Jared Jewelers Review

Jared Jewelers Review

In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about Jared jewelers.

Jared Jewelers Review

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Who’s Jared?
  • Key features
  • Things most people like about Jared Jewelers
  • Jared Jewelers limitations
  • Are their diamonds worth the price or not?

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

Who Is Jared?

Shop at Jared

Jared Jewelers is a jewelry galleria. It’s one of the largest corporate diamond retailers you can find in most US stores. They’re among the jewelry brands that are under Signet Jewelers which is a mega corporation.

Signet Jewelers own Sterling Jewelers as well. Currently, Sterling Jewelers own James Allen, Zales, Kay and Jared Jewelers. They’re top tier in comparison to Zales and Kay Jewelers as they run quite similar to their website setups.

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For the most part, Jared operates as a brick and mortar retailer with different locations all over America. Their popular slogan “He Went to Jared” runs through TV commercials. Jared Jewelers has been working to expand their website to compete better with their competitors since the whole world is shifting towards the digital era.

With that out of the way, is Jared one of the best online diamond stores? Let’s find out.

What Makes Jared Jewelers Unique?

Jared Jewelers stand out from other online retailers for two main reasons:

  1. They have more than 100 locations around the United States to allow their customers to see the rings in their collection physically.
  2. Their prices are relatively low that other comparable online specialty retailers.

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Physical Locations Around United States

Most diamond retailers usually operate online and they have few physical stores. Jared Jewelers has more than 100 stores in the United States which is significantly higher than any other online diamond retailer. That’s why most people are drawn to the brand along with the marketing budget they have in place.

Currently, most people prefer shopping online. However, we can’t write off the apprehensive lot that still want to shop in physical stores to see and touch the products in person before buying. And this is where Jared Jewelers come into pay.

Diamond and Gemstone Warranty at No Extra Cost

The free lifetime diamond and gemstone warranty is another thing that sets apart Jared Jewelers from other online retailers. It’s similar to the one offered at Kays. Kay Jewelers and Jared Jewelers are more like sister stores while Zales is their cousin store.

The warranty covers diamonds only, not emeralds, rubies and sapphires. The warranty is equally contingent on the customer going to different Kay and Jared locations after every six months. They use a microscope to check out a diamond engagement ring.  They also need to tap the edges of the diamonds to ensure they’re not loose.

They’ll clean the diamond engagement ring for you once they ascertain that everything is in order. They can also offer to take it to the repair shop if its damaged. If the side stone or center stone falls out, the company pays for the stone replacement.

However, Jared Jewelers can only offer to do the replacement if your inspections are up to date in their system. A good warranty is what most online diamond retailers lack. For instance, James Allen gives lifetime warranties for different engagement ring settings at no extra cost but nothing forthcoming when it comes to repairs.

Jared jewelers, on the other hand, offer free warranty for gemstones and a different one that covers ring settings cost. People appreciate the fact that this company covers all the bases.

Jared Jewelers Shopping Experience

Here’s what to except when you go shopping at Jared Jewelers and how the entire process goes. However, different items take different amount of time to be processed.

By now, you already know that Jared Jewelers doesn’t carry loose diamond gemstones like other online retailers. That has changed over the last couple of years. Let’s dive right into the shopping experience at Jared Jewelers.

Choosing Loose Gemstones

There’s an option that allows you to choose between lab created diamonds and their natural counterparts below the Diamonds tab. They carry more than 20,000 and 25,000 lab created and natural diamonds respectively. They also allow you to sort the diamonds by fluorescence, lab, 4Cs and other different filters.

Jared has a collection of loose diamonds with a controllable 360-degrees view. This setup is one of the best ways to go about shopping for diamonds online easier. Check out this princess 1.01 carat H VS2 Ideal diamond.

All the loose diamonds in their collection have GIA certifications unlike most of their in-store engagement rings. Jared Jewelers also offer different grading certificates. It’s always advisable to go for  GIA or AGS certified natural diamonds only.

When it comes to lab created diamonds, GCAL, IGI, AGS and GIA come highly recommended. Jared Jewelers offers Gem Ex, GSI, HRD, AGS and GIA grading reports. However, most online preset engagement rings don’t any certifications. What’s more, you can check out the certificates online.

The best thing about Jared Jewelers is that they also have a 30-day return policy. This means that you can return the item within 30 days from the day of purchase if you don’t like it. They have a 60-day exchange policy as well. However, you can only exchange the merchandise by visiting any of their physical locations.

Choosing the Settings

Jared has an impressive collection of loose diamond stones seeing as the feature has just been implemented. They have more than 100 ring setting options but they could use a bit of improvement. There are 63 different options for 1 carat princess cut diamond.

The lack of a 360-degree view setting is such a bummer. In this case, you’ll only get a top view and profile view.

The total cost of the ring was $7, 269 at Jared Jewelers.

Purchase Process

You’ll see the ring and diamond setting split in different prices on the checkout page. The ring is supposed to be delivered between 3 to 7 business days. This delivery period is relatively long as compared to other online diamond retailers. On the bright side, they ship for free so you might as well wait.

You’ll need to fill out your contact info on the checkout page or do it through PayPal directly.

Return Process

As earlier mentioned, Jared has a 30-day return policy on their jewelry pieces and a 60-day in-store exchange policy. You can return the jewelry at any of their physical locations regardless of where you purchase it from.

You can initiate the return process online if you can’t get to any of their stores. However, you might need to return it with all the necessary paperwork like grading reports and certificates. For this reason, you have to check if the item is returnable before making a purchase.

Jared Jewelers don’t usually accept returns on client merchandise but it only applies to the full customs that are created in-store.

What Most People Like About Jared Jewelers

Here’s a rundown of some of the best things that people like about Jared Jewelers. Let’s dive right in!

Customer Care

What looks like positive light can turn negative in a snap of a finger. Jared has an excellent customer care service when dealing with both in-store and online customers. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows since they can be a bit uncomfortable and pushy. But you can blame that on poor company standards because it’s not entirely their fault.

The employees might be trying to meet unrealistic goals in terms or they won’t get paid. The management puts pressure on them and they transfer the same energy to you. Some online associates will insist on staying as you go about the buying process even after telling them you might not be ready to make a purchase.

But they’re extremely nice especially because they purpose to build a great relationship with their clients and are quite intentional about it. Zales, Jared and Kay Jewelers have great customer services as well. However, they can get cold pretty fast if you make a fuss over something small.

Personalized Jewelry

It would be best for Sterling Jewelers subsidiaries to develop a section for personalized jewelry. This is because it can be such an excellent feature. There are many online retailers that sell lab created  diamonds.

Save for Jared Jewelers, the number of personalized jewelry pieces that you can order online are quite limited. You can go for cheaper alternatives using 10K solid gold or sterling silver unlike other different personalization.

Jared allows you to not only customize but also view different gemstone combinations to help you create mother’s jewelry, couples’ jewelry or family jewelry. Plus, you can view the creations online.

What People Don’t Like About Jared Jewelers

You can’t find a jewelry store that is 100% perfect. Here are a few things that Jared Jewelers can improve:

Ring Setting

They have more than 120 ring setting options which some people believe is a relatively wide selection. However, they might need to up their game because there are  other online diamond retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen that have twice as much of what they have in their collection.

However, you can choose to look past their limited ring selection options. The problem is that they have few options for fancy colored diamond shapes as well.

Diamond and Gemstone Warranty

As earlier mentioned, the free diamond and gemstone warranty is one of the best features that makes Jared Jewelers have an edge over the other online diamond retailers. However, it’s not all that because its pretty flawed.

The warranty works perfectly well for those who buy the diamond online. You might need to go for an eye-clean clarity grade diamond like VS2 going up. It’s not a great warranty if you choose the Ring Builder with preselected carat weights and other preset engagement rings especially with I clarity. Here’s why:

The present engagement rings are usually SI or I clarity diamonds in most Kays and Jared Jewelers stores. In Kay Jewelers, they’re mostly I clarity. The two clarity tier have natural inclusions. I diamonds, on the other hand, can look very bad.

When it comes to Diamond Bond, the brand only replaces the gemstone at the same grade or even better. This means that you’ll get an SI clarity diamond replacement if you lose an SI1 clarity diamond.

You might have browsed through Jared Jewelers inventory and landed on an SI diamond with visible natural inclusions closer to the edge of the stone. You wouldn’t notice it especially with the prong setting in place. Normally, SI diamonds have a darker inclusion on the surface of the diamond.

It takes Jared Jewelers up to a month to fix or replace a diamond in case of anything. However, they have to replace the center stone at their home office.

Imagine picking an engagement ring with a newer SI1 diamond with a noticeable black inclusion at the center. Check out the example below:

Jared home office and service centers don’t usually sort through any of the replacement diamonds trying to look for an SI diamond with few inclusions. This mean that they’re quite natural. They can’t guarantee that the new diamond will be the same as the old one especially when it comes to inclusions.

However, some inclusions are more visible than others. Jared doesn’t look at the diamond but the clarity grade. You don’t have to waste time skimming through your preferred diamond from their inventory when you want a replacement.

Jared Jewelers Pricing

The price of the loose diamonds in Jared’s collection is just as bad as on other diamond jewelry pieces. It’s relatively expensive for not quite extensive options. If you plan on shopping at Jared’s you might want to go the ring settings and loose diamond stones route. However, I would advise against it.

Our team of experts did a comparison between James Allen’s princess cut diamond with similar basic grades as that from Jared’s. Check them out below:


1.01 Carat princess diamond
1.01 Carat princess diamond


The princess cut diamond from James Allen is about $440 cheaper. Plus, you can get other viable alternatives with the same basic grades at lower prices. At this point, it’s safe to say that Jared Jewelers are relatively expensive as compared to most online diamond retailers.

Bottom Line – Jared Jewelers Review

Generally, you might need to explore other brand options if you’re looking to buy a high-quality engagement ring. Jared Jewelers have done great by adding ring settings and loose diamonds with 360-degrees view online.

However, they still can’t compare to some of their online competitors like James Allen. James Allen and Jared Jewelers are sister companies under the same mega corporation. Jared believes that there are people out there that don’t trust online shopping especially when it comes to diamonds.

Jared holds onto its online retail flaws like limited choices, unreliable labs, expensive ESPs and expensive loose diamonds. Choosing to shop at James Allen will save you all this trouble since they carry more than  200,000 loose diamond stones in different shapes.

In addition, James Allen carries IGI, GSI and GIA certified diamonds with a lifetime repair warranty covering routine maintenance. What makes it stand out is the fact that it’s absolutely free unlike Jared’s even though it doesn’t cover quite as much.

You can resize or repair your engagement ring at Jared’s even if you bought it from James Allen.

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