How to Keep Your Ring From Spinning on Your Finger

How to Keep Your Ring From Spinning on Your Finger

Ever wondered why your fancy jewelry keeps moving around and how to prevent your precious ring from twirling? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

In this helpful Twirl Weddings guide, we’ll address some frequently asked questions regarding the spinning and shifting of rings, such as:

  • What causes an engagement ring to spin?
  • Do all engagement rings experience this spinning issue?
  • Are there any temporary solutions to prevent an engagement ring from spinning?

Why Does My Engagement Ring Keep Spinning?

Having a spinning ring can be a major frustration for those new to wearing rings. If you’re not accustomed to it, the concept of a wedding ring that won’t stay in place might seem strange.

When someone mentions their engagement ring spinning, they mean that it doesn’t remain upright. This issue tends to occur more frequently with larger rings. If you have a big gemstone or diamond ring on a thin band, it’s likely to spin. Wearing the ring every day can make this problem even more bothersome.

One common cause of a spinning ring is having large knuckles and small fingers. Many people face this challenge when trying to slide a ring over their knuckle. They may opt for a larger ring size to fit over the knuckle, but this can result in a looser fit at the base of the finger.

If your ring is spinning, don’t automatically assume that you need to resize it or pursue permanent solutions. It’s common for a ring to fit perfectly when you buy it but become too tight or loose at different times of the year. Some people experience finger swelling in the summer and shrinking in the winter, which can affect the ring’s fit.

Do All Wedding Rings Spin?

Not all engagement rings or wedding bands will spin around on your finger. Solid gold bands, for example, are evenly balanced in weight, so gravity won’t pull them to the side. However, not everyone prefers that kind of ring.

Now, let’s consider the opposing viewpoint. Even if your ring spins, it might not be due to the ring itself. The culprit could be the size of your knuckles. Luckily, there are solutions available for those dealing with “knuckle issues.”

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No matter the cause of your spinning engagement ring, there’s a suitable solution waiting for you.

How to Prevent Your Engagement Ring from Spinning

There are several methods you can try to keep your engagement ring from twirling around. Some of these are simple fixes that you can do yourself without spending much or any money, while others may require a visit to a jeweler. Jewelers can offer a removable solution that is more long-lasting than a quick fix. They can also provide permanent fixes by adjusting the fit of your current ring.

Temporary Solutions to Prevent Ring Spin

Using Sizing Beads

An effective temporary fix for a spinning ring is to use sizing beads, but it requires a visit to a jeweler. The jeweler will place two small beads of solder at the bottom of your ring. These beads can be easily removed by the jeweler, and any signs of their presence can be polished away.

It’s important not to repeat this process too often, as it can weaken the metal, similar to frequent resizing. Sizing beads should be used specifically to prevent ring spinning, not to resize the ring.

Using a Sizing Bar

Another option, sometimes called a fold-over device, is a sizing bar. It’s a U-shaped bar that spans the bottom of the ring shank, with a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. This is a suitable choice if you need to reduce the ring size by multiple sizes without a permanent alteration.

The downside of using a sizing bar is that it may not be aesthetically pleasing, but since the bottom of the ring shank is usually not visible, it’s not a major concern. You will be the only one who sees it when you clean your ring.

Using a Ring Guard

Nowadays, there are various temporary ring guards available for wedding rings. Some jewelry stores in malls might offer them for free, if available. The classic ring guard design is quite simple and provides a quick fix for those whose ring finger is slightly smaller than the ring size.

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A plastic ring guard, also known as a ring noodle, is a transparent tube-like piece. It has a slit so you can easily slide it over the bottom of the ring shank without taking the ring off. Ring noodles come in different sizes and styles, making them suitable for increasing ring sizes.

However, like other temporary solutions, a ring guard can be somewhat uncomfortable. It’s similar to having a small rock in your shoe. This option is better if you need your ring to stay in place for special occasions like your wedding day or photos. For a more permanent fix, consider exploring other options after the event.

Using Tape

Using tape to prevent your ring from spinning is a classic and budget-friendly method. It’s also incredibly simple. All you need is some tape to wrap around the bottom of the ring shank until it fits snugly.

However, I don’t recommend relying on tape to address ring spinning. It can become quite bothersome to constantly remove and reapply the tape every time you clean your ring. After spending a considerable amount of time meticulously removing small pieces of tape, you’re left with sticky residue on the ring shank. This can turn a simple engagement ring cleaning process into a more tedious task. Moreover, the tape can accumulate dirt and start peeling off, which can be uncomfortable and potentially scratch the underside of your finger.

Long-Lasting Solutions for Preventing Your Engagement Ring from Spinning

Adjusting Size

One obvious permanent solution to prevent your wedding ring from spinning is resizing it to a smaller size.

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Be cautious of retailers who offer lifetime warranties that cover unlimited resizing. In reality, a ring should only be resized 1-2 times at most. Ideally, the resizing should be within a range of 1-2 sizes up or down. Excessive resizing can potentially damage the ring, stones, or weaken the ring shank. Stretching the ring too far can lead to breakage at the bottom of the shank, requiring additional gold to reinforce it, which often comes with additional costs.

Permanent Ring Inserts

A spring insert is a viable option to address ring spinning. It involves placing a thin, flat, and flexible U-shaped metal piece across the bottom of the ring. This solution is particularly useful if you encounter difficulties fitting the ring over your knuckles. The insert stretches to accommodate the knuckles and then springs back into position, keeping the ring securely on your finger.

It’s important to note that ring inserts like these are specifically designed to address spinning rings, not for resizing purposes. They may not provide a minimalist appearance, and the mechanism becomes visible when the ring is removed, which may not appeal to everyone.

Hinged Shank Ring

A hinged shank, also known as an arthritic shank, requires a significant alteration to the ring shank. Instead of the traditional circular shape, the jeweler adds a tiny hinge, allowing the ring to open and easily slide onto the base of your finger. This option is ideal for individuals who struggle with slipping rings over their larger knuckles.

Euro Shank

Euro shanks offer a different shape compared to typical ring shanks. Instead of a round band, the sides are flat and conform to the contours of your finger. Clean Origin, a reputable store specializing in lab-created diamonds, offers the Perfect Fit collection, which features rings with euro shanks.

Achieving Balance in Ring Setting

One of the most effective solutions to prevent ring spinning is selecting a well-balanced setting. Consider the size ratio between the ring head and the shank. Opting for a low-profile cathedral setting instead of a taller one can reduce the chances of your ring tipping over.

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Proper distribution of diamonds or gemstones within the setting is also crucial for stability. Avoid overly bulky or high-set designs that can contribute to spinning.

Stacking Rings

Adding an additional ring to your wedding set can help stabilize a spinning ring. Since most people already wear a wedding band, simply placing another band on top can provide the desired balance.

Although it may seem like a temporary fix since you can easily remove the ring, it does involve a permanent expense. Purchasing another ring adds up in terms of cost, which may not be feasible for everyone. If it fits within your budget, this option can be considered. However, there are more affordable alternatives available if this option stretches your finances.


Dealing with a constantly spinning wedding ring can quickly become frustrating. After investing time in choosing the perfect engagement ring, it’s disheartening to see it constantly shifting out of place.

Fortunately, there are various methods to address this issue. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider them based on your specific circumstances. Additionally, having an understanding of the potential costs involved, especially without a company warranty, can guide your decision-making process.

Whether you’re seeking a temporary fix or a permanent solution, there is an approach that can help you overcome the challenge of ring spinning.

Just remember to steer clear of tape, please.

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