10 Mood Ring Colours Meaning

10 Mood Ring Colours Meaning

Mood rings came into the jewelry world and swept with a wave. They were very popular in the 90s.

During my childhood in the 90s, I thought these rings were magic and that they would read the mind. Mood rings are the best way to introduce your young ones to jewelry since they are full of color and mischief.

Is a mood ring magic?

different colored rings

What makes a mood ring change its color? What does each color mean? We are going to get all these answers and much more in this article.

Let us jump right in!

History of Mood Rings

Mood rings are made using a very common gemstone called clear quartz. The gemstone is normally filled with thermotropic liquid crystals. Inventors Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds created the first mood ring in 1975 in New York. A mood ring is believed to read the mind and mood of its wearer and changes color accordingly.

Going back to history, Marvin Wernick claims that he invented the idea of jewelry that changed color about ten years before the two New York inventors but he never patented his idea. Fast forward to 1975 and he regretted why he did not.

Mood rings soon gained popularity after their invention. In the 1970s and 1990s, they were very common. The 70s was when the hype was too much presenting the perfect time to create a ring that would show many colors that reflect people’s emotions.

Mood rings are still available in the market today, though not as many as they were before.


Are Mood Rings Accurate?

I would really love to tell you that mood rings actually analyze your mind and changes color depending on your mental state, but that is not true. It sounds like an engaging story to tell a child, but do mood rings really work. Technically, they do. They change their color! If you buy a mood ring, it will do what it is meant to do, change its color.

Mood jewelry can be rings, necklaces, or pendants, and it changes based on your body temperature. The stone used in these kinds of jewelry is quartz, but you can also find glass sometimes. The gemstone is filled with thermochromic liquid crystals that work as a small thermometer.

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During cold weather, the mood color is going to be dark, the color then changes to default like blue or green in an environment that is neutral. The same concept is applied to your moods. Emotions of anger and excitement cause the body temperature to go up. The ring will show a different color if you are battling grief, stress, or angst because the surface temperature changes. Mood rings and other jewelry cannot really distinguish your emotions, it only claims to. A scientific invention does what it was created to do.

Mood Ring Colours Meaning

We already know that mood rings are not exactly what they claim to be, but that does not stop you from having fun with what exactly the mood ring colors mean. Most mood ring sellers will have a color chart along with the ring to help you know what each of the colors means and the moods they are associated with.

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The color chart is, however, not standard. Different companies have edited the color chart to suit their jewelry. Continue reading to know what different colored mood rings mean.

Blue Mood Ring

Mood rings are not 100% science, so there are several shades included in one. For this particular variation, pink and red are also included. However, your ring can turn to light blue and or dark blue. Dark blue shade insinuates that you are optimistic and excited about the future. It also means that you are at peace with your surrounding and situation.

Light or standard blue on the other hand means you are relaxed and calm. Maybe you are painting, watching a movie, or completing a project. In other words, when nothing is bothering you at all, your mood ring will display a blue color.

Violet Mood Ring

Are you in love? Your mood ring will display a violet or purple shade if you have strong emotions in the line of love, relationships, and romance. Perhaps you have just seen your crush, or maybe you are rekindling a past relationship. Violet can also mean you are feeling sensual, sexy, or flirty. This color will also be displayed if you have a warm body temperature.

Yellow Mood Ring

Mixed feelings or emotions are the only things that will make your mood ring turn yellow. You may be alert but also anxious. Maybe you are feeling apprehensive. A yellow mood ring also sends a message of someone who is overthinking or one who is not sure about something.

Blue-Green Mood Ring

The blue-green color on your mood ring tends to retain the meaning associated with the color blue. You may be calm, relaxed, and stress-free but if something negative comes up, you will be alert enough to handle the situation. It means you are calm but alert and ready.

Red Mood Ring

A red mood ring means your body temperature has gone up because of certain intense feelings. The ring will turn red or a shade of red like pink if you are passionate or excited about something. The intense emotions can also be from something negative like embarrassment or anger.

Gray Mood Ring

A mood ring will turn grey if you start feeling afraid, worried or as if something bad is about to happen. It indicates you have started feeling overwhelmed or strained, that something is getting on your nerves or threatening you. In short, a grey color displays the beginning of black.

Amber Mood Ring

An orange or amber-colored mood ring tells the people around you that you are not settled but in a good way. Maybe you are thinking about coming up with something new or changing what is there. Maybe you feel like you are idle and need something to keep you busy. When your mood ring turns amber, this would be a good time for you to bring your creative skills alive.

Green Mood Ring

Green is normally the default color for all mood rings, necklaces, or pendants. It only means your emotions or mood is neither good nor bad.

Brown Mood Ring

Brown mood jewelry indicates that the general feelings of apprehensiveness have become worse. It shows that your mood is murky, with a combination of fearfulness, unsettlement, nervousness, hesitation, etc. and that you are on the edge.

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Black Mood Ring

Black is the color for the coldest temperature. If your mood jewelry has turned black, that means you are really stressed and in turmoil. It means you are completely shattered and lost. You may be better off relaxing and getting your spirits up again.

We have already established that the colors behind mood rings do not have any direct association with people’s emotions and a lot to do with the temperature of the body surface. The idea that the ring reflects our emotions is very exciting. In my opinion, I would not be too concerned about my emotions or mood popping up at some point, visible enough for everyone to see. That is only if whoever is seeing my ring knows exactly what the color at that time means.

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