5 Best Initial Necklaces

5 Best Initial Necklaces

Necklaces bearing initial letters are rapidly becoming popular among the best jewelry that people prefer today.

Neckless pieces with letters are becoming the jewelry choice to attract attention on different occasions. They can also be worn with several types of outfits. You most probably have seen these necklaces being worn by regular teenagers or even famous people like Taylor Swift and Chloe Grace Moretez.

necklace with initial

There are many reasons why most jewelry lovers have turned to necklaces with initials as their favorite choice of jewelry pieces.

Initial necklaces do not only portray an individual’s identity they also project a classy and fashionable appeal. These necklaces greatly compliment one’s look.

The following is a detailed review of necklaces with initial letters. You are going to learn about:

  • What is a letter necklace?
  • Types of necklaces with letters
  • Are necklaces with letters just for women?
  • Reasons for wearing a necklace with an initial
  • Our Overall Best Pick

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace
  • 14K rose gold plated
  • Nickel-free, lead-free, hypoallergenic
  • Perfect gift for special occasions
HolyFast Zirconia Pendant Love Necklace
  • Stylish but affordable
  • Comes with a thoughtful “One In A Million” message
  • Chain doesn’t break easily


CUINOFOR Gold Plated Opal Necklace
  • Corrosion, rust, and tarnish free
  • More hypoallergenic
  • Made from high quality 316L stainless steel


Sannyra Heart Pendant Initial Necklace
  • Smooth 18K gold plating
  • Seamless hammer textured finish
  • Lead-free, mercury-free, and tarnish-free
Tarsus Gold Plated Initial Necklace
  • Unisex letter necklace
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Durable chain


Best Pick: PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

  • Plated with 14-karat rose gold
  • Hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free
  • A special gift for a loved one

PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

Necklaces with letters make a special gift to a loved one since they can be customized with the individual’s initials to carry deep meaning. The wearer can also have immeasurable emotional and sentimental value for the necklace. There are many necklaces with initials in several jewelry stores in the market. Out of all available, only five made it to our list of the best with PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace being the best overall.

Why did this particular necklace make it to the top?

This necklace is made from totally harmless materials: nickel and lead. It is also not likely to cause allergic reactions making it the best if you have sensitive skin. It also has a smooth finish which makes it the perfect jewelry to gift someone.

This necklace has a circular pendant that features a nicely and deeply engraved initial. The initial can be any alphabetical letter intended to represent any information that is important to the wearer, say the date of birth, name, or alma mater.

5 Best Initial Necklaces

Without further ado, here is a quick list of the best letter necklaces in the market

  1. PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace
  2. CUINOFOR Gold Plated Opal Necklace
  3. HolyFast Zirconia Pendant Love Necklace
  4. Tarsus Gold Plated Initial Necklace
  5. Sannyra Heart Pendant Initial Necklace

What is an Initial Letter Necklace?

A letter necklace is a chain with a pendant that has a centerpiece featuring a specific alphabetical letter. In most cases, the letter symbolizes something important to the wearer. These can be initials for the name of the wearer, the month of birth, a special event, or the initials of someone special. This pendant necklace is also called an initial necklace and is one of the types of necklaces that can be worn in several ways.

This kind of necklace is always regarded as the most personalized among all types of jewelry since they are worn mostly to sport the initials engraved in it. When having the necklace engraved, you have the luxury of choosing from all the 26 letters of the alphabet. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want uppercase or lowercase.

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Common initial charms are found in silver or gold necklaces. These are a multifunctional jewelry choice since it can be worn during any occasion whether casual or formal. It is the perfect choice of jewelry for routine casual outfits like button-down tops or turtle necks.


Types of Necklaces with Initials

Choosing the kind of letter neck chain is not an easy task, you have to decide on factors such as design, form, and which letter to go for. There are a variety of necklaces that have different features in most of the jewelry stores.

To start with, you have to look at one of the standard initial necklaces that have only one letter. You will find most single letter pendants in 3×3-31/2 cm size. The letter can be engraved in italic, old English design, or bold. Apart from a single letter, you can also find a pendant that has a letter and a number. While the letter represents say the name of the wearer, the number could be used to symbolize additional meaning to the letter.

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There is also a pendant set constituting a number, a letter, as well as a charm worth considering. The charm can be made of diamonds or a birthstone; it depends on what you prefer. Of the three types of letter necklaces, this particular type of necklace is the most expensive.

One other popular type is a sideways neck chain that bears two initials representing both names of the wearer. Whichever the letter necklace type you choose, keep in mind that the most important thing is what the initial, number, or charm means.

Are Necklaces with Letters Just for Women?

Of course not!

A necklace with letters or numbers can be enjoyed by men just the same way women wear. However, how they are designed seems to suggest that they are meant only for women. Women in most cases are fond of wearing necklaces that bear initials, the reason most of them have feminine designs.

Why Wear Necklace with an Initial

In the recent past, neck chains bearing initials and or numbers have gained popularity. Here are justifiable reasons for you to stop by your nearest jewelry store and get one for yourself.

Fashionable Trend

Celebrities and other popular personalities normally set trends and influence others towards adopting the same. They are good at wearing fashionable outfits or creating their fashion styles while collaborating with famous designers. As mentioned earlier, celebrities have been spotted adorning sporting letter neck chains, monogram necklaces, and that line of jewelry designs. Just to mention but a few Meghan Markle, Chloe Grace Moretez, Sarah Hyland, and Taylor Swift have been seen wearing necklaces with initials.

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Initials Meaning

Out of all jewelry types worn, letter necklaces carry the most meaning. Therefore, whichever necklace you pick, the initials engraved in it must carry important meaning to you.

Whether the engraving is a number, single letter or multiple letters the necklace should represent a piece of important information belonging to the wearer. Such information can be a name, special date (wedding or birthday), or anything else.

Some level of creativity can help add extra meaning when the necklaces with letter or numbers are worn by a couple, members of the same family, or a group of friends.

Self Appreciation

Necklaces engraved with initials are the best way to appreciate and show self-love by having the pendant engraved with the initials of your name. This is the best way to send a powerful statement to the people around you about how much you love yourself and your well-being.

This necklace is also a good way to improve self-confidence and self-esteem, it helps you to believe and rely on your capabilities.

5 Best Letter Necklaces

1. PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

This single letter neck chain from PAVOI is one of the greatest ways to show off your amazing personality.

There is a complete range of necklaces each with one of the 26 letters in the alphabet and gives you a chance to show a symbol, of something special to you. It could be your alma mater, a loved one, or your pet.

PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

This necklace is set in 14K white gold plating with a soft finishing to make sure it shines for years to come. It is hypoallergenic and free from both nickel and lead. You can rest assured that your skin is 100% protected from allergic reactions.

The PAVOI box packaging has a sleek design that looks gorgeous and can make a perfect gift for your mother, child, or spouse. This necklace is a combination of style and beauty.


  • Available in all 26 letters
  • Rose gold plate with smooth finishing
  • Free from allergic reactions
  • Lead and nickel free


  • Not good to wear every day
  • Delicate chain
  • Prolonged use leads to gold plate peeling

2. CUINOFOR Gold Plated Opal Necklace

CUINOFOR brings you one of the best quality opal initial necklaces with a gold plate.

316L stainless steel is the main material used to construct this metal. This material is known to be resistant to corrosion, rust, and does not get ruined easily.

This necklace is hypoallergenic unlike other necklaces with initial.

CUINOFOR Gold Plated Opal Necklace

This necklace has a blue opal pendant with an 8mm diameter. The letter is engraved on one of the sides of the pendant. The chain measures 16 inches in length with a 2.4 inches room for extension. The necklace is packaged in a grey jewelry box that comes with an additional pouch to use for gifting a special someone.

This piece however is more expensive than other letter necklaces on this list. Be prepared to spend approximately $6 to $10 more on CUINOFOR gold plated opal necklace.


  • Does not corrode, rust, or tarnish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made using the best stainless steel quality
  • Beautiful necklace box and pouch


  • Short-chain
  • Not good for adults
  • More expensive

3. HolyFast Zirconia Pendant Love Necklace

This is our chosen initial necklace for all your formal occasions. It is an elegant piece made of zirconia from HolyFast.

Just like PAVOI necklace, this also offers all the 26 letters engraved on a pendant curved into a heart shape. The letter at the centerpiece is laid by hand using cubic zirconia.

HolyFast Zirconia Pendant Love Necklace

This handmade necklace has an 18 inches chain with an extension allowance of 2 inches. The necklace also has a gold plate that makes it shine. It makes great jewelry for women of all age groups. As an addition, the necklace comes with a card with the words “One In A Million” for extra personalization.


  • Accompanied by a thoughtful message
  • Affordable
  • Strong chain


  • Ruins easily
  • Turns green when in contact with water
  • The clasp is not durable

4. Tarsus Gold Plated Initial Necklace

You weren’t going to miss this! An initial necklace that can be worn by both men and women.

Of all the necklaces on this list, this is the best gift you can give to your mother, daughter, wife, niece, grandmother, grandfather or any member of your family or friend.

This is a 14K gold plated neckpiece that does not tarnish easily.

Tarsus Gold Plated Initial Necklace

The chain is as long as 17 inches with a 2-inch extension. You will feel very comfortable with this necklace on your neck. Additionally, it is accompanied by a jewelry pouch.


  • For both men and women
  • Resistant to tarnish
  • Long-lasting chain


  • Letters engraved in different sizes
  • The letter in the pendant is too big compared to the chain
  • Not friendly to sensitive skin

5. Sannyra Heart Pendant Initial Necklace

This is an 18K pendant designed with the shape of a heart. It sports a hammer texture finishing that gives it an easily noticeable elegance. Sannyra Heart Pendant Initial necklace can make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones who are female. The pendant is a good way to feature any letter that uniquely expresses your love, it simply compliments the necklace set.

Sannyra Heart Pendant Initial Necklace

With the initial necklace comes a pretty gift box and a message reading “Just For You” to give to your loved one on a wedding anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, Christmas or any other special day.


  • Finished with a seamless hammer texture
  • Free from lead, mercury, and tarnish
  • 18-karat gold plating


  • Pendant small for adults
  • Fragile chain
  • Depth of engraved letters not deep

Best Pick: PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

Your search for the best gift to give your wife on your wedding anniversary ends here. This 14K letter necklace with rose gold plating is the ideal jewelry.

PAVOI Rose Gold Plated Letter Necklace

It looks simple but oozes all the elegance and sophistication. This indeed is the jewelry you should surprise someone with on a birthday, wedding, graduation, or mothers’ day.

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