5 Best Rings for Men

5 Best Rings for Men

Are you searching for the best ring that a man can wear?

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Here, you are going to learn about:

  • What is a man’s ring?
  • Is a man’s ring cheap or expensive?
  • What to look for in a man’s ring?
  • The method used to clean a man’s ring
  • And a lot more!

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Rings meant to be worn by men are usually cosmetic. They come in different designs and every man has a personal preference. They range from simple styles to detailed styles, unique and classic pieces.

This is the main reason why shopping for a man’s ring is a long and tiring process. You will have to look around more before you find the perfect piece.

But no worries, that is why I am here with this guide. You will get to know 5 of the most popular rings for men. Let’s jump right in.


1. King Will Basic Men’s Tungsten Carbide Ideal Wedding Band

  • Scratch Resistant Tungsten
  • Low Profile Design
  • 8mm Width & 2.4mm Thickness
2. WensLTD Men’s Titanium Steel Chain Rotation Ring Bargain Price

  • Lightweight Titanium
  • Wood Inlay Option
  • Color Selection
3. U7 Stainless Steel Link Chain Ring Cuban Link Band

  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Unique Design
  • Casual or Classy
4. King Will Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring Oriental Dragon Carbon Fiber Inlay

  • More Lightweight Than Regular Tungsten
  • Comes With Jewelry Box
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Variety of Sizes (4-14)
5. EEJART 316L Stainless Steel Skull Ring Smooth to Wear

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Detailed Craftsmanship
  • Different Colors
6. Vintage Biker Signet & Band Ring Set Antique Appearance

  • 2-Pieces Celtic Thumb Rings
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • 365 Day Guarantee

Best Pick: King Will Men’s Tungsten Ring

    • Tungsten carbide is resistant to scratch
    • 8mm matte center
    • Fitting design
    • Can be worn every day

King Will Men's Tungsten Ring

After looking at several rings for men, I found out that this fine tungsten piece from King Will brand is the best.


This ring has a sleek design that is low profile making it the choice for a man who is not interested in looking flashy.

The ring is made using a durable tungsten carbide material that cannot be scratched easily like gold that is soft.

Although we are talking about rings for men, this particular ring can also serve as a great wedding band

Below are other pieces that I picked in my list of best men’s rings.

5 Best Rings for Men

  1. King Will Basic Men’s Tungsten Carbide
  2. U7 Stainless Steel Link Chain Ring
  3. WensLTD Men’s Titanium Steel Chain Rotation Ring
  4. EEJART 316L Stainless Steel Skull Ring
  5. King Will Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring
  6. Vintage Biker Signet & Band Ring Set

In the jewelry way of life, men’s rings are hidden in a little corner on the side. This is because most topics on men’s jewelry revolve around wedding bands.

However, men’s wedding rings take more precedence over other men’s jewelry like pendants, bracelets, and fashion rings.

What is a Man’s Ring?

The idea of a man’s wedding ring did not exist until after the Korean War, but some men had rings just for fashion. When you talk about rings for men, most people will want to divert the conversation to a wedding band.

Men who wore rings for fashion were either rich or came from royal families. It is thus okay to say that the first rings made for men were fashion rings and not wedding bands.

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In the past, rings for men were made using precious metals like gold and sterling silver. Platinum joined the league of precious metals later in 1780.

These rings always had detailing consisting of high-quality diamonds or gemstones. It is so unfortunate that even if the common man in society wanted to wear a ring, they could not afford the lavish and gold of high karat.

Are Men’s Rings Expensive?

How much money you will spend buying a man’s ring will vary depending on the kind of material used to make the ring.

For example, we already know that initial wedding bands that matched the engagement rings were made using precious metals like sterling silver, gold, and platinum. Of all these metals, platinum is the most expensive and it was being referred to as “Metal for Kings”.

Gold rings are a little less pricey especially if the ring is just gold plated. Rings that are made of solid gold like solid 24K gold will be more expensive. If you want something really cheap, then buy silicone rings.

If you want something affordable but durable, you should buy a man’s ring made using solid materials like tungsten or gold, instead of the plated ones.

If all you want is a simple ring just to wear, then a plated one is great for you and your wallet. However, make sure you get sterling silver that is gold plated. This is because this metal is easy to resize compared to other metals.

The other metals like surgical steel and stainless steel are very affordable.

Tungsten and titanium also carry a manageable price tag, unless you opt to buy in a high-end jewelry store like Jared. There are other big stores that stock high-quality tungsten brand rings like Triton. But you will get this plenty in traditional wedding bands.

The cheapest men’s rings on the market are made of silicone. Most of them are wedding bands and rings perfect for everyday wear and hard labor.

Lastly, the price of a man’s ring may be affected by the stones it has. The lowest-priced men’s rings are those that will have cubic zirconia or other synthetic gemstones.

The price is bound to go up if the ring has precious stones such as diamonds. The price of the ring will be determined by the diamond’s grades such as carat weight, clarity, cut, and color.

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Choosing a Man’s Ring

Let’s start by understanding that a men’s ring is a piece of jewelry defined by personal preference. What is going to be rated as the best may not be what every man out there likes? When it comes to assessing the best ring for a man, you need to look at its durability, quality, and personal style of the wearer.

For example, one guy might find a black flashy titanium ring and considers it the best. The same ring might not be what another man considers as the best or not his style.

We appreciate that every man has reasons for preferring one ring to the other. However, there are important factors that should be considered when buying this masculine piece of jewelry.

Solid Metals

A ring is said to be the best depending on the base metal used. Men’s rings that have metal plates are friendly to the wallet but will be unfriendly to your skin over time.

The level of shine between a stainless steel ring and sterling silver is different. If you go for a ring whose base metal is stainless steel and that plate is sterling silver, the silver will wear off after some time and so will the shine that comes with it. Soon the stainless steel will be exposed leaving the ring looking very dull.

Sterling silver is precious metal while stainless steel is not. In addition to wearing off, sterling silver will also tarnish while stainless steel will not. You should go for solid metals since they are genuine and easy to maintain.

Ring Metal

Very few rings for men are made using precious metals like platinum, sterling silver, and gold in different colors and karats. Most of the rings are made using alternative metals.

Other precious metals which are not so common are palladium, iridium, cobalt, osmium, rhodium, and ruthenium, and are members of the platinum family. Among these, rhodium is a little known more than the rest.

Rhodium plating is common in white gold, sterling silver, and some alternative metals.

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Rhodium is a thin metal that is painted as a layer over another metal. When painted over white gold, it makes the metal whiter and will not wear off after a long time. This is because of the natural oils found on your skin.

To maintain the white appearance of white gold, that rhodium has to be plated often. Rhodium can also be used to coat other metals. Although it whitens the metals, it forms a protective layer and prevents the allergic reaction from metals that may have nickel.

Do not be fooled by ring sellers who claim that the men’s ring they are selling is hypoallergenic because it is rhodium plated. After some time the rhodium plate will wear off and the base metal will start to cause skin irritation. If you are going to buy the rhodium-plated ring, then be sure to keep up with the rhodium plating.


Resizing a ring is possible if the ring is made of gold, sterling silver or platinum. If your ring is made of alternative metal like tungsten, titanium, or stainless steel or is rhodium plated, resizing is going to be impossible.

For a jeweler to resize the ring, its pliability will need to be assessed. Rings made using precious metals can be resized easily provided they are not styled like a braided ring or eternity bands.

The other platinum family metals are normally used as alloys instead of solid metal. For instance, you will find several palladium and cobalt men’s rings in the market.

While it is rare to find a ring made of osmium, you will find a lot of cobalt rings for men especially ceramic rings. Did you know that when osmium is used alone, it is very toxic but when included in an alloy in small amounts it is safe?

Cobalt and palladium rings also have room for resizing although you may have to dig a little deeper into your wallet because they need more skill and refining.

As much as you probably don’t know much about men’s rings and resizing, do not let a jeweler trick you into cutting a cobalt ring. Cutting and re-soldering cobalt ring leave behind a mark that interferes with the elegant appearance of the ring, even if you put it inside a shank. If you come across a jeweler who suggests cutting the ring as a first option, that is a clear indication that he is not skilled.

Finally, any other metal that cannot bend like silicone and ceramic cannot be resized as well.

How to Clean a Man’s Ring

.the easiest and preferred way to clean men’s rings is using water and mild soap. All you need to do is mix the water and soap and let the ring soak in for about 20 minutes.

If the ring has gemstones, make sure the gemstone can be submerged in water. Gemstones like pearls and opals cannot be soaked in water. The best way to clean would be to rinse them underwater. After 20 minutes of soaking, use a brush with soft bristles, preferably a toothbrush to scrub any dirt in the grooves or channels to clean the stones.

Silicone is not abrasive and therefore you can soak it in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and leave it there for 45 minutes, if possible even overnight.

If the ring is made of gold, there are various gold jewelry cleaners in the market and you can buy depending on the color of gold in your ring. There are separate cleaners for white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. You can clean the ring by letting it sit in the cleaner for 20 minutes or swish it in the basket.

Use a soft brush to scrub any dirt, then rinse with clean water and pat dry.

If you have a ring made of sterling silver, there is a commercial-grade cleaner for this metal although it is potent. By the cleaner being potent, it means that it is very strong, and simple swishing around in the tiny basket get makes the chemicals get the tarnish off the ring instantly.

This is great cleaning only that it may strip off high polish finishing in the process of cleaning. If you have any colored rhodium plating over the sterling silver too, chances are it will be removed. Kay Jewelers had a brilliant blue diamond collection of jewelry and they had a big issue with the blue color coming off when the silver was being cleaned.

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The durability of a ring is not just about how you clean, but also the method of storage. The best place to put a ring is inside a jewelry cabinet, case or box.

You can check out some of the best jewelry boxes we covered in one of our guides. As a guy, maybe the jewelry box that the ring came with is enough for you, but if you have a collection of rings, a jewelry cabinet comes in handy.

If you are not considering buying a jewelry box, no worries since all the items covered in our list come with either a jewelry box or pouch.

Remember, if you have more than one type of jewelry, you should not put all of them in one jewelry box, unless it has several compartments for storing each jewelry type.

This is very important for sterling silver rings; they should not share a compartment with any other types of jewelry pieces. Sterling silver is notorious for oxidizing or tarnishing when exposed to other silver or moisture. If that happens, you will see some black marks on the ring that make it look ugly. A polishing cloth can restore the color of the ring.

The other major reason for not storing rings together is that they can scratch against each other when they are loose. This in turn damages the metal or stones in the ring.

Best Place to Buy Men’s Rings

You can find a man’s ring easily but finding the kind of ring that we are talking about here is not exactly a walk in the park.

The jewelry market markets men’s rings as wedding rings and you will find the same in many fine jewelry stores. Most rings are usually as simple as a man’s band.

It is quite hard to find fashion rings for men if you are not interested in wedding bands.

Men’s rings come in a variety of shapes, designs, stones, and inlays. This is the reason most jewelry shops do not have them in their shelves.

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If you find a store that has a collection of men’s fashion rings, they probably are the best sellers. However, you will need a lot of luck if you want a ring of a particular style or color.

Luckily, we have place online like Amazon where you can find both unique and popular men’s rings. You will find high craftsmanship rings that have wood inlays, carbon fibers, and even handmade rings for men.

Amazon is arguably the place to get rings that are specifically made for men.

Best Rings for Men

1. King Will Basic Men’s Tungsten Carbide

I picked something not as flashy as the best for this list, something any man would feel comfortable walking around with. This is why I chose King Will’s tungsten carbide ring.

This ring features an 8mm band that has beveled edges and soft finishing. It also has a restrained charm when you wear it.

This ring for men is made using durable metal alloy-tungsten carbide that is a mixture of carbon and tungsten. This material is resistant to scratch.

King Will Men's Tungsten Ring

This is the perfect choice of a ring for men whose jobs require them to use their hands more since it does not get damaged easily. I can attest to this ring’s durability as I once had a white gold ring that got scuffed up before I settled for a tungsten ring and the difference was obvious.


  • Extremely durable because of tungsten
  • Design is low profile
  • Resistant to scratch and scuff


  • Resizing is hard
  • Has low or no resale value

2. U7 Stainless Steel Link Chain Ring

This is a ring that is above average but not too flashy. It has a band that looks like a fence made of chains that go around the finger. The design and style are modern.

This ring is made using very strong and long-lasting stainless steel, which is one of the common alternative metals you will find being used on en’s rings.

Stainless is not entirely hypoallergenic but will only cause irritation if you have extremely sensitive skin.

U7 Stainless Steel Link Chain Ring

This ring for men can be both casual and sophisticated; it can also function as a wedding ring while maintaining its edgy look. It features a totally different shape from other average rings and bands.

Furthermore, their size is unisex and can even run a bit smaller. You may have to think about the next size upwards.

As you look at the ring size, keep in mind that the width size makes the ring either tightly fit or loosely fit. Generally, when the width is big, the ring will fit tightly. For example, a 4mm band will fit loosely than an 8mm band.


  • Design is one of a kind
  • Long-lasting stainless steel
  • Fits casual and sophisticated looks


  • Cannot be resized
  • Runs small

3. WensLTD Men’s Titanium Steel Chain Rotation Ring

This is a titanium steel ring that features a chain link design around the ring. Most jewelers choose titanium for making men’s wedding bands and rings.

Titanium is not only durable but also light in weight, the reason why most men prefer their rings. If you have heard of a men’s ring called spinner ring, titanium is the common metal used to make them.

WensLTD Men's Titanium Steel Chain Rotation Ring

A spinner style of ring is made up of two rings: one is the main band while the other is an inlay of the main band. The chain moves on its own. Most men like to fiddle with their hands and this ring gives them the perfect opportunity to do that.

The chain-link design also gives the ring an edgy style but makes it look fashionable. It can be worn both for formal and casual events.

The main band comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The ring itself is silver-colored but the chains can be offered in different colors like black, yellow gold, or blue.

You can also choose to have a wood inlay in a spinner ring instead of a chain that spins. There are many options for different people. Exactly what we meant by one man’s best ring may not be the others.


  • Titanium is easy to carry around
  • Negotiable price
  • Multicolor chains


  • Chain traps dirt
  • Can be scratched easily

4. EEJART 316L Stainless Steel Skull Ring

You most probably have realized that most traditional men’s wedding rings can also be used as wedding bands. For this ring, that setting may not work.

This ring has been sold to many men and there is no doubt most of them have been impressed by it.

EEJART 316L Stainless Steel Skull Ring

The ring features an aggress templar skull, making it a great choice for a guy who likes biking or someone who just likes the medieval times.

Similar to the angry skull, this biker ring tends to be aggressive too. Even if you don’t know much about ring designs, you can agree with me that the craftsmanship of this ring is on another level.

The design details start right from the horns of the helmet and go down to the perfectly arranged rows of teeth inside the mouth. Although such skull rings are common, only some men like them.

While a titanium ring is known to be heavy, this skull ring is heavier. The design also makes it stick out making it vulnerable to damage if worn every day.

For metal used in construction, medical-grade stainless steel also known as 316L stainless steel was chosen. This is the best quality of stainless steel you can find and is also hypoallergenic. It is also noncorrosive and resistant to water.

This ring comes in several colors allowing you to switch the appearance between black, silver, and gold stainless steel.


  • Made of 316L stainless steel
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Bulky
  • Sticks out

5. King Will Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

This ring features an inlay style and is made of tungsten carbide material. The inlay is an oriental dragon carbon fiber-the commonest kind of inlay rings in the market.

Since carbon fiber inlays are the best sellers, stores that sell fine jewelry always have at least one or two of these inlays in their stock.

King Will Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

This ring for men comes in two widths-6mm and 8mm so you can choose the one you prefer. With this provision, you can even make it a “his and hers” kind of purchase.

The ring features a black tungsten design that has been incorporated with the candy apple red inlay making it stylish and fit comfortably on the finger.

When compared against other alternative metals, tungsten carbide is the most durable but is also heavy. The band as mentioned features carbon fiber on the inside, carbon fiber is very light thus neutralizing the heaviness of the tungsten carbide band. Unfortunately, this ring cannot be resized.

King Will takes the number one spot of the most preferred men’s jewelry brand on Amazon. They have affordable, unique, and stylish men’s rings and jewelry.

There are several sizes for this ring from 4 all the way up to size 14. Plus, the ring comes packed in a King Will fashion jewelry box.


  • Lighter than regular tungsten rings
  • Resistant to scratch
  • Packed in a jewelry box


  • Carbon fiber prone to damage
  • Not sizeable

6. Vintage Biker Signet & Band Ring Set

This vintage signet ring is a little different from the other rings in this list in terms of its style and value.

Signet rings are commonly used to show some rite of passage and to give a status. For this reason, you will find them very popular in organizations and clubs.

Vintage Biker Signet & Band Ring Set

The ring features what at the first glance you may think is a sparkling cabochon black stone with a cushion-cut, but I can tell you with no doubt it is not.

What you think is a stone is actually an enamel surface that is painted. Some people even think it is an onyx. If you want a signet ring with a real stone, this is not it. However, it has excellent craftsmanship that makes it look like a stone.

Most guys love the design and style of this ring but most of them are attracted by its price. Not many men like to dent their wallets because of jewelry, but with this, some of them would not mind since it is worth it.

The bands in this ring are wide making them fit a little tighter than another ring of 4mm width that you would have picked. Remember what we said earlier, when the band is wide, the ring gets tighter.

Sizing seems to be an issue with this signet ring. The ring itself is 17mm while the band is 14.5mm. This is way wider than the average band which is 8mm.

One downside of this ring is that you are going to feel how heavy it is because of two major things: its width and the material used. The ring is made using 316Lstainless steel. Although it is heavy, this material is resistant to corrosion. This does not mean you should wear it in water.

This signet men’s ring gets its vintage name from the dark details found on the band. The chemicals used to clean and some found in pool water will significantly change this ring’s appearance, so avoid these agents.


  • Made using medical grade stainless steel
  • Great value for money
  • 1-year guarantee


  • One style only
  • Too wide and bulky

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