Best Place to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Best Place to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Are you looking for the best place to buy moissanite rings on the internet?

You have come to right place!

Here, you will get insights on:

  • What to look for when purchasing moissanite rings online
  • The price of moissanite rings
  • Getting the best deal from an online shop
  • Common red flags to look out for when shopping for Moissanite rings

Best Place to Buy Moissanite Rings Online

Helzberg Diamonds and Brilliant Earth are definitely the perfect places to get moissanite engagement rings online at incredible prices.

Helzberg Diamonds stocks the best engagement made of moissanite of all the online jewelry shops. Charles and Covard’s Forever One Moissanite is their unique brand for engagement rings.

From these online shops, you will get the best quality of moissanite rings with great sparkle and brilliance at an affordable price

In my search for the best place, I realized there are very few online shops that sell moissanite rings. Brilliant Earth and Helzberg topped my list in aspects like retail price, customer service, stone quality and value for money.

There are different shapes and styles of engagement rings in Helzberg’s Forever One Moissanite selection. In this vast collection, you will get engagement rings with carat weights going up to carats.

Charles & Colvard-Forever One™ Round Moissanite Solitaire Ring in Platinum (2 3/4 ct.)
Charles & Colvard-Forever One™ Round Moissanite Solitaire Ring in Platinum (2 3/4 ct.)

In case you do not want the ring settings readily available in the Forever One Moissanite collection, you can design your own ring by heading to Create Your Own tab found on the store’s website. There are different ring settings that you can choose from. You can either go for a classic solitaire setting or a sophisticated ring that has accent stones.

With a choice that features accent stones, there are a variety of gemstone alternatives including moissanite melee stones that are found in the setting. This beautiful Isabella engagement ring that goes for $1274 features a moissanite stone at the center coupled with London blue topaz and amethyst for accent stones.

12x10mm Super Premium Oval Moissanite $3,450
12x10mm Super Premium Oval Moissanite

Helzberg offers a Lifetime Care Plan which acts as their lifetime warranty to cover repairs for jewelry bought from them. This ring only costs $159.99 and you must bring it or any other jewelry for inspection at Helzberg every six months to maintain the validity of the warranty.


FAQs About Moissanite Rings

What is Moissanite?

Henri Moissan was a French scientist who discovered this naturally occurring colorless gemstone while digging in a crater in Arizona in the year 1893. His initial thought was that he had found a diamond but it was a completely different stone which would later be referred to as moissanite. Moissanite is naturally found in meteorites. You will hear moissanites being referred to as Stardust” or “Space Diamonds”.

There is a lot of doubt and certainty of whether moissanite is real diamond, fake diamond, diamond stimulant or simply another gemstone. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this gemstone. In fact natural moissanites are so rare that most of the moissanite jewelry found in shops is created in the lab.

Is a Moissanite Engagement Ring Good?

Can’t afford or simply not so into diamond rings, moissanite rings are a good alternative for engagement rings. Moissanites are not only affordable but also resemble real diamonds.

The Moh’s scale is used to determine the durability of a gemstone. This way you will know which stone is best for engagement ring and for wedding ring. If a stone reaches 10 on the Mineral of Hardness scale, it means that stone is the hardest and most durable on earth. Moissanites rate at 9.25 on this scale standing at the second hardest stone after diamond.

Before picking a moissanite ring for engagement, it is wise to view videos of the stone under sunlight. This is because it is very bright and shiny, in fact more than diamonds. This may make it a little too much for some people to wear it daily. No need to worry about a jeweler pointing his torch on the moissanite ring, it will not be affected by heat like diamonds do.

The main disadvantage with moissanite rings is that they do not have trade in value. It is almost the price of real diamond. Mined diamonds have both investment and trade in values. Go to James Allen for diamond rings that have trade in benefits.

Which is More Expensive? Diamond or Moissanite Rings?

Moissanites make good center stones and you will rarely found them in thousands of dollars. However, they are among the most expensive pieces if you are looking for diamond alternatives. When you compare the price of diamonds to that of moissanites, there is a significant difference.

High quality diamonds go for approximately $4,000 for a one carat stone. The same carat weight for moissanite is $500 cheaper. Premium moissanite engagement rings should cost you the same a real diamond engagement ring. Sometimes the prices of moissanites engagement rings depend on the company and whether it is premium or standard.

What to Consider When Buying Moissanite Rings Online

While GIA offers the 4Cs system of grading diamond quality, there is no such universal technique for moissanites. GIA only provides guidelines to be followed when buying moissanites. These guidelines are applied under the same principles.

8x6mm Super Premium Radiant Moissanite $1,490
8x6mm Super Premium Radiant Moissanite


The symmetry and proportions in a moissanite stone that allows light to pass through so you can see the stone’s brilliance and fire is what is referred to as cut. Fire refers to the rainbow light while brilliance is the sparkling white light. Forever One Moissanites are premium quality moissanites from Charles and Colvard cut with the right proportions needed to bring out the bright shine in the stone.

The refractive index of moissanites is 2.6 while that of diamonds is 2.4. This means that moissanite stones are shinier and more brilliant than diamonds, which can be a little distracting for some people.

There is no one standard cut for moissanite stones. You can get round, pear, Asscher, marquise, princess or radiant.


In the beginning when moissanites were just starting to gain popularity, they were more colorful. There were brown and yellow moissanite stones. You can also found these stone colors in diamonds from grade J-M.

Now, moissanites are found in a variety of colors just like that of GIA’s color grade for real diamonds. Super premium moissanites are usually in the colorless grade D-F, premium moissanites that are almost colorless in G-I grade while colored stones lie in the J-M, GHI and DEF grades. Moissanite stone in the JKL color grade are regular moissanites with a faint tint of color. You can try moissanites that have brownish or faint yellow color hues. These really look nice in yellow gold and rose gold bridal sets.

Something you should be aware of is that the color of moissanite stones changes when in light. A colorless moissanite ring will not always appear colorless. This is the reason most people prefer the steady color display of real diamonds.


Gemologists usually ensure no inclusions; blemishes or flaws are left in the stone when they create it in the laboratory. When looked at through the naked eye, moissanites are clean. With naturally occurring diamonds, you may see some small crystals in the stone. Cleaning this imperfection in diamonds will cost you more money.


With moissanites, you can get big size stones with great brilliance at a cheaper cost than diamonds. It is more practical to think of moissanites in terms of size and not carats. As said earlier, a single carat of diamonds costs $4,000. You will get the same carat size but on a bigger stone cheaply.

The one carat diamond that costs $4,000 is about 6.5mm. Moissanite of the same costs is as thick as 11mm. see how big the stone can be. Do not get too excited yet, the sparkle in moissanite stone appears to have an effect on its size: it makes the stone appear bigger.

Red Flags When Purchasing Moissanite Rings Online

The process of searching and buying moissanites online should not be a hustle since there are not many issues with this stone. The only issue would probably be misrepresentation. In some online stores, you will find them being called “moissanite diamonds”. This is completely misleading as moissanites are not diamonds.

This is where the problem lies exactly. You may likely come across moissanite jewelry and immediately think they are diamond. Some online stores even take this opportunity to trick their customers into thinking they are buying real diamond and dupe them in the process. Read this article to learn more.

Look out for misleading information too. There are a lot of inconsistencies about what really moissanites are. People think it is the same as diamonds. The truth is these two minerals are totally different.

You will hear things like moissanites are types of diamonds or even that the value of moissanites increases over time. None of these is true. Moissanite is a stone that forms on its own just like diamond does and its value remains the same. The value of real diamonds does not go up as well.

The customer service team in some jewelry shops may leave out crucial information about this shiny stone. You may not be told that colorless moissanites does not always appear colorless. It is important to have all the information prior to shopping for moissanites online.

Get the Best Moissanite Rings Deal Online

Make sure you see the stone before you buy

There are two important reasons for doing this. You already know that moissanites are brighter than diamonds. The video below gives you a clear comparison in how a natural diamond, a Harro Gem moissanite and a Charles and Colvard’s Forever One super premium shines.

I have to admit the light and shine from the Forever One piece is too much to tell there is a stone at the back. The sparkle from diamond allows for a close look into the stone as you enjoy the rainbow colors, something which is next to impossible with the moissanite. The Harro Gem changes according to the light shade, it appears gray at some point then switches to being shiny. I think diamonds are good since the sparkle stays the same regardless of the shade of light.

Most online jewelry stores do not provide buyers with high quality videos for moissanites like they do with diamonds. You will need to look for these videos yourself in addition to more information. This is one of the major reasons why some people prefer to buy diamond tings. Stores like James Allen and others use 360 viewing technique to allow customers to see their diamonds at a close range.


Another important thing is the warranty. The kind of setting you choose for your moissanite ring will dictate which kind of warranty you need. Moissanite ring in white gold setting will need rhodium plating, hence requiring a lifetime warranty. You will need regular rhodium plating so that the ring retains its silver color.

In addition, the moissanite stone will need tightening and the prongs retipping. If the ring is too small or too big, resizing becomes inevitable. Getting a local jeweler to do all these for you may not be easy not to mention the cost that comes with it. Getting a good warranty that covers all these repairs when need arises is important.

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