Where to Buy Morganite Engagement Rings Online

Where to Buy Morganite Engagement Rings Online

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for the best places to buy morganite rings online. Keep scrolling!

In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about morganite engagement rings and answer some of the most frequently asked questions including:

  • Are morganite stones ideal for engagement rings?
  • How do I know the deal is good?
  • What are some of the red flags that I should look out for when buying a morganite engagement ring?
  • What are some of the things I need to look out for when buying morganite rings?

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

Best Places to Buy Morganite Rings Online

Here’s a highlight of some of the best places to buy morganite rings online. Read on to learn more about these shops.

What Are Morganite Stones?

Morganite is part of the beryl mineral family. It’s typically a peachy pink gemstone. Beryl minerals usually come in a variety of colors similar to topaz, sapphires and tourmalines. You’re probably familiar with some of these minerals.

Emeralds are also a beryl mineral variety that come in deep green hues while aquamarines are light blue. In addition, there are blue and green beryl. However, the different color shades is one of the many ways you can use to tell the gemstones apart.

Colorless beryl with manganese impurities causes pink to salmon colored gemstones. Most morganite stones have been subjected to different kinds of treatment to help enhance their color. Plus, morganite is one of the most sought after gemstone for fashion jewelry pieces and engagement rings alike.

Best Places to Buy Morganite Rings Online

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best places to buy morganite rings online:

  1. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is one of the most popular reputable online diamond retailers that take pride in going beyond Kimberley’s process of responsible sourcing. However, we’ll not talk about their diamond stones collection in this learning guide.

Brilliant Earth has an edge over other online retailers since they allow clients to choose their own loose morganites to place in the ring settings. Other retailers have this option for select gemstones and diamonds only but don’t allow customization of morganite rings.

In addition, Brilliant Earth carries pre-set morganite rings. However, their gemstone collection is limited, which is quite normal. It’s equally not as popular like other colored stones and it falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum.

All the morganite stones in their collection have been subjected to different kinds of heat treatment. What’s more, you can spin the morganites and check them out for any blemishes and clarity imperfections thanks to the 360-degrees view.

The loose morganites from Brilliant Earth’s collection varies. At the time of writing this article, they had more than 30 loose morganite stones in different shapes. Currently, the brand carries 8 loose morganites and that tells you how popular they’re out there.

For the most part, Brilliant Earth carries pink and peach morganites. Plus, they give you more than 200 options for engagement ring settings to choose from in a wide variety of styles and metal colors. However, the ring settings are relatively expensive as compared to what other online retailers offer, so it would be best to get the option of buying morganite on its own.

Brilliant Earth doesn’t offer free warranties for their jewelry pieces save for manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in design. When it comes to maintenance options, you can always go for the 3-year extended service plan. The sliding scale helps determine the cost.

The best thing about Brilliant Earth is that they have a 30-day return policy. Just as the name suggests, the return policy allows you to return the engagement ring within 30 days from the day of purchase at no extra cost.


  • They carry loose morganite stones
  • They have more than 200 ring settings options
  • They offer a 3-year extended service plan for maintenance purposes
  • You can customize and pre-set


  • Their high-quality stones are quite expensive
  1. Helzberg


Helzberg also come highly recommended especially if you’re looking for morganite rings online. They have a wide selection of morganite rings as compared to other online retailers. However, unlike Brilliant Earth, they don’t carry loose morganite stones.

As earlier mentioned, Helzberg has a wide collection of morganite rings than James Allen and Blue Nile put together. Helzberg is almost similar to Zales and Kay Jewelers except they’re owned by a family. Their prices for wedding bands and engagement rings are equally the same. Their morganite selection is top tier.

However, you might want to explore other alternatives when looking for bridal jewelry pieces. Unlike its counterparts, Helzberg’s collection of morganite rings come in white gold, sterling sliver and 10K rose gold, that is relatively cheaper than the famous 10K.

Most of the morganite rings in their collection are from Zac Posen, a popular ring setting designer. Blue Nile also carries the designer’s ring setting. These rings are relatively expensive than an average morganite ring since they’re designer.

They have unique pre-set morganite rings even though their collection has about 10 morganite engagement rings. Not only do they look regal but also vintage. Helzberg gives you an option of adding a lifetime care plan if you buy a morganite ring from them.

The cost of Helzberg’s lifetime plan depends on the price of the item. For instance, a white rose gold morganite ring that goes for less than $1,999 comes with a lifetime care plan worth $179.99. Helzberg also have a 30-day return policy on their jewelry pieces in case you don’t like your purchase.



  • They offer premium maintenance warranty
  • They have physical locations as well as online stores
  • They have white gold ring options
  • They have a line of unique designer morganite rings


  • They don’t have a line if loose morganites
  • The designer ring settings is relatively expensive
  1. James Allen

James Allen is one of the most popular online retailers out there but rank a little lower when it comes to best places to buy morganite rings. This is because their collection of pre-set morganite jewelry pieces is relatively small.

Go to the gemstones rings page under the gemstone drop down tab and filter the stones to morganite. However, you’ll have to deselect all the 20 options since they usually come already selected. Alternatively, type in morganite rings on the search bar to avoid having to deal with this problem in the first place.

James Allen has more than 20 morganite rings in their collection that are only available in 14K rose gold. Their options are quite limited and most of the ring styles are typically halo rings. All their rings usually have true solitaire since most of the ring selection have smaller diamonds in the setting or halo.

James Allen can only give you the specs of the stone in question but can’t allow you to choose your own morganite. The specs include the quality along with the number of diamonds. Other online retailers like Zales and Kay Jewelers give general specs of the stone like color and minimum clarity.

James Allen also allows you to view pre-set jewelry pieces through the 360-degrees viewer. Not only does it show clarity imperfections but also how light tends to hit the gemstone in that particular setting. The 360-degrees viewer is controllable and equally easy to use.

The best thing about James Allen is that they offer a lifetime warranty for all their jewelry pieces at no extra cost and morganite rings are no exception. This warranty covers any routine maintenance including polishing, cleaning, retipping prongs and tightening the gemstone. Plus, they have a 30-day return policy if you don’t care for the morganite ring you just purchased.


  • They offer routine maintenance warranty at no extra cost
  • They have a 360-degrees viewer
  • They give you specific details of the gemstone


  • They don’t have loose morganite stones
  • They offer rose gold ring settings only
  • They have a few rings style variations
  1. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a renowned company known for its exquisite line of wedding bands and diamond engagement rings. They have a trusted and excellent reputation among their consumer base since they were the first to sell loose diamonds online in 1999.

Just like James Allen, Blue Nile has a smaller collection of morganite rings as well. Click on Gemstones ring on the drop down menu under the jewelry tab to skim through what they have in stock. Once you’re done, proceed to filter the morganite.

Blue Nile has more than 10 morganite rings in their collection at the moment. They don’t have solitaire ring settings but instead have some diamond accents. However, two of them lack a diamond halo and one of those features aquamarines.


They only have 18K and 14K rose gold rings without any white gold and yellow gold options. They provide quality pictures albeit without the 360-degrees viewer for morganite rings.

Morganite rings from Blue Nile are pretty expensive with only one option under $1000. Plus, all their morganite jewelry pieces are subjected to heat treatment. Like other online retailers, Blue Nile’s jewelry pieces don’t come with warranties.

However, the jewelry pieces usually come with manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects only and none whatsoever for wear and tear. You can return your morganite ring if you don’t like it within 30 days from the day of purchase.


  • They provide quality pictures for their products
  • Different shapes and styles
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • They have a 30-day return policy


  • Their jewelry pieces are relatively expensive
  • They don’t offer warranties for their products
  • They don’t have loose morganites
  • They don’t have yellow gold and white gold options

Frequently Asked Questions About Morganite Rings

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about morganite rings. Let’s delve right in!

  1. Are Morganite Stones Best Suited for Engagement Rings?

As earlier mentioned, morganite stones are peach pink beryl mineral variety. This means that they have the same scratch resistance and durability like that of aquamarines and emeralds. Beryl minerals are usually rated at 7.5 to 8 on Mohs hardness scale.

What does it mean for those who have morganite engagement rings?

Diamonds are the hardest minerals on earth and are rated at 10 on Mohs hardness scale. However, hardness doesn’t translate to breakability. In this case, hardness means the scratch resistance level of a stone.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean obvious scratching when you hit the ring. You should also know that dirt and dust in the air tend to scratch the surface of the gemstone especially when you wear it every day.

You might need to replace the stone a few years down the road if its hardness rating is a bit low. This is because little scratches tend to make the stone appear cloudy. However, a 7.5 to 8 hardness rating is just about okay for every day wear.

It’s not the same as a hardness rating of 10 but it’s not equally soft. You can wear it daily provided you’re not hard on the hands. Protective ring settings like flush or bezel would suffice for extra protection. However, you might want to take it off before you embark on any activities and cleaning.

  1. Are Morganite Rings Cheaper Online?

Generally, morganite stones aren’t overly expensive. But the main question is – are they cheaper online or in physical stores? It depends.

The cost of morganite stones both online and in physical stores usually depend on the quality and brand you’re getting it from. For instance, morganite rings from Etsy are relatively cheap when it comes to morganites since most of them aren’t natural but lab created.

What makes a morganite ring expensive is the ring setting. Customizing a morganite engagement ring at Brilliant Earth is more expensive as compared to getting a pre-set lab grown morganite ring from a jewelry case at Kay Jewelers.

However, morganite rings from Brilliant Earth are better than the slightly overpriced rose gold morganites that feature diamond baguette accents from Kay’s collection. You might find a mess especially when it comes to different prices both in-store and online.

You can find cheap morganite rings online with different options below $100 at different places like eBay or Etsy. However, you need to go through the descriptions because most aren’t solid gold or actual morganite.

In addition, most jewelry stores don’t carry morganite ring sets only diamond jewelry. They have few options and a wide variety of morganite engagement rings. The less common ones are morganite wedding rings.

  1. Is a morganite ring more expensive?

As earlier mentioned, morganite stones aren’t quite expensive. However, their price range usually depends on a number of quality factors. Averagely, the price range is between $20 to $300 per carat.

High-quality morganites are pretty expensive. The price range of loose diamonds at Brilliant Earth is usually between $600 to $1500. They are usually the best quality as they allow customers to customize their personal rings without paying labor costs. The price increases with an increase in carat weight.

The color of the morganite stone also impacts greatly o the price more than the carat size. For instance, the cost of 1 carat vivid rose colored morganite is the same as that of a relatively pale 3 carat morganite stone.

Like other stones, morganite is quite expensive in different matching pairs especially for stud earrings. The price of morganite stones can be on an upward spiral since it’s mined in a few countries including Madagascar and Brazil.

You can also find smaller amounts of morganite in Africa, United States, Russia, Afghanistan and China among others. The price of morganite stones narrows down to the typical demand and supply example. Currently, there’s a high demand of morganite stones all over the country. The prices are bound to go up when supply becomes scarce.

Lab created morganite stones are available on the market but they’re less common in the retail industry. However, they’re relatively affordable than natural morganites.

The setting also detects the price of the morganite with the most popular metal being 14K rose gold. You can choose to ring 10K or 18K rose gold although they’re quite rare.

Tips for Buying Morganite Rings

Here are a few things you need to look out for when shopping for morganite rings online:

Carat and Cut

The cut is one of the most things you need to put into consideration especially when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings. However, the cut isn’t quite important for colored gemstones. Closely examine the shape of the stone to ensure everything is even instead of looking at finite dimensions.

The cut is very important when eye balling elongated morganite rings like an emerald cut or radiant cut. Morganite stones need to be cut correctly. What’s more, they’re usually subject to exhibit a range of colors at specific angles. This is known as pleochroism.

Currently, Alexandrite is a popular pleochroic stone. You can cut morganite stones to different shapes, mostly seen as emerald cuts or cushion cuts. What’s more, there are different custom cut and fantasy cut morganite rings too which are relatively expensive as well.

You can find larger morganite crystals on the market. This means that you’ll come across large carat weight morganites in the jewelry industry as well. Large morganite stones are usually more desirable since they have better color clarity. Small cut morganites, on the other hand, are quite pale.

Clarity and Color

Rose and pink colored morganite stones are high in demand although their peach counterparts are the most common. People tend to forgo peach morganite stones and instead go for rose or pink colored morganites and those with pinkish purple shades.

However, colored morganite stones are usually more expensive. Pink is one of the best morganite stone colors followed by purple, orange and peach respectively. Morganites have a soft tone rating at 3 on the scale that’s why they’re always subjected to heat treatment to enhance their color.

You can also go for natural morganites although they’re not quite striking unless its typically a larger gemstone with deep color.

Morganite stones should be eye-clean like aquamarines without compromising on price. When it comes to clarity grades, most morganite stones are either VVS or VS clarity. Besides, they should also be blemish and inclusions free even at 10x magnification.

It’s probably not a high-quality stone if the morganite has noticeable inclusions. If morganite stones has lighter tones, then the inclusions will be more apparent. It’s okay if it has minor inclusions.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying Morganite Rings

There are a number of things you need to look out for when buying morganite rings save for the quality factors mentioned above.

Gemstone Simulants

Always go through the descriptions when buying morganite stones. Morganite simulants are different materials and stones that can pass off as morganite gemstones. Glass and cubic zirconia are some of the most common simulants. The latter is a relatively cheap manmade stone that is usually created in a range of colors.

Most people don’t know that you can facet glass to make it look like a gemstone.


Be on the look out for windowing. Windowing tends to happen when the gemstone is question isn’t cut properly. It’s especially common in step-cut shapes such as Asscher and emerald cut stones. In this case, you’ll be able to see through the stone like you would glass material instead of it reflecting light.

Always Buy from Reputable Retailers

Save for going through the descriptions, it’s also advisable to buy your jewelry from reputable retailers to avoid buying synthetics or imitation.

Final Thoughts – Best Places to Buy Morganite Rings Online

You can find something special and unique when you choose to buy your morganite ring online. With a little research, you can get an exquisite jewelry piece at a relatively affordable price. What’s more, you can get the best deal by going through customer reviews to ensure you’re buying from a reliable and trustworthy source.

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