Best Jewelry Scales

Best Jewelry Scales

You’re at the right place if you looking for the best jewelry scales. Read on!

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about jewelry scales. We’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them including:

  • What is a jewelry scale?
  • Is a jewelry scale expensive?
  • How do weights on jewelry scales get measured?

Among others!

Best Jewelry Scales

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a highlight of some of the best jewelry scales available on the market:

Keep scrolling to learn more about each of these jewelry scales. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

 Best Jewelry Scales – Review

  1. AccuWeight 255 Mini Digital Pocket Scale


The AccuWeight 255 Mini Digital Jewelry Scale is at the top of the list, owing to its great precision. This jewelry scale enables the practical measurement of your jewelry goods.

Finding the quantity of objects like pins, beads and gems is made a lot easier by using the additional PCS function.

To determine the precise weight of each distinct item, you can set this feature and use the tare function.

You can convert or measure your parts in a variety of calibrations using the six distinct modes of measurement: GN, DWT, OZT, OZ and G.

A limited lifetime warranty for the digital pocket scale is provided by AccuWeight since they are confident in their products. Its net weighing range is between 0.2g and 1000g. In addition, this jewelry scale is portable because to its small size.

Additionally, it is powered by AAA batteries, which are widely available. The scale is ideal for measuring jewelry, but it can also be used as a digital kitchen scale and in other locations like pharmacies, shopping centers, etc. The overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews make sense.


  • It’s extremely compact
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It features the Tare function


  • There are lots of complains about calibration
  1. Nicewell Digital Scale


The Nicewell electronic scale is among the few jewelry scales with high precision features and four different sensors.

What’s more, this jewelry scale is equally large that it covers jewelry pieces with wider surface areas. The scale measures 9 inches by 6.3 inches and features a noticeable backlit display for high visibility. Its calibrations are in oz, fl, ml, lbs., kg and g.

You can make accurate readings by subtracting the weight of the plate especially when weighing smaller gems thanks to the tare calculations and functionality.

Nicewell Digital Scale is made of a stainless steel surface and a sturdy tempered glass for ease of cleaning and anti-fingerprint. Plus, it comes at a pretty decent measuring that ranges from 0.1 oz to 22lbs.


  • It has a larger surface area
  • It comes with built-in sensors
  • It has a bigger LCD display
  • It has a convenient button for the tare functionality


It falls on the higher side of the pricing spectrum

  • The measuring units are quite limited which means it’s not best suited for all jewelry pieces
  1. Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale 100g/0.01g


You can tell this jewelry tiny scale was made to last when you first see it. The advanced scale is portable and small. This jewelry scale is fantastic because it has a viewable LCD that allows you to see every aspect of your weight.

To prevent accidently damaging the buttons while the scale is in your pocket, the outside is covered with a cover door.

While it is factory calibrated and has a maximum weight capacity of 600g, you can recalibrate this scale to your own specifications. For jewelry, the scale’s readings in carats, grams, grains and ounces are practical.


  • It has a durable build
  • It’s compact and portable for ease of carrying around
  • It’s precise – 0.01 variation


  • The buttons can be unresponsive
  1. GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Scale for Jewelry


GDEALER Digital Pocket Scale is not only a compact jewelry scale but also features a stainless steel surface. Plus, it weighs up to a maximum of 500 grams.

It’s one of the best scales for jewelry pieces as it has a 0.01gms accuracy increment. Additionally, it has five different measurements and premium grade sensors. The best thing about this jewelry scale is that it comes with a one-year warranty.

This digital pocket scale additionally features an LCD screen with a blue backlight for ease of reading the measurements especially at night and in areas with limited light.


  • It comes with a full one-year warranty
  • It’s multifunctional
  • It features high-quality gravity sensors


  • It can give inaccurate readings especially under 3g
  1. Smart Weigh GEM20 Digital Milligram Scale


The Smart Weigh scale is specifically designed to weigh all of your jewelry items.

For this reason,

It is capable of accurately weighing even the smallest jewels and precious stones with a professional precision of 0.001 grams.

However, the machine’s maximum capacity is just about 20 grams, so it might not be able to handle larger stones.

It is flexible in terms of measurements and can measure in six various units, including OZ, GN, DWT, OZT, G and CT. It’s equally portable and small scale.

Lightweight jewelry items are protected from wind movements and remain in place thanks to its distinguishing features like a protective cover. The LCD display pane’s backlighting makes it possible to read clearly night or day.


  • It comes with a protective cover
  • It’s provides professional accuracy
  • It features an ultra-slim design


  • You might need an extra container for the scale to fit properly
  1. AMIR Digital Mini Pocket Jewelry Scale


You’ll definitely notice the elegant design of the AMIR Digital Pocket Scale. This jewelry scale has an auto off/on switch and two trays for greater convenience. It also helps conserve power.

You can weigh jewels up to 500 grams using this jewelry kit. With the push of a button, it can compute and weigh goods in grams, ounces, and carats.

This jewelry scale is usually protected by a 45-day money-back guarantee from AMIR as well as an additional one-year warranty. In addition, you have access to free lifetime customer service in the event that you need any assistance.


  • It’s extremely portable
  • It comes with two additional platform covers
  • It has six different units of measurement


  • It’s not quite durable

What Are Jewelry Scales?

The weight and precision are so important in determining the worth of jewelry that even the smallest mistake can have a negative impact. Therefore, it is advised that you own a fine jewelry scale.

The term “jewelry scale” refers to a digital scale used to measure various precious metals and minerals, including diamonds, gold and silver.

Carats, deadweight, troy ounces, grains, and the gram scale.

The gram scale, grains, troy ounces, deadweight and carats are the main units used to measure jewelry. Typically, gemstones like diamonds, topaz, and emeralds among others are measured in carats.

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Is a Jewelry Scale Cheap or Expensive?

Jewelry scales are not expensive, and given the significant function they play in jewelry, they are also reasonably priced. However, the scale’s quality and construction will continue to affect its cost. The phrase “pocket-friendly” jewelry scales accurately describe how portable and convenient they are.

These jewelry scales include inbuilt calibrations, therefore calibrations don’t require the use of a recognized standard calibration weight. On the other hand, if the scale has more features like increased capacity, readability, or calibration range, the price may increase.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Jewelry Scales on the Market

The type of scale you go for depends on a number of things according to its application. Here are a few factors that you need to put into consideration when shopping for the best jewelry scale available on the market:

  • Readability and pan capacity
  • Portability and size
  • Approved scale
  • Type of jewelry scale

Approved Scale

You must select a jewelry scale that has been authorized for use in retail commerce in accordance with the regulations set forth by your government.  For instance, according to US regulations, the majority of scales must be NTEP Approved in order to be accepted for commerce. Make sure to check your local bylaws to find out what certifications your jewelry scale needs to be considered suitable for use.

Scales that have received NTEP approval are ones that are thought to be utilized in settings where jewelry is usually sold by weight. Other terms for weighing scales that have received NTEP approval include comply with “Legal for Trade” or “Handbook 44″.

You may be a little more tolerant with the approval process if you want to use the jewelry at home. Remember that approval does not immediately affect the caliber or accuracy of the jewelry scale; it merely qualifies a weighing scale for commercial sale.

Portability and Size

The size of a jewelry scale is equally important. However, getting the right size entirely depends on the purpose of the scale which typically translates to how you plan on using it. A pocket size jewelry scale would be an excellent choice if you plan on moving it around to different jewelers.

Always go for a jewelry scale that is not only compact but also portable. You’ll have to settle for an entirely different scale altogether if you’re going to permanently place it on a desk or bench. The size and accuracy ratio build of a jewelry scale is quite interesting.

A jewelry scale with low capacity usually has a high accuracy and vice versa. However, if your personal specifications demand high precision and capacity, you’ll probably have to dig deeper into your pockets.

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Type of Jewelry Scale

Being familiar with the type of jewelry scale that suits your needs will save you a few dollars. Scales usually come in different variations but those used for jewelry are a handful.

When it comes to jewelry measurements, you can either go for counting scales or handheld scales. The latter is one of the most common scales available on the market and is equally less expensive. It’s best suited for smaller applications like jewelry weighing.

Hand-held scales also double up as kitchen appliances typically known as pocket gram scale or food scales. Counting scales, on the other hand, usually help count a significant number of products like beads with ease.

Readability and Pan Capacity

You might need to put these two fundamental questions into perspective when looking for the best jewelry scales on the market:

  • What’s the minimum increment that you can measure?
  • What’s the maximum amount of jewelry that you can measure?

You must have noticed that there’s a direct relation between the capacity of a weighing pan and accuracy. This is to say that scales with lower capacity tend to be highly accurate.

You might want to look at the price tag if you find a jewelry scale with a higher capacity and scale. The most popular jewelry scales are those with a 0.05ct carat scale accuracy and 500ct or 250ct capacity. Professional dealers usually go for 0.001ct carat scale accuracy and 1500ct capacities or beyond.

How to Clean a Jewelry Scale

You need to keep your jewelry scale clean at all times to avoid compromising its functionality. However, you should remember that it’s not your typical scale that you can scrape off with a dump piece of cloth. Enter special cleaning procedures!

When wiping the surface, be wary of applying too much pressure as it can corrupt the weighing scale. You also need to ensure that the flecks don’t get stuck in the digital pocket. That’s why a dry soap form or electrical cleaning powder comes highly recommended.

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Best Jewelry Scales – Top Pick

Just as the name suggests, AccuWeight Mini is a portable handheld jewelry scale measuring 2.75 inches by 4 inches. Plus, you can carry it around with ease. It weighs jewelry pieces up to 300grams in 0.01g increments and is extremely sensitive.

In addition, it has a relatively simple interface and calibrating it is equally easy. The best thing about this jewelry scale is that it has an automatic power saving feature that shuts down after 90seconds if it’s not in use.

The overweight feature, on the other hand, will let you know if your weight exceeds the limit.

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