Best Place to Buy Eternity Ring Online

Best Place to Buy Eternity Ring Online

Are you searching for the ideal online destination to purchase eternity rings? Look no further!

This guide will delve into the history of this exquisite ring style, along with its diverse variations, and provide answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • What factors should you consider while looking for eternity rings online?
  • Do eternity rings make ideal engagement rings?
  • How can you ensure that you are getting a fair deal?
  • What warning signs should you be aware of when making a purchase?

Best Places to Buy Eternity Rings Online

Looking for reliable online dealers to purchase eternity rings? Check out my top picks below. For detailed information about these two shops, continue reading.

  1. James Allen Eternity Rings

When looking to buy James Allen’s eternity rings, you’ll have access to a fantastic selection of options that cater to your personal style, making it our top choice.

You can locate their array of different eternity bands through two methods. Firstly, by selecting “Eternity Rings” from your dropdown menu, which leads to the page exhibiting standard eternity bands in varied diamond shapes.

Unlike other places that offer eternity rings in princess or round cut diamonds, James Allen also offers them in oval,  Asscher cut, emerald cut, and radiant diamond shapes. Plus, you can effortlessly substitute the white solid gold for rose gold or yellow and also choose carat weights up to a maximum of 7 carats. However, this only applies to a number of  diamond shapes.


Moreover, you have the option to select between SI clarity and HI color, or FG color especially those with the VS clarity. Every shape has its own designated setting, which cannot be altered. If you want unique eternity rings, exploring the section with Diamond Rings may prove more fruitful.

Though there’s no actual way of sorting out eternity rings especially from traditional diamond rings for women, you can browse them visually. A good selection can be found under the stackable filter, with many popular infinity eternity ring styles also available.

James Allen’s plethora of options and pricing for eternity rings is impressive. Besides offering premium grade diamond jewelry, the brand also provides a lifetime warranty at no extra cost. This warranty covers rhodium plating if you prefer white gold, as well as tightening stones and retipping prongs, which is crucial for delicate eternity rings.

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  • Competitive pricing
  • Complimentary lifetime warranty
  • Distinctive diamond shape alternatives
  • Clear 360-degree view


  • Inadequate filtering system while skimming different through diamond rings.

Shop Eternity Rings at James Allen

  1. Blue Nile Eternity Rings

Blue Nile is an excellent option for purchasing an eternity ring, as they are known for being among first online retailers to start selling loose diamonds and have a solid reputation for popularity and reliability.

You can find all of their eternity rings under the section with Wedding Rings in the dropdown menu, where there are more than 180 options in different styles and metals.

I am particularly impressed by Blue Nile’s unique and stylish eternity ring designs, including the bezel-cut and floating diamond eternity rings, which are perfect for individuals who are tough on their own hands.


It is important to note that eternity rings cannot be resized, so Blue Nile provides a 30-day return policy to ensure the ring fits properly. They also offer an ideal sizing guide in the education section to assist you in choosing the appropriate size.

In contrast to other retailers’ diamond trade-up programs, Blue Nile has partnered with Circa to enable you to sell Blue Nile jewelry pieces along with diamonds and other fine jewelry.

They offer their customers a quote, and if you accept it, you get to choose to receive a gift card from Blue Nile for 110% of the quote to purchase the eternity ring of your choice or cash back.

The only drawback of purchasing an eternity ring from Blue Nile is the lack of a maintenance warranty. Although they provide a manufacturer’s warranty for free, it only covers defects and design flaws, as opposed to rhodium plating or stone tightening.


  • Their eternity rings come with a lifetime warranty
  • They offer free sizing for one year
  • they offer 180 different styles
  • Ability to sell your ring with Circa later on


  • They don’t offer a maintenance warranty

Buy Eternity Rings at Blue Nile

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Signs to Be Cautious of When Purchasing Eternity Rings

When purchasing and donning eternity rings, there are several important considerations to bear in mind.

Active Lifestyle

Typically, for a diamond engagement ring, individuals with active lifestyles prefer ring styles set lower, such as bezel or flush settings. In some cases, athletes or nurses may opt for a wedding band instead.

Although an eternity ring is a type of wedding ring, it is not recommended for those with active lifestyles. This is because the gemstones on the eternity ring go all the way around the band, resulting in the stones on the bottom of the ring getting knocked around when worn every day.

Even if you are gentle on your hands and do not engage in physical labor for your job, most individuals still get the bottoms of their wedding rings scratched up, as they are made of natural materials that are not designed to last forever.

Additionally, while diamonds cannot be scratched like the gold they are set in, the gold does weaken over time. With an eternity ring on, the small prongs holding up the diamonds at the bottom of the band are likely to get bumped around on counters, refrigerators, and desks throughout the day. This weakened metal can cause your diamonds to become loose or even lost altogether, especially if you use your hands frequently.

If you still wish to purchase an eternity band, it is recommended to choose one that is channel set instead of prong set. Channel set wedding bands offer better security since the diamonds are set into the band, rather than just held up by small prongs.

However, most eternity bands are prong set, so it is important to check for loose stones if you plan to wear it every day.

When selecting an eternity ring, you should also consider the type of precious metal you want it to be made of.

The average eternity band is usually 14K or 18K white gold. The more gold in the band, the softer and less durable it is. If you plan to wear your eternity ring every day and want to care for it as little as possible, it is recommended to stick to gold rings rather than sterling silver.

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On the contrary, platinum is a significantly stronger metal with high durability and scratch resistance. Unlike white gold wedding rings, platinum does not require rhodium plating. However, due to its weight, platinum may not be a comfortable choice for individuals who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry on their ring finger.

Ring Resizing

Eternity rings are undoubtedly beautiful, but they pose a challenge when it comes to resizing. Due to the stones that encircle the band, resizing the ring is not possible. Many warranties and free sizing offers from retailers exclude eternity bands for this reason. Hence, it’s important to review the warranty details and ring sizing policies before making a purchase.

It’s essential to choose the correct ring size to avoid complications. You can visit a physical jewelry store to try out their ring sizers.

However, it’s crucial to note that the width of the band affects the fit. If the band is wider, it tends to fit more snugly.

If you have multiple stackable eternity rings, they’ll fit even tighter. Most stores have a set of “men’s” and “women’s” ring sizers, with the former for wider bands and the latter for thinner ones.

If going to a jewelry store isn’t possible, you can utilize Blue Nile’s free printable ring sizer available on their website. They also provide a plastic sizer for free, with an expedited shipping option available for $12.95.

Getting the Best Deal for Eternity Rings Online

I have covered various aspects to consider when purchasing radiant cut diamonds online. Here’s a brief summary of the fundamentals you need to know about eternity bands.

  • If you lead an active lifestyle, opt for a protective setting.
  • Regularly check your ring for loose stones.
  • Lower set eternity bands are more comfortable.
  • Select a retailer that offers warranties covering routine maintenance like retipping prongs or rhodium plating.
  • Choose a retailer with a favorable return policy and a hassle-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eternity Rings

Is it more cost-effective to purchase eternity rings online?

Well, the price of an eternity ring online is dependent on various factors like the number of stones, gemstone type, precious metal, brand, and diamond grades. This includes the 4Cs of diamond quality, which are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. But, is it more affordable than purchasing from major retailers like Kay or Zales? Let’s find out.

For instance, let’s assume that your wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and you have your heart set on a 2-carat diamond anniversary ring from Kay Jewelers.


The price for the ring at Kay Jewelers is $3999, plus an additional $349.99 for the warranty, not including tax. However, the clarity and color grades for the diamonds are I1 and I, respectively.

The carat weight for each stone and the total weight of the diamonds is not specified online, but a store associate can provide more information.

In comparison, our top pick for a 2-carat diamond eternity band is from James Allen. This ring features 19 round diamonds with H-I color grades and SI clarity. The cost of this ring is $3430 plus tax and includes a lifetime warranty that covers free sizing and routine maintenance.


By shopping at James Allen, not only can you save money on both the ring and the cost of a warranty, but you can also get a better quality ring with higher clarity diamonds at a cheaper price than Kay Jewelers.

James Allen offers an eternity band with 19 round diamonds with H-I color grades and SI clarity, whereas the Kay Jewelers’ 2-carat diamond anniversary ring features diamonds with I1 clarity and I color grades, and the quantity and carat weight of each stone are unclear.

James Allen offers a free lifetime warranty that covers sizing and routine maintenance.

Furthermore, James Allen also offers the same eternity band with lab-grown diamonds for only $1980, which is not an option at Kay Jewelers.

What factors affect the cost of eternity rings?

The price of eternity rings can vary depending on the type and quality of gemstones used, the metal type, and the overall size or carat weight of the ring. Additionally, branded or intricately designed eternity rings may cost more than simpler ones.

Are eternity bands more expensive than typical wedding bands? Typically, yes. Traditional wedding bands usually have smaller stones and a thinner band, especially if they are part of an engagement and wedding ring set.

On the other hand, a diamond eternity band is more expensive than an average diamond wedding band because it has stones all around it. The diamonds won’t go as far down on a half eternity ring, which is a style where diamonds only go halfway or three-quarters down the shank.

A colored gemstone eternity band could be equally expensive, depending on the quality, size, and type of stone used.

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However, eternity bands made with diamond simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconia are usually less expensive. You can find these types of eternity rings on websites like Amazon and Etsy.

Overall, the price of an eternity band will depend on the number and type of stones, the quality of the gemstones, and the size or carat weight of the ring.


When looking to purchase an eternity ring, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. It’s important to do your research to find a trustworthy jeweler. Secondly, take the time to compare various styles and prices before making a final decision.

Lastly, remember to factor in shipping costs when deciding where to buy your ring from. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you find the ideal eternity ring that fits your budget and preferences.

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