5 Best UV Resins for Jewelry

5 Best UV Resins for Jewelry

Are you wondering which UV resin is the most preferable to use in jewelry?

Good! We shall tell you more in this guide, including:

  • The difference between UV resin and other jewelry resins
  • The period it takes for UV resin to cure
  • Factors to consider when buying the best UV resin
  • And a lot more!

To start you off, I pulled a list of the top choices. Keep reading to get more information about each of these products and also get quick tips for buying.

1. LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating Best in Quality & Consistency

  • Great Packaging
  • High-Quality Material
  • Yellowing Resistant
2. DecorRom Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Multipurpose
  • Ready to Use
  • Cures Hard
3. Joligel UV Crystal Clear Resin Glassy Finish

  • Instant Cure
  • Thick Resin Material
  • Great Consistency
4. Miraclekoo UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin Crytal Clear Resin

  • No Mixing Needed
  • Yellow and Scratch Resistant
  • Less Shrinkage
5. VidaRosa UV Resin Crystal Clear Multipurpose

  • Non-Sticky
  • Great Value to Money
  • Cures Fast Under UV

Best Pick: LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Does not yellow
  • Great package

LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating

While going through my list of the best UV resins used in jewelry, LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating emerged as my best.


Just by looking at the packaging used in this UV resin, you can tell you are getting a high-quality product. This is the kind of adhesive that is hard and thick that cures within minutes. It can be used on any hard or glass texture.

This glue can be applied to all your bezel settings and craft ideas, it will not stick. Any ultraviolet source, including sunlight, cures the resin within minutes. This resin does not turn yellow and is water-resistant. With all these features in mind, you can rest assured that the jewelry craft will last very long.

5 Best UV Resins Used for Jewelry

Here is the list that I pulled up real quick for the best UV resins you can use on your jewelry pieces.

  1. LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating
  2. Joligel UV Crystal Clear Resin
  3. Miraclekoo UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin
  4. DecorRom Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin
  5. VidaRosa UV Resin Crystal Clear

What is UV Resin for Jewelry?

Let’s start by learning what a resin is. Resin is a natural element that is normally excreted by particular kinds of plants. Sometimes it can be synthetically created in the lab. This substance is highly water-soluble and has high viscosity. For these reasons, resins are effective substances that can be used when crafting different kinds of jewelry.

While UV resin may be used for the same purposes like glue for jewelry, the two are entirely different.

UV or otherwise known as Ultra Violet resins is a type of resin that cures anytime it is exposed to an intensity of ultraviolet rays. The UV radiation cures this kind of resin in a very short period.

5 Best UV Resins for Jewelry

Ultraviolet resins when used for jewelry casting can be used on any kind of jewelry such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Cufflinks
  • Earrings
  • Key fob
  • Tie Pins

Price of UV Resin

The cost of buying UV resin is not expensive for anyone who loves jewelry crafting. The resin bottles come in quantities of 500grams, 200 grams, and 120 grams. The highest quantity definitely is the most expensive.

When you compare the price of a bottle of UV resin with the same quantity of another type like 2-part epoxy resin, the UV resin is a bit more expensive. However, as we shall learn later, ultraviolet resins have more benefits.

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Choosing UV Resins

High-quality ultraviolet resin has several features, one of them being clarity. Here are some of the factors that when considered will lead you to buy the best quality of UV resin in the market:

Curing Time

How long UV resin takes to cure depends on certain factors like the nature of the piece of jewelry. The resin takes longer to cure on large and bulky jewelry than it would on smaller pieces.

Checking the curing period on the packaging of the UV resin is important as this will determine how long your jewelry crafting process will be.

UV Resin Curing Method

Most UV resins will cure under normal sunlight, but the time will shorten if exposed to ultraviolet light. If you want a shorter time frame, you will be required to get a device that generates UV rays that will cure the resin.

This means that you will need to buy UV flashlights, nail curing lights or UV lamps together with the UV resin.

As you buy the lamps, consider how effective it will be in the process of curing. Normally, a UV lamp that is 4-watt will do a good job curing the resin in 3 minutes or less.

If you are not so sure, search on the internet about how effective particular types of UV lamps are.

Type of Resin

There are many kinds of UV resins, but all falling into two major classes: soft and hard ultraviolet resins. Both these classes of resins come from one category of Cationic Epoxy Ultra Violet resins.

Soft UV Resin

This kind of resin gets cured if you expose it to either sunlight or UV light. It is very flexible and is suitable for various jewelry crafts and designs. The flexibility is a great advantage, but if you select a bottle of ultraviolet resin that is thick, the flexibility gets lost and the resin becomes less bendable. The thick resin will achieve better benefits if you apply it in very thin layers.

Hard UV Resin

like the soft resin, this hard UV resin similarly gets cured under UV light as well as direct sunlight. You can find it in both thick and thin layers to use in crafts. The thin texture works very well for bezel filling, pigment mixing, or mold applications.

Ultra Violet Resin Kit

While looking for good quality of UV resin, remember all the kits you will need to put your crafts together. Remember, the UV resin only will not get the job done!

For example, you may need a few bezels or some pre-made molds. You must check if the glue will be effective on polymer clays, silicone molds, or resin molds.

When you know the must have tools, you will select the right ultraviolet resin for your project.

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How to Clean Ultra Violet Resin

You have just completed all your jewelry crafting ideas and projects, and have no idea how to clean up all the dirt that is in your workspace? No need to worry, ultraviolet resins are not hard to get rid of.

Before you even think about cleaning the mess, start by observing the following before starting with the project:

  • Mix the UV resin in a hard plastic container, this is ideal since UV resin does not get stuck on plastic.
  • Be sure to put on a set of gloves before handling resin

Once you are through with the crafting, we have two distinct ways of cleaning up UV resins

Dry and Peel

You will need a silicone mat, wax paper, or a vinyl bathroom curtain. This method is very easy. Take one of the aforementioned materials, whichever you have, and lay it on the surface you intend to work on.

Place the container upside down to allow any resin to drop on it. Leave it for some hours to dry and remove any cured leftovers from the mixing container.

Slowly peel the adhesive from the inner part of the container and throw the peel in the trash can.

Rubbing Alcohol

As soon as you are through with the jewelry crafts, wipe the plastic container using tissue paper. Wipe off all the resin or as much as you can. Take a small piece of cloth/towel and soak in rubbing alcohol or acetone.

The high solvency level of alcohol will get rid of any leftover resins. Repeat until you are sure all the resin is off and that the surface is clean.

5 UV Best Resins for Jewelry

1. Best Pick: LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating

LIMINO UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue & Coating

This is ready to use ultraviolet resin that dries within minutes either in direct sunlight or a 36W powered UV light device. This resin is made using non-poisonous materials. This resin produces just a small odor before it cures but this causes no harm.

This is a hard type of UV resin and suitable to be used on most jewelry types.

It has a likable consistency, dries hard, and no tackiness. This resin comes packaged in a decent pack that has colored prints.


  • Free from toxins
  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Very hard upon curing


  • Shrinks

2. Joligel UV Crystal Clear Resin

Joligel UV Crystal Clear Resin

This glue is solvent-free and non-toxic making it the best choice for all sticking uses for your jewelry.

Joligel UV Crystal Clear Resin cures very fast, especially under UV conditions. Once cured, the resin remains hard and exhibits a glassy look.

With this resin, you don’t need to measure or mix using a hardener. This resin has a very high viscosity and you will not see a break with time. Joligel UV Crystal Clear resin works well as a sealant too.


  • Made of solvent-free material
  • Leaves a smooth glassy surface


  • Feels sticky after using
  • Takes a long time to cure

3. Miraclekoo UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin

Miraclekoo UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin

With this resin, you can complete all your jewelry crafts as well as other activities like decorating crafts, casting, resin art, and bezel setting. This resin is made from non-poisonous material that is high quality and secure to use,

Like most other resins, you will get a strong smell as soon as you open the bottle but will fade away after a few minutes. In case the smell is very strong for you, get a face mask.

This resin is very clear and leaves off a glassy finish. This glassy finish is resistant to scratch and yellowing and it also withstands stains. This goes a long way in increasing the resin’s shelf life.

A UV torch cures this resin extremely fast, but direct exposure to sunlight will do so too. Most reviews on Amazon suggest that Miraclekoo UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin has a low shrinkage ratio compared to other resins.


  • Smooth glossy finish
  • Low shrinkage
  • Does not turn yellow


  • Unreliable consistency
  • May cure with a muggy surface

4. DecorRom Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin

DecorRom Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin

This is another ultraviolet resin that is safe and easy to use, it can even be used by children of any age group. This resin is completely waterproof and is good for long-lasting jewelry crafts you can do at home.

When exposed to UV lights, it takes approximately 2 minutes to cure. When under direct sunlight, this resin takes between 20 minutes and 1hour to cure.

Unlike AB epoxy resins, this one is ready to use and does not need mixing of any kind. You can rest assured of this product as the company is assured of it since it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Versatile
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Water-resistant


  • Takes a long time to dry under sunlight

5. VidaRosa UV Resin Crystal Clear

VidaRosa UV Resin Crystal Clear

Like the previous resin on this list, VidaRosa UV Resin Crystal Clear cures faster when exposed to UV lights but takes longer under direct sunlight. It is commonly used for jewelry crafts as well as other projects like casting, coating, and decorations.

You can mix this UV epoxy resin with a few other pigments for color enhancement.

This resin is crystal clear and produces no bubbles. It is secure to use and can be effectively cleaned using rubbing alcohol or soap and water.


  • Leaves a hard texture when cured
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be mixed with pigments


  • Not consistent
  • Packed in very big bottles

Our Overall Best: Limino Resin

Limino UV Resin remains to be our best and arguably the bestseller ultraviolet resin that does a great job for different projects. It has a thick consistency and cures almost as soon as you apply. This resin has a degassing chemical reaction after it cures, hence its odorless property. It is also secure to use.

This clear UV resin does a great job on different applications like doming, casting, jewelry making, and coating. You can also mix with other materials such as glitter, colorants, or mica powder.

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