Gemstones Guide: Common Types of Gemstones

Gemstones Guide: Common Types of Gemstones

Gemstones Guide

Purple Gemstones

purple gemstones

Commonly associated with royalty and wealth, purple gemstones are popular these days. It is believed that its color that brings out the ‘Clarity of thoughts’. This color in gemstones comes from the inclusions present.

Purple gemstones display a wide variety of purple shades. They range from lavender, mauve, lilac, and several others. Those stones that have a deeper color are very rare. As a result, they are very expensive.

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Green Gemstones

Finding their spot among the fancied gemstones, green gemstones do not disappoint. This precious gem is loved and desired by aficionados, designers, collectors, and several other gemstone lovers. This beautiful colored gem symbolizes energy, nature, wealth, and even life.

They come in several varieties and hues. For this reason, green gemstones add a unique finesse to any closet. With the different hues available, you can enjoy having different pieces in your collection.

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Blue Gemstones

Blue gemstones date way back in the ancient days. They were commonly made for royal crowns, earrings, and jewelry. Most people desire to have a sapphire. Sapphire is a blue gemstone that has a very deep hue. This feature makes it very elegant. Although gems like Kyanite, Lapis lazuli, or the famous zircon have the same shade, sapphire still outshines them.

They easily fit and match any jewelry. To top it up, you can wear it with any outfit you have.

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Red Gemstones

Red gemstones are among the most popular stones. The one known to many is the ruby. The others that come to mind include red topaz, red garnets, agate, and several other red stones’

Red is known for how well it represents emotions. The most common emission being love. It also represents, lust and passion. If you are looking to silently express these emotions, then a red gemstone is what you need.

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Yellow Gemstones

The color yellow adds vibrancy to your outfit in a unique way. It makes everything a little brighter and elegant. It is well known as a symbol of good luck, wealth, and good health depending on the culture.

If you want to have a gemstone that stands out, drawing enough attention to itself, and has an element of freshness, then go for a yellow gemstone. There are different types of yellow gemstones available for you to pick from.

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Pink Gemstones

Pink is known as the female color. However pink gemstones can be embraced by both genders. This stone has a warm hue that is soft enough to highlight any pastel outfit or even your white one.

Just like other colored gemstones, pink gemstones come in different shades. Even better is that they are very pocket friendly.

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Black Gemstones

Black gemstones go with all the different outfits in your closet. In addition to this, it can be worn by either gender comfortably.

Since there is a wide variety of black gemstones, you may have a difficult time picking out the best. Here are some of the coolest back gemstones for you to choose from.

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Orange Gemstones

If you want to look unique try out a less popular color like orange. Orange gemstones are very unique and owned by very few people.

These stones look exotic and elegant at the same time. To know all about these orange gemstones look no further.

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Brown Gemstones

Brown gemstones are rare, making them very unique. Brown itself is not a popular color to many designers or collectors. You will find very few stores stocking this gemstone and the stock is also very little.

The upside to this stone is it is gender-neutral and suits both genders perfectly.

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