendly


  • Aquamarine is half treated

5. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile

This infinity engagement ring has a loveable design, and the micropave design makes it even more appealing by directing attention to the center stone.

The ring is crafted with rose gold metal that has a peachy pink shade. This blends well with the center stone to give the ring a colorful appearance.

Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile


  • Micropave design makes the ring unique
  • .25 total carat weight for all side diamonds
  • Available in 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold as well as platinum metal


  • Quality product but highly-priced

6. 1/3-Carat Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

This stunning infinity twist-style engagement ring showcases an intricate design with a 1/3-carat diamond.

The center diamond is round cut and makes the entire ring more affordable compared to other engagement rings that have diamonds.

The infinity band in this ring has a knot design that makes it unique. The knot is there to represent love and commitment. It is made of solid 14K white gold that makes it durable.


  • One of a kind infinity design that has a knot
  • Center stone is 1/3-carat and round cut
  • Crafted using 14K white gold


  • Low grades for color and clarity
  • The center diamond is not certified by GIA

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