5 Best Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces

5 Best Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces

Searching for the of those high-quality jewelry containers for your necklaces?

We are here to help you find the ideal jewelry box. In this guide, you will earn about:

  • What is meant by jewelry box for necklaces?
  • Choosing the perfect jewelry container for necklaces
  • The cost of a jewelry box for necklaces
  • And a lot more

Here is the list I pulled up for the best jewelry boxes you can use for storing your necklaces. Continue reading to also get information about buying tricks and tips.

1. Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder
  • Double storage
  • Incorporated mirror
  • Elegant design
2. Oirlv Velvet Stackable Necklace Organizer
  • Stackable design
  • Velvet cushioning
  • Divided sections
3. RR Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Multifunctional design
  • Durable hardwood
  • Fine armoire workmanship
4. Wuligirl Necklace Jewelry Tray Storage Box
  • Up to 20 necklaces
  • Stackable
  • Glass top
5. Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer
  • Easy-to-see design
  • Integrated accessory bottom dish
  • Padded base

Best Pick: Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder

  • Has a mirror
  • Dual storage
  • Sleek design

Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder

This Glenor Co.12 Section Necklace Holder emerged as my favorite after looking at various jewelry boxes used to store necklaces.

This is the reason.

The box has 12 compartments set in two layers to accommodate all your pieces. The compartments are designed in such a way that your necklaces can fit perfectly without tangling. Furthermore, you can store the necklaces in the sections according to colors.

The box comes with a mirror to help you select the best necklace for the day when you have it on.

The layer at the bottom is deep enough to hold bulky necklaces that have huge pendants and or gemstones. There is also space under the tray to hide all your treasured necklaces.

Glenor Co. also offers you wonderful packaging accompanied by a gift box as well as a greeting card that is blank for you to write a personal message.

5 Best Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces

Off to a quick start, here are the 5 best boxes for necklaces.

  1. Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder (best of the best)
  2. Wuligirl Necklace Jewelry Tray Storage Box
  3. RR Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer (Best design)
  4. Oirlv Velvet Stackable Necklace Organizer (Best Value for money)
  5. Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer

What is a Jewelry Box for Necklaces?

Simply put, this is a jewelry box that has different compartments with space that is large enough to put all your necklaces in, including diffuser necklaces. for you to be more organized, each type of jewelry that you have (necklaces, rings, bands, bangles, etc) should have its own storage space. You wouldn’t want all of them mixed in one box such that they get tangled up.

Jewelry boxes meant for keeping necklaces are a great help when time is not on your side and don’t have time to search through a whole mixture of bling to find the right one. There are different colors and designs of these boxes ranging from once with several layers to ones that have small hooks.

Cost of a Jewelry Box for Necklaces

Different jewelry containers for holding necklaces bear different price tags. These differences may be brought about by certain factors. Some of these factors include:

Design or Style

There are jewelry boxes designed with high levels of craftsmanship. The fancier the necklace holder looks, the deeper you will sink in your pocket. Utilitarian boxes that have several compartments will be more expensive than those with less. The price is however affordable.

Small-sized jewelry boxes will go for a lower price. Other add-ons like cushions and mirrors automatically make the price go higher.

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Common materials used to make jewelry boxes include velvet, wood, and plastic. When compared to necklace holders made from plastic or velvet, wood boxes are pricier. Where you have the necklaces box purely made by hand, the cost will also go higher.

Choosing a Jewelry Box for Necklaces

Your style and personality should always come first when looking for the best necklace holder, whether you are just starting to collect signature necklaces or have a whole bunch of them, make sure to buy a necklace box that will suit your personality and style.

Use the following tips to help you choose the ideal jewelry box for necklaces that you want.

Your Collection

Before buying a necklace holder, take an inventory of the necklaces you have. It is very easy for your collection to bulge just by adding single pieces occasionally. Before you know it you are overwhelmed.

Once you know how big your collection is, select a box that will hold all the necklaces you have. If you are a huge fan of necklaces, I suggest you buy a big necklace box that will accommodate what you have and also have the remaining space for the necklaces you are going to buy soon.

When taking inventory, remember to also note the kinds of necklaces that you have. It will be good if you place the delicate jewelry away from the rest.

Delicate jewelry means those necklaces that are made using malleable stones that make them easily tarnish, chip, or scratch.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Modern or vintage? Wood or velvet? Which way do you want to go? Does the jewelry box you want to buy match the rest of your room? All these are things that contribute to how appealing the necklace holder is to your eyes.

When we talk about a jewelry box that matches your personality, this is exactly what we mean.

No doubt you love your necklaces so much, the reason you want to buy a beautiful box to put them in. why not buy one that looks very attractive and composition. After all, you are the one to decide what looks pretty to you.


The safety of your necklaces determines whether you will buy a jewelry box that has locks or not. If your collection is more than 50% high-end necklaces, you should not compromise on safety. Buy a lockable necklace jewelry box and place it in a room with a controlled temperature.

If you have children, think of placing the box on a raised surface.

Cleaning a Jewelry Box for Necklaces

Cleaning a jewelry box is not difficult provided you know the material it is made of.

If your necklace box is made of wood, you need to use a damp cloth to dust both the inside and outside of the box. Also, remember to clean the crevices if the box has removable trays. Once you are through, use a dry piece of cloth to dry the box. There are also special dusting products that you can use.

Velvet jewelry boxes are quite delicate because of the lint effect. This means their cleaning method is different. You will need a soapy solution and a small brush, preferably a toothbrush. Deep the toothbrush in the soapy solution and use it to rub on the velvet to get rid of any stains or dirt. Then, use a clean piece of cloth to dab on the velvet before leaving it in the open to dry.

Best Jewelry Box for Necklaces

1. Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder

The moment I saw this necklace box, I knew I already loved it. The exterior is a sleek black finishing while the interior is a nice beige hue. Just by looking at Glenor Co. 12 Section necklace holder, you would wish to put all your neckpieces in it.

This box has two layers with enough room. The inside features a set ready with an inbuilt mirror. You will love this if you are a jewelry lover.

Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder

The top layer has 7 normal sections white the bottom layer has 5 spacious insertion pads for you to keep all jewelry types.

When it comes to packaging, the jewelry box is beautifully branded with “Glenor Co,” in gold and comes with a blank greeting card in case you want to gift a special someone. If by any chance something feels not right after you buy, Glenor Co. offers a money-back guarantee.


  • Sleek design
  • Two layers with large spaces


  • Synthetic leather

2. Wuligirl Necklace Jewelry Tray Storage Box

This necklace box has an open display design, you see all your jewelry in a single display. It also has a nice looking velvet material.

This necklace box has a glass top that allows you to quickly choose the necklace you want without opening the holder. Plus, the hooks are simple to access. Furthermore, there is room for colo coding your neckpieces if you so wish.

The velvet material is cushioned, thus providing convenient storage space that prevents your neck chains from scratching.

Wuligirl Necklace Jewelry Tray Storage Box

The edges of this necklace box are made using fiberboard that is not heavy. This means you can place this box on the shelf or dresser. The box also features an appealing grey suede surface.

Wuligirl Necklace Jewelry Tray Storage Box has enough room to store up to 20 necklaces. It is lightweight and you can use it to organize your necklaces any time you are traveling.


  • Scratch-free surface
  • Allows easy access
  • Trays can be stacked


  • Not ideal for long necklaces
  • Likelihood of chunky necklaces to tangle

3. RR Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

If your budget allows for a little more expenditure, go for RR Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer. You are guaranteed of getting high quality.

This box is made with high-quality natural hardwood meant to protect your neck chains from scratches. There are several sections each with enough storage room for your collection.

RR Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

The drawers are lined with velvet and can be pulled out easily. Apart from necklaces, you can put watches or earrings in the drawers. You have the luxury of organizing your jewelry the way you like.

This jewelry box for necklaces has a revolving glass door that makes the jewelry easily accessible when in a hurry. It is also resistant to moisture and has smooth cushioning. The only disadvantage is that you cannot use it to carry jewelry when going on a trip.


  • Very long-lasting
  • Can be used to store different types of jewelry
  • Made from natural wood


  • Bulky

4. Oirlv Velvet Stackable Necklace Organizer

This is a mini jewelry organizer made of synthetic leather and velvet ideal for holding all the types of necklaces that you have.

This particular box is grey but you can order any other color that matches the rest of your bedroom d├ęcor. Although, Amazon is particular about you ordering the minimum number of boxes before you can choose a preferred color.

Oirlv Velvet Stackable Necklace Organizer

This box is well constructed with compartments in form of insert pads so that each of your necklaces stays in its place. This is great to prevent your neckpieces from tarnishing. The case is also designed in a way that the necklaces will not tangle up. It is the perfect case to carry along when traveling since it can carry only six necklaces.


  • Can be stacked
  • Additional compartments for convenient storage


  • Stores few necklaces
  • Has no cover for jewelry

5. Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer

Want a simple but elegant jewelry organizer? This is it! Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer is a little different from the rest of the items on this list since it is designed to hold necklaces in hanging positions.

It features a circular hook design that enables you to hang many necklaces that are in your collection.

This necklace has three bars of different lengths. This makes it perfect for your long neck chains to hang without touching the bottom of the organizer.

Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer

The bottom surface of this necklace holder is strong and stable and is good for storing other kinds of jewelry if you like. You can place ring rolls or earring holders at the bottom surface.

Do not worry about a holder that breaks during delivery or one which does not meet your expectations, Umbra will refund all your money once you return this hanging jewelry holder.


  • The base allows for extra jewelry storage
  • Holds several necklaces


  • Occupies a lot of space

Best Pick: Glenor Co. 12 Section Necklace Holder

I stick with this jewelry holder as the best if you love necklaces. Its black finishing is very attractive and blends in well with any aesthetics in the bedroom. Its versatile style and organization make it the perfect choice for all your jewelry.

To assure you of the quality of their product, Glenor Co. offers a money-back guarantee if the jewelry box delivered to you is the opposite of what you expected.

The modern finish makes this jewelry case the chosen gift for your family and friends.

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