5 Best Jewelry Safes You Should Buy

5 Best Jewelry Safes You Should Buy

In search of the perfect jewelry safe for your precious pieces?

Congratulations! This guide will give you detailed information about:

  • What jewelry safe is
  • The cost of jewelry safe
  • The best jewelry safes for jewelry
  • And a lot more

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Here is a quickly pulled list of the best jewelry safes in the market today. Keep reading to know the purchasing tricks and tips.

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Digital Key Access

  • Scratch-Resistant Interior
  • Pry-Resistant Concealed Hinges
  • 2 Override Backup Keys
  • Adjustable Interior Shelf
  • Multiple Sizes
TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box High Anti-Theft Function

  • Dual Warning System
  • Key and Code Access
  • Extra Lock-Box
Yuanshikj Deluxe Digital Security Safe Easy To Install

  • Compact Design
  • Magnetic Auto Locking Mechanism
  • Affordable Price
  • Manual Override Backup
SentrySafe Fireproof Safe Best Resistance

  • 2-Key Override Lock
  • 1 Hour Fireproof Rating
  • Waterproof (24 Hours)
  • Impact Resistant (15 ft.)
Honeywell Steel Security Safe Box Programmable Digital Lock

  • Sturdy Design
  • Great Value
  • Lightweight

Best Pick: AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

  • The interior does not scratch easily
  • Hidden hinges that are resistant to pry
  • Two extra keys

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box is my favorite of all the jewelry safes I have come across.

Why is it the best?

When looking for a safe to put jewelry in, the priority is always whether it will be secure at home. AmazonBasics brings to you the perfect jewelry safe that does not have issues with home security. This safe can only be accessed with a digital key, allowing you to safely lock away all your valuable jewelry. It is also made of pry-resistant solid steel.

The digitized key lock comes with 2 override keys. With this, you get the luxury of changing your pin if you forget or when you suspect unauthorized access.

Some jewelers do not offer lifetime warranties for jewelry. If you buy these kinds of precious jewelry, a scratch-free surface becomes imperative. This safe from AmazonBasic offers you exactly that. All the jewelry pieces put in it rest on a soft carpet floor laid inside the safe. Aside from the price being affordable, this safe has sophisticated features like a back that is mountable complete with mounting holes.

This mounting is very convenient and therefore there is no need to buy extra jewelry mounting tools.

5 Best Jewelry Safes

Without much ado, here is a list of 5 of the best jewelry safes.

  1. AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box
  2. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box
  3. SentrySafe Fireproof Safe
  4. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe
  5. Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe

What is a Jewelry Safe?

A jewelry safe serves just one purpose-keeping all your valuable jewelry safe. Jewelry, especially the ones made from precious stones (talk of a diamond) is very expensive. Having spent a fortune to acquire diamond or gold jewelry, you need not question the need to have jewelry safe.

When you buy expensive rings, necklaces, pendants, or chains, you would want to keep them far away from children and robbers. A jewelry safe plays an important role in keeping your valuable investment from children, burglars, or damage.

You may have that one jewelry piece that was passed down to you by your mother and you wish your coming generations to have it too. Keeping such jewelry safe for more than several years is not easy.

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With today’s hassle and bustle, people become very busy that it may be hard to recall where jewelry was kept. The best way to make life easy is to keep the jewelry in a less risky place. There is no better place than in a safe.

Cost of Jewelry Safes

The sole reason for buying a jewelry safe is to offer maximum security for your precious pieces, for this reason, their prices are on the high side. Aside from the price, you have to consider other factors that will influence the decision you make on which safe is best for you.

I have compiled a few factors that will guide you towards knowing how much your chosen jewelry safe will cost.


The size of a jewelry safe is probably the easiest way to approximate its price, jewelry safes are sold in different sizes and dimensions: the bigger the safe, the higher the price.

The size of the safe also goes with the amount of space in your room. Think of the space next to your dresser, in the closet, or somewhere in the open, will the jewelry safe fit in?

Restrictions in terms of size will help you determine if you need a jewelry safe that fits all or just an average size.


The price of a safe meant for jewelry may also be determined by the kind of jewelry to be put in. there are safes with drawers designed for necklaces, rings, chains, or chunky jewelry. Drawers can have high tech designs and ones that are restrained cost less.


Manufacturers design jewelry safe boxes to include sophisticated features and details. The more features and details a safe has, the pricier it is. Jewelry safety boxes that are burglar-proof, or have high fire ratings are expensive. Electronic safes will also see you spending more.

Other manufacturers include extra space to put documents, files, and other valuable possessions. The price of a jewelry safe will be determined by how many details are added to it.

Buying a Jewelry Safe

Buying the best jewelry safe will not only keep your jewelry and heirlooms safe but also within reach all the time. As much as manufacturers include plenty of safety features on their jewelry safes, there are still some that will not provide maximum security.

All you need to know is how to determine the best safe for all your jewelry.

Keep reading to know all there is about buying the best jewelry safe.

Cash Ratings

Arguably the most important factor worth considering when buying jewelry safe is cash rating or insurance policy. As much as you have fully functional home security systems that are insured, it is important to know how the jewelry safe is rated. The whole point is for you to know how valuable the safety box is in case of damage or burglary.

The cash rating lets you know how much cash or jewelry worth the insurer will cover in case of destruction. Go through the document carefully as this will help you decide how much jewelry to put in the safe.

The rule of thumb for the cash rating is that you keep jewelry in the safe that is ten times the worth of the cash rating. For example, if the cash rating is $1,000 then you have to keep jewelry worth $10,000 in it.

When it comes to an insurance policy, the whole idea can be a little unclear. If you do not do everything the proper way, you will find it hard to file your claim when an unfortunate event happens.

To be on the safe side, get a professional to install for you the jewelry safe such that it meets the requirements of your insurance company.


Jewelry safes come in several dimensions and this is an important consideration. Spacious safes that are not electronically accessible are quite affordable. If your jewelry is not a lot or small in size, buy a small jewelry safe.

Knowing the amount of jewelry you have as well as the number, it becomes easy to find the best size of jewelry safe.

Before buying the safe, decide whether you are going to keep jewelry only in it or a gun, files, documents, and other valuable possessions as well. This information will guide you in picking the right dimensions of jewelry safe that you need.

Key Lock or Electronic Safe

Just like capacity and size, how the safe locks is an important factor you should consider when buying a jewelry safe. There are two types of locking mechanisms: a key lock and an electronic lock. If you are too forgetful, the key lock mechanism is better for you. However, a trendy person would prefer digital jewelry safe with the option of entering digital passcodes to open the safe.

Jewelry safes that use key locks are very chunky and tricky to move around with or store. It will also cost you a lot more to replace lock keys that are damaged.

Electronic jewelry safes require no keys, only biometric combinations that are easy to store. If you have some trusted family members, you can share with them the passcode in case you do not remember.


By a jewelry safe being fireproof, it does not mean that the contents will entirely be fireproof. Most of the safes in the market have fire ratings ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This means that if you have any documents therein, they will only be safe for as long as the fire rating stands.

If you have jewelry made of delicate gemstones such as malleable and opal, you are better off buying a jewelry safe with a fire rating of more than 1 hour.


While you are free to keep the jewelry safe anywhere in your house, most people like to position it in the master bedroom.

Most of the time you will be taking off the jewelry before you go to sleep. Therefore, it would be more convenient if you locate the jewelry safe somewhere in your bedroom. You can also put it in a wall or underground safe.

Professional Consultation

You cannot afford to downplay the importance of a professional approach to the whole process of buying and installing a jewelry safe. Whether you own diamond necklaces or any other jewelry pieces, seeking the expertise of a security professional becomes inevitable.

In addition to the buying tips above, seek professional help too to avoid buying a jewelry safe that is not the best fit. It is also good not to embrace DIY when it comes to installation as a faulty installation has adverse effects on your insurance policy, on the extreme the policy can be rendered null and void.

Cleaning a Jewelry Safe

Are you one of those people who think that jewelry safes are secure and therefore they also remain clean? Well, this is not the case.

Cleaning and maintain the safety box is crucial to prevent t from being damaged by delicate jewelry pieces. Here are important tips for jewelry safe cleaning.

The frequency of opening the jewelry box determines how much musty smell accumulates if the safe remains locked for a long time. Some safes also attract moisture which builds up making the water damage jewelry. Delicate jewelry pieces are particularly prone to this kind of destruction.

It is recommended that you take out the jewelry safe for aeration every fortnight and leave it out for a minimum of thirty minutes. This applies even to vacuum proof and fireproof safety boxes. Another good way is to keep all the jewelry inside an airtight container before placing it in the jewelry safe.

Moisture faults rarely occur and can only be found in small jewelry safes. The bad smell that builds up can easily be removed by an air purifier like silica gel. If the jewelry safe has dust particles, use a soft cloth and mild cleanser to clean both the inside and outside of the safe.

Best Jewelry Safes

1. AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

This jewelry safe has been designed for the choosiest buyer and the price is just within an affordable range.

This is the best definition of quality and convenience in one safe with several size options, the smallest being 0.5 cubic feet.

There are two bolts with live-door locks, both hidden and resistant to pry.

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

AmazonBasics comes with a digital keypad that is simple to set up. You can rest assured of the maximum safety of your jewelry when away. If by any chance you forget your passcode, two override choices will bypass the key you forgot.


  • Dual override options
  • Budget-friendly


  • There is no manual system of overriding

2. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

Although you will break your account some more, this jewelry safety box from TIGERKING brings you security, luxury, and convenience all in one.

The safe is lockable by use of digital passcodes and it comes with a system for manual override in case you do not remember the passcode.

Additional detail on this safe is an automatic alarm system that instantly vibrates to signal possible unauthorized entry.

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

In matters size, this safe has 2 cubic meters space size where you can store all your jewelry. TIGERKING security safe box is made of strong solid steel and has two different boxes one on the interior.


  • Fashion design
  • Manual override system
  • Instant alarm system


  • Too expensive for a small number of jewelry

3. SentrySafe Fireproof Safe

If you have been looking for a jewelry safe of its kind with high quality, this is it. SentrySafe’s jewelry safe comes with the most trusted locking systems-combination lock: no need for charged batteries or electricity to open.

Furthermore, all your malleable precious stone jewelry will be kept away from the fire for about an hour. This safe’s fireproof rating is 1 hour for temperatures up to 17000F.

SentrySafe Fireproof Safe

Another impressive feature is the drop test method. SentrySafe says that this jewelry safe and its contents will remain unharmed if dropped 15 ft. This is the best safe if you boast a huge collection of jewelry made from precious stones.


  • Remains waterproof safe for 24 hours
  • Verified by ETL
  • Double lock with backlight


  • Expensive
  • Likely to jam

4. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe

Like other jewelry safes on this list, this investment form Yuanshikj also keeps your jewelry secure, the only difference is, it is more affordable than the rest. No need to ask for financial assistance to get this safety box.

This is an average safety box reinforced with heavy-duty steel, giving burglars a hard time to break in.

It features a magnetic lock for auto-locking in case you leave the safe door open.

Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe

It comes with a dual lock system and a backup key for a manual override if you can remember or want to bypass the digital code. The small size is convenient enough to fit in a hidden space in your room.


  • Small size
  • Great to start with


  • Can easily open when subjected to high impact

5. Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe

This is the perfect compact size safety box if you have just started collecting jewelry pieces.

Honeywell Fire Resistant safety box has a floor that is padded with foam making it scratch-free and good for soft and delicate jewelry.

It has been constructed with double steel on the walls leaving burglars no chance of gaining access.Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe

The padded interior has different size compartments that can fit chains, rings, and necklaces. It looks similar to a briefcase and has specialized handles for easy carrying. It is also lightweight.


  • Jewelry friendly (padded floor)
  • Fire resistant
  • Does not look appealing


  • Limited keypad digits (only 5)
  • Prone to water damage

Best Pick: AmazonBasics Steel Safe

After looking through the list several times, I still choose Amazon Basic Steel Safe as the best jewelry safe. It has a compact design and is perfect for all your precious pieces as they sit on a scratch free surface.

Furthermore, the hinges are safe and hardly seen making them pry-resistant. It only weighs 16.5 lbs and can perfectly fit in any space.

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