Where To Buy White Gold Jewelry Online

Where To Buy White Gold Jewelry Online

Wondering where to get the perfect white gold jewelry online?

This quick-learning jewelry guide will give you insights into online jewelry purchase. Furthermore, you will also get answers to common questions like:

  • What do you look for buying white gold jewelry online?
  • Would a white gold ring be the best for an engagement?
  • How to know whether you are getting the best deal when buying white gold online?
  • Which signs will make you think twice about buying white gold jewelry?

Where to Buy White Gold Jewelry Online

Let’s jump right in. Here are the top online stores from which you will get the best white gold jewelry deals. You will get more details about each of the shops below.

  1. James Allen
  2. Blue Nile
  3. Whiteflash
  4. Kay Jewelers

1. James Allen White Gold Jewelry Deal

Wedding rings, engagement rings, date night earrings, and name it: you will be covered fully by James Allen for that memorable occasion. This store stocks white gold jewelry for almost all occasions.

Whether you want 14K or 18K white gold jewelry, this is the shop. You can rest assured of solid gold and not gold plated jewelry is delivered at your address.

Not interested in white gold? There are other options worth considering like yellow gold and rose gold. However, you will not find plain white gold jewelry that has no stones. If you are not a fan of sparkle, James Allen covers you with white gold earrings that have pearls as well as bezel set diamond which sparkle less. See the ones below:

14K White Gold Freshwater Pearl and Bezel Set Diamond Drop Earrings (8.0-8.5mm)
14K White Gold Freshwater Pearl and Bezel Set Diamond Drop Earrings (8.0-8.5mm)

When it comes to an engagement ring for that big day, James Allen gives you two enticing white gold ring options. The first option is to select a loose diamond or any other gemstone which you can then attach to the ring. The second option is to buy the ring setting without the gemstone. Feel free to make your choice.

The product warranty from James Allen covers your jewelry’s wear and tear for a lifetime. During the warranty period, you will get customer services like cleaning and polishing, stone tightening, prong re-tipping, and rhodium plating for white gold. If you particularly want white gold rings, in the first year this online shop will get one free sizing for you in the event that the ring does not fit.

2. White Gold Jewelry Deals at Blue Nile

Blue Nile is your go-to online shop for white gold fine jewelry. Most women prefer white gold to other types of jewelry for engagement rings. For this reason, From Blue Nile you will get a variety of white gold jewelry to choose from.

All forms of jewelry from the Blue Nile are solid gold of either 14K or 18K. From this shop, you will get plain gold jewelry like white gold hoop earrings, chain necklaces and bangle bracelets. Men too are not left behind; this online shop has an elegant selection of white gold rings for men. These can be used to make a nice looking wedding band just like the designer men’s Monique Lhuillier 18K ring shown below:

Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in 18k White Gold (5mm)
Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in 18k White Gold (5mm)

If you are a seasoned jewelry buyer at the Blue Nile, you get to benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty. This simply means that in case your ring, necklace, bracelet, or any other merchandise has a design flaw, Blue Nile covers the cost. For any wear and tear on the jewelry, say rhodium plating for white gold, the cost will be incurred by you. However, if you are a first-time buyer, this online jewelry dealer offers 30 free returns and exchanges with no questions asked.

For worn and or torn jewelry, I would highly recommend that you look for a local jeweler who will not need to send your ring off. Most local jewelers will offer free resizing for your white gold ring if you ordered the wrong size.

Between James Allen and the Blue Nile, which is better? No doubt, James Allen is. Why? The fact that the Blue Nile is one of the biggest jewelry online stores, it is just big but under the wings of James Allen. White gold jewelry needs frequent rhodium plating; this means that a warranty that covers that will go a long way. James Allen gives you exactly what you need, free rhodium plating warranty. The Blue Nile unfortunately only caters for flaws in design and manufacture.

3. Whiteflash White Gold Jewelry Deal

Are you the kind that loves sparkly jewelry? This is the one-stop online shop for you. There is a wide selection of white gold settings jewelry that will improve sparkling flashes of diamonds to give you the sparkle you desire. Whiteflash concentrates on stocking high-quality diamond jewelry coupled with brilliance and sparkle. Like many other people, you may have a variety of staples in fine jewelry pictured in your mind as white gold. Below is an image of the classic white gold solitaire engagement ring, the Tacori 18K white gold:

18k White Gold Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring (0.25ctw, For 1ct Center Diamond)
18k White Gold Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring (0.25ctw, For 1ct Center Diamond)

Whiteflash store has got lots of jewelry that are a perfect fit for a wedding, anniversary, or even mother’s day gifts. Moreover, these can very well match the solitaire diamond stud earrings and diamond necklaces. This shop does not have any gemstone jewelry. If you wish to buy non-diamond jewelry or colored stones, there is a limited selection that will be given to you upon request.

You will get a warranty and jewelry insurance from Whiteflash. The warranty offers a one-year service plan that covers wear and tears as well as regular impacts on the jewelry. You will get services such as rhodium plating white gold, tightening stones, prong re-tipping, cleaning, polishing, etc. The insurance scheme is not offered entirely by Whiteflash but through a partner that will cover jewelry repairs.

4. Kay Jewelers Deal On White Gold Jewelry

This is the online store to go to for both men’s and women’s jewelry of a wider selection and lesser karats compared to other stores on this list. This is the store for your typical all occasion while gold pieces. Here you will find diamond engagement rings; solitaire studs and gold chains for both men and women. The white gold jewelry in Kay Jewelers is of 10karats even with more men leaning towards other metals.

Most of the collection in this store features 10K men’s white gold wedding bands. Kay Jewelers’ reasoning for more men’s collection is that men are generally rough on their hands and a 10K band makes for a durable option compared to higher karats. A 10K jewel is also more affordable.

From the wide selection, one nice pick would be what Kay calls the “Ever Us” collection. These are two stones that represent your true love and best friend. Try this two-tone white and rose gold Ever Us diamond pendant necklace:

Ever Us Diamond Necklace 1 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold 19"
Ever Us Diamond Necklace 1 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold 19″

When it comes to warranty, Kay has different types for their white gold jewelry. First, if you buy jewelry that has diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, you will receive a free lifetime diamond and gemstone commitment. In simple terms, every six months that you bring your jewelry to be checked, any stone that is missing will be replaced.

The other type of warranty is the Extended Service Plan. This warranty covers all the metal on white gold jewelry. The cost of this will vary depending on the item bought. However, not all gold jewelry will have this service. Hollow gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry will not have ESP; instead, they will have a jewelry replacement plan. This plan allows for your jewelry to be replaced once within three years.

FAQs for Buying White Gold Jewelry Online

Is white gold good for an engagement ring?

When presented with a white gold ring alongside a yellow gold one, you most likely would identify the white gold as silver. Like most people, you probably are seeing silver and gold as colors and not as metals. White gold is the perfect choice for an engagement ring, even if most people do not recognize it.

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Generally, all gold jewelry pieces and particularly white gold is the perfect choice for engagement rings and any other bridal jewelry. This is the best choice since white gold requires less maintenance. As time goes by, the silver color of the white gold ring will be worn out by the natural oils on your skin. When this happens, it is time for rhodium plating.

When the rhodium on the white gold jewelry starts to fade off, it needs to be re-plated to retain its bright silver color. This is the main reason why you should look for online stores that offer engagement rings with a rhodium plating warranty.

What to Consider When Buying White Gold Jewelry

Technology today has made it easy to access information. It is easy to go online and find a myriad of white gold jewelry in an instant. While you land on a promising online shop, you must keep a few things at the back of your mind when picking the right white gold jewelry. Some of the things are:

Gold content

10K, 14K, 18K, the amount of gold in a jewelry piece has a great impact on the pricing and lifespan of the item. It is quite okay to have a pair of 18K white gold solitaire diamond earrings. The same 18K would be a little too much for a ring or pendant on a necklace.

In terms of durability, too much gold content on a diamond band or white gold stackable bracelet will make it last longer. This is because you are likely to bang that around unintentionally. With earrings, not so much durability is needed since you most likely will not bend the posts. In most cases, you will also remove the earrings and put them right back into the box.

With all that said, the most important thing is knowing what kind of jewelry you want. This will help you know how much gold is needed and also to check whether the cost fits in your budget.


Heard of gemstones that make fingers turn green? Fingers do not just turn green; others may have hives or rashes that are itchy. This is as a result of an allergic reaction caused by Nickel. Nickel is the main metal that causes allergic reactions to the wearer of the jewelry. You must look out for the nickel content in the jewel.

It is acceptable that white gold jewelry contain a minute nickel content in it as long as it does not cause as much as a mild reaction to the wearer.

It is worth noting that the higher the gold content in jewelry, the less the nickel content. It is no wonder most people go for 18K white gold jewelry. When the gold content is high, there chances of skin reaction are reduced greatly.

Buying White Gold Jewelry Online: Red Flags to Watch Out For

While there should not be too many things to worry about when buying white gold jewelry online, it is important to be informed about certain things. You now have an idea about the difference in karats, but what about the gold itself, is it solid gold or gold plated?

Online shops do not sell all solid gold jewelry only. Since you will not be able to physically touch a product online to confirm, you must know the difference. It is important to have knowledge on how to distinguish solid white gold, gold plate, gold-filled, or a piece of hollow jewelry.

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White gold plated jewelry

If you come across jewelry labeled “gold-plated” that should tell you that there is a very thin layer of real gold coated over another metal. This kind of jewelry is normally very cheap.

The gold coating will fade over time to reveal the base metal underneath which could be stainless steel, sterling silver, or other alloy metals.

When the coating wears off the ring looks unattractive and may need re-plating. Jewelers in most localities do not re-plate such kinds of jewelry. In most cases, you will find gold plated jewelry being used in costume or children’s jewelry.

Remember the allergic reactions? This is also a major cause. The plate prevents the metal from irritating the skin. But, once it wears off the skin reacts to the base alloy metals.

Gold plated jewelry should not carry any physical stamping like solid gold jewelry.

White gold filled jewelry

A white gold-filled piece of jewelry has 5% of the solid gold content. The jewelry has a thick layer of this quantity of gold normally plated over brass. Gold-filled jewelry is more durable than its gold plated counterpart. Even with its extended lifetime, this piece of jewelry will suffer the same fate of the gold coating wearing off.

Think of gold filled jewelry as an improved version of the gold plate. It will still be cheaper than solid gold jewelry but offer less skin irritation than the gold plates.

White gold hollow jewelry

Think of a pure gold frame with a hole in it, that is a gold hollow piece of jewelry. No brass, no steel, no silver, and no metal alloys. This design makes gold hollow jewelry very light in weight compared to other types of white gold jewelry.

Just like with solid gold white jewelry, you will find gold hollow jewelry stamped with 14K, 18K, or 24K. This is so because the piece is made of pure gold only that there is a hole in it.

Online jewelry stores like Kay and Zales have gold jewelry collections featuring hollow and gold plated pieces that are not labeled. However, if you go in-store to buy; you will know the difference between the jewelry pieces.

With online jewelry purchases, it is difficult to know especially where no labels exist. Thanks to online shops like Kay and Zales which have a return policy, allowing you to return jewelry that you do not like.

Get the Best Deal on White Gold Jewelry

Let me leave you with useful tips to keep at the back of your mind when buying white gold jewelry online.

Lifetime warranty

I cannot stress enough the importance of a lifetime warranty. You are going to have this piece for a lifetime. A time will come when the sparkle fades away and the ring starts to look dull and yellow. Re-dipping or rhodium plating becomes inevitable at this stage. These services are not cheap: rhodium plating goes for approximately between $60 and $120 per dipping.

Normally re-dipping is done once a year. But, if you have the kind of skin that has oils that make the rhodium fade at a fast rate, you may require re-plating several times in a year. Can you afford the cost?

For this reason, a warranty that serves the jewelry for its lifetime should be the number one item on the deal. The lifetime warranty must cover rhodium plating. If your jewelry includes gemstones, you may need cleaning and polishing now and then. This should also be covered in the warranty. With a lifetime warranty, you will save a lot. Shop from James Allen online stores, they offer this service for free.

Return policy

What if the ring does not fit or you do not like it; can you return it and get your money back? If you can, what are the conditions for returning? Heed to the return policy when buying jewelry online. Always go through the return policy carefully before buying jewelry, especially from an oinline store that is starting up. Some may ask for a receipt of purchase, others will need 30 days or 60 days.

All the four online stores recommended above have a product warranty that makes it possible to return white gold jewelry within the first 30 days of buying. However, you need to carefully check each store’s return policy for other specific details.

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