Best Sapphire Wedding Bands

Best Sapphire Wedding Bands

Are you searching for a unique wedding band?

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Numerous individuals opt to stray away from the customary diamond ring and explore the realm of gemstones for their special day.

Among the various gemstones used in wedding bands, sapphire has become increasingly popular.

With my assistance, you’ll discover:

  • What precisely are sapphire wedding bands?
  • What are the characteristics of an excellent sapphire wedding band?
  • Where can you purchase sapphire wedding bands?
  • Above all, which one should you choose?

Best Sapphire Wedding Bands

I have sifted through numerous pages and images of blue sapphire wedding bands and have concluded that these are the top-rated options available today:

Best Sapphire Wedding Bands Review

  1. 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring


Having conducted extensive research on fairly priced, reputable, and trustworthy sapphire wedding bands, I have made a decision on the best one available in the market today.

My top pick for some of the best sapphire wedding bands is from the esteemed jeweler, James Allen, known for their premium grade fine jewelry.

What I particularly love about this ring is the combination of baguette and round gemstones.

As a fan of step-cut stones, I appreciate that they won’t reflect as much light as round-cut gemstones, which won’t take away from an engagement ring.

With a width of 2mm, this ring is versatile enough to complement different types of engagement rings, including those with a thick shank. It’s also designed with a comfortable fit and channel-set stones, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about losing stones if it catches on anything.

However, there are a couple of things that I’m not thrilled about. Firstly, this diamond ring only seems to be available in a limited range of sizes (6-8), which may require you to get it resized unless you can request a custom size from James Allen.

The ring is made of 18k solid gold, which may not be the most durable option as gold is a soft metal that is prone to scratches and dents.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Perfect width for stacking
  • Can be worn alone or paired with an engagement ring
  • Stones have VS1 and VS2 clarity


  • It’s available in a limited range of sizes
  • Lower durability due to 18k gold
  1. La4ve Diamonds 14K White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band Ring


I find La4ve blue sapphire wedding band ring appealing owing to its exquisite channel-set appearance. The princess-cut gemstones are set in a channel, which means they’re unlikely to get caught on or fall out compared to rings with round stones.

Additionally, as channel-set rings do not have prongs, the ring cannot catch on anything.

The 14K white gold used in this ring is also thick, ensuring better durability. The blue sapphires are darker, which is beneficial for overall appearance and clarity, and the price point is affordable.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this sapphire ring. It is not resizable, although it is available in a range of sizes as per the seller’s chart. If the ring does not fit, you will need to contact the store to exchange it for another one.

What’s more, the minimum color and clarity for the diamonds in this ring are H-I and I1-I2 respectively. However, you might come across some visible inclusions within the diamonds. Furthermore, there are little to no details provided on the blue sapphires, the diamonds only.


  • The channel-set design prevents snagging
  • Thick shank for enhanced durability
  • The blue sapphires especially the darker ones offer clarity and a striking appearance
  • Affordable price point


  • They cannot be resized
  • Diamonds may have noticeable inclusions
  • No information available on the sapphires
  1. 14K Rose Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Arrow Shape Wedding Ring


On our list, we have a different wedding band type that features some sort of vintage ring with a pattern known as milgrain.

In this case, milgrain is typically the beads that are dripped on the crest of the spectacular metal that gives it a classic vibe. What’s unique about this blue sapphire wedding ring is the pairing of blue sapphires with rose gold, which is becoming more and more popular.

The ring has a thin band, making it perfect for stacking with other rings or even wearing on its own. It also features marquise-shaped gemstones that add to its uniqueness.

Although James Allen can engrave this ring, the band too thin that the engravings are barely readable with naked eyes. In this case, you have to use a magnifying glass, which can be disappointing.

Another potential issue is that the band may not look good on larger fingers, and if you want it resized, it can cost more because the jeweler might need to add extra gold on the shank to prevent it could from breaking due to stretching.


  • It’s  a vintage ring with milgrain pattern
  • Perfect for stacking with other rings
  • Spectacular marquise sapphire gemstones


  • The engravings may not be readable
  • Not suitable for larger fingers
  • High resizing costs
  1. Sapphire and Diamond Halo Eternity Ring


Sapphire and Diamond Halo Eternity Ring is a stunning sapphire ring from Blue Nile. Eternity rings feature stones that run around the entire circumference of the band, but this can lead to stones getting knocked around underneath the ring.

Because of this, most wedding rings don’t feature stones that go all the way around. Additionally, due to its width and style, this ring is not designed to go with any engagement ring.

However, eternity bands make great anniversary gifts, and they are also suitable for those in certain professions that require wearing gloves. This ring is best suited for those looking for ideas of anniversary gifts.

It’s worth noting that eternity rings cannot be resized. This means that you might need to reach Blue Nile when you order the wrong size.


  • Sturdy width for added durability
  • Suitable for individuals who work with gloves
  • Makes a statement on its own


  • The eternity rings may have loose stones
  • Not designed to pair with other different rings
  • Cannot be resized
  1. 14K White Gold Pave’ Set Blue Sapphire Ring


In the jewelry industry, simplicity can provide room for creativity. This all-sapphire wedding ring from James Allen has a thin band and prong-set round-cut stones, making it versatile and easy to match with other rings.

What I appreciate about this ring is its lower prong-set design, which ensures each sapphire is securely in place. Additionally, the numerous stones make it a lot easier to pair with another ring for a more uniform look.

However, the fact that this ring is only available in two sizes (4-6) may pose a problem for some customers. Furthermore, the lack of specific sapphire grading information is disappointing. Finally, this band may not look great as a standalone wedding ring or anniversary ring and is best used as part of a relatively big design.


  • Versatile design
  • All-sapphire band
  • Low prong-set design


  • It’s available in limited sizes
  • Lack of specific sapphire grading information
  • Not suitable as a standalone wedding ring

What Are Sapphires?

Sapphire is a well-known gemstone in the world of jewelry, often associated with  blue color, although it is available in a range of colors. Despite this, the term “sapphire” typically refers specifically to the blue variety, as recognized by both customers and jewelers.

How Sapphires Form

Sapphires are a well-known gemstone in the jewelry industry, often associated with color blue, although they come in a variety of colors. Despite this, when most people refer to sapphires, they are usually referring to blue sapphires.

Sapphires are formed from the mineral corundum, also referred to as aluminum oxide. Corundum is technically sapphire, except for red corundum which is called ruby. Pure corundum is colorless, but as it forms close to other different minerals, it absorbs their colors, resulting in the range of sapphire colors we currently see.

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Typically, you can find rough sapphire stones in limestone that has undergone recrystallization, as well as in both igneous and metamorphic rocks with high amounts of aluminum. The color of the sapphire is determined by the type of mineral that seeps into the corundum as it forms.

When titanium and corundum mix, it results in the highly sought-after blue sapphire. Meanwhile, the presence of iron in corundum gives rise to yellow sapphires.

If corundum contains vanadium, it produces a purple sapphire. On the other hand, the presence of chromium yields pink sapphire. In addition to these colors, sapphires also come in orange, green, and black hues.

As the crystals grow under particular conditions, sapphires form when magma on the earth cools slowly. The size of the sapphire is entirely dependent on the cooling process. For instance, if the process is slow, then the sapphire will be relatively large.

Where Can You Find Sapphire?

Sapphires are widely available and can be found in numerous locations around the world. Large deposits of sapphires can be found in countries such as China, Australia, Nigeria, Cambodia, and Thailand. Additionally, there are other different locations where sapphires can be found.


What Are Sapphire Wedding Bands?

Keep scrolling to find out!

Sapphire wedding bands are among the most preferred choices when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings. Plus, they are typically seen in blue sapphire.


Although sapphire wedding bands are predominantly marketed towards women, but men can also enjoy the look of blue sapphire bands.

There’s something striking about the appearance of blue sapphire bands and rings that draws many people to them. Some of these wedding bands consist solely of sapphires, it’s more common to see bands that combine blue sapphires with white diamond.

Sapphire wedding bands and engagement rings are an excellent choice for bridal jewelry, as sapphires are both the popular gemstones and the birthstone for September.

Sapphires are a durable gemstone, with a hardness rating of 9 on Mohs scale, which measures durability and the hardness of minerals. Diamonds, the hardest mineral, have a rating of 10 on Mohs hardness scale.

Different Styles Of Sapphire Wedding Bands

Sapphire wedding band offers a diverse range of styles to choose from. They can be set in rose gold, yellow, platinum, or white. While white metals provide a stunning contrast to the blue sapphire, rose gold sapphire wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular.

Sapphires are available in various cuts, also known as diamond shapes. The most commonly used shapes for blue sapphire rings are cushion, oval, round, and princess cut.

However, for sapphire wedding bands, round, princess, and baguette cuts are more common. Occasionally, you may come across a unique wedding band featuring cuts such as pear or marquise.

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Are Sapphire Wedding Bands Cheap or Expensive?

The cost of sapphire wedding bands is determined by several factors, including the 4Cs (carat weight, cut, clarity, and color), although they differ slightly from diamonds since sapphires are a different gemstone altogether.


Unlike diamonds, gemstones are graded on different color scales. The intensity of color in a sapphire is determined by the amount of titanium present in corundum.

Darker sapphires are more expensive. However, personal preference varies as some individuals fancy lighter shades of blue sapphire, which is less costly. Additionally, gemstones with transparency rather than opaqueness are also relatively cheap.


Even the finest sapphires have inclusions; these may be found on the edge, surface, or underneath the surface of the stone. If you prefer lighter blue sapphires, clarity becomes particularly important.

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Size and Carat Weight

Size influences the price of precious stones, and although carat is the measure of weight, it is often perceived as size. Sapphires vary in price, ranging from $30 to $100 per carat.

Lab-Created vs. Natural

Heating gemstones is a common practice used to enhance color intensity. These treated gemstones are typically less expensive. Majority of sapphire wedding bands are made using lab grown sapphires, which offer color enhancement and greater clarity due to the absence of inclusions.

Natural sapphires are considered rare and thus more expensive due to the difficulty involved in mining them and the extensive labor required to produce a high-quality gemstone.

Sapphires with higher clarity and natural origin can be especially pricey, ranging from $50 to upwards of $10,000 per carat.

Fun fact: There has never been a blue sapphire as costly as the Blue Bell of Asia. This 392.52-carat Ceylon sapphire was 100% genuine and in 2014, it fetched more than $17 million.

Check out the video below for tips on buying sapphires:

Factors to Consider When Looking for Sapphire Wedding Bands

When shopping for sapphire wedding bands, it’s important to consider all the factors that contribute to its price.


Before embarking on your search for a sapphire wedding band, it’s advisable to always have a rough idea of what you’re looking for.


When choosing a metal for your sapphire wedding band, consider which color complements the sapphire best.


White gold is one of the most popular choice for sapphire rings, as it creates a beautiful contrast against the blue stone.

Yellow gold is a classic choice that can also complement the deep blue of a sapphire.


Rose gold, on the other hand, has gained popularity in recent years and can add a unique touch to your wedding band. While not as common as white or yellow gold, you can pair it with sapphires to create a beautiful and distinctive ring.


Platinum is an alternative to gold for a sapphire wedding band. It is more pricey due to its durability and strength compared to gold, which is an incredibly soft metal. Besides, platinum rings are usually heavier than most gold rings, which is something to consider.

Alternative Metals

If you’re feeling bold and want something different, alternative metals may be an option for your sapphire wedding band. Men’s wedding bands often feature sapphires set in metals like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and stainless steel. These incredible metals provide a comfortable fit and the sapphires are typically channel-set.


Sterling silver is an affordable choice for sapphire rings. It is common to find blue, white, and pink sapphires set in silver in retail stores.


When selecting a sapphire for your wedding band, consider the clarity and intensity of the stone. Typically, wedding bands feature sapphires that are ½ carat and smaller, with several stones set in the band.

Determining clarity can be challenging, but smaller stones tend to have less significant clarity concerns. For instance, if you are considering sapphire wedding bands with many small blue sapphires (such as 10 and beyond), the clarity becomes less important as you wouldn’t be able to notice any inclusions in a stone that size.

Additionally, the color of the stones can help to conceal any inclusions.

When choosing sapphires for a wedding band, it’s important to ensure that all of the stones are consistent in terms of clarity and color.

This means that they should have the same color grade and clarity grade, and be of the same tone throughout. If there are differences in tone, it can create a conflicting look and detract from the entire beauty of the jewelry piece. However, regardless of size, it’s always important to make sure that the sapphire stones are real and not fake.

Matching To Different Pieces

When looking for sapphire wedding bands, it’s common to also consider a matching engagement ring with the same stone. A sapphire engagement ring can come in various styles, such as solitaire, halo, or with side gems.

Sapphire bridal sets, on the other hand, are quite popular, but not often do they include only blue sapphires in every stone. Instead, some sets may feature diamond wedding bands with a couple of sapphires, while the engagement ring may have a sapphire center stone coupled with a diamond band.

When considering a wedding band or engagement ring with sapphire or diamond side stones, it’s important to ensure that all the stones in the wedding band matches up with those in the engagement ring in terms of numbers.


For instance, if diamond and sapphire pave wedding bands has five different prong-set stones that include round cut sapphires and diamonds, it’s crucial that the number of visible side stones in an engagement ring is close to the number in the band.

For the most part, bands cut off gemstones midway on the wedding ring shank to make it easier to change the size of the ring and maintain the prongs integrity.

If the band features a significant number of stones as compared to the engagement ring’s side stones, it can create a mismatched look for the bridal set. While the number of stones doesn’t have to be exact, it should be relatively close in both size and number.

To choose the best sapphire wedding bands, examine different aspects of the ring, including the color and clarity grades.

Ensure that all sapphire stones have uniformity in shape and color, and know the ring style and metal you want to narrow down your search. If purchasing a wedding ring set, make sure that the band lines up and matches with the engagement ring.

Ultimately, the sapphire wedding ring tends to reflect your personality and individuality, so choose from your heart.

Cleaning Sapphire Wedding Bands

Cleaning a sapphire wedding band is a breeze. For a cost-free method, use a small amount of liquid soap and water to achieve a pristine finish. Take a buttery-soft brush with bristles and gently scrub the ring, ensuring you cover every crevice. This technique is effective on all types of metals.

However, if you prefer using a jewelry cleaner (comes highly recommended), it won’t break the bank, as its relatively cheap. You might have to use silver jewelry cleaner only when dealing with sapphire wedding bands or engagement rings made of silver.

It’s crucial not to leave the jewelry in the cleaner for too long since it is highly potent. Dip it in, swish it around, and dry it with paper towel. Silver cleaners may cause the jewelry to appear dull, but a polishing piece of cloth can make it gleam once more.

Conversely, sapphire jewelry embedded in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, can also be cleaned using gold cleaner. These jewelry pieces can soak in the cleaning solution without the need for any additional tips.

If you prefer to use an ultrasonic cleaner, avoid putting color-treated gemstones like sapphire stones in it. Although jewelry stores often use them, it’s not advisable.

Best Places to Buy Sapphire Weddings Bands

There are numerous online stores and retailers that usually sell sapphire wedding bands, but a select few stand out from the rest. My personal favorites are James Allen and Blue Nile.

What I adore about these retailers is that customers can design your own ring online then watch it take shape before your eyes. These brands have an abundance of loose sapphire gemstones that you can choose from, each with different intensities, making them premium grade fine jewelry.

However, if these retailers are beyond your budget, you can also find exquisite sapphire wedding bands on different platforms like Amazon. Plus, they have a wide range of wedding rings at different prices, available in the different metals we’ve discussed today.

Top Pick – 18K White Gold Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring

In my opinion, the round cut and baguette band is an ultimate sapphire wedding band.

The combination of blue sapphires and diamonds in distinct shapes make it an ideal match for various engagement ring types. It also stands out brilliantly as a standalone wedding and anniversary band.

Featuring stunning alternating gemstones and diamonds, this ring is guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your appearance, regardless of how you decide to flaunt it.

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