Where to Buy the Best Lab-Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Where to Buy the Best Lab-Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Are you in search of the ideal pair of lab-grown diamond stud earrings? Look no further.

This educational guide aims to address the most frequently asked questions regarding lab-created diamond earrings, such as:

  • What exactly are lab created diamonds?
  • How affordable or expensive are lab created diamond earrings?
  • Where are the top places to look for lab grown diamond stud earrings?

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds possess identical attributes and properties as their earth-made counterparts. They are indistinguishable to the unaided eye and necessitate specific equipment for detection. In every aspect, lab-grown diamonds exhibit similar capabilities as their natural counterparts.

  1. James Allen

One of the leading online diamond retailers for wedding bands and engagement rings is James Allen. Additionally, customers are given the opportunity to customize lab-grown stud diamond earrings on the website, with a selection of more than 300,000 pairs you can choose from.

The catalog includes a range of diamond shapes, predominantly featuring round-cut diamonds, albeit still providing options for any shape preference.

To make browsing easier, customers can easily view displayed grades or utilize filters to narrow down their diamond grades. Furthermore, each individual lab-grown diamond can be certified by either IGI or GIA. Depending on the diamond shape, there are up to 15 setting options available.

Furthermore, James Allen offers a lifetime warranty for free to their customers, which covers routine maintenance such as rhodium, polishing and stone tightening. However, damages such as posts or bent prongs are not included in the warranty.

Shop Lab Grown Diamond Studs at James Allen

  1. Brilliant Earth

Although Brilliant Earth is well-known for their ethical diamonds, it’s typically not their lab created diamonds that have brought them their fame. Nonetheless, they do offer lab-created diamonds, and they have the finest selection of settings for diamond stud.

Customers can choose between preset lab-grown diamond stud earrings or create their own, with Brilliant Earth offering various options for customization as compared to any other diamond retailer on the list.


For those who prefer to create their own, there are more than 100,000 pairs of lab-grown diamonds you can choose from, with some pairs featuring a range of diamond grades such as an I color along with the J color. It is recommended to avoid certified HRD lab-grown earrings and opt for GCAL ones instead.

In addition to their lab-grown diamond offerings, Brilliant Earth takes pride in being a pioneer in ethical jewelry with its Beyond Conflict Free campaign especially for the natural diamonds. The brand also uses recycled gold pieces in the settings and their packing materials are equally environmentally friendly, including  jewelry box made of wood.

However, the only drawback of having a wide range of options is that they tend to be relatively expensive. Suffice to say, Brilliant Earth may not be the most affordable lab-grown diamond retailer available, but they do offer warranties to cover earring settings, albeit at an upfront cost depending on the earrings purchased.

Shop Diamond Stud Earrings at Brilliant Earth

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Factors to Consider When Looking for Lab-Created Diamond Earrings

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has established the 4Cs of Diamond when it comes to quality, which should be followed when purchasing any type of diamond jewelry, whether synthetic or mined.

Diamond Cut

When buying loose diamonds, including diamond studs, the most crucial factor to consider is the diamond cut.

The quality of the cut of synthetic diamond earrings determines their fire and sparkle. Their beauty will be compromised without a perfectly cut diamond.

Moreover, a diamond that is cut to definite proportions has a lower risk of chipping or breaking. While both man-made and natural diamonds are resistant to dust and dirt, both are vulnerable to chipping due to gems cleavage.


When it comes to round diamonds, it is recommended to choose perfect cut lab created diamonds for optimal light performance. As for fancy diamond shapes, it is best to adhere to the proposed measurements for the shapes.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is not usually my top priority when purchasing diamonds. However, with lab grown diamond earrings, it’s a bit different. Although many people desire the largest diamond studs they can afford, big diamonds may not suit everyone’s ears. Therefore, one should consider the size of their earlobe before deciding on a carat weight.

It’s also important to note that diamond earrings are usually measured by their total weight, unlike single diamonds which are measured as one carat. For instance, a pair of 2-carat lab grown diamond studs have a total weight of 2 carats. This is why some people may find a pair of diamond stud earrings¬† 1 carat to be small, as they are actually composed of two half-carat diamonds.

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Furthermore, the diamond shape can affect the appearance of carat size or weight. Although princess and round cut diamond earring studs are the most popular, there are also unique cuts available. For example, a pair of 1 carat oval lab diamond stud earrings will appear larger than a pair of round cut stud earrings because oval diamonds are a bit shallow and longer.

Rectangular shapes tend to make the lab grown diamond studs look larger as well and are usually less expensive as compared to their round counterparts.

Are Lab Grown Diamond Studs Cheap or Expensive?

Each of us carries a varying amount of cash in the wallet, and what may be considered expensive to one person could be considered inexpensive to another.

However, lab grown diamond studs are significantly more affordable than the finest naturally mined diamond stud earrings, with lab diamonds being anywhere from 20% to 70% less expensive than their naturally formed counterparts of similar grades.

Consider the cost difference between two-carat lab grown diamond stud earrings along with their mined equivalents. The primary reason for lab diamonds’ cost-effectiveness is their carefully controlled growth environment. Cultivating lab grown diamonds in the chamber using either the CVD or HPHT method produces an excellent outcome.

Lab Diamond Pairs
Mined Diamond Pairs

By “better outcome,” I am referring to large diamonds with fewer inclusions. Unlike mined diamonds, lab diamonds do not come in contact with different minerals and impurities, making a significant portion of mined diamond crystals not suitable for gemstone quality.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Shopping for Lab Created Diamond Earrings

It is crucial to exercise the same level of caution when purchasing lab created diamond earrings like you normally would when buying any other type of diamond jewelry.

While lab grown diamond studs may be less expensive than their natural counterparts, they are still a significant investment. Nobody wants to discover that they spent $1000 on a pair of lab-created diamond stud earrings only to realize that they are not real diamonds.

To ensure that you get exactly what you paid for, it is best to purchase lab grown diamond studs that come with a lab diamond certification. This means that it shouldn’t be just any grading report will do, though.

There are grading labs with more lenient guidelines when evaluating diamonds, and many physical retailers employ these labs to evaluate the diamonds at a lower cost.

Several grading labs are suitable for lab grown diamond certifications, including GCAL, AGS, GIA, AGS, and IGI. Lab grown diamond studs with a certificate from any of these labs guarantees that you are purchasing authentic lab diamonds and not diamond simulants such as white topaz or cubic zirconia.

Furthermore, the certification confirms that you are paying for diamond grades you have selected, such as your chosen color grades and clarity. There are grading labs with graded diamonds lower in comparison with the lab from which they came, so it is critical to select a reputable grading lab to ensure the accuracy of the grading report.

Tips for Securing the Best Deals on Lab Created Diamond Earrings

  • Understand the distinction between carat size and carat weight.
  • Select diamond shapes that offer a larger face-up appearance.
  • Ensure that your purchase includes an appropriate certification for lab-grown diamonds.
  • Opt for 14K as opposed to 18K or platinum.
  • Consider the carat weight relative to your ears.
  • Purchase from a reputable vendor.
  • Buying lab created diamond stud earrings online may result in lower costs.


For the most part, lab diamond earrings are an excellent way to enhance any wardrobe with shimmer and worth. They offer added value as they are usually accompanied with an authentic certificate that ensures you are aware of precisely what you’re purchasing. When on the lookout for lab created diamonds, opt for high-quality diamonds especially those with certification from reputable labs such as AGS and GIA.

Moreover, consider the carat weight concerning the diamond’s appearance on the ears.

Make sure to choose an appropriate carat weight which is suitable for the diamond shape you select, and if possible, select 14K gold as opposed to 18K or platinum to make the earrings relatively affordable.

Finally, rely on a trustworthy retailer and make sure to review any warranties and guarantees that can be utilized should any issues arise. What’s more, lab created diamond earrings are stunning and are often less expensive as compared to the natural ones, which makes them a fantastic investment for all jewelry enthusiasts.

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