Best Jewelry Pliers

Best Jewelry Pliers

You’re at the right place if you looking for the best jewelry pliers on the market. Read on to learn more.

In this review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about jewelry pliers. We’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them including:

  • What are jewelry pliers?
  • How are jewelry pliers different from the regular ones?
  • How can I choose the best jewelry pliers?

Best Jewelry Pliers

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a highlight of some of the best jewelry pliers available on the market:

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Best Jewelry Pliers

What are Pliers for Jewelry?

A set of pliers is among the specialized tools needed for the entire jewelry-making process. Since the discovery of jewelry, people have been using jewelry pliers, which are essentially unique types of pliers with specific uses for not only creating but also mending jewelry pieces.

Pliers are an essential component of the jewelry-making process and are used for a variety of tasks, including cutting, bead weaving, producing loops, bending and stringing. There are many different varieties of jewelry pliers including:

  • Chain Nose Pliers – They are also known as looping pliers. They’re used for holding, bending and turning the wire. These pliers also come in handy when opening or closing and crimping jump rings.
  • Side Cutter – These pliers usually have sharp jaws. They’re used for cutting soft wires to different shapes and normally leave the cut tip even and smooth.
  • Round Nose Pliers – These pliers have round-shaped jaws. They’re used for shaping, holding and bending jewelry wire and are best suited for creating loops, coils, curves and circles. It’s quite important for beading wires, headpins, adding beads to bracelets and making earrings.
  • Crimping Pliers – These pliers are primarily used in crushing metals to a wire so that one can clasp the beads securely in place.
  • Flat Nose Pliers – They can be used to straighten kinks and bends on a wire since they have a flat front.
  • Bent Nose Pliers – These pliers are specially designed to reach different parts of jewelry pieces that are hard to reach and feature awkward angles. They’re almost similar to round nose pliers in terms of functionality. However, bent nose pliers are much better since they give you a clear view with little to no distractions.
  • Rosary Pliers – They are part of the round nose pliers’ family and are usually a combination of sound nose pliers and side cutters. Rosary pliers are used for making curves and loops or cut wires and cords with the rounded nose part.

Nylon jaw pliers and needle nose pliers are among types of pliers available on the market.

Are Jewelry Pliers Cheap or Expensive?

Jewelry pliers are not cheap and neither are they expensive.

Here’s why:

Owing to the many different kinds made to serve different purposes, jewelry pliers may appear pricey. That makes sense when you consider the price of craftsmanship in comparison to regular pliers.

However, I can assure you that you’ll still find affordable options but they won’t last a generation. You could use the relatively affordable ones if you’re at ease with temporary applications. If you want to save money without sacrificing quality, always go for jewelry pliers sets.

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Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Jewelry Pliers

Jewelry pliers come in a variety of types for convenience, and beginners or those unfamiliar with jewelry manufacturing may find it challenging to navigate. It will take less time to create a single item if you use the proper pliers, thus it is important to consider the ideal criteria when selecting your chosen jewelry pliers. Always look for the following while purchasing jewelry pliers:

The Construction of the Pliers

The two common joint types for pliers are box joints and lap joints. Online retailers offer lap joint pliers at lower prices since they are simpler to make. In especially for jewelry creation, box joint pliers are more durable and will outlast lap joint pliers.

Box joint pliers don’t exhibit looseness and usually guarantee accurate alignment owing to the design of its joints. Lap joints, on the other hand, tend to grow loose frequently and are equally unstable.

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Stainless steel or carbon steel, both hardened and tempered, are all used to make different types of pliers. One of the main reasons why stainless steel is quite beneficial is the fact that it’s rust resistant which is why they are presumably popular. Hardened steel, on the other hand, is incredibly tough and more resilient although it requires periodic lubrication.


By now, you already know that pliers for jewelry usually come in a range of sizes from heavyweight pieces to tiny ones. Small sizes are best suited for travel but don’t hold up quite well. Heavyweight pliers are not ideal for many jewelry-making tasks with the exception of a few tasks like dealing with memory wire and other jewelry findings.


If you’re going to spend a lot of time working on your jewelry, the type of grip or handle is crucial. For instance, PVC grips are not ergonomically designed and can quickly become painful after repeated use. For prolonged use, foam grips are softer and more pleasant. They will cost a little money, but they are well worth it.

How to Clean Pliers for Jewelry

It’s important to keep your jewelry pliers clean if you want to get the most out of them each time you use them. Depending on the materials, cleaning pliers is simple and won’t require the use of special cleaners.

You can use a piece of cloth and a multi-purpose cleanser. Just lightly brush the pliers with a small bit of the all-purpose cleaner after spraying it on. Apply some oil after cleaning to older pliers or carbon steel that has undergone hardening to prevent rust from developing.

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Best Jewelry Pliers

  1. Flying K Jewelry Pliers


This piece topped the list because it contained everything in a single set. It is simple to transport and use from any location. You have no reason to be concerned about a jewelry piece sliding off as you go for an event.

The crimper, one of the few different types of pliers in this set, performs a superb job of attaching beads. Other pieces include chain nose pliers, beading awl & shovel, flush cutters, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers among others.


  • It comes with multiple pliers
  • It comes with a carry pouch for ease of carrying around
  • It comes with an instruction guide


  • The flush wire cutters can be blunt
  1. The Beadsmith Fashion Color Plier Set


This plier set is not entirely flashy. It comes with crucial pliers for making jewelry and makes an excellent starter kit for professional beaders and beginners alike. It’s relatively small and easy to work with especially on delicate jewelry pieces.

This plier set is equally good-looking that’s why it makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. Multiple pliers typically mean that you can make different types of jewelry pieces ranging from beads, necklaces, rings to bangles. You’ll be spoilt for choice!


  • It has a compact packaging
  • It will give you value for money
  • It’s a diverse tool best suited for different types of projects


  • The handle of the pliers is not well built
  1. Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit


Cousin Craft is a three-piece set that comes with different tools for making different jewelry pieces. The tool kit includes side cutters, round nose pliers and needle nose pliers.

However, the functions don’t cover the whole jewelry making aspect. But they’re best suited for different DIY everyday tasks, curving, cutting and gauge wire wrapping. In addition, the handles are curved to give the user a better grip and a perfect fit in the hands.

If you love making jewelry then this set would be a great addition to your tool collection.


  • It’s relatively affordable
  • It’s best suited for professional beaders and beginners alike
  • It’s easy to use


  • The pliers is a bit small
  1. Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers


Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers is an excellent choice for most jewelry DIY projects. It has great reviews online as it works well for both pro-jewelers and beginners owing to its efficient and sturdy build. Besides, it works remarkably well with different types of mandrels.

In addition, these pliers are specially designed to create consistent loops. The looper is 5-inches long to not only help save time but also ease the chain making process. Plus, it allows you to bend metals and craft eye pins effortlessly.


  • It has a sturdy grip
  • It produces consistent loops
  • It works remarkably well with different types of wire works


  • It might be uncomfortable on those with small hands since the grips are far apart
  • The loop can be a tad strong for different wires
  1. Newacalox Multi Pliers Set


Just as in the name, Newacalox is a multi pliers set with eight different pieces. They are as sturdy as they are durable since the pieces are made of carbon steel. It includes curve nose pliers, linesman pliers, needle, bend, long, round and flat pliers.

Newacalox Multi Set Pliers is compact for ease of carrying around. However, the small size makes it inconvenient for tiny jewelry applications. The set comes with a wooden holder that holds all the pieces securely in place for ease of access as well as declutter the working station.

The best thing about this set is that it’s best suited for variety of applications. However, it stands out when it comes to DIY crafts and jewelry repair. It features a non-slip handle with a firm grip and extra spring for ease of use to save time.

The design is as beautiful as it convenient. The pliers are coated to make them less susceptible to scratching jewelry especially the delicate ones. It’s a great addition for filled and plated jewelry. The polishing treatment, on the other hand, helps prevent it from rusting to extend its lifespan.


  • The pliers are polished to prevent them from rusting
  • It has a firm grip thanks to the non-slip handle design


  • The pallet handle is exposed
  • It has a few quality issues when it comes to jewelry crafts

Best Jewelry Pliers – Top Pick

Flying K Jewelry Pliers is hands down the best pliers for jewelry on our list. It comes with all the crucial tools for jewelry repair including tweezers and a shovel. Plus, it’s equally compact for ease of carrying around.

The jewelry kit is available in a range of colors while the pliers set have two distinct hues. If you’re looking for on-the-go tools for jewelry making then this set comes highly recommended.

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