What Are VVS Diamonds And How Much Do They Cost?

What Are VVS Diamonds And How Much Do They Cost?

Are you wondering which is the best store to purchase VVS diamonds on the internet?

Good! This guide will give you all the information you need including:

  • What is a VVS diamond?
  • What is the VVS diamonds price?
  • Are VVS diamonds worth their price?
  • And a lot more!

Here is a list of where to buy VVS diamonds online. Keep reading to know more about these shops and also get tips and tricks to use when buying. You will also know the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Best 4 Places to Buy VVS Diamonds Online

  1. James Allen (The Best)
  2. Blue Nile
  3. Clean Origin
  4. Ritani

What is a VVS Diamond?

One of the main characteristics of diamonds is clarity. Clarity refers to how clean the diamond looks to the eye. You can also look at it in terms of the inclusions (if any) that a diamond has. VVS diamonds lie on the second spot of the diamond clarity scale.  Clarity is among the 4Cs that GIA uses to grade diamonds. Gemological Institute of America is the best in the world when it comes to matters of diamonds and gemstones.

GIA’s clarity scale has the following specific grades:

clarity scale

In the scale above VVS is short for Very Very Slightly Included. There are two subgrades in VVS: VVS1 and VVS2.

VVS2 diamonds are considered clean to the eye because they have very minute inclusions that can only be visible if you use a 10x magnifier. You may find it hard to see VVs inclusions if you are not a jeweler.

1. Buying a VVS Diamond at James Allen

Shopping from James Allen will have you looking at a very sufficient stock of VVS diamonds. All these diamonds have controllable 360-degree viewing. You can see the diamond from all angles before committing to buy.

This store values trust and that is why they take time to educate you about diamonds. There are numerous articles about diamonds that you can read and get the basic knowledge about jewelry. As if that is not enough, you can book a diamond inspection session where you get more information. During this visit, you also get more information about GIA grading reports and all the details about 4Cs of diamonds.

If you like to turn heads, shop from James Allen’s patented collection, the True Hearts. This is James Allen’s creation that features a pattern with hearts and arrows that shows your diamond’s symmetry through a special tool.

There are more than 900 1-carat VVS diamonds in James Allen’s selection. This collection features stones of different shapes and grades as well as certificates from GIA, IGI, or AGS.

With this wide selection, you can rest assured that you will get a VVS1 or VVS2 diamond engagement ring that fits you. JA retails a 1-carat ideal cut VVS1 diamond with H color grade at prices ranging from$5000 to $6000. A VVS2 with similar characteristics goes for anything between $4000 and $5000.

James Allen does not only give you competitive prices for nearly flawless diamonds but also affordable ring settings. You can always stay within your budget when buying loose diamonds and a setting in JA.

All engagement rings and wedding bands sold at James Allen come with a lifetime warranty given for free. This warranty will cover any form of routine work that your diamond will need.

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  • 900+ 1-carat VVS diamonds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One free sizing within one year
  • Clear 360-degree view


  • Has IFI certified VVS diamonds

2. Buying a VVS Diamond Engagement Ring at Blue NileBuying a VVS Diamond Engagement Ring at Blue Nile

Blue Nile boasts the largest collection of 1-carat loose VVS diamonds of different colors and cut grades. Their inventory has many round-cut diamonds and you may find it difficult to get other shapes. All other diamond shapes other than round formless than 400 loose diamonds in the collection.

Blue Nile is one of the best alternatives of where to buy VVS diamonds to a physical jewelry store. In fact, most people think about this jeweler when talking about jewelry shopping online. At Blue Nile, you will part with anything between $6000 and $7000 for a 1-carat round ideal cut VVS1, H color grade diamond. The same cost may apply for a VVS2 diamond with the same grades.

At Blue Nile, you will not notice any significant difference in VVS diamonds price and VS.

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BN offers 360-degree viewing though not on all their diamonds. all the diamonds in their selection are certified by GIA, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality, though very expensive.

One downside with Blue Nile is their warranty, it does not cover routine work. All they have is a manufacturer’s warranty that covers design flaws. Is that even a warranty?


  • All diamonds are GIA certified
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • 400+ VVS 1-carat diamonds
  • Clear 360-degree view


  • Not all diamonds have a 360-degree view
  • Warranty does not cover regular maintenance


3. Buying a VVS Diamond Engagement Ring at Clean Origin

Clean Origin may be #3 on our list now but it is the best when you want to buy synthetic diamonds. This store is also not the best on our list today because VVS synthetic diamonds are not worth their price tags.

Lab diamonds boast better clarity grades than natural diamonds because different blemishes are undetectable. A VS diamond from Clean Origin is better.

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This store offers a 360-degree view of their diamonds. The view comes with fancy effects to allow you to see in-depth and pick an eye-clean diamond that you want.

VVS diamonds are meant to be free of inclusions when viewed by the naked eye, so you will not see much even under the viewer.

Not many people see the essence of buying VVS diamonds unless they must have it or are interested in high carat weights. if you find those that are buying, they either commit because of how rare these diamonds are, how valuable they are or they just have the money for it.

Lab diamonds usually don’t have a trade-in or resale value. Therefore, VVS diamonds are not the best choice if you are considering a resale or trade-in.

VVS lab diamonds at Clean Origin carry a much less price tag than their counterparts that are mined from the ground. They are actually cheaper than real VS diamonds.

With anything between $1800 and$2000, you should be able to get a 1-carat ideal cut VVS2 diamond with an H color grade. The same grades for a VVS1 diamond will have you looking at $2000 on the lower side and $2300 on the high. This is much less than a natural diamond! But it is not worth it for a VVS diamond.

If you want a high clarity diamond but don’t have the budget for it, synthetic diamonds are a great option.

Clean Origin’s warrant is similar to that offered at Blue Nile. They will only repair what they faulted during manufacturing only. You will have to dig into your pocket for services such as prong re-tipping, stone tightening, white gold rhodium plating, steam cleaning, etc.

Their warranty may not be the best but the return policy is something to be proud of. They offer 100 days for customers to return any diamond engagement rings that may not be satisfying enough.


  • Cheap synthetic VVS diamonds
  • 360-degree view with fancy effects
  • Ethical diamonds
  • 100-day return policy


  • Zero resale value
  • Lab-grown VVS diamonds are common
  • Natural diamonds not available
  • Warranty does not cover routine maintenance

Buying a VVS Diamond Engagement Ring at Ritani

Buying a VVS Diamond Engagement Ring at Ritani

There are more than 450 1-carat VVS diamonds at Ritani. You may have heard of Ritani for its long-standing reputation as ring designer and the leading brand for ring settings. Because of their designer status, ring settings sold at Ritani will have you breaking the bank to buy.

However, their loose diamonds are affordable, so you can choose to buy a loose diamond without a setting.

Ritani sells VVS1 diamonds at a higher price compared to all other retailers on our list. The cheapest VVS diamond is $3000 and the most expensive is $7000. The price ranges are escalated by different diamond shapes available, their color, and their grades.

For a 1-carat VVS2 ideal cut diamond with color grade H, you will part with anything between $6000 and $7000, this is more expensive than other retailers on this list. VVS1 diamonds of similar grades go for about $6500-$8000.

Ritani is not consistent when it comes to diamond viewing. Some diamonds have 360-degree views, others have HD images while some stones have nothing to show. if you want to view a particular diamond, you will have to get in touch with customer service so that they can get you photos.

Ritani gives customers a lifetime warranty, but the customer has to activate it. The warranty covers all the routine maintenance costs for the entire lifetime of the engagement ring.


  • Various diamond shapes
  • Designer ring settings
  • Transparency in pricing
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Inconsistent diamond viewing
  • Expensive ring settings

VVS Diamond FAQs

Is a VVS diamond expensive online?

Generally, VVS diamonds are more expensive than other diamond clarity grades such as I, SI, or VS. However, it is hard to quickly tell the number since the other 3C’s contribute to the final diamond price.

On average, you will spend at least $5000 as VVS diamonds price. If you think this is expensive, try your luck shopping for the same diamond in a mega-store like Zales or Kay, you will be shocked.

These corporate stores may have online shops but they do not have any diamond rings with clarity higher thanVS2. You may not also get a loose diamond in any of these megastores.

Check below how a diamond store on the internet like James Allen compares to others when it comes to the price of a 1-carat VS2diamond engagement ring with an I color grade in a simple solitaire cathedral setting.

14K White Gold Sleek Diamond Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Sleek Diamond Engagement Ring

Now look at the same ring from a corporate retailer:

Round Diamond Bridal Ring
Round Diamond Bridal Ring

Kay Jeweler does not give a breakdown of the loose diamond price and that of the ring setting. It is impossible for a simple solitaire setting can have such a huge difference in price.

The ring sold by James Allen is 50% less than the cost of that at Kay, yet from statistics, many people would buy from Kay because it is popular.

You could buy the same engagement ring from JA double the cost of a ring from Kay. How ridiculous is it?

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What is the best carat weight for VVS diamonds?

To get the best deal and value for your money, it would be best if you buy a VVS diamond in carat weight that is more than one. It is possible to buy in carats below one, but do you really have to? Most people like to save money, however much they have to spend. If you view under a jeweler’s loupe, you will barely see any difference in a 1-carat VS clarity diamond.

If you choose to go up carat weight, you may need to consider other diamond grades. A large eye-clean diamond needs to have a color grade like J, K, or L since the color will start to show. A VVS diamond will look yellower if it is 1.5 carat than1 carat.

Check out the 1-carat round-cut diamonds with an L color grade below and compare it with the 1.40 carat round-cut diamond with an L color grade. Do you notice the difference?

If you want a round cut diamond, settle for an Excellent Cut or Ideal cut diamonds. These cuts give room for all the diamond features to be noticed and give the stone extreme brilliance. In fact ideal cut diamonds have extra brilliance that it won’t hurt to buy a lower clarity diamond.

Brilliant cut diamond shapes like a cushion, princess, and round do a great job hiding blemishes. Step cuts like emerald and Asschers show inclusions because of their stair-like shapes.

1.01 Carat Emerald Diamond

With this in mind, you now know there is no need to buy a VVS diamond with ideal cut. They could be rare and expensive but you don’t really have to buy them. You can get a high-quality Very Good cut VVS diamond at a cheaper price.

Do VVS diamonds need to be certified?

There is no compromising when it comes to diamond certification. Any VVS diamond you are looking at buying MUST have a diamond certificate from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. AGS and GIA are the most trusted diamond laboratories in the world. A certificate gives you a guarantee that a VVS diamond is exactly that, a VVS diamond. Diamonds certified by IGI or EGL usually cost less than those certified by GIA or AGS.

How disappointed and mad would you get to discover that you spent a fortune to buy a VVS diamond only to find out that it is a VS1 diamond? A whole 2 clarity levels lower! You actually did pay a high price for a lower-quality diamond.

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