Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Online

Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Online

Are you wondering the best place to buy lab created diamonds on the internet?

You have come to the right place because here, you will get information about:

  • The best shops from which to buy synthetic diamonds online
  • When to know if the deal you are being offered is good
  • What to look for exactly when purchasing lab grown diamonds
  • What are the warning signs to look out for when shopping

James Allen’s Lab Created Diamonds

Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Online

Below is a quickly pulled list of the best and reputable places on the internet where you can find quality and affordable lab grown diamonds. There is more information about each of the stores just below the list.

  1. James Allen (the best of all)
  2. Ritani (best customer care service)
  3. Clean Origin (low priced diamonds)
  4. Brilliant Earth (best colored synthetic diamonds)

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are also commonly known as synthetic diamonds. This name “synthetic” brings a lot of misinformation in the general public about this manufactured diamonds.

A lot of times you will hear jewelers and many other jewelry lovers referring to this stone as lab created or lab grown diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds which are grown for centuries, lab created diamonds is grown for a few weeks. Natural diamonds are mined from the ground, lab created diamonds are created in the lab.

Natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds are the same when it comes to physical and optical properties. What brings about the difference is where they are gotten from.

Lab created diamonds is typically grown like a plant in the laboratory. The diamonds are grown using two major methods: high pressure high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Let’s look at each of the methods in a little more detail, shall we?

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When HPHT method is used to create diamonds, a diamond seed is put in carbon, which is then placed under extremely high temperature and pressure. These two conditions mimic exactly what you will find below the earth where diamonds grow. After some time, the carbon will melt to get bonded with the diamond seed; this in turn creates diamond when cooled.

Lab diamonds are made in two main ways; CVD method and HPHT method.

CVD method of diamond creation depends on the diamond created from HPHT. A diamond seed is obtained from the complete process of HPHT and placed in a chamber filled with carbon gases. Methane is the commonly used gas. The seed then ionizes into a substance that looks like plasma. It is this substance that breaks down molecules which are bonded which leaves the carbon to form on the seed.

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Best Place to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

#1. James Allen’s Lab Created Diamonds

Why Buy Here

With a collection of more than 7,000 loose diamonds in a variety of shapes, you can miss something of your style. James Allen is rated among the biggest online jewelry stores.

James Allen’s online catalog of lab grown loose diamonds ranges from .32 carat pieces to as high as 4 carats. Every one of these diamonds from the lab is graded differently. Some of them have unique cuts too.

When buying synthetic diamonds from James Allen, you can be sure you are getting value for your money. Each of the diamond pieces is real and certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). You will not find and cubic zirconia here.

While natural diamonds get certified by the American Gem Society (AGS) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA), lab grown ones are certified by IGI. IGI does a fabulous job in certifying lab diamonds, they point out exact specs rather than umbrella analysis.

Lab diamonds have the similar crystal structure and finishing like real diamonds but their prices are lower. At James Allen, lab diamond prices are about 20-30% cheaper than prices in a jewelry shop down the street.

James Allen has great prices and they offer discounts too.  With this offer, you can get a 1carat lab diamond at $2,000 less than naturally mined diamonds.

The highly professional team of customer service providers is exceptional. You will get all the information you need about lab created diamonds from this highly educated staff. Any information about diamond lab creation methods and resale value will be given to you. We shall look at this later.

James Allen stands out as one of the best and well respected online diamond seller. They provide high quality and relatively affordable diamond pieces. In addition they give their customers a lifetime warranty to cater for all normal wear and tear as well as regular maintenance.

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#2. Ritani’s Lab Created Diamonds

Why Buy from Ritani?

Ritani is known to design and retail its own diamonds, both natural loose diamonds and lab grown diamonds. This store has a vast collection of 3000+ synthetic diamonds all of different grades.

The main diamonds cuts you will find here are round and princess cut. There are also many fancy shapes with countable radiant and heart types of cuts. You can get all these diamond settings from .30 carat up to 4 carat.

Like any other online jewelry store, you can purchase loose lad created diamonds here instead of a complete ring. This makes the Ritani’s lab diamond prices more affordable than you would find in a physical shop. You will not have to pay for any work done on the piece you buy.

It is however good to compare the price of the store’s customized lab diamond designs with that of the natural diamonds.

All the diamond grades are the same as ones you will find in James Allen with the exception of 1carat piece with SI1 clarity which is not available.

All Ritani’s lab diamond certifications are by IGI. There is a difference of $3331 in price between the naturally mined diamonds and the ones grown in the lab. However, that is not our concern now.

Just like any other brand name, Ritani charges premium prices for its diamonds simply because of its name. Like we said earlier, Ritani is a famous diamond jewelry designer.

With designer diamonds, you will pay more since you are paying for the name. This is why you see that the price of diamonds from Ritani is more expensive that pieces from James Allen even with lower grades in terms of clarity.

Ritani does not offer its customers 60 view of the diamond; instead you view it in high magnification. When the diamond is added to a ring for example, you will only be allowed a clip going for 9 seconds. However, you will only get to see the centre stone from far.

You do not also get room for toggling back or forth. The mages that will be provided to you show the high quality characteristics and any inclusions that the stone may have. If you have any further questions or need clarity about something, the customer service team is available on from Monday to Friday. You can also contact them via a live chat on the website.

If you are still not sure about the diamond you have picked, Ritani reserves for you an appointment to come and check out any diamond you have picked from any of the showrooms found in the United States of America.

If you need to view the diamond prior, you have to check their locator system for the nearest place where you can view the diamonds. If for some reason you decide not to buy the diamond, it will be scrapped and return to the store.

This preview service is done for free. It is unique which is the reason this brand has many customers. However, you will not be compelled to buy lab created diamonds that you do not like. If you go ahead and buy, the customer service staff will ask for a card to keep in file so you can be charged.

At Ritani, not all diamond jewelry is covered by warranty: only wedding bands and engagement rings are. You will be expected to activate your warranty within 5 days of buying either or both of the warranted jewelry.

This is not convenient for most customers but its fine. The moment you key in your info for warranty activation, you get covered immediately. Something to note is that the warranty covers only Ritani branded designer rings, not settings from other designers found in their collection. Please keep this in mind.

This warranty covers everything from rhodium plating, cleaning to stone tightening once every year for a lifetime. In addition you will get a free resizing within the first year of purchase. You will only get to enjoy these warranty benefits only if you activate the warranty within 45 days and not take the jewelry to another jeweler for repairs.

#3. Clean Origin’s Lab Created Diamonds

Why Buy from Clean Origin?

This is the best place to buy synthetic diamonds. Unlike other online jewelry shops on this list, Clean Origin STRICTLY sells only lab created diamonds. This is among the best lab grown diamond sellers online. From as low as .30 carats going up to as high as an amazing 6.36 carats, you will get an enormous collection of more than 12,000 diamonds created in the laboratory.

There is no doubt that you will get the best lab grown loose diamonds here. From engagement rings, to wedding bands and other diamond jewelry, the selection is wide enough to accommodate your taste.

Apart from the usual 360 view, you can also look at the diamond using different other techniques. Several clips capturing different angles of the diamond can be looped into one to give an extensive view. Furthermore, you can magnify any area of the diamond that you choose for an up close view.

For any questions, concerns or clarifications you may need, the customer service team is available on phone, email or live chat. Clean Origin is assured of quality diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets or any other jewelry but just in case you are in doubt, there is a 100 day return policy with money back guarantee. This long period of return is rarely found in the jewelry industry hence the multitudes of customers and complete customer trust at Clean Origin.

On the downside, Clean Origin only delivers its lab created diamonds in the United States. This makes it had to compete on the global arena. Do not expect to get any discounts or sales when buying lab diamonds from this store.

No need to worry if you missed a sale or if you did not buy the diamond you wanted at the right time. The prices of Clean Origin diamonds will not drop, so, if you can afford, buy it.

Because Clean Origin specializes in lab diamonds, we shall only compare its prices with those of artificial diamonds from other stores on this list.

Using aspects such as H color grade, cut grade, round shape, SI1 clarity and 1 carat weight, let’s Clean Origin prices with the rest.

Clean Origin’s price for diamonds is $544 less than James Allen’s. From Ritani, one clarity grade lower is the price is less expensive. This concludes that lab diamonds bought at Clean Origin are cheaper than those bought from both Ritani and James Allen.

Prices can be as low as possible, but what about the warranty? Which kind is it? The warranty offered can make up for the prices. Clean Origin offers manufacturer’s warranty for engagement rings. Did I mention this is my best kind of warranty?

In simply terms, your bank account will be less the cost incurred for rhodium plating, cleaning or polishing. Only design defects in the ring will be fully covered by the warranty.

Clean Origin is definitely one of the best places to buy lab diamonds.

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#4. Brilliant Earth’s Lab Created Diamonds

Why Buy from Brilliant Earth?

Like Ritani and James Allen, Brilliant Earth also has a comprehensive catalog of lab diamonds and naturally grown diamonds. Here is the catch though; this is the most famous and best online store for conflict free diamonds.

Conflict free or otherwise known as blood diamonds are diamonds sold and proceeds used to fund criminal activities. You most probably have heard about blood diamonds in Africa. The Kimberley Process is a mechanism that was created to ensure than quality diamonds are not gotten from conflict regions.

Brilliant Earth goes an extra mile to get acquainted with the history and sources of the diamonds they sell. They even keep detailed documentation of their diamonds. They simply do not just rely on the Kimberley Process alone.

The records include details about the diamonds originating from conflict free places and also not from places where miners work under terrible conditions. The supply chain of lab created diamonds is easy to track since they are not mined. The method of tracing can easily lead you to finding out whether the diamonds were used to fund criminal activities or not.

Brilliant Earth has the largest selection of diamonds. There is over 40,000 different lab grown diamonds with carats from .30 to an incredible 7. They also carry colored diamonds created in the lab. This is very unique to artificial diamonds.

Take a look at Brilliant Earth’s lab created diamonds compared to James Allen, Clean Origin and Ritani.

With a cost $344 lower than James Allen and $154 more than Clean Origin, it means it will cost you much less to buy synthetic diamonds at Clean Origin. What about warranty? What do they offer?

Brilliant Earth offers a manufacturer’s warranty that is not all that convenient. Design defects will be covered by the warranty but you will incur a $50 expense for shipping the diamond back to the retailer.

Where necessary, you may get the $50 back. If you do not, you will be asked if you still need the defect fixed. However, this warranty does not cover any diamond settings that were not done by Brilliant Earth.

There is an alternative Extended Service Plan that you can take advantage of. Before purchasing this plan, make sure you inquire first from the store.  This is because you cannot know the price before purchasing the plan. Most of the plans’ prices depend on the type of setting and will last only three years. The disadvantage is that this plan is only purchased over the phone which makes it inconvenient for some customers.

How to Save When Buying Lab Created Diamonds

If you already know why you should buy lab created diamonds, then Clean Origin is the top pick for low priced lab grown diamonds. You may not be able to save much with just buying lab diamonds at Clean Origin, there are other tricks too that will help you save a lot more.

There is nothing much we can do to reduce a diamond piece that is already cut, but with the diamond color, you can do something. You can go for colorless diamonds which are usually the most expensive, or settle for fancy colored diamonds which cost a lot less. For example, there are lab created blue diamonds as well as lab created yellow diamonds.

An A-J color grade will have you looking at faint yellow diamonds in white gold settings that will look colorless if put in yellow gold setting. An L-Z color grade will retrieve yellow diamonds. Save a few more bucks simply by changing the setting to a different color.

Money can be saved with diamond clarity too. Diamonds with the same clarity do not look the same. Some inclusions are placed randomly and naturally.

There are low clarity diamonds with their inclusions on the edge: these in most cases are cheap. Halo settings are common for this kind of settings. Halo setting is used to make a center stone look bigger when it is actually small.

Warning Signs When Purchasing Lab Grown Diamonds

There are many advantages of buying diamonds grown in the lab or selecting lab diamonds for an engagement ring. However, do not be so quick to pay; there are some red flags that you need to look out for.

No room for upgrading

Whether you are passing down the diamond from generation to generation or you are reselling, the truth is you cannot upgrade. The cost of a lab created ring today will be much lower in a year’s time. That is how the resale value of lab created diamonds is.

Unlike natural diamonds, most retailers do not offer an upgrade policy for lab diamonds. The total value of artificial diamonds depreciates really fast so you do not expect any increased value for a trade-up.

Lab created or simulated

Be careful not to confuse lab grown diamond with a simulant like cubic zirconia or zircon. FTC mandates all jewelry sellers to disclose whether the diamonds are lab created or simulated. If they do not do this, it will be very difficult for you to tell the difference. You are most likely to be duped if you buy diamonds from private dealers or foreign markets. To avoid being short changed, get a lab diamond grading report from your supplier.

Conclusion: Where to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

From the list above, I recommend you buy synthetic or artificial diamonds from James Allen. They offer the best viewing technique (360) to look at the over 7000 collection of loose diamonds. They also have lab grown diamond stud earrings.

Each stone can be magnified to more than 100 and toggled back and forth to look at the stone from all angles up close.

The customer service desk at James Allen stays in operation throughout and ready to give you all the information that you need including the grading report and optical characteristics. When you buy one of their lab manufactured diamond engagement rings, it will be mounted for you and get an appraisal on top.

You will save a lot when you buy lab diamonds and still retain its beauty and authenticity. You also save a lot more with a lifetime warranty meant for regular maintenance and repair services. To add on, James Allen ships their products worldwide.

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