4 Best Places to Buy Tungsten Rings Online

4 Best Places to Buy Tungsten Rings Online

Are you wondering where to buy tungsten rings online?

You have come to the perfect place! We are going to answer questions such as:

  • What to look for when purchasing tungsten carbide rings on the internet?
  • Is tungsten the right engagement ring for you?
  • How to tell if the deal is good?
  • What are some of the red flags you should look out for when purchasing tungsten rings?

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Best Place to Buy Tungsten Rings Online

Without wasting more time, here is a quick list of the most trusted online stores to buy tungsten rings. Keep scrolling to learn more about each store.

  1. Blue Nile
  2. James Allen
  3. Ritani
  4. Zales

1.   Blue Nile’s Tungsten Rings

Blue Nile tops our list of the best online retailers to buy tungsten rings from. This store stocks numerous ring styles and colors. Most of the tungsten rings in their collection resemble plain gold wedding rings, but with additional scratch resistance, strength, and longevity that tungsten metal offers.

If you want a more elegant look but with a little life, you may consider buying the classy hammered look, just like the one shown below:

Matte Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band
Matte Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band

With Blue Nile, you rest assured of buying quality and not brand names since they don’t sell brands like Triton. Majority of the rings have prices lower than $500, apart from the meteorite tungsten carbide wedding band.

When you buy a tungsten ring from Blue Nile, you get a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects or design flaws that the ring may have. Their return policy is 30 days with the possibility of exchanging the size within that period.


  • Free sizing in the first year
  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • Clear 3600 view


  • Limited choices for fine diamond jewelry
  • Warranty does apply if stones are lost

2. James Allen’s Tungsten Rings

James Allen is famous for selling fine jewelry, customized engagement rings, and a wide collection of high-quality loose stones. However, most people do not know that this retailer sells substitute metal rings, and tungsten carbide rings are one of them.

However, shopping for tungsten rings at James Allen is a bit of a hassle, they do not have a means of filtering them from their collection of alternative metals bands. The options include cobalt, titanium, tantalum, ceramic, and palladium, but no way to tungsten.

Tungsten carbide rings are the commonest alternative metal rings among men, I find it strange why James Allen does not offer a filter for it. Instead, you have to search manually and scale down to around 18 options. See below.

James Allen has the best brand name when it comes to Tungsten, the Triton. Although most of the tungsten rings are branded tungsten, they sell non-branded tungsten rings too. If you want something that is not a manufacturing metal, go for a tungsten carbide ring that has diamonds as one shown below.

Tungsten Carbide 8MM Step Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band
Tungsten Carbide 8MM Step Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band

All the tungsten rings sold at James Allen have a lifetime warranty. You get one free resizing in the first year. Remember, resizing tungsten carbide is not easy, so you may just have the ring exchanged.


  • Unique ring styles
  • HD 3600 view
  • Stocks top-quality brands
  • Free ring replacement in the first year


  • Limited choices of tungsten ring
  • Can’t be exchanged after a year

3.  Ritani’s Tungsten Rings

If you ask anyone in the jewelry industry, they will tell you that Ritani is the best when it comes to designer ring settings. Apart from that, they carry a really small selection of tungsten metal rings. They have 5 styles that are among the best quality too.

None of the tungsten carbide rings are branded, meaning their prices are not so high. All the tungsten rings in their store are less than $300. This is the best deal for jewelry lovers who like high-quality rings but are restricted by budget.

Tungsten is always repaired by an experienced jeweler, for this reason, the lifetime warranty at Ritani does not cover any routine maintenance of wedding and engagement rings. If your ring does not fit, you have only 30 days to have it replaced.

Beyond the 30 days, you will not be allowed to resize the ring. This is quite unfortunate for those whose fingers swell during summer or they lose weight.

To save you all the trouble, Ritani uses their Concierge Team to help check your ring size. They team opens during the hours below:

If you can’t make it to check your ring size during the stipulated time, you can still book an appointment with the team out of the said hours. This tells you how important customer satisfaction is to Ritani.


  • Free resizing in the first year
  • Affordable rings
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Clear 3600 view


  • Can’t resize after the year lapses
  • Very few options

5. Zales’ Tungsten Rings

Zales has a wide collection of tungsten carbide rings, with more than 75 varying styles and widths. The rings are designed to fit comfortably. The majority of the rings are brushed or polished with a satin finish. Check out one of them below:

Triton Men's 9.0mm Comfort Fit Grey Tungsten Wedding Band with 14K Gold Stripes
Triton Men’s 9.0mm Comfort Fit Grey Tungsten Wedding Band with 14K Gold Stripes

Like James Allen, Zales carries Triton rings, an expensive brand. Luckily, they have frequently sales that you can take advantage of to save some money. Some of the tungsten rings can be personalized. However, once personalized, you cannot exchange or replace the ring.

Zales does not offer a warranty for routine maintenance but you get 60 days to return the ring.


  • Save money through sales
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-day return period
  • Lifetime upgrade


  • No warranty
  • Can’t be resized after warranty period

FAQs When Buying Tungsten Rings Online

Do tungsten carbide rings last long?

Tungsten carbide rings are very durable and not breakable. Most people confuse durability and breakability. Tungsten is thick and weighty making it the best choice for people who like a little extra weight on jewelry. Tungsten can withstand knocks and bumps, making it good for routine and frequent wear.

Tungsten is the top choice ring metal for men’s rings. These rings are resistant to scratch making them the best rings for manual laborers. A gold ring or sterling silver ring can bend easily if something heavy knocks on it.  The best-quality ring made of tungsten will only break at the point where it was knocked and not injure the finger.

Note: many manual laborers like the ones who work in construction adorn silicone wedding bands since they are completely safe. Some men like tungsten metal rings.

Tungsten rings are not easily breakable but high force impact can break them. It can shatter if dropped onto a tile floor or on a concrete wall. You have to be more careful when putting it on or off.

Are tungsten rings more expensive?

The price of a tungsten carbide ring differs depending on a variety of factors. Some price tags may be determined by brand, inlays, design, and width. There are many less expensive tungsten rings with prices that depend on durability and quality.

Branded tungsten rings like Triton cost more, but it is expected. Most branded jewelry is expensive, but the quality remains the same as other rings.

Another factor that affects the price is how the ring is constructed. Rings that have a wood or carbon fiber inlay are cheap, scratch-resistant, and less durable because the tungsten therein is less. However, that may not be the case always. The most expensive tungsten rings are the ones that have koa wood inset. The cost is high because koa trees are highly protected in Hawaii. Jewelry made of tungsten can only use wood from deceased koa trees.

A tungsten ring with white, colored or black diamonds is pricier compared to a plain tungsten ring. If you want a ballpark average, some rings carry price tags between $150 and $600.

What should you look for when purchasing tungsten carbide bands?

Tungsten metal rings are classy but the most important thing you should be looking at when buying include quality, style, and comfort.

You also would like to consider the purpose of the ring. Do you want a ring to wear always or sometimes?

If you are looking for a wedding ring, you do not want to compromise on the price and quality.  If you want a fashion statement ring to wear occasionally, you may not consider the durability like you would with a ring for everyday wear or a child. Online shops like Amazon and EBay are good places to start shopping. The quality of rings in these online stores may not be the best but it lets you know how to value jewelry.

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What are the red flags to watch out for  when buying tungsten carbide rings online?

Shopping for jewelry on the internet can be a little difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for.  Luckily for you, we are here to help you. I would be lying if I say that online shops are the safest place to shop and that the stores are honest. You need to be more careful when shopping online.

With tungsten rings, there are a few things to watch out for.  Most online jewelry shops sell alternative metal rings for people who do not want gold rings. Prices are in the same range for a majority of online jewelry sellers.

If you search a little further on Google, eBay, and Amazon, you will find lots of tungsten carbide rings at cheaper prices than what is mentioned here and other retailers mentioned in most of our guides.  You will be lucky to find tungsten rings with prices below $50.

However, think twice about buying a ring with a very low-price tag.  Extremely cheap tungsten rings are sold by retailers or jewelers who utilize a cheap form of metal. Top-quality tungsten should have 80% and 20% tungsten and carbon alloy respectively. A cheap ring will have less carbon content, which most retailers will not mention to you. Less tungsten content will not offer the same durability as real tungsten. This will defeat the purpose of buying a tungsten ring in the first place.

You are also inviting problems if you buy a cheap tungsten ring that has a laser engraving or inlay. averagely priced tungsten rings with inlays and laser engraving can be the best quality, but that is not always the case with bands costing less than $100. Engraving a tungsten ring is not easy, so if a less expensive seller says they can engrave it for you, think twice, it will not last long. Likewise, carbon fiber inlays peel off with time.

Generally, tungsten rings are not so expensive, you can find them for less than $100. If you want a tungsten carbide ring that will last, buy from the stores recommended here.

Another thing to remember is the tricks of internet shopping. A mere search on Google about tungsten rings will yield results of not only tungsten. For example, you can search the phrase “black tungsten ring” and end up with a black titanium wedding ring as part of the results.

Most sellers use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and image tags to attract shoppers to their pages, even when the item they are selling is not what you are searching for. A mere search for tungsten metal rings can see you landing on a page that sells ceramic rings.

One good way to get rid of searches you don’t want is to enclose the search phrase in quotation marks. This tells Google that you precisely want websites that contain those words on the page and not the tags.

If you want a tungsten metal ring that has gemstones, ensure you read the product description. Cheap rings normally have cubic zirconia, a cheap artificial stone that is used to diamond alternative and other colored gems.  Although most people like the appearance of cubic zirconia, it is the best quality of gemstones.

What if you don’t know your ring size?

When you want to buy an alternative metal band, you should know that they have a wider width than most traditional diamond engagement and wedding rings. The most popular widths are 8mm and 6mm but many people prefer 4mm.

When buying online, ensure you buy the correct size. While men like wide rings, women prefer an engagement or wedding ring that is thin. A size 6 on a 2mm ring is a good option for a lady, but the same size on a 4mm ring in white gold would be a loose fit. It becomes even looser if it is an 8mm tungsten carbide ring. In other words, the size of the ring is determined by its width. A wide ring means you will get a bigger size.

You can always visit a local jeweler to check or confirm your ring size. Stores like Zales and Kay have thin and thick ring sizers. Be sure to use the thick ring sizer to get the an approximate measurement to how a thick tungsten ring would fit.

Blue Nile offers its customers a free ring sizer online that you can print. They can also send a plastic ring sizer to you by mail for free.

Our Suggestion: Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the best online shop when looking for where to buy tungsten rings. They boast of being the first retailer to sell diamonds online and having a strong customer support service.  It is the most reliable store to shop online.

They have a reasonable collection of tungsten rings and styles that are unique. They don’t have Triton wedding rings but they sell top-quality tungsten rings at cheaper prices than many other online shops.

Blue Nile provides all customers free sizing for a tungsten metal band and a 30-day return policy in case you are not certified with the ring.

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