What is Black Gold Jewelry?

What is Black Gold Jewelry?

Would you like to know more about black diamonds?

You are at the right place. Here you will learn:

  • What black gold is
  • The worth of black gold
  • Places to buy the black gold
  • And many more

Unlike the name, black diamond is not black. It is yellow colored. Ideally, it is supposed to be called ‘yellow gold’.

Then why is it called black gold?

Gold comes in different colors. This includes white gold, fancy rose gold, and even yellow gold. Currently trending though in whispers is the black gold.

Similar to its counterparts, black gold jewelry is making a name for itself in the market. This is mostly because of its interesting features.

Here we’ll learn how scientists created this interesting stone. Here is a spoiler alert, black gold does not occur naturally. Well additionally get to know all there is to black gold.

What is Black Gold Jewelry?

To get black gold, dark-colored alloys and yellow gold are used. In other cases, blackening is done using surface treatment techniques.

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There are several processes followed to make black gold. These steps are well recommended by a jeweler in Santa Barbra called Calla Gold. To understand black gold, we must understand these processes. Here goes:

Laser Application

This is a recent discovery that uses some of the modern technology to make the gold black. Scientists discovered that if high levels of energy are applied to a single spot of any metal, then microstructures occur. These microstructures capture almost all the light that falls on the metal. As a result, a pitch-black area forms.

This being an intensive method requires a lot of electricity and the use of a femtosecond laser. This is some high technology there. We should not expect to see the unraveling in the jewelry industry soon.


A common process in making black gold is rhodium plating. To get the metal black, plating rhodium or ruthenium is necessary. This will bring out the black color finishing. This process makes the gold strikingly beautiful. It however wears out much faster.

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Although rhodium-plated gold is not as durable, it gives the jewelry a dazzling and perfect finishing.


In this case, specific metals are mixed to form a base for filled jewelry. For black gold, there is a specific ratio of 1 part metals to 3 parts gold. The purpose of the metals is to create a variety of colors of gold. For this particular case, cobalt is the main metal.

How Much is Black Gold Worth?

The worth of black gold is not different from the other gold variations and precious metals. This is mostly because black gold is made from yellow gold. Its price depends on the quantity of the yellow gold used.

Since black gold is a mixture of black metals and yellow gold, then individual items are valued separately. It is possible to find a 14k gold being cheaper than the 18k gold. Embellishments like gemstones or diamonds found in a ring or jewelry affect the final price.

Black Gold vs. Other Popular Black Metals

There are several black jewelries in the market today. Let us see how they compare to the black gold

Black Gold vs Black Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a very sturdy metal. It is because of its strong durability that makes it good for wedding rings. It stays in shape even when shattered compared to other metals such as tungsten. Additionally, it is jewelry resistant to scratches and very affordable. It is a good choice as it is not s metal entirely.

Black Gold vs Black Titanium

Black titanium is very light. Even with its lightweight, this metal is still durable. This makes it hard to resize the piece. Over time, this metal will have some scuff marks. It possesses a shiny finish that resembles enamel.

Black Gold vs Black Ceramic

Black ceramic has a nice consistent luster that makes it very popular. If its surface has not yet been replated then it has a beautiful uniformity in the color that goes throughout the ring. It is however very fragile and breaks easily.

Black Gold vs Black Tungsten

Black tungsten is very resistant to tarnish. It is also hypoallergenic making it the perfect choice for jewelry. Even so, this metal easily shatters when dropped. In addition, it has limited options for resizing make it less ideal for a wedding band. It is also not ideal for long-lasting pieces.

It is clear that black gold has several differences when compared with other dark metals. Black gold is generally more expensive than other metals.

Black Gold Jewelry Explained

Black gold was hardly recognized in the 19th century unlike the rose gold and white gold. It is even unclear if it was ever discovered. This unique piece is easily noticeable by few fashionistas. Black gold status is growing by the day just like rose gold and white gold.

Since it is unpopular black gold is a tough color to wear. So if you are planning to wear black jewelry it’s advisable, to begin with smaller pieces. This is because pieces like earrings or pendants do not require a lot of maintenance and thus lasts for a longer time.

If you go for a ring carefully choose the center stone. For diamonds, they must be very clear. Clear diamonds amplify their intensity against the black gold ring. If you opt for gemstones, ensure they have a hue that is very bold and saturated, they should also be bright enough to stand when on the black metal.

Fancy Vivid Pink 0.77ct SI1 Cushion Lab Created Diamond
Fancy Vivid Pink 0.77ct SI1 Cushion Lab Created Diamond

You can also decide to go with red rubies. Red rubies add a stylish look to the black metal ring. To make it classier, use moissanite, lack onyx, or black diamonds as side stones. You can also nestle some gems like turquoise, pearls, or topaz on the rings. These gems glow making the ring very attractive.

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If you have a hard time finding the black gold, you can simply blacken your yellow gold. Knowing that black gold is an alloy, you can several things out of your ordinary gold jewelry. If you get tired of it, you have the option of reversing the black metal.

How to Replate Black Gold Jewelry

Since black gold is a plated form of yellow gold, this metal has durability issues. During black plating, a lot of science, cleaning, and polishing is done to the metals.

Before we discuss replating let’s first understand the process of black rhodium plating.

Rhodium Plating Process

Similar to black gold, black rhodium does not occur naturally. To get it, scientists mix different additives in the lab. The actual is currently withheld from public knowledge. Black rhodium appears to be medium grey and gradually flows toward the darker shades of black.

Normally during plating, a piece of jewelry is immersed in an electrolysis solution. This is not the case for the rhodium plating process. Here the base metal’s top is covered instead of a molecular combination. This is similar to dyeing your hair. This means you are simply adding a layer of color that will only last for a while.


Now that rhodium plating is not permanent, then at times bleeding occurs to your jewelry. This is when the base metal’s color starts peeling off. It is at this point that you need to replate your jewelry. By replating, you bring back the black gold color. Depending on the deepness of the rhodium metal, you can replate after every few months.

Rhodium plating is not expensive and is best as an after-care solution and costs your jewelry.

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How to Clean Black Gold Jewelry

Black gold requires a lot of good care. Not only is it not sturdy but it is also delicate as part of jewelry. It’s normal for your jewelry to wear off. However, there are things you can do to prolong this. There are simple cleaning processes for you to follow.

Here are a few tips to keep it clean and looking brand new.

  • Do not expose your black gold piece to hairspray, makeup or perfume.
  • When preparing any acidic foods, remove the black gold jewelry.
  • If you are going to swim in salty water or chlorinated water, remove your black gold pieces.
  • Excessive sweat corrodes the rhodium. So remove your black gold jewelry when exercising
  • When storing, keep the black gold separate from the others to protect it from being damaged by other jewelry.

Now you know how to properly preserve your jewelry. Let’s learn how to clean it then.

If your black gold jewelry is exposed to body oils or some solutions, there are two ways to clean it. You can get a damp cotton ball and wipe off the oil. The other way is using a jewelry cloth to wipe off the oil. If the jewelry is sticky warm water and soap are the simplest solutions. Use one cup of water and two drops of dishwashing soap. soak your jewelry in it for about 10 minutes then clean finally dry it piece by piece.

Keep in mind that if your black gold item has embellishments such as gemstones or pearls it cannot be soaked in water. If there are center stones on your jewelry, then use a cotton ball to clean it. Soak the cotton ball in the dishwashing liquid and use it to wipe the piece clean.

Never use any sharp objects to remove soil or dirt on any engraved or carved jewelry. A good example is gold engagement rings. Look for small cotton swabs to wipe off the dirt. Sharp objects can damage the nice outer look of the black rhodium.

Where to Buy Black Gold Jewelry

Black gold pieces are still finding their place in the market just like the other colored gold jewelry. It is slowly but steadily getting space in several jewelry stores across the United States and other areas. As a result of this rise in popularity, black gold rings are now commonly used as engagements and wedding bands.

You can find them in online searches and other mom-and-pop jewelry shops. Getting black gold is easy and available at online stores. This however possesses a good opportunity for scammers. You, therefore, need to be careful whenever shopping online.

There are things to look out for if you want to buy black gold. Look for practical return policies, free maintenance, and great warranties from the sellers. Deals that sound too good may also be a red flag. Ask the routine questions during your search, read through customer reviews the verified ones mostly, and ask for certificates and appraisal reports before the purchase. These are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from fraudulent activities.

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