Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Guide

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Guide

Are you considering getting a marquise diamond? Well, you’ve come to the right spot to gather all the essential information. In this guide, I will address the most common inquiries about purchasing a marquise cut diamond, such as:

  • Are marquise diamonds less expensive compared to round diamonds?
  • Do marquise diamonds appear larger?
  • Can marquise diamonds be worn daily without any concerns?

Best Places to Buy Marquise Cut Diamonds

James Allen

Shop at James Allen

When it comes to marquise diamonds, James Allen may not have the largest collection, but they definitely deserve the top spot for other reasons. They offer over 1300 loose marquise diamonds in different grades and qualities.

If you’ve checked out our previous guides, you’ve probably noticed that James Allen consistently ranks high. One significant advantage they have over competitors is their complete 360˚ view of all their marquise diamonds. Moreover, all the marquise diamonds in their inventory come with certifications from reputable institutions like GIA, AGS, or IGI. However, it’s advisable to avoid IGI certifications for natural diamonds.

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Due to the unique and slender shape of marquise diamonds, the options for ring settings are somewhat limited. Nonetheless, James Allen offers around 150 settings for you to choose from.

It’s essential for every engagement ring to have a maintenance plan, as a manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover it. James Allen understands this and provides all their customers with a free lifetime warranty. This warranty covers various issues that engagement rings may face over the years, such as prong retipping, rhodium plating for white gold, and general wear and tear.

Blue Nile

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Shop at Blue Nile

On the flip side, Blue Nile stands out with the largest assortment of marquise diamonds on our current list. They boast over 4,000 marquise diamonds in various sizes and qualities, providing an abundance of options. However, unlike James Allen, not all of Blue Nile’s diamonds come with interactive 360-degree videos. Once we apply the filter, the number reduces to around 1,900 diamonds.

Nevertheless, that’s still quite a generous selection.

Blue Nile often competes with James Allen in terms of pricing. However, when it comes to customer service, Blue Nile takes the lead. Being the first online diamond retailer, they have built a strong reputation among their customers. They are a trusted name in the online diamond industry.

If you choose to purchase your marquise diamond from Blue Nile, you’ll receive a free jewelry appraisal in addition to your GIA or AGS grading report. Unlike James Allen, Blue Nile exclusively offers grading reports from the most reputable authorities for natural diamonds.

However, one thing they don’t provide is a free lifetime warranty to cover the ring setting of your marquise engagement ring. While they offer complimentary cleaning and inspections for your prongs, any repair work would come at an additional cost.


Shop at Ritani

Ritani offers a considerable collection of marquise diamonds at great prices. Their diamond market analysis ensures transparent pricing by showing you the breakdown of costs, including the price from the diamond manufacturer.

However, not all of Ritani’s 1,900 marquise diamonds come with a 360˚ video. Unlike Blue Nile, there is no option to filter which diamonds have it. This means it may take more time to find the perfect diamond. The diamonds that do have a 360 view are presented as video clips rather than interactive videos.

One positive aspect is that you can easily view the diamond certificate for your marquise diamond directly on the page, which some other retailers don’t provide.

Keep in mind that since Ritani is a ring designer, their engagement ring settings may be pricier compared to other retailers. While their diamonds themselves are affordable, the settings tend to be more expensive. However, the advantage is that Ritani offers exclusive ring settings that cannot be found elsewhere.


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Ritani also offers a lifetime warranty that covers everything you need to maintain the pristine appearance of your engagement ring and protect your marquise diamond for years to come. This warranty is free, but you must register it online.

Clean Origin

Shop at Clean Origin

Clean Origin may have a limited selection of marquise diamonds, but they still offer over 500 loose options to choose from. However, if you have specific grade preferences or are looking for a smaller carat size, Clean Origin may not be the ideal choice for you.

What sets Clean Origin apart is that all their diamonds are lab-created. These diamonds are genuine and created in a controlled laboratory environment instead of being naturally formed in the earth. Lab-created diamonds possess the same qualities as natural diamonds but come at a more affordable price.

Lab Created Marquise Prices from Clean Origin

Unlike other diamond retailers such as Ritani and James Allen, Clean Origin not only offers lab-created center diamonds but also provides ring settings with lab-created accent diamonds. Additionally, they prioritize ethical practices by using recycled gold and platinum materials. If you prioritize ethical considerations in your search for a diamond engagement ring, Clean Origin would be a great option.

When it comes to warranties, Clean Origin offers the valuable Forever Service plan. This paid warranty covers all the routine repairs your engagement ring may need. Although it comes at a cost, the benefits it provides are worth considering. Moreover, the cost of the warranty is based on the specific characteristics of your chosen diamond.

Tips for Buying Marquise Cut Diamonds

Cut Quality and Grades

Just like many other fancy-shaped diamonds, the marquise cut diamond doesn’t have an official grading system specifically for its cut. However, on some online platforms, they might be sorted that way. When you’re choosing a marquise diamond based on its cut quality, it’s important to pay attention to how it looks rather than solely focusing on the numbers and measurements.

Here are some important things to consider when selecting a marquise cut diamond with excellent cut quality:

Length and Width Proportions

The ratio between the diamond’s length and width can be found in the diamond details. The ideal length to width ratio varies depending on the diamond shape. For a marquise diamond, it determines how long or wide the diamond appears.

Recommended ratio: Between 1.85 to 2.0

The length to width ratio has a big impact on the overall look of the marquise diamond. While most online views show a close-up of the diamond, some platforms also offer a zoom-out feature. This can help you see if the marquise diamond is cut well.

Marquise diamonds with a length to width ratio of 1.85 might look shorter, while a ratio of 2.0 might make them appear longer. Some retailers even let you arrange diamonds according to their proportions of length and width.


A diamond’s girdle is the outer border encircling it. Generally, diamond girdles are thin or moderately thick.

What to Consider in a Girdle: Slightly thick, thin

It’s preferable to select a marquise diamond with slightly thick ends. Thin girdles are also acceptable, but it’s advisable to avoid excessively thin ones. The thickness of the girdle can affect the pointed tips of marquise engagement rings.

Other Recommendations

  • Desirable Table Size – 53% to 63%
  • Desirable Depth – 58% to 62%

Clarity Grades

Marquise diamonds possess a brilliant cut, granting them additional facets that cleverly mask any imperfections known as inclusions. Inclusions come in various forms, yet an excessive amount can noticeably affect the diamond’s visual appeal. Some inclusions are more conspicuous than others, and certain diamonds may harbor a greater abundance of them. Consequently, your diamond’s clarity grade becomes the determinant of whether it appears flawlessly clean or not to the unaided eye.

SI2 Marquise Diamond Clarity

VS2 Marquise Diamond Clarity

Regarding marquise diamonds, obtaining an exceptionally high clarity grade is not imperative unless it is a personal preference. However, if the diamond were shaped differently, such as an emerald cut, the situation would differ.

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In essence, discovering marquise diamonds that exhibit a pristine appearance without evident imperfections in the SI clarity range is readily achievable. Nevertheless, if you aspire for a higher clarity grade, such as VS2, rest assured, there is no cause for concern.

Color Grades

When it comes to assessing the color of a marquise diamond, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Different individuals have varying degrees of sensitivity to hints of brown or yellow tints in a diamond. Some people easily notice these tints and actually prefer the diamond’s color based on how it complements their skin tone.

It’s important to note that the color grade you select for your marquise diamond doesn’t affect its brilliance or durability. The choice entirely rests with you. However, it’s worth mentioning that marquise diamonds with higher color grades like DEF are generally deemed more valuable—and consequently, pricier.

K Color Marquise Diamond
I Color Marquise Diamond
F Color Marquise Diamond

If you’d like a recommendation, I would suggest opting for a marquise diamond with a color grade above I. Personally, I am particularly attuned to color variations, and it seems that marquise diamonds tend to reveal color tints more prominently compared to some other diamond shapes. I suspect this phenomenon is largely influenced by the elongated shape characteristic of marquise diamonds.

Carat Weight

While the elongated structure of a marquise diamond may not significantly impact the affordability based on its color grade, it certainly works in your favor when it comes to carat weight. The unique shape of marquise diamonds, with their extended edges, creates an illusion of larger size compared to other diamond cuts.

To illustrate this, let’s consider a scenario where we place a 2-carat marquise diamond next to a 2-carat round diamond. The cutting techniques employed for these two shapes differ. Marquise diamonds are crafted with a shallower profile, which enhances their face-up appearance in terms of carat size. Conversely, round cut diamonds feature a deeper pavilion, resulting in a comparatively smaller face-up size. Although both diamonds possess the same carat weight, the perceived size varies.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this optical effect is contingent upon obtaining marquise diamonds with an ideal balance between their length and width.

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Red Flags When Purchasing a Marquise Shaped Diamond

Each diamond shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. The marquise cut diamond engagement ring is no different. Here are some important factors to consider before buying marquise engagement rings.

Consider the Setting

Marquise diamonds have pointed ends, making them more susceptible to potential chipping. However, this is not a concern exclusive to marquise diamonds, as it applies to many other diamond shapes as well. To safeguard the edges of a marquise diamond, ensure that its pointed ends are protected either by prongs or metal.

Round prongs and claw prongs can offer some protection to the edges of a marquise diamond engagement ring, but V prongs provide the best security. With V prongs, not only the pointed ends but the entire corner of the diamond is well-guarded.

Shop at Brilliant Earth

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It’s important to note that all types of prongs are suitable for a marquise diamond, but if you have concerns, you can always take extra precautions for added peace of mind.

The Bow Tie Effect

A bow tie effect is a visual phenomenon that can be observed in certain fancy-shaped diamonds. Diamond cuts such as marquise, oval, and heart shapes are susceptible to displaying this bow tie effect.

The bow tie effect is commonly visible on these shapes, and it is not necessarily considered a negative characteristic. It is purely an optical occurrence and does not impact the diamond’s durability. In fact, some individuals appreciate the presence of a bow tie effect as it adds a unique charm to their diamond.

Prominent Bow Tie
Medium Bow Tie
No Bow Tie

The occurrence of a bow tie effect specifically arises during the cutting process of a marquise diamond. This effect is more likely to appear in diamonds with brilliant cutting techniques, which involve additional facets. If these facets are not optimally cut, the reflection of light can create a shadow resembling a bow tie. The prominence of the bow tie effect often correlates with a lower cost.

Determining whether the bow tie effect enhances or diminishes the appeal of a diamond is subjective and depends on personal preference. It is not possible to categorize marquise cut diamonds solely based on the presence of a bow tie effect.

Therefore, exploring a wide range of marquise diamonds online provides more options for selection. When shopping in-store, it can be challenging to spot a bow tie effect, even under a microscope. Online platforms offering 360˚ views make it much easier to observe and evaluate the presence of a bow tie effect.

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Tips for Finding the Best Deal When Purchasing Marquise Cut Diamonds

I understand that it may seem like a lot of information to process. You’ve now gained a comprehensive understanding of what to consider when buying marquise cut diamonds. Here’s a final summary and recap of the key points to keep in mind while shopping for a marquise cut diamond.

  • Ensure that your engagement ring setting provides adequate coverage for the pointed ends of the diamond’s girdle. V-shaped prongs can offer additional protection for the diamond’s girdle.
  • Marquise diamonds tend to appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight, so you don’t necessarily need a high carat weight to achieve a significant size.
  • Opt for a marquise diamond with a girdle thickness ranging from thin to slightly thick.
  • Aim for a length to width ratio between 1.85 and 2.0, as this is considered ideal for marquise diamond engagement rings.
  • Consider selecting a loose marquise diamond online instead of purchasing in-store. Online options provide a wider range of diamonds to choose from.
  • Look for an online retailer that offers a 360˚ view of their marquise cuts, as this will allow you to observe the bow tie effect more clearly.
  • Choose an online retailer that provides a warranty, whether it is paid or offered for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise cut diamonds have long been favored by aristocrats, royalty, and those who seek a striking center stone appearance.

Legend has it that the marquise diamond originated from a request made by King Louis XV. He desired a diamond to be shaped like the lips of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. This unique cut is sometimes referred to as the navette cut diamond.

Is it More Budget-Friendly to Purchase a Marquise Shaped Diamond Online?

In general, opting for an online purchase of a diamond, regardless of its shape, often results in a lower cost. However, it’s important to note that this may not always be the case. The price of a diamond is influenced by numerous factors beyond its shape.

Are Marquise Diamonds Considered More Expensive?

Marquise diamonds do not fall into the category of the most expensive diamond shapes, nor are they the least expensive. The title of the most expensive shape goes to the round diamond, while marquise diamonds typically come with a more affordable price tag.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that as the carat weight increases, the cost of a marquise diamond can escalate significantly and rapidly.

On an average, marquise diamond cuts tend to be priced approximately 10-30% lower compared to round brilliant diamonds of similar carat weight and diamond grades. While marquise diamonds are not the most expensive shape, their cost can increase significantly as the carat weight rises.

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