5 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings (Wedding Bands)

5 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings (Wedding Bands)

Want a wedding ring that is something out of the ordinary and one that can match the best sapphire engagement rings?

Congratulations! You have landed on the correct page.

Recently, many people have chosen to try out newer designs of wedding rings as opposed to the traditional styles that we know. The majority are leaning toward wedding bands that have gemstones.

The commonest gemstone used for wedding rings is sapphire.

In this guide, you will learn about:

sapphire wedding ring

  • What is a sapphire wedding ring?
  • How do you tell a good sapphire engagement ring?
  • Where can you get the best sapphire wedding bands?
  • Which sapphire engagement ring should you choose?
James Allen 18K Sapphire Ring Comfort Fit

  • VS1 VS2 Clarity
  • Perfect To Stack
La4ve 14K Diamond & Sapphire Ring Dark Blue Sapphire

  • Conflict Free
  • Thicker Shank
14K Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire Ring Milgrain Style

  • Stackable
  • Unique Marquise
Blue Nile Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring Great Durability

  • Standalone Ring
  • Great With Gloves
14K White Gold Pave Blue Sapphire Ring Versatile

  • All Sapphire
  • Low Prongs

Best Pick: 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary RingJames Allen 18K Sapphire Ring

  • VS1 and VS2 clarity rings
  • Compatible with a variety of engagement rings
  • Top-quality rings from James Allen

My best pick for a sapphire wedding ring is this 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary ring sold by James Allen.


This ring matches well with an engagement or anniversary ring. It can also be stacked with other rings.

In this list, there is no other wedding ring that is available in the best clarity. This sapphire ring comes in both VS1 and VS2 clarity and the baguette makes it even great.

The price may seem a little high but you will surely find this ring worthy.

5 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings (Wedding Bands)

After going through numerous web pages and different kinds of sapphire, I have made the final list of the best. You will find no sapphire engagement ring that is better than the ones in the following list.

  1. 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring
  2. La4ve 14K White Gold Princess Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring
  3. 14K Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring 
  4. 14K White Gold Pave Blue Sapphire Ring
  5. Sapphire & Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

1. 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring

The best and my favorite sapphire engagement ring you will find in the market is this piece from James Allen. James Allen is a reputable online jewelry retailer that sells top-quality fine jewelry.

James Allen 18K Sapphire Ring

This ring is my favorite because it has round stones and baguettes in it. I really love baguettes.

This ring is step cut and doesn’t have the kind of reflection you would get from round cut stones. This is good because it is what makes it match any anniversary or engagement ring.

The ring measures 2mm in width which makes it easy to accommodate a ring with a thick shank. It features a channel set and you don’t have to worry about the stones falling off or being caught by fabric. It also fits comfortably.

However, there are a few things that don’t sit well with me about this ring. One of them is that it is available in sizes between 6-and 8 only.

The ring is also not readily available since you must have your finger sized when you order one. Another option is to call a James Allen representative to make one ring in your size or to tell you when your size will be available.

I also do not like gold because it is too soft. The fact that the ring is 18K gold makes it even more of a drawback, although many people like gold. With gold metal, the higher the carat weight, the softer the metal. 18k gold can easily scratch and dent.


  • Easily stacked
  • Fits comfortably
  • VS1 and VS2 clarity are available
  • Can be worn on its own or as a pair


  • Limited range of sizes
  • 18K gold is not durable

2. La4ve 14K White Gold Princess Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring

This blue sapphire ring sold by Amazon makes it to the top of my list because of the channel-set look.

In general, any ring that features princess-cut stones in a channel setting has less chance of the stones falling out.  Round stones can, however, fall out easily.

La4ve 14K Diamond & Sapphire Ring

Channel-set rings do not have prongs and therefore, there is nothing that the ring will hook on.

The 14kt white gold used to make this ring is thick enough to allow it to last longer than most other rings.

It is a dark sapphire making it have better clarity and appearance, its price is affordable too.

Unfortunately, this blue sapphire ring cannot be resized. There is a ring size chart with different sizes, but you must contact Amazon first before you can exchange the ring for a new one.

The lowest color grade you get with this ring is H-I and the lowest clarity is I1-I2, you may be able to notice a few inclusions. You must also read through the product specifications and descriptions. You will not get the details of the sapphire, just the diamonds.


  • Thick shank makes the ring durable
  • Channel-set won’t hook on anything
  • Dark blue sapphire stones


  • Cannot be resized
  • Inclusions are visible
  • No specifications for the sapphire

3. 14K Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring

This ring is different from the rest of the items on this list. A wedding ring that features a vintage style always has a milgrain pattern.

A milgrain pattern has beads dripped on the edge of the metal to give it the old-school look.

14K Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring 

This sapphire wedding ring looks unique and I love the way it looks when paired with rose gold jewelry.

The uniqueness and fashionable look are complemented by a few sapphires in a marquise shape. It can be worn with an engagement band, stacked on top of another, or as a standalone ring.

James Allen offers the chance to engrave this ring, although it is too thin to notice any engraving unless you have a magnifying glass to help read.

The ring may be too thin for some people, but that is what makes it stackable.

This ring may however look weird on you if you have big fingers. You may need to incur additional costs to add some gold to the shank otherwise it can break when stretched.


  • Vintage milgrain design
  • Great for stackable bands
  • One of a kind marquise stones


  • Engravings not legible
  • Looks awkward on big fingers
  • Extra costs if you need to exchange for a different size

4. 14K White Gold Pave Blue Sapphire Ring

This is one of the simplest sapphire wedding bands you will ever see. In the world of jewelry, simple jewelry pieces allow the designer more room for creativity.

This simple wedding ring from James Allen features a round-cut prong-set gems in an all-sapphire thin ring. I had to put this ring on my list because it is simple and versatile.

14K White Gold Pave Blue Sapphire Ring

You can put this ring on as a part of a stackable collection or together with an engagement ring.

The other score for this ring is the prong setting that secures the sapphires in place. It is versatile because of the many stones that make the ring blend with any other ring naturally.

However, the one drawback about this ring is that it comes in sizes 4-6 only, too unfortunate for anyone whose finger is outside that range. I don’t care about any other specifications.

Also, James Allen does not have real grading for the stones in this ring. You will notice that it does not look beautiful when worn alone. It looks much better if it is worn together with another ring.


  • Multiple use
  • All sapphire stones
  • Prong setting secures the sapphires


  • Limited range of sizes
  • Unclear specifications
  • Does not look good as a standalone

5. Sapphire & Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

Blue Nile wraps up our list of best sapphire wedding bands with this halo diamond eternity ring that features a round shape. Eternity style means the sapphires go round the ring.

You must be careful with any eternity wedding band you buy since the stones at the bottom of the ring can get lost or knocked frequently.

Sapphire & Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

This is the reason most ring designers choose not to put stones all the way around the ring. The width and eternity style used in this ring does not make it a great fit for an engagement ring.

An eternity band is not the best to be stacked with another ring but can be a good gift choice for an anniversary. Rings that look good as standalone make the best anniversary rings.

People who work in jobs that are not favorable for engagement rings can wear a wedding band like this one. It is the best choice if you are looking for a unique anniversary gift.

Keep in mind that eternity bands cannot be resized, so if you buy a ring that does not fit, you will be forced to get in touch with Blue Nile.


  • Strong width offers more durability
  • Sends a statement as a standalone
  • Best choice for jobs that require gloves


  • Does not look good with other bands
  • Stones get loose easily
  • Cannot be resized

What is Sapphire?

If you have been reading or know something about another fashion and jewelry, you must have had the word sapphire being thrown here and there. When talking about sapphires, the color blue comes to mind, but this gemstone comes in different colors.

In general, most jewelry makers and sellers say sapphire to mean blue sapphire.

How Does Sapphire Form?

Corundum is also known as aluminum oxide is the mineral credited with forming sapphire. All corundum can be said to be sapphire apart from red corundum which is a ruby.

Natural occurring corundum is white, but when other minerals get into contact with it, it gradually creates the different colors of sapphires that we find in the jewelry stores today.

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Rough or uncut sapphire can be found in recrystallized limestone and inside an eruptive and metamorphic rock that contains aluminum. Different minerals find their way into the lattice-like surface of corundum to give it different colors.

Blue sapphire is gotten when titanium seeps into corundum while a yellow sapphire results from iron presence. Vanadium and chromium get into corundum to form purple and pink sapphires respectively. Other common sapphire colors are black, orange, and green.

The crystals grow in natural conditions but when the magma starts to cool down, sapphires begin growing. The sapphires continue to grow in size as the magma cools. The slower the cooling process, the bigger the stone becomes.

Where are Sapphire Stones Found?

Sapphire is a popular gemstone mined in different places. The largest sapphire deposits are found in Australia, Thailand, China, Nigeria, and Cambodia. There are other locations too.


Sapphire & Diamond Halo Eternity Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

What is a Sapphire Wedding Band?

One of the commonest gemstones used in engagement rings and wedding bands is sapphire and in particular blue sapphire.

Sapphire Wedding Band
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Double Halo Micropavé Ring

Most sapphire wedding rings in the market are designed for women, but men can also adorn them.

A blue sapphire wedding ring attracts a lot of attention. Most people like to wear an all-sapphire wedding band but it is not unusual to find a few people with a combination of white diamonds and blue sapphires.

Sapphire is September’s birthstone and the most popular gemstone for wedding rings, it’s no wonder many people prefer them. Sapphire rings make the perfect choice both for wedding and engagement rings.

Sapphire makes the best choice for a wedding band because it is durable. It sits at position 9 on the Measure of Hardness scale. This is the same scale used to measure how hard and durable a mineral is. Diamond is the hardest mineral measuring 10 on the scale.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Styles

Sapphire wedding rings come in a variety of styles.

You can find them in rose gold, yellow gold, 14K white gold, or platinum. The blue color looks beautiful in white gold, but rose gold is becoming more popular.

Blue sapphire comes in various shapes and cuts. The center stone for an engagement ring is commonly oval, round, princess, or cushion cut.

Jewelers prefer to use princess, baguette, or round-cut sapphires when making wedding bands. You may be lucky to find unique rings with pear or marquise cuts.

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Are Sapphire Wedding Bands Expensive?

How much you will pay for a blue sapphire wedding ring depends on several factors.

The factors center around the 4Cs, but other factors count too since sapphire is not a diamond.


The highest quality of sapphire is dark, but it does not mean that it does not have inclusions. Inclusions can be found on the edge, below the surface, or on the surface.

Clarity is important because of the blue hue in the stone.

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Gemstones use a different color grading scale from that of diamonds. When you think about the color scale of sapphire, think about the concentration of the color.

When a higher content of another mineral penetrates in the corundum, say titanium, the color intensity will be high. The higher the color intensity, the higher the price of sapphire rings.

Most jewelry lovers like to buy dark blue sapphire but I prefer a lighter shade of blue. I like more transparency in my diamonds instead of opaque or dark stones. Such sapphire rings are also more affordable.

Carat Weight and Size

Like most other stones, the price will be determined by its size. Carat refers to the weight of the stone and not its size, although most people think of carat in terms of size. Most jewelry shops sell sapphires as low as $30 for a 1-carat stone and go as high as $100 for 1 carat.

Natural or Lab-grown Sapphires

Jewelers like to color-treat gemstones to make their colors more concentrated. Treated gemstones are affordable. It is common to find jewelry makers using lab-grown sapphire, especially in wedding bands.

Lab-grown sapphires are known not to have many inclusions since they have been treated to make the color and clarity better.

It is not easy to find natural sapphire because first, they are hard to mine, second, they need heavy labor, and lastly, it’s not easy to make a high-quality sapphire.

If you find natural sapphire with very high clarity, be ready to cough out a huge amount of money. The price ranges from $50 to $10,000 for 1 carat stone.

The most expensive blue sapphire ever known is the Blue Bell of Asia, a Ceylon. It was 100% natural and weighed 392.52 carats sold in 2014 for more than $17 million.

Watch the video below to get tips on how to buy sapphires.

Tips for Buying a Sapphire Wedding Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

When buying a sapphire wedding band, you must consider all the factors that contribute to the final price.

I advise that get all the information you can about sapphire before your shopping spree. You must have an idea of what kind of sapphire wedding band you want.


Oval Sapphire Halo Anniversary Band
Oval Sapphire Halo Anniversary Band

What metal build do you want for the ring?


When you peep in most jewelry store collections, you will notice that white gold is the commonest metal for blue sapphire engagement and wedding rings. Some people like the sun-like appearance of yellow gold.

In the recent past, rose gold has become the preference of many people and is now being combined with sapphire, although they are not common in the jewelry market.


Instead of gold, you can try platinum. Platinum is highly durable and will be more expensive than gold. Gold is a soft metal while platinum is stronger. As you settle for platinum, keep in mind that is sapphire wedding heavier than gold.

Alternative metals

Stepping aside from precious metals, you can try a new look with a more industrial style. Try the sapphires in alternative metals such as titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, or cobalt. Many men’s wedding bands come in alternative metals.

Many people prefer these metals because they provide a comfortable fit that keeps the ring on your finger preventing it from slipping. Most sapphire rings you will find in alternative metal are channel-set.

Oval Sapphire Halo Anniversary Band
Oval Sapphire Halo Anniversary Band

Sterling silver

If you are on a budget, a blue sapphire ring set in sterling silver is the best option. This metal works not only for blue sapphires but white and pink too.


We have already mentioned that you need to consider the stone’s clarity and color intensity for a wedding band. Jewelers prefer to limit the carat weight for wedding bands to1/2 carat or less and include a few of them.

It may prove a little difficult to tell the clarity, but smaller stones make clarity, not a big issue.

If you are looking for a blue sapphire wedding band with several sapphire stones, the stones are going to be too small that the clarity factor will not be something to think so much about. It will be difficult to see an inclusion in a small bluestone. The color does a good job of hiding any inclusions.

When you decide to settle for loose stones or to pick an already set ring, you must make sure that the stones are uniform all-round the ring.

All the stones must have the same color and clarity grade. If the colors are not the same, you will notice some irregularities in the ring. The colors may appear conflicting to affect the overall beauty of the ring.

Matching with Other Pieces

When looking for a sapphire wedding ring, you most likely are going to wear it with an engagement ring. The best sapphire engagement rings are usually solitaire with a halo around together with other side stones.

Most jewelry stores stock sapphire bridal sets. It is not always that you see a sapphire bridal set that has blue stones.

Most bridal sets have diamonds with countable sapphires. In an engagement ring, the sapphire may be the center stone and the rest are diamonds.

Sapphire and Diamond Garland Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Garland Ring

When buying a wedding band that has sapphire or diamonds, it is better to make sure that the number of stones equals that found on the engagement ring.

Let’s say you have a round cut diamond and sapphire pave wedding ring with five stones in a prong setting. And an engagement ring that has both halo round-cut diamonds and emerald-cut sapphires at the center.

You must ensure that the number of stones you can see on the wedding band is almost the same as that of the side stones on the engagement ring. Most rings have stones halfway through the ring shank.

The stones are midway because when they cover the ring all the way around, it becomes hard to resize the ring. It also lowers the integrity of the prongs that secure stones.

When the number of stones is not equal on both rings, the bridal set will look weird, the mismatch can be seen clearly. The number of stones does not have to be exactly the same, but something close. Not just the number of stones only but their size too.

How to Select the Best Sapphire Engagement Ring

  1. Always look at all the characteristics and aspects of the sapphire ring before buying it.
  2. If you can, check out the stone’s specifications including clarity and color grades. If you can’t, ask the jeweler about such details.
  3. Ensure all the sapphire stones you pick have similar shape and color grades.
  4. Research widely to get information about the kind of sapphire wedding band you want. This way you filter out the rings you don’t want and take less time shopping.
  5. If you are looking for a bridal set, look for a wedding ring that matches the engagement ring you have.
  6. Buy a sapphire wedding ring that goes with your personality and pick a ring that your heart desires.

Cleaning a Sapphire Wedding Band

The process of cleaning a sapphire wedding band is easy. The simplest procedure involves the use of warm water and mild soap to get rid of all the dirt and grime.

You can use a brush with soft bristles to scrub in between stones and all around the ring. This method can be used on all kinds of metals.

Alternatively, you can buy a jewelry cleaner, it is not expensive. if you have a silver sapphire wedding ring, you should use a silver cleaner.

However, don’t let the ring soak in the cleaner because it has a high potency. The best way to clean is dip the ring in the cleaner, swish around for a bit and pull it out immediately then dry it with a clean paper towel. The silver may look dull when being cleaned but a polishing cloth does the magic of making it shine again.

Similarly, sapphire rings set in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold should be cleaned with a gold cleaner. You can soak the ring in the cleaner without worrying about damage.

Another option is to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Jewelry shops like to soak sapphires in ultrasonic cleaners although it is not advisable, especially for color-treated stones.

Best Place to Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings

Many jewelry shops, both online and brick and mortar sell sapphire wedding bands but only a few can be trusted. James Allen and Blue Nile are the best places to buy sapphire rings.

In these online shops, you can build your ring from scratch. They have many loose sapphire stones with different color intensities to pick from. All the stones are of high quality.

If the sapphire rings at James Allen and Blue Nile seem too expensive for you, head over to Amazon for a ring with less expensive options. There are several wedding rings with different prices and set in various metals.

Best Pick: 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring

Of all the wedding rings and best sapphire engagement rings I came across, this baguette and the round-cut ring are the best.

The ring has both sapphires and diamonds with different shapes that make it look great with an engagement ring. It can also look beautiful when worn on its own.

With a great combination of gemstones and diamonds, this ring will surely attract attention when you wear it.

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