Fancy Purple Diamonds: Your Detailed Buying Guide

Fancy Purple Diamonds: Your Detailed Buying Guide

Curiosity piqued, one may inquire about the authenticity and worth of exquisite purple diamonds. Seek not the conventional, for in this comprehensive exploration, we shall unearth enigmatic queries, such as:

  • Does a distinction lie betwixt purple diamonds and their violet counterparts?
  • To what extent do these rare gemstones defy the odds?
  • Do enhanced purple diamonds bestow a lofty price tag upon their allure?

Best Places to Buy Fancy Purple Diamonds Online

James Allen

Shop at James Allen

Within the confines of James Allen online diamond store, an extensive trove awaits, housing over 30 unbound natural purple diamonds, each possessing distinct carats and captivating diamond shapes. As these resplendent gemstones manifest, they traverse a spectrum ranging from delicate hues of pinkish purple to resolute depths of fancy deep purple. Notably, James Allen exudes prowess not only in the realm of colored diamonds but also in the realm of colorless counterparts, granting them an unrivaled position in offering competitive prices.

It must be acknowledged that James Allen, following its acquisition by Sterling Jewelers, has encountered some apprehension, a consequence of the former’s association with inflated price tags on engagement rings found at Kay, Jared, and Zales. Nevertheless, the essence of James Allen’s sales structure remains intact, ensuring their steadfast commitment to affordability across the domain of diamonds, encompassing both splendid colored gems and pristine colorless marvels.


Amidst this admiration for James Allen, one facet that consistently garners my acclaim is their provision of interactive 360˚ videos for all their diamonds, an exclusive feature that sets them apart. Notably, they stand alone as pioneers, gracing their purple diamonds with this captivating visual experience. Moreover, their inventory allows for precise sorting, enabling the discerning eye to classify these gems into categories of fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, or fancy deep.

Furthermore, James Allen claims the crown as the custodian of the paramount lifetime warranty, a distinction marked not only by its exemplary coverage but also by its gratuitous nature. This comprehensive assurance extends beyond the mere safeguarding of your purple diamond engagement ring, venturing to encompass all aspects of metalwork, ensconcing your cherished symbol of love in perpetual security.

Leibish & Co.

Shop at Leibish

If your taste gravitates towards exquisite treasures, or if your financial means allow for the acquisition of a superior-grade purple diamond, Leibish presents itself as the optimal choice. Moreover, their inventory extends to include the legendary violet diamonds.

This establishment specializes in the procurement of the most breathtaking and exceptional fancy purple diamonds, alongside an array of other fancy colored diamonds. While their purple diamonds may command a relatively higher price, the value they bestow upon an engagement ring is immeasurable for those seeking the allure of a purple diamond.


I wholeheartedly endorse the notion of turning to Leibish for an authentic selection of natural fancy purple and violet diamonds. However, should you seek my counsel, I would advise against considering their accompanying settings. Their policy allows for the acquisition of certified loose diamonds without any obligation to purchase their costly settings.

Additionally, it is worth noting that they do not provide a lifetime warranty for their settings, which happen to be rather pricey. After investing a substantial sum in a captivating fancy intense pink purple diamond, it is likely that you would prefer not to allocate excessive funds towards its ring setting.

Blue Nile

Shop at Blue Nile

Blue Nile stands out as the enduring pioneer and most reliable force in the realm of digital diamond trade. Their commitment to round-the-clock service and unwavering accessibility has remained steadfast. Distinct from their competitors mentioned earlier, Blue Nile’s collection may not include an extensive array of purple diamonds showcased through a comprehensive 360˚ view. Nonetheless, this revelation should not leave you utterly astounded, for the truth is that the majority of both physical and virtual purveyors of diamonds lack purple variants within their inventories.

Let us delve into candor for a moment. Brace yourself, as the realm of purple diamond rings demands a substantial investment. It is highly probable that establishments engaged in their sale prefer to cater to individuals displaying genuine interest. This aligns with the fact that naturally occurring purple diamonds of exquisite quality are a rarity, substantiating the rationale behind this approach. However, should your curiosity spark, rest assured that Blue Nile will readily extend their wholehearted assistance to guide you on this captivating journey.

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Despite not always offering the most budget-friendly prices, Blue Nile continues to garner immense admiration from individuals. The allure lies not solely in financial considerations, as Blue Nile excels in creating an ambiance of kinship, making each customer feel like an integral part of their extended family. From the very inception of online diamond retail, Blue Nile established itself as a pioneer, diligently cultivating a loyal following over the years. This unwavering trust and reverence have shielded them from any acquisition attempts.

Regrettably, their warranty policy falls short of greatness. When it comes to their purple diamond rings, customers are limited to a manufacturer’s warranty that solely safeguards against defects, excluding routine maintenance. Consequently, any necessary upkeep expenses would need to be borne directly by the customer.

What Are Fancy Purple Diamonds?

Within the realm of exquisite colored diamonds, the illustrious purple diamond holds a distinguished status, gracing both the depths of our planet and the skilled hands of man. These captivating gemstones, with their resplendent violet allure, constitute but a fraction of the wondrous array that is the family of fancy color diamonds.

To encounter a pure purple diamond is an extraordinary encounter indeed, for such specimens are bestowed with a remarkable scarcity. In truth, the majority of these enchanting diamonds possess a captivating fusion of purple and pink hues, granting them an ethereal elegance. There are also those remarkable purple diamonds that unveil a magnificent reddish-purple hue, intertwined with a subtle undertone of gray.

It is worth noting that the preciousness of purple diamonds is not to be underestimated, as their monetary worth commands a lofty presence even when their carat weight is modest. Yet, in contrast to their counterparts along the spectrum of fancy colors, purple diamonds are distinguished by their unique nature, lacking a multitude of descriptive classifications.

Different Types of Purple Diamonds Colors

Variations abound when it comes to the nomenclature of purple diamonds, owing to the vivid spectrum of hues they embody. These exquisite gems often bear monikers that pay homage to their specific shades, including lavender diamonds, purple orchid diamonds, plum diamonds, mauve diamonds, or violet diamonds.

Below lies an exquisite compilation of the diverse tints within the realm of purple diamonds:

  • Light Purple

  • Fancy Light Purple

  • Fancy Purple

  • Fancy Intense Purple

  • Fancy Deep Purple

Violet Diamonds

Violet diamonds, characterized by their vibrant blue undertone, bear the distinction of being adorned with a splendid secondary hue. These remarkable gemstones, surpassing the rarity of conventional purple diamonds, owe their bluish tinge to the presence of boron—a captivating impurity renowned for endowing fancy blue diamonds with their mesmerizing allure.

Given their extraordinary scarcity, the classification of Violet Diamonds is further constrained compared to that of conventional purple diamonds, resulting in a notably narrower range of descriptors.

The Origins of Color in Purple Diamonds

The intriguing phenomenon of how a purple diamond obtains its distinct coloration arises from intricate factors. Amongst fancy color diamonds, the intensity of their hues derives from impurities infiltrating the growing diamond crystal or from disruptions within the crystal lattice that influence our visual perception of color.

Natural Purple Diamonds

When it comes to natural purple diamonds, sourced deep within the earth’s mantle, their presence is exceptionally scarce. Remarkably, the duration for which hydrogen remains within the crystal during its growth directly correlates to the deepness of the purple hue exhibited by these exceptional gemstones.

Lab Created Purple Diamonds

Enhanced purple diamonds, known interchangeably as lab-grown purple diamonds, possess a unique designation. These exquisite gemstones, fashioned in the controlled environment of a laboratory, exhibit an alluring purple hue that is unattainable through replication.

Unlike their colorless lab-grown counterparts, the enhanced purple diamonds can be readily identified, while presenting an intriguing orange fluorescence under ultraviolet illumination. Should you chance upon a purple diamond being offered at a notably low price, one can confidently surmise that it is, without a doubt, an enhanced specimen.

Popular Purple Diamonds

Due to their exceptional scarcity, the number of renowned purple diamonds in existence is quite limited.

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond

Nonetheless, the esteemed Royal Purple Heart Diamond holds the distinction of being widely recognized as the most prominent among its purple counterparts. This extraordinary gemstone boasts a remarkable classification as a Fancy Vivid Purple diamond, boasting an impressive weight of 7.34 carats and a clarity grade of I1. In fact, it currently reigns as the largest known fancy purple diamond to exist.

Originating from Russian mines, this exceptional gem underwent meticulous polishing under the expertise of the esteemed Julius Klein Diamond Corporation. While technically classified as a heart brilliant cut, the defining edges that traditionally characterize a heart shape are subtly incorporated, resulting in a captivating aesthetic that may not immediately reveal its true form.

The Supreme Purple Star

Presently, the enigmatic Supreme Purple Star Diamond stands as the sole other renowned purple diamond, shrouded in an aura of mystery with limited available information.

Intriguingly, gemologists have estimated its weight to fall within the range of 2 to 5 carats, although exact details remain elusive. The earliest recorded mention of this captivating purple gemstone dates back to 2002, its original seller remaining unidentified and unaware of its extraordinary nature as a purple diamond.

Curiously, the stone was initially mistaken for another gem, showcasing the remarkable nature of its disguise. Its uniqueness extends further as the Supreme Purple Star Diamond exhibits an exceptional phenomenon—a rare interplay of deep red secondary hues alongside its purple core.

Depending on the viewing angle, this round brilliant cut diamond can manifest shades of both purple and red, confounding scientists who are yet to decipher the mechanisms behind this captivating color-changing characteristic. Evidently, among the realm of colored diamonds, this singular stone stands alone in its extraordinary attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Diamonds

Where Can You Find Fancy Purple Diamonds? 

Venturing into the realms of exclusivity, the elusive and captivating lavender diamonds emerge from select corners of the globe. A mere handful of these extraordinary gems surface each year, with the majority tracing their origins back to the vibrant landscapes of Africa.

However, the enigmatic allure of these purplish marvels has also graced the territories of Russia, Canada, and the illustrious Argyle mine nestled in the western expanse of Australia.

Intriguingly, the most recent chapter in the saga of lavender diamond discoveries unfolds in Canada. The year 2008 witnessed the unearthing of a novel diamond deposit in Quebec, birthing a newfound resource for these precious stones. From this extraordinary mine, a modest yet remarkable tally of nine lavender diamonds was excavated, adding to the mystique surrounding their existence.

Do Purple Diamonds Command a Hefty Price Tag?

Delving into the realm of exclusivity, the realm of pure purple diamonds remains a nearly mythical treasure. Even pinkish purple diamonds that weigh less than one carat bear a hefty price tag, reaching tens of thousands of dollars. Within the diamond industry, the realm of fancy purple diamonds stands as a pinnacle of rarity and opulence, commanding astronomical prices.

Final Thoughts – Buying Natural Fancy Purple Diamonds

Exquisite and Scarce, Fancy Purple Diamonds: The Epitome of Glamour in the Realm of Fine Jewelry

In the enchanting realm of diamond jewelry, one particular treasure reigns supreme: the illustrious fancy purple diamonds. Revered for their rarity and adorned with a lavish price tag, these captivating gems effortlessly transform into breathtaking diamond engagement rings. However, their scarcity presents a challenge, making their discovery a quest of utmost perseverance.

If your heart yearns for the allure of natural fancy color diamonds, allow your search to culminate within the digital halls of three esteemed online retailers: James Allen, Leibish & Co, and Blue Nile. Within the digital tapestry they weave, you shall uncover the epitome of perfection—a fancy purple diamond engagement ring that will enchant your senses and linger in your dreams, whether as a tangible treasure or a wistful aspiration.

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