Best Places to Buy Colored Diamonds

Best Places to Buy Colored Diamonds

You’re at the right place if you are looking for the best places to buy colored diamonds online. In this article, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about diamond jewelry and answer some of the frequently asked questions about it including:

  • Factors to consider when looking for colored diamonds online
  • Are colored diamonds more expensive?
  • What are some of the red flags to watch out for when buying colored diamonds?
  • How do you know the deal is good when buying colored diamonds?

Best Places to Buy Colored Diamonds

Here are some of the best places that you can buy colored diamonds:

  1. James Allen

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James Allen is hands down the best place to buy colored diamonds. This is because they offer a range of colors like orange, brown, black, purple, green, gray, pink, blue and yellow. There are more than four thousand loose colored diamonds that are mined. However, most of them are yellow diamonds.

The lab created colored diamonds variant is about 4100 and half of them are yellow. In addition, they have a few green, pink and blue lab grown diamonds. James Allen’s collection of colored diamonds are IGI certified and their prices are equally affordable.

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James Allen offers a wide range of varieties to suit different budgets. What’s more, their products come with a lifetime warranty covering any routine maintenance for the ring.


  • IGI certified
  • They offer lifetime guarantee on all ring settings at no extra cost
  • More than 8000 colored diamonds
  • 360 degrees view on colored diamonds
  • Ring settings over $30,000 at no extra cost


  • Half of them are yellow diamonds

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  1. Leibish & Co.

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Most people prefer buying their colored diamond rings from Leibish. The only down side is that they fall on the higher side of the pricing spectrum.

Leibish & Co. is best suited for ardent collectors and those who like colored diamonds. They have a wide range of high-quality jewelry and colored diamonds are no exception. The diamonds also come in many different colors including milky white diamond and champagne brown diamond.

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Argyle pink diamonds collection is their pride and joy. These diamonds are mined from one location in the world which is the famous Argyle mine. However, the mine was shut down three years ago after operating for more than 30 years and will not be opening anytime soon.

If you’re a sucker for history then Argyle pink diamonds come highly recommended. Leibish & Co. carries a range of natural diamonds in natural colors. This means that you cannot find lab created diamonds and natural treated colored diamonds.

The colored diamonds can always be certified by an in-house GIA gemologist, IGI and GIA. However, the ring settings don’t come with any warranties.

Shop at Leibish


  • Their diamonds are certified by GIA
  • All untreated
  • You can request for an appraisal at no extra cost
  • More than 3000 colored diamonds


  • They are quite expensive
  • They don’t offer warranty for ring settings

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  1. Brilliant Earth

Shop at Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is one of the most popular retail online stores in the world. They sell lab created colored diamonds as well as natural colored ones. This company carries more than 70 colored diamonds and half of them are yellow. Their range of colors is equally limited.

Currently, Brilliant Earth carries green, pink and yellow diamonds. These colors are relatively lighter but that’s normal when it comes to natural diamonds. Pink colored diamonds have no intensity while their yellow counterparts have great intensities.

There are about 60 different options in the lab created section of colored diamonds. These diamonds come in a range of colors including yellow, green and pink diamonds. The hues are not only gorgeous but also priced remarkably well.

This company provides repair warranty known as an extended plan. It’s usually a cost based service plan that lasts up to three years. It could be better, but we can work with this since most brands don’t offer anything.


  • The diamonds are GIA certified
  • Brilliant Earth is a reputable company that focuses on ethics
  • Their treated diamonds are relatively cheap
  • They offer both lab created and natural diamonds varieties


  • The warranty is only valid up to three years
  • Their stock depletes quite fast

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Frequently Asked Questions About Colored Diamonds

Are Colored Diamonds More Affordable When Buying Online?

Most loose diamonds are relatively cheaper to buy online as compared to getting them from retail stores like Zales or Kay and their colored counterparts are no exception. You are required to attend on special event if you’re looking to obtain any requested fancier diamonds like Dana Augustine or Le Vian event.

However, these diamonds are usually more expensive especially under a renowned brand. Even so, you don’t get to choose from a variety of options. A local jeweler can source gemstones on your behalf at better prices as compared to a chain store but you won’t get the privilege of choosing.

You have to pick before you can hold it. Making a purchase online isn’t cheap but it gives you many options to choose from.

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Are Colored Diamonds Expensive?

Natural color diamonds that are not treated are quite expensive since they cost up to $10,000 for a faint shade.

Colored diamonds are more expensive because they are rare. These gemstones get their color from different impurities entering the crystal when it’s forming. Some impurities rare while others are common. Rare impurities entering diamond crystals along with coloring it tends to increase the price significantly.

One of the most common impurities in diamond is nitrogen.  Nitrogen makes diamonds yellow. For this reason, a yellow diamond is relatively cheap just like a colorless natural diamond with good clarity and D color.

Boron is not found in colored diamonds. However, in some circumstances, boron usually finds its way where diamonds tend to form. When this happens, it creates blue diamond.

Blue diamonds are the most expensive types of diamonds available on the market. Red diamonds, on the other hand, are quite rare. There are less than 50 red diamonds all over the world and almost all of them are below a carat.

A saffron diamond is extremely rare as well. That’s why only a few people have heard of this type of diamond. Plus, they are not found in retail stores.

Brown, yellow, and black diamonds are relatively cheap variations unless you get them from renown brands such as LeVian and the likes.

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Red Flags to Look Out for When Shopping for Colored Diamonds

Always buy colored diamonds from reputable gemstone dealers. These dealers always disclose the type of treatment the diamonds are subjected to, their origin along with a legit grading report. Remember, when the deal is too good, think twice especially in terms of pricing.

Lighter fancy diamonds are the cheapest, but fancy vivid and fancy intense are some of the best colors. Fancy deep and fancy dark are too dark and relatively cheap. Good news – there are different ways to know whether or not you’re getting a real diamond.

Getting the Best Deals When Buying Colored Diamonds Online

  • Always buy colored diamonds online as opposed to in-store.
  • Go for fancy diamond shapes as opposed to round ones.
  • Buy from a retailer with free lifetime warranty.
  • Buy from a retailer that can allow you to one stone if you’re going for different settings.
  • Inquire about treatments. Natural treated diamonds are less expensive as compared to their untreated counterparts.
  • Go for lab created colored diamonds if you want more color at a relatively lower cost.

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