Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Guide

Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Guide

If you’re curious to explore the fascinating realm of lab-grown pink diamonds, you’ve come to the perfect destination.

Within this comprehensive Twirl Weddings guide, we aim to address the most frequently asked inquiries surrounding lab-created diamonds in captivating shades of pink. Anticipate finding enlightening responses to noteworthy questions such as:

  • What is the pricing range for lab-grown pink diamonds?
  • Are they considered expensive?
  • Can a lab-grown pink diamond be classified as an authentic diamond?
  • Do various types of pink diamonds exist, each with distinct characteristics?

Don’t fret! Allow me to shed light on these burning questions you have in mind.

What Are Lab-Grown Pink Diamonds?

Unlike natural diamonds that are created deep in the Earth, lab-grown diamonds are carefully made in special chambers. Natural pink diamonds are very rare, which makes them extremely valuable. Even lighter pink shades can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while darker pinks can be worth hundreds of thousands per carat.

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Lab-grown pink diamonds may not be as rare or costly as natural ones, but they have all the same qualities. They are real diamonds that look just like mined diamonds. They are graded, certified, and as durable as diamonds found in the earth. Even though they’re sometimes called synthetic diamonds, they are still real diamonds.

Diamonds come in different colors, and these colors are caused by tiny things mixed into the diamond when it was forming. For example, yellow diamonds have nitrogen in them, which makes them yellow. Blue diamonds have boron, which gives them a blue color. And some diamonds turn green when they are exposed to radiation.

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Natural pink diamonds get their beautiful color because of the intense heat and pressure they experience while forming. This process creates changes in the structure of the diamond. It’s the same process that can make diamonds brown or red, like the ones found in the Argyle mines. Those mines used to provide about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds until they closed in 2020.

There are also pink diamonds found in other places like Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and India. These regions all contribute to the variety of pink diamonds we see around the world.

Best Places to Buy Pink Lab Grown Diamonds

Here’s the deal! Not every store that offers lab-grown pink diamonds will have exactly what you’re searching for. It’s like a treasure hunt out there! Some retailers might only have a handful of those fancy vivid pink diamonds you desire, while others might boast a wider selection of fancy intense pink diamonds in their online catalog. So, be sure to explore different places to find that perfect pink sparkler you’ve been dreaming of!

Below are the best places to buy pink diamonds online.

James Allen

Shop at James Allen

Discover an amazing collection of lab-created pink diamonds at James Allen, a well-known jeweler with a wide range of options. They have a beautiful variety of pink shades, from light and delicate pinks to deep and captivating ones with a touch of reddish color. You’ll even find rare purplish pink shades that are not commonly available in other places.

What’s great about James Allen is that many of their pink diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), a trusted organization that evaluates fancy colored diamonds. This certification ensures that the diamonds are of high quality and authenticity. To help you choose the perfect diamond, they have a special 360 viewer that lets you see the diamonds from every angle, so you can make sure the color looks just right.


But that’s not all. James Allen also offers a lifetime warranty on the ring setting you choose. This means they’ll take care of routine maintenance tasks like rhodium plating for white gold and fixing any issues with the prongs. They want to make sure your precious ring stays in perfect condition for a lifetime.

Enjoy the exceptional collection, top-notch service, and peace of mind that come with choosing James Allen for your pink diamond journey.

Brilliant Earth

Shop at Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a well-known and trusted brand that specializes in ethical diamonds, including both lab-grown and natural ones. They have carefully curated a collection of about 100 loose lab-grown pink diamonds, showcasing a wide range of intensities and colors.

Just like Clean Origin, Brilliant Earth offers the popular papadarsha orangey pink colors that diamond lovers adore. However, in my opinion, Clean Origin surpasses them in terms of color saturation, while Brilliant Earth excels in providing a variety of diamond shapes to suit different preferences.

While exploring the lab-grown pink diamond selection at Brilliant Earth, I noticed that many of the diamonds lacked the vibrant and saturated color that I was looking for. Even the fancy intense pink diamonds in their collection didn’t fully capture my attention.

Luckily, Brilliant Earth has a special feature called the 360 viewer, which allows you to see the diamonds from all angles and assess their color saturation before making a purchase.

Despite this concern, it’s important to mention that Brilliant Earth offers a stunning range of ring settings that are truly beautiful and elegant. They have incorporated popular design trends like garden-inspired and Art Deco-style engagement rings, adding to their appeal.


Discover the enchanting world of Brilliant Earth’s beautiful ring settings and take a closer look at their lab-grown pink diamonds. Let your imagination roam and find a piece that truly captures your unique taste and style.

Blue Nile

Shop at Blue Nile

Currently, Blue Nile doesn’t have loose lab-grown pink diamonds available. However, they do offer a small but unique collection of Lightbox lab-grown diamond jewelry. In this collection, you can find captivating lab-created pink diamonds as well as lab-created blue diamonds to explore and choose from.

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The Lightbox collection at Blue Nile focuses mainly on elegant pink diamond stud earrings in different sizes, perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated and refined look. You’ll also find fashionable rings and jewelry pieces that beautifully combine pink diamonds with colorless diamonds, giving you plenty of stylish options to choose from.

It’s important to note that all the diamonds in the Lightbox collection have excellent clarity and cut grades. This means that the pink diamonds are clear to the naked eye and have been skillfully shaped to enhance their brilliance. The pink hues in these diamonds range from medium to light tones, with no secondary colors like orange or red, creating a pure and captivating pink color.


Unfortunately, Blue Nile doesn’t offer 360-degree videos for these pieces, which makes it a bit harder to see their appearance before buying. However, they have a generous 30-day return policy, allowing you to see the pink diamonds in person and decide if they meet your expectations.

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Although Blue Nile doesn’t have a wide range of loose lab-grown pink diamonds, their Lightbox collection offers a special selection of jewelry that’s classy and refined. Take your time to explore the options and remember that you can always return a piece if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Find the perfect jewelry that reflects your personal style and preferences.

How Much Do Lab Grown Pink Diamonds Cost?

You probably already know that natural pink diamonds can be very expensive, regardless of their shade or tone. However, lab-created pink diamonds have a different price range, just like other diamonds and gemstones. The price of a lab-grown pink diamond depends on its overall quality, which includes various important factors. This applies to both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

When it comes to colored diamonds, the main factor that affects the price is the color itself. Fancy colored diamonds are evaluated based on their tone, hue, and saturation. Tone refers to how light or dark the diamond is, hue is the specific shade of pink, and saturation is how intense the color is. If the color is consistent throughout the diamond without any light spots, then the diamond is likely to be more expensive.

Lab-grown pink diamonds with fancy vivid pink, fancy intense pink, fancy dark pink, or fancy deep pink colors can cost over $5,000 per carat. On the other hand, lighter-colored lab-grown pink diamonds can be as low as $2,000 per carat.


It’s important to remember that while these prices may be more affordable compared to natural fancy vivid pink or fancy intense pink diamonds, lab-grown diamonds often have desirable qualities of tone and saturation.

Considering these factors will help you understand the pricing of lab-grown pink diamonds and make a well-informed decision when exploring your options.


Recently, more and more people have learned that lab-grown colorless diamonds are a cheaper alternative to natural diamonds. But it’s important to know that lab-grown diamonds come in a wide range of fancy colors too. These fancy colored lab-grown diamonds are exciting because they can make a real statement in diamond jewelry and cost thousands of dollars less per carat than natural pink diamonds.

Pink diamonds, in particular, are a great alternative to white diamonds. They have the same amazing properties and are durable enough for engagement rings that you can wear every day. Unlike many other gemstones that can easily get scratched, diamonds of any color are very hard.

Lots of famous people love pink diamonds and have chosen them for their engagement rings. Celebrities like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez have shown off beautiful pink diamond rings. You might remember when Lil Uzi Vert had a 10-carat natural pink diamond implanted in his forehead, but that turned out to be a risky move and he had to have it taken out.

The point is, pink diamonds are really popular, but they can be too expensive for many people. That’s where lab-grown pink diamonds come in. They give you a chance to have the gorgeous bright pink colors without the high cost of natural diamonds.

Out of all the places to buy lab-grown pink diamonds, my personal favorite is James Allen. They have a big collection with lots of different sizes and prices, so you’ll definitely find the perfect lab-grown pink diamond for you.

So, don’t limit yourself to colorless diamonds. Explore the world of lab-grown pink diamonds and discover the beauty that fits your budget perfectly.

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