5 Best Jewelry Boxes For Earrings

5 Best Jewelry Boxes For Earrings

Are you searching for the perfect jewelry box to put all your earrings and keep them safe while also organized?

Congratulations? You have come to the correct place.

In this comprehensive guide, you will cover:

  • Which jewelry boxes are the best to hold earrings?
  • What to look for when selecting a jewelry box for your earrings
  • The best way to clean the box you choose
  • The best jewelry boxes for holding earrings reviewed

earrings in jewelry box

If you have been adorning jewelry for some time now, you already know that earrings made from diamonds or any other gemstones last long. However, this does not mean that you have to leave them just anywhere.

It is for this reason that jewelry boxes were designed. Jewelry boxes have undergone changes over the years and come in a variety to hold varying types of jewelry.

Most jewelry boxes on the market can do a good job holding your valuable earrings, but here is a sneak preview of the best boxes you can buy.

Let’s start. Shall we?

1. Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder
  • 50 Compartments
  • 3 Slide out drawers
  • Portable
2. Longess Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Smaller size for portability
  • Faux leather material
  • Interior is made of quality beaded flannel
3. Kendal Real Wood/Wooden Jewelry Box Case
  • Hand-polished natural real hardwoods
  • 5 slide out drawers
  • 35 compartments
4. ORAF Jewelry Organizer,Jewelry Armoire Cabinet
  • 3 removable transparent cosmetic boxes
  • 142 earring slots
  • Easy assembly
5. KLOUD City Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Earring and stud cases
  • Classic black velvet inner material
  • Lockable box

Best Pick: Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder

  • Made to hold any earring style
  • 3 drawers that slide out
  • Very many compartments
  • Highly portable

Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder

My overall best pick is the Jewelry box from Glenor Co.

Here is why……

This is a portable box with as many as 50 compartments and 3 drawers that slide out easily. You cannot fail to pick this.

This is the box for you if your jewelry collection is not too much and also not countable.

Since not so many people have a lot of jewelry, this box makes the perfect earrings holder for people who have medium or small-sized earring collection.

This case is big enough to accommodate earrings of different sizes and has extra room on the edges of the compartments where you can put other earring pieces.

The box features PU leather with a modern closure, so you are sure of having it lasting long while also remaining stylish.

5 Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings

Without wasting so much time, here is the list of the best jewelry boxes to hold your earrings.

  1. Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder
  2. ORAF Jewelry Organizer,Jewelry Armoire Cabinet
  3. Longess Jewelry Box Organizer
  4. Kendal Real Wood/Wooden Jewelry Box Case
  5. KLOUD City Jewelry Box Organizer

Which is the Best Jewelry Box for Earrings?

Just like any other jewelry owner, you need a secure container to put all your jewelry so that they are fully protected from damage thus retaining their shape.

The best way to protect your jewelry and keep them safe is to pot them in a jewelry safe or box. While there are many jewelry boxes on the market that are meant to store rings and pendants, there are those designed to specifically hold earrings.

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When you are looking for the best box to put all your earrings in, look for cases that have features such as an interior that is free from tarnish, has LED lights, and any other features that help your earrings retain their shape. A good box should also have different compartments that can suit a variety of earring types and sizes.

How Much Do Jewelry Boxes for Earrings Cost?

The price of earrings containers from different manufacturers varies because of factors such as the number of sections or compartments, the material it is made of, or its size.

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Material Used

Jewelry case manufacturers use materials such as wood, plastic, or artificial leather to make earring holders. The most expensive earring organizers are normally made of solid wood, and if you find one that is handcrafted, the cost will even go higher.

The kinds of details and functions included in the earring case can also make the price go up. For example, if you choose a box that has been painted using hands, you will have to pay more than if you had chosen one made out of faux leather.


When it comes to functions, some earring boxes have LED lights that provide the best sight when you try out the pair you have chosen. Some boxes will even come with magnifying mirrors that make it easy for you to put earrings in.

A jewelry box that is cheap does not mean it is poor quality, but if you want to keep your earrings safe and protected, going for a box that is more than $20 will give you exactly what you want.

Choosing a Jewelry Box for Your Earrings

Before you even start looking for the best jewelry box for your earrings, you need to assess your personal style and preferred type of earrings.

Assess your style

If your personal style involves earrings that dangle or hoops, you have to search far and wide as many jewelry boxes do not have enough room for these kinds of earrings to sit in securely.

Go bigger to prevent tarnishing and scratching

If you ask me, trays are not the best option if you have mixed jewelry, it makes earrings rattle and scratch other diamonds or gemstones.

Remember, although diamonds are the hardest stones, they can still scratch each other when left to tangle.

This is the reason you

should look for a jewelry holder that is big enough to allow your earrings to have their own room. A jewelry stand or jewelry tree would be a good option. As you go about looking, think about durability too.


As you would consider the number of compartments or how pretty the box looks, remember that durability is more important. Jewelry cases that are made using thin particles are known to start caving after a short while. You need to make sure that the box you buy is practical.

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As you are moving around from one store to the other, look for a jewelry case that will accommodate your earring collection, be it small or large.

Most people prefer box-like cases to keep their small or medium collections. If your collection is big, you should be looking at a jewelry organizer, jewelry cabinet, or large case.

How to Clean an Earring Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes made of different materials are clean using different means. Keeping the jewelry box clean also contributes to your jewelry staying safe, so you should consider using the right cleaning method.

Most jewelry boxes can simply be cleaned using water and mild soap.. the boxes made of cloth-like materials such as velvet have a different way of cleaning.

Best Place to Buy Jewelry Boxes for Earrings

In general, if you have a small jewelry collection or your earring collection is made up of cheap pieces, the best place to start would be Amazon.com.

Amazon has a wide selection of jewelry organizers such as stackable cases and travel jewelry cases. Whether you have a small collection of sentimental earrings or a large collection of different earring types, Amazon has got you covered.

Etsy would be the best place to stop by if you want a box that is somewhat personal or has been made by hand. Estsy has the best wooden jewelry boxes. But remember that products sold at Etsy carry a high price tag than those sold by Amazon.

Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings

1. Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder

My number one pick goes to this box from Glenor Co. this box is meant to hold earrings unlike those that have spaces for necklaces and rings.

It has many compartments that allow you to keep different kinds of earrings. To make it even better, it can accommodate different sizes of earrings.

Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder

If you have chandelier earrings, hoops, or any other big earrings, there are two large drawers where you can keep them. Dangly earrings and studs can very well fit in the slots found on top. Another pair of your favorite earrings can be put in an individual section.

The material used for this earring box is PU leather, so you need to look out for any tears.

I love this box because it is one of the items sold on Amazon that was designed to specifically hold earrings and not just all kinds of jewelry. The price may not be cheap but it is affordable. The price just sends a message of “put earrings in, but do not let them rattle inside.”

Furthermore, if the jewelry box is delivered to you with some faults, you are entitled to a full refund from Glenor CO. Glenor Co offers this great opportunity if you are an apprehensive buyer. It comes with a gift box and is securely packed for shipping.


  • Designed to keep different earring sizes
  • Has space for more than 50 pairs
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Mirro available


  • PU leather can tear easily
  • Heavy to carry around when traveling

2. ORAF Jewelry Organizer,Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

If you have collected a large number of earring pairs over the years, you need to be thinking about buying an armoire or jewelry cabinet.

With this box, you do not just get a jewelry armoire, buy a full-length mirror too. The mirror can be locked, but when opened it shows a huge storage space for all your jewelry.

ORAF Jewelry Organizer,Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

This armoire comes with 6 LED lights to aloe excess light when you are looking for the perfect earrings for the day. You also get to choose one of the four available colors.

In this armoire, you can keep more than 130 earrings, about 24 necklaces, and 90 ring holders safely.

Also, there is extra space for all your other cosmetic collections, so you can keep other things not just jewelry. There is enough space for perfume, lotion, makeup, and other things.

The cabinets are made using medium density fiberboard and the interior is covered with velvet. The armoire is lockable and has two keys, in case you misplace one.

What sets this cabinet aside from the rest is that it also functions as a home décor because of the mirror. You can also mount it either on the wall or the table. All mounting equipment comes packaged with the cabinet, the only thing missing are the batteries that supply power to the LED lights.

I love the fact that this jewelry box blends well with the environment. You can rest assured that your valuable pieces are secure since it just looks like a mirror. As much as it is a great item, it may not suit everyone since not everybody has a large collection of jewelry or even wishes to own a vast collection.

If you have clip or pin earrings, this armoire is not the best. You should be looking at a more compact box-like Longless Jewelry Box Organiser.


  • Functions as a mirror too
  • Blends with the environment-not seen easily
  • Can be locked


  • Not suitable for a small jewelry collection
  • A bit expensive

3. Longess Jewelry Box Organizer

Unlike the previously reviewed item on this list, this is the perfect jewelry box if you have a small jewelry collection or if you do not intend to hold a huge collection.

This jewelry box has been built using artificial leather and is available in many colors such as white, light blue, red, black, pink, and navy blue.

Longess Jewelry Box Organizer

The synthetic leather is waterproof and does not get damaged by the sun easily. It is small and makes a good jewelry box when traveling. It can fit comfortably inside a bag or purse.

The arch at the top of this box makes it easy to lay flush against other bag contents. This can be the most secure box you will use to carry all your favorite jewelry when you travel.

The middle flap where all yours studs are kept allows you to quickly flip through the earring collection instead of digging through many wholes to find the pair you want.

The box has necklace hooks that are almost unusable. When the box is in a purse, the most likely thing is that it will shake frequently. Chains can fall off the hooks easily and in the process get tangled in other jewelry. It is so frustrating to spend hours trying to untangle necklaces.

This jewelry box may have space to hold a medium-size collection, but it does not do so comfortably. When the box is full, the jewelry looks congested making it difficult to find your favorite pair without likely knocking another piece off. Remember the faux leather material, you need to keep it away from tear lest it gets damaged. The PU leather also has a smell that is not so pleasant.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Multi-functional
  • Different colors available


  • Faux leather can easily tear
  • Very small for some people

4. Kendal Real Wood/Wooden Jewelry Box Case

This jewelry box is meant to keep earrings only. It has a compact size that allows enough space to fit only 55 pairs of earrings or studs.

There is not space for a large collection. Earrings that dangle can also fit in this box provided they are not extra long.

The price is affordable and you can use it for storing earrings and rings too. If you like you can put the necklace chains in the smaller compartments, but that is not really necessary.

This is because there is a high chance of your delicate neck chains getting tangled up and creating knots that prove difficult to detangle.

The clear top of the box is made of glass which is something extra appealing for jewelry boxes in this price category. The box is color gray and made of very soft velvet material. Although the gray is nice, other colors would look good too.

For more security, the case is lockable. The transparent top allows you to see all your earrings at once, making it easy for you to find the pair you are looking for, you do not need to search in the drawers.

All said and done, shipping of this earring box is a bit of an issue, the glass is fragile and runs the risk of breaking when in transit. Some people have also reported this box having a bad smell and that the earring slots do not hold the earrings in place, the earrings keep shaking around.


  • Can be locked
  • Affordable
  • Meant for earrings only


  • Fragile glass
  • Earrings not held in place
  • Comes in only one color

5. KLOUD City Jewelry Box Organizer

This is another one of those options you wouldn’t let pass by you when looking for the best box to hold all your earrings. Each compartment is of different size and can fit different types of earrings.

There are also slots available that you can use to store bracelets or pendants. This box comes in two colors: black and light blue, although a wider range of colors would have been nice.

The inside of this box is lined with black velvet and the exterior is made of a double-layered lint of medium density fiberboard. This fiberboard is stronger than plywood.

Apart from these aesthetic features, this case can be locked. It features a lock and a key that you can carry around. However, some customers have complained of the lock not locking completely.

This jewelry case has a removable tray that has a large enough space to store big earrings, bracelets, or bangles. This is the perfect size of earring storage box if you have a medium-sized collection.

Unfortunately, this medium-sized box does not have space for individual earring storage, there is no option but to pile all the earrings together in the available space. If you have any sterling silver earrings, make sure they are stored separately in another box so that they do not tarnish. If you store all of the earrings together and the sterling silver tarnishes, you will need to polish them.


  • Durable
  • Spacious detachable tray
  • Can be locked


  • Limited number of compartments
  • Difficult to lock

Best Pick: Glenor Co Earring Organizer

All the jewelry boxes on this list are great choices for storing and organizing your jewelry, but the Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder stands out from the rest. Here is a recap of the reasons this box tops the list:

  • Compartments of different sizes for individual earrings storage
  • 50 compartments to accommodate a large collection
  • Designed specifically for earrings
  • Drawers are easy to pull out
  • Makes a great jewelry box for traveling
  • Has a mirror on the inside
  • Comes in neutral colors

Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder

There are many advantages of this box with countable disadvantages, thus making it to the top of my list of the best jewelry cases for earring storage.

Tell us about your thoughts on these jewelry boxes.

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