5 Best Ruby Rings for Men

5 Best Ruby Rings for Men

Do you want a ring made of gemstone? One that is unique and best suited for a man?

Check one out of this amazing list of ruby rings for guys.

In this article, you will get all that there is to know about ruby rings for men in addition to answers to questions such as:

  • What is ruby?
  • Is it expensive to buy a man’s ring that is made using rubies?
  • Which is the best kind of metal setting to go with these rings?
  • The best way of cleaning a ruby ring
  • The best place to buy the best ruby rings for men

Here is a list of the best ruby rings for men that I pulled up for you. There are items that are high-end real rubies and also ones that are affordable synthetic stones. Keep reading to know more about the items listed.

1. PMTIER Men’s Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring
  • 18K real gold plating
  • Tarnish-free, Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free
  • Scratch and fade resistant
2. MASOP Retro Gothic Cool Male Ring
  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel
  • High polish finish
  • Comfort fit
3. Cherry Tree Created Ruby Silver Ring
  • Lab created ruby
  • Blingy
  • 925 sterling silver
4. Ruby Color Luxury Turkish Handmade Men’s Ring
  • Bronze inlay
  • Turkish handmade
  • Large stone
5. Palm Beach Jewelry Simulated Ruby Ring
  • 18K gold plating
  • Protective bezel setting
  • Real diamonds

Best Pick: PMTIER Men’s Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

  • Common signet style ring
  • Plated with 18K yellow gold
  • Resistant to scratching and fading
  • Stainless steel material
  • Rhodium plating

PMTIER Men's Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

I consider this 18K gold plated ring that comes with a signet style the best of them all. It is from PMTIER.

Ruby is July’s birthstone, meaning you can use this ring for any event or occasion, be it as a birthstone, for a wedding, or just regular jewelry. This ring is very affordable because the ruby used here is synthetic. The red ‘stone’ at the center is actually glass.

If you are not good with jewelry or not an experienced jeweler, you may not quickly tell that this is lab ruby. It is a gold metal painted over non-skin irritant stainless steel offered to you at a pocket-friendly price. You are going to love this ring very much that you will start thinking about buying real rubies on your next purchase.

5 Best Ruby Men’s Rings

This is the list of my most preferred ruby rings for guys. I will tell you why I like each of them a little later on in my reviews.

  1. PMTIER Men’s Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring
  2. Cherry Tree Created Ruby Silver Ring
  3. MASOP Retro Gothic Cool Male Ring
  4. Palm Beach Jewelry Simulated Ruby Ring
  5. Ruby Color Luxury Turkish Handmade Men’s Ring

What is a Ruby?

Ruby is a stone that is gotten from a mineral scientifically known as corundum and is a highly preferred gemstone among jewelers.

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Corundum comes in a variety of colors the commonest being red and colorless. Red corundum is what is popularly known as ruby while colorless is sapphire.

Different colors of the mineral are formed as a result of metal atoms mixing with the corundum during its development stages. When this happens, the result is red ruby and different shades of sapphire colors.

When it exists on its own, the mineral corundum is crystal clear and it is the same thing you will hear many people call white sapphire.

Corundum has both aluminum and oxygen atoms, but when it develops next to chromium, which is a metal atom, it adopts the red coloring of rubies.

Rubies on the other hand cannot grow if the surrounding has silica or iron. This is the reason rubies are very rare since both iron and silica are elements found almost everywhere.

Are Men’s Ruby Rings Expensive?

The price of jewelry is affected by different factors; ruby rings for men are no different. The cost of buying a ruby online is determined by several factors starting with the gemstone itself.

As expected, a ring made from naturally occurring ruby will be more expensive than that made from lab-created rubies. If the ruby has a large carat weight, its price will also go up. The cheapest ruby rings for guys you will find are those made using artificial rubies such as red glass or red cubic zirconia.

The other factor that contributes to price is the type of metal used to manufacture the ruby ring.

If you are shopping from Amazon, you will realize that there are more yellow gold ruby rings for guys than any other metals. The commonest yellow gold ruby rings are wedding rings. When you opt for yellow gold, consider the karat weight too (18k, 14k, or 10k). When the karat weight is low, it means the gold quantity in the ring is also low.

There are lots of cheaper options at Amazon although most of them come with a lot of disadvantages too. With hundreds of dollars ranging in the mid or high end, you should find a quality ruby ring for a man.

Choosing a Men’s Ruby Ring

Before you start shopping for a ruby ring for a man, you should keep in mind some important factors.

There are many ruby ring sellers in the market like EBay and Amazon and each of them promising to offer the best. Before buying, you have to be keen on the descriptions and details given about these rings. When you google for rubies, a lot of things that are “ruby-like” will come up.

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You will come across a seller who presents a men’s “ruby” ring but in an actual sense, it is a red CZ.

In one of my searches, I found a ring that was never mentioned as ruby but instead was being called a colored stone.

A particular ring on Amazon identifies as Stone Color: Star Ruby. If you have been in the jewelry world for some time, you probably know that star ruby is very rare and when found it is CRAZY expensive. If you think again, this is just a way of telling us that it is a red-colored stone and not a ruby, so watch out for such misinformation.

The video below is from GIA and is showing the comparison between a star ruby and a Burmese treated ruby.

If you are shopping on a budget, make sure you look out for such listings which appear really cheap. On the cheap list, you will find ruby rings that are plated with sterling silver or gold, watch out for that as well.

A little later I will tell you why I think plated rings are not the best options.

Another thing to remember is that there is s big difference between lab-created ruby and treated ruby. Untreated real rubies are seldom found.

Most of the natural rubies found in the market are half treated but still remain natural. Unlike other people, today you learn that color-treated rubies are not fake but synthetic ruby is.

How to Clean a Ruby Ring

Ruby rates a powerful 9th on the Measure of Hardness scale, just like diamonds. This means it has super durability. But that notwithstanding, you still need to regularly clean it.

Upon a huge impact on the right spot, a ruby ring can crack. The same applies to any ruby jewelry.

When cleaning a ruby ring, you need water, mild soap as well as a brush with soft bristles. The ring must be cleaned often even if you don’t wear it on a regular basis because it will still accumulate dirt.

If you are more inclined to use jewelry cleaners, ensure you pick the right cleaner for the metal used in your ruby ring. If you have a sterling silver ring, its chemical cleaner will wipe off polish from the ring, so ensure you use a clean piece of cloth to polish the ring after cleaning.

For gold metal, no need to worry, that will not be stripped off. If you prefer ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, you are good to go as those are also safe for rubies.

Where to Buy the Best Ruby Rings for Men

I recommend you buy ruby rings for men from Amazon; they have more pocket-friendly rings.

When you go shopping, you will find a variety of ruby ring settings like signet rings, ruby diamond rings, class rings, and those with metals like rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver.

Amazon has plenty of gemstone rings that have rubies in them. If you would like a custom-made ring, you may have to pick out the rubies on your own. The best place that gives you this opportunity to build your own ring from start to finish is James Allen.

The prices at James Allen are great too since they retail their rubies and other gemstones directly to the consumer.

These two online sources have a vast selection of real and synthetic loose rubies that feature excellent cuts, carat weights, and shapes.

James Allen allows you to view every one of their rubies using their 360 technology so that you know what you are buying, including all the blemishes that the stone may have.

If you are looking for a ruby engagement ring that will match your wedding band, Blue Nile and James Allen have beautiful options to match your woman’s ring. In short, Blue Nile and James Allen are the online stores to go to when shopping for gemstones.

14K Rose Gold Wavy Ruby and Diamond Ring

Best Ruby Rings for Men

1. PMTIER Men’s Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

Generally, rings that have bezel settings tend to be more costly than channel or prong settings because of the complexity of crafting the metal in them.

With this stainless steel gold plated ring, you will not only buy an expensive ring but a great setting too for less.

This bezel lets the center ruby protrude from the center, which allows it to have more depth.

PMTIER Men's Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

Many rubies tend to have a pinkie red shade, but this ring has a dark red shade which is why it is rich in color even if it is a lab-created ruby. In most cases, when a man is searching for a red ruby ring, they would like a red color along the lines of the color of blood.

This ring is made using 316L stainless steel making it 100% safe for your skin whether sensitive or not. There is an additional coat of 18K yellow gold to reinforce the allergy-free quality while making it appear classier.

The manufacturer provides customers with a 2-month refund guarantee. It comes with a pretty jewelry pouch and in case you do not like what is delivered to you, you can ship it back within two months.


  • Does not cause allergies
  • Protects the center stone better
  • Signet style great for men
  • 18K natural gold plate


  • Synthetic ruby can chip easily
  • Gold plate fades after some time

2. Cherry Tree Created Ruby Silver Ring

If you have been searching for a budget-friendly ruby ring for men to no avail, at last, you found it. This is a great jewelry piece for budget-constrained shopping.

This ring is made using 925 sterling silver band and the center has many lab-created ruby stones. With this ring, a man pulls off a casual but elegant look.

Cherry Tree Created Ruby Silver Ring

Although this ring does not portray a masculine outlook, it is a pretty cherry tree design that oozes bling, something which men like.

The Japanese cherry blossom tree has been a fix in the culture in Japan and also trendy and statement styles.


  • High-quality lab ruby
  • Has a lot of bling
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Less expensive


  • Less masculine
  • Needs regular maintenance

3. MASOP Retro Gothic Cool Male Ring

This is another less expensive pick that is made using non-allergic surgical stainless steel.

This ruby ring is simulated and has red cubic zirconia. Since CZ is a relatively hard stone, this ring cannot be scratched easily.

The ring features an antique look with medieval details and a nicely polished finishing that reflects light to make it shine. Plus, this ring fits comfortably and is perfect for everyday wear.

One good thing is that this ruby ring for men is not plated. Plating wears off after some time leaving the base metal exposed. I can’t fail to mention the price. I mean, just look at its amazing design, and you get all that at a cheap price. This is the reason I felt I should add this value ring to the list.


  • Vintage details
  • Non-skin irritant
  • Big stone
  • Red CZ


  • Cannot be resized
  • Return period is short
  • Some men may find it too colorful

4. Palm Beach Jewelry Simulated Ruby Ring

For a lab-created ruby ring, this piece is gorgeous. It features a big custom-cut stone accompanied by two stunning diamond accent stones on each of the sides.

It is good to have a custom cut shape of ruby since the chances of finding another person with the same ring is low.

I love the way this ring looks, it features two real diamonds but they are not exactly high quality. The price too is not affordable.

The two diamonds have a clarity grade of I3 that has very visible blemishes to the bare eye. However, the diamonds are very small and they are placed where the inclusions cannot be seen easily.

The design of this ring is really of high craftsmanship. A glance at the ring shows how the gold in the ring sticks out and hugs the ruby on the top and bottom. The way the ruby is set is just great.

If you have sensitive skin, you will have to think twice about buying this ring since the manufacturer does not disclose the base metal used. You are not so sure of what lies under the plating and how you will react to it when the plate wears off.


  • Shape is custom cut
  • Gold plate is 18K gold
  • Stone safe in the setting


  • Presumed to cause irritations to the skin
  • Diamonds have low clarity
  • Costly

5. Ruby Color Luxury Turkish Handmade Men’s Ring

A little different look from what is common when it comes to men’s ruby rings is what you get from this ring.

This ring has been handmade in Turkey and features an intricate skill used in its design.

This ring has many grooves which will force you to do a lot more work when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. The groove pockets accumulate dirt easily and you will need to clean it more than often.

Ruby Color Luxury Turkish Handmade Men's Ring

This is the most expensive ruby ring for men on our list, after all, it is handmade. While the ring is too big and masculine it does not look very tacky. It will give any man extra confidence needed when on the finger.


  • Bezel setting protects the stone
  • Red CZ
  • Big synthetic ruby
  • Turkish made by hand
  • Made of 925 sterling silver


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Very expensive

Best Pick: PMTIER Men’s Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

Before you finish reading, I would like to recap for you the best ruby ring to be worn by men that I picked to be the top choice. Let’s recap a few of the reasons mentioned earlier for why this ring makes it to the top.

  • Does not irritate the skin
  • 18K natural gold plating
  • Stone is better protected
  • Signet style compliments the masculine look

And for the shortcomings……

  • Synthetic ruby likely to crack
  • Gold plate will fade off over time

Looking at the price tag and the ring features, I can confidently say that this is the ring you need to buy for the man in your life, be it your spouse, friend, brother, son, or father.

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