Best Soldering Iron Kits for Jewelry

Best Soldering Iron Kits for Jewelry

Are you wondering which is the best soldering iron for jewelry?

You have come to the right place because this guide will fill you in on:

  • The meaning of soldering iron for jewelry
  • The materials that make the best quality of soldering iron
  • All the accessories you will require for joining jewelry.
  • And a lot more!

Here is a list of the best brands of soldering iron for your jewelry. Keep reading to know more and get buying tricks and a few tips.

1. HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit Most Complete Set

  • Heats Up Fast
  • 200-450 °C
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 21 Piece Set
2. Yihua Digital Soldering Station High Wattage

  • Digital Display
  • 392-896 °F
  • Built-In Transformer
3. Vastar Soldering Iron Kit Value For Money

  • Portable
  • 450 °C
  • Upgraded PCBA
4. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Kit Butane Powered

  • Pro Packaging
  • 1100 °F
  • Lightweight
5. LDK Soldering Iron Kit Ergonomic

  • Pencil Style
  • 200-450 °C
  • 6 Different Tips

Best Pick: HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit

  • Several accessories
  • Heats up quickly
  • 200-4500C

HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit

I looked through many soldering iron kits for jewelry but none beat this HANDSKIT.

This kit has 21 pieces of accessories, perfect to add to a jewelry set. It has all the tools and materials you will need to solder jewelry or other kinds of has a single-hand solder sucker that makes it comfortable to handle. It is the perfect brand that removes any ugly mistakes on the jewelry.

Once you set the correct temperature between 2000C and 4500C, the tool heats up faster than you can imagine. It may look a little complicated for someone who is a beginner in soldering jewelry but it is exactly what a beginner needs. You can use it on jewelry and other applications such as soldering applications or circuit boards.

It comes with a zipped case that has enough space to hold the 21 accessories as well as other tools like a magnifier, de-soldering pump, screwdrivers, solder taper, and anti-static tweezers.

If you have high-grade soldering projects, the 60W power will get that done with no struggles. If you read through Amazon customer reviews, you will realize that this kit is simple to use and gives accurate results. With all said, it is the kit you need for the jewelry workshop at your home.

8 Best Soldering Iron Kits for Jewelry

  1. HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit
  2. Vastar Soldering Iron Kit
  3. Yihua Digital Soldering Station
  4. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit
  5. Tilswall 65W Solder Station Welding Iron
  6. LONOVO Soldering Iron Station
  7. LDK Soldering Iron Kit Electronic 60W 110V
  8. NEWACALOX Soldering Gun Automatic

Best Soldering Iron for Jewelry

1. HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit

Topping our list for the best soldering iron for jewelry is this assembly from HANDSKIT. The pack is complete with 21 accessories including a pair of tweezers, iron tips, solder wire, PU bag, soldering iron stand, as well as a de-soldering pump.

It is powered by a 60Watt bonding iron that heats up in approximately 2 minutes.

HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit

It comes with a thermostat that can be adjusted between 2000C and 4500C to help you complete a variety of applications easily. The kit has a carry bag that makes it easy to move around with and complete jewelry application tasks at just about anywhere. All tasks can be completed with one hand, big up to the design used for the solder sucker.

This kit works with a maximum power of 110V. You may be required to convert the power if you operate with the European volts system. I dint not find any other product, including the ones on this list that passed the rigorous tests for quality and construction to beat HANDSKIT.


  • Comfortable handle
  • 21 accessories
  • Heats up fast


  • Missing a flux

2. Vastar Soldering Iron Kit

If you do a lot of jewelry applications in different places, this kit from Vastar will sort you out when it comes to portability.

The kit comes with an extra-long power cord, anti-static tweezers, soldering stand, and soldering tips among other features.

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit

Although this kit does not have a carrying bag, it has a great heat dispersing system. It comes with a pencil design for convenience especially when soldering pendants, necklaces or any other pieces for longer than you expected.

It can be used on other items that are not jewelry as well.


  • Portable kit
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money


  • Missing a carrying bag

3. Yihua Digital Soldering Station

Want a joining iron that is high in wattage? Well, how do you like 75 Watts for power? This is what YIHUA exactly offers to you.

This kit does not only have high wattage but can accommodate high-temperatures as well. You can adjust the temperature between 3920F and 8960F and have a stability of ±3 60F.

Yihua Digital Soldering Station

The kit comes with an LCD screen that displays the temperature readings and calibration. It shows the PID Tech and self-display. You can switch the calibration between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

In the pack are additional accessories such as solder tip cleaners, anti-static pincers, soldering tips, a solid receptacle, and a cleaning sponge. The soldering workstation is considered ESD-safe.

This kit performs best on a working area. You can put it on a bench and use the adjustment knob to control the temperature. Furthermore, when you purchase, you have a 12 months warranty.


  • Recovers from heat quickly
  • LCD
  • Iron heats up immediately


  • Quite bulky

4. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit

Butane-powered iron kits may not be easily found but when I came across this piece from LEXIVON, I couldn’t resist including it on my list.

The kit comes in a professional-like briefcase bag with the LEXIVON logo branded on its face.

LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit

This kit’s temperature goes as high as 11000F, so you can expect things to get hot.

The tank has a large capacity for you to continue working for more than an hour continuously. You already know that this kit uses butane, so your safety is very important. In line with standard requirements by the U.S. CPSC-Child/resistance agency, LEXIVON fitted an ignition stopper on this soldering kit.

This iron kit is comes minus a cord and is easy to use. When you run out of butane, you can easily refill. However, you must use high-quality butane since the cheap ones block the iron and cause ignition problems.


  • High temperature
  • Great for professional applications
  • Cordless


  • User instruction manual is not easily understandable

5. Tilswall 65W Solder Station Welding Iron

If you want a top-quality brand of soldering iron to complete several jewelry applications as well as other soldering tasks, you have found it.

Tilswall made sure to include two stations, a temperature knob, and a soldering station. In addition, it comes with a PID temperature control, a built-in transformer, and 5 soldering tip pieces.

Tilswall 65W Solder Station Welding Iron

The 65 Watts power is just about the amount of output you will need for efficient soldering including professional works. This kit has temperature ranges between 2000C and 4000C.

However, if you are newbie, you have to be careful since any slight rotation of the temperature knob changes the heat level by about 300C. the knob must be turned really slowly. Tilswall also thought a little more about safety and added a lead-free container.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Professional station
  • Adjustable temperature knob


  • Replacement soldering tips are hard to find

6. LONOVO Soldering Iron Station

This kit from LONOVO has an upgraded build design to deliver optimum performance. It is a 60W workstation that goes with temperatures going down to 900C. This means you can use this kit for delicate tasks such as hot stamping.

LONOVO made this kit using a silicon sheet that protects against heat to make it last longer. The soldering tip can also be reused.

LONOVO Soldering Iron Station

The LED display allows you to monitor the temperature. Temperature can also be controlled using the knob found below the display. It takes as little as 6 seconds for the kit to get to 3920F, which is the melting point. This is among the best fast-heating soldering kits you will find on the market today.

Other important features include a temperature conversion, temperature tracking indicator and corrector, reusable ceramic core, sleeping mode, and a wake-up function.


  • Versatile applications
  • High-temperature stability (±20F)


  • Missing a carry bag

7. LDK Soldering Iron Kit Electronic 60W 110V

Are you a newbie to soldering jewelry? This LDK soldering kit is exactly what you need. It works well too if you do jewelry applications as a hobby. The pencil design makes it easy to hold when completing precise applications.

It is small too and won’t take up a lot of space on the bench as most other soldering kits do.

LDK Soldering Iron Kit Electronic 60W 110V

LDK used heat-resistant material to make this kit and made sure to add four ventilation holes to dissipate heat. The inner part of the kit is made with heated ceramic technology which allows the pipe solder to get extremely hot in approximately 5 minutes.

This kit has an adjustable temperature ranging from 2000C to 4500C. the kit comes with 6 900 M series tips that can be replaced easily. This is the perfect kit for soldering necklaces, rings, TV, speaker wire, and a lot more.


  • Portable
  • 6 replaceable soldering tips
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not good enough for professional tasks

8. NEWACALOX Soldering Gun Automatic

NEWACALOX  gun comes with a kit complete with 2 tweezers, soldering wire, and a de-soldering pump.

You can complete all tasks with one hand because of the inbuilt tin wire.

NEWACALOX Soldering Gun Automatic

This kit features a simple design that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble.

The temperature can be regulated between 2000C and 4500C which lets you do a variety of tasks when soldering jewelry. The soldering tips are 900M series and have chrome plated for long life and fast thermal conductivity.

This kit heats up fast and takes 2-4 minutes to warm up. This 5-in-1 kit is the perfect choice for people who complete jewelry soldering tasks as a hobby since it is easy to use.


  • Tips can be replaced easily
  • Versatile
  • One-hand use


  • Looks cheap

What is a Soldering Iron for Jewelry?

Soldering is one of the works done on jewelry pieces made of stainless steel and sterling silver. Soldering binds metal pieces to create a pattern, also referred to as soldered jewelry.

In cases where the metal used needs a low temperature, then a fusing iron becomes necessary for making jewelry. Most soldering irons used for jewelry have different power outputs and use silver fuses. The kind of soldering iron you pick is determined by the material you would like to solder.

Is a Soldering Iron for Jewelry Expensive?

Different brands sell their soldering irons at different prices. The price can be as low as $10 or go as high as $100, but the options are few. Highly-priced models have additional features to offer for more professional use while cheaper ones normally miss one or two things.

If you are doing jewelry making as a hobby, get a cheaper kit.

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What Makes a Good Soldering Iron Kit for Jewelry?

It does not matter whether you are a newbie in the craft of jewelry making tasks or you have been in it forever, you cannot brush aside the fact that a high-quality soldering iron renders the best results. Below are some of the things you must look out for to tell if a soldering iron is good for jewelry.


Not all jewelry needs high or low temperature when soldering, you must adjust. Buy a soldering iron that allows you to control the temperature or at least one that has a built-in thermostat. In most models, the calibrations are labeled with 0C and not Fahrenheit.

Soldering irons in the market have temperatures between 200 and 843 degrees. A good soldering iron lets you adjust to a particular temperature. Run away from any soldering kit that has shaky thermostats.

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Wattage and Heat Source

You cannot afford to ignore the source of heat and wattage of a soldering iron. In most cases, it may be butane or electricity.

The most common are electric bonding irons for jewelry since they perform better and their temperatures can be adjusted. Butane soldering kits heat faster and are more portable. However, some butane irons can get very hot to handle specific applications.

Soldering irons that have high wattage get hot very fast and stay warm for a longer time. The best iron is one with 60+ watts.


If you are planning to have the iron for a longer time, ergonomics should be top on your list. Look for a tool that will offer the utmost comfort for your hands. A soldering pencil would be the best, they are light allow for one hand to get the job done.

Find a soldering iron that has a stand, rest coil, and sponge. The handles should be heat-resistant and offer a firm grip for safety when in operation. Finally, the iron must have technology that allows for the heat to be dispersed to prevent overheating.

Soldering tip

The kind of soldering tip you pick depends on how subtle the task you are planning to do is. The tips can be purchased differently but it is good to choose a kit that has different kinds of tips in the bag.

Soldering tips make it easy for you to operate on various surfaces effectively. A tip that is wide and flat is the best pick for works on stained glass but not on fine surfaces. Consider how simple it will be to change from one soldering tip to the other.

De-soldering accessories

De-soldering accessories are important when you want to remove excess solder and complete any repairs. Such accessories include a spool, solder wicks, and a sucker. The fuse sucker must have a power suction and a durable tube. Picking the best de-soldering tools helps in cleaning the hot solder and reduces accidents while working.

Home or Professional applications

Almost all jewelry makers or crafters started small at home before gradually shifting to commercial and professional applications. In some cases, it may not be possible to get other jewelry tools because of budget limitations. When you decide to go professional, you should invest in high-quality soldering irons that get hot very fast and maintain the temperature for a longer period.

Cleaning a Soldering Iron for Jewelry

The best and only way to ensure the soldering iron lasts you longer is to clean it as frequently as you use it. Cleaning the tips increase the iron’s life. Appropriate maintenance and regular cleaning should be ensured before, throughout, and after every use.

Before you start any soldering application, remove any contaminants from the tips using a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol. This process removes things like corrosion, oxidation, and grease from the tips. You can use brass wool or stainless-steel wool to clean the tips. For stubborn stains, stainless steel works more effectively.

Using metal wool eliminates more dirt than a wet cloth. A damp cloth is not so safe since it decreases the tip temperature and repeated wiping cause the tip to fail.

Immediately you finish cleaning the iron, use a new solder to avoid corrosion. In case of corrosion, use flux to dissolve the layer of oxidation. Flux comes in form of a paste or can be in the inner part of the soldering wire. It is a highly corrosive substance, so do not dip the iron in it.

You can also tin the tip to prevent corrosion. Tinning puts a shielding layer on the tip to stop oxidation.

Best Pick: HANDSKIT Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 21-in-1

I still maintain that this 21-in-1 brand is the best of all bonding iron for jewelry on this list. It is great for both beginners and professionals. The kit has a magnifier, iron tips, PU bag, de-soldering pump, solder wire, and a soldering iron stand.

It comes with a 2mm wide x 1.5m long solder wick. The temperature knob allows you to adjust any temperatures from the lowest to the highest depending on the kind of task you are doing. When compared to many other brands, HANDSKIT price is affordable considering you will not buy any other accessories.

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