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Top 5 Best 3-Way Friend Necklaces

Are you planning to get your friends and family a 3-way neckless?

Well then, look no further. In this guide we will tackle:

  • What is a 3-way friendship necklace?
  • How to pick out a friendship necklace?
  • Reasons why girls like to wear friendship necklaces?
  • Top picks for 3-way friendship necklaces.


If you have a good friend then you know all the memories need to be cherished and remembered. The best way to show this deep connection is a fashionable friendship necklace.

Looking for a friendship necklace is not a hard activity. There is a wide variety of such jewelry. They also come in several beautiful designs that are appealing to so many people.

To make the friendship necklace extra special than using a unique symbol is the best way to go. The symbol should be one that matches that special connection.

Let’s start!

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YeeQin 3PCS We Will Always Be Connected Necklace Set

  • Does not distort, rust, or get dump
  • Puzzle necklace set
  • Best gift for friends and sisters

The YeeQin 3-piece BFF Puzzle Necklace Set is a wonderful gift for your friends or family. This jewelry can either be used as a key chain or a necklace.

For durability, the piece is made using stainless steel. This means you and your close friends will have this jewelry for a very long time. Just like your friendships.

To add to its elegance, the jewelry is packed in a YeeQin velvet jewelry bag. Tighten the bonds of your friendship with the YeeQin 3PCS neckless set.

Top 5 Best 3-Way Friendship Necklaces

Here is a quick list of the best 3-way friendship necklace for you.

  1. YeeQin 3PCS We Will Always Be Connected Necklace Set
  2. Top Plaza BFF Puzzle Friendship Pendant Necklaces Set
  3. MealguetJewelry Gold Plated Three Puzzle We Will Always Be Connected Necklace Set
  4. U7 Personalized BFF Necklace
  5. TISDA BFF Birthstone Puzzle Heart Pendant Necklaces Set

What Is A 3-Way Friendship Necklace?

A 3-way friendship necklace is a piece of jewelry designed for sharing amongst friends, sisters or mother and daughters, or even siblings. These special bonds deserve a special gift.

Just like the name, the jewelry has 3 parts or items attached to it. These items are identical in theme or design. To make the piece special, the three parts can either be attached together or joined to form a bigger item.

A silver or gold finish is common in this type of jewelry. It is possible to add other ornaments to complement the design. A good ornament to add is a birthstone. It increases the vibe and the color as well. A 3-way necklace can either be customized with the individual names or have a popular expression or phrase common to the friends.



Why Do Girls like to Wear These Necklaces?

Any girl that has shared any meaningful relationship will easily want to have something to symbolize it. They easily spot such kind of jewelry to share with friends, sisters, mothers, or siblings. They wear them mostly for these reasons:

The symbol

The main reason for having a 3-way necklace is to symbolize a relationship. Ladies love symbolizing special moments, memories, and relationships. These necklaces are meant to act as a symbol of closeness, and commitment to the relationship. Additionally, they preserve and cherish all meaningful memories. So, the 3-way necklace has always delivered all these.

Fashion and style

Ladies love items that make a fashion statement. These stylish designs make ladies want to share them with their BFFs. Since this jewelry comes in a wide variety of designs and styles, it can be used to add a touch of glamour to your personalized look. The meaningful messages they carry also make these jewelry fashionable and trendy to wear.


These pieces do not have a timeline attached to them. No matter your age, finding a suitable 3-way necklace to seal the circle of friendship is very possible. For these reasons, the jewelry is very appealing to ladies and their friends or families.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Three-Way Necklaces?


If you are surprising your friends with something meant to represent your friendship, it has to be a quality product. Here are the factors to consider before making that purchase decision.

The design

The jewelry market is filled with plenty of designs for such necklaces. They are most likely to be very attractive and confusing. They range from separate pendants with similar designs, a puzzle set, or even heart-shaped pieces. To make work easy, go for one that matches the value of the relationship and your friend’s personality.


Material used

Always go for a material that is durable. Stainless steel is the best. Stainless steel does not corrode, rust nor discolor. As an added advantage it is hypoallergenic. This means your friends won’t have an allergic reaction to your gift.

Custom made

When shopping for a 3-way necklace, you’ll notice that most of them already have expressions or phrases embedded in them. You can decide to pick from them or go for something more unique and personalized. With this option, you can engrave a more personal touch making it more meaningful. My advice is to go for a customized piece.

Top Selections For Three-Way Necklaces Reviewed

YeeQin 3 PCS We Will Always Be Connected Necklace Set

If you love fashionable and multifunction jewelry, YeeQin necklace is the best option.

This piece works as both an elegant necklace and a simple key chain.

To add more meaning to the set, the is an awesome message engraved. It reads ‘We Will Always Be Together’


This set will last you and your friends a long time. It is made using stainless steel. This ensures the set is rust, tarnish, and discoloration safe. It is also skin-friendly as it does not have any harmful chemicals. The set is nice for any gifting occasion since it is packaged with a jewelry bag.



  • Stainless steel is safe from rust
  • Can be used as a key chain or a neckless
  • The chain is sturdy and thick


  • Easily breaks
  • Easy to open the bail
  • Scratches easily

Top Plaza BFF Puzzle Friendship Pendant Necklaces Set

Friends that believe in equity will love this set. Top Plaza BFF Puzzle Friendship Necklace Set is designed such that each friend gets an equal share of the heart. The set has 3 pendants. The words ‘best’, ‘friend’, ‘forever’ are respectively written on the pendants. When the pendants are joined together they create a heart shape.

The necklace is made using handmade alloy. For additional appeal, the pieces are bejeweled with a rhinestone.



The chain has a length of up to 20.5 inches. Furthermore, this set has a Top Plaza gift bag.


  • Has a 4 piece set
  • Pieces are all bejeweled with rhinestones
  • Has a branded gift bag.


  • Easily breaks
  • It is not water-resistant
  • Scratches and discolors easily

MealguetJewelry Gold Plated Three Puzzle We Will Always Be Connected Necklace Set

If you want something glamourous for you and your friends, the Mealguet Jewellery Gold Plated Three Puzzle Necklace set is what you are looking for. It is similar to our first entry. There are a few differences though. The first can work as both a key chain and necklace, while this set is only a necklace. The first one is in gold whereas this set is in Gold.

It has a length of up to 19 inches. The necklaces are accessorized with a beautiful 18k gold polished finish.


For safekeeping and gifting, the set comes with a velvet jewelry bag.


  • The stainless steel is rust, corrosion, and tarnish free
  • Its color lasts longer due to the vacuum ion plating
  • Well polishing and finishing
  • 18k gold plating


  • The chain breaks easily
  • It is not resistant to scratch

U7 Personalized BFF Necklace

For those that love personal touches on their jewelry here is one for you. This piece allows you to add something more personal to it.

It, therefore, bears more meaning when worn.

TheU7 Personalized BFF Necklaceoffers you several steps to customize the whole set.


The options available include choosing between gold, stainless or black necklaces. You can then pick the letters, words, symbols, or numbers you want to engrave on the plate.



  • Can be personalized
  • 316L Stainless steel is durable
  • Lasting colors
  • Three colors to choose from


  • Prone to mistakes due to customizing
  • Delivery takes longer since it’s a customized purchase
  • Only 18 inches of chain length

TISD BFF Birthstone Puzzle Heart Pendant Necklaces Set

All best friends share one heart. TISD BFF Puzzle Heart Pendant Necklaces Set clearly portrays this belief. The set has 3 pieces, equally divided. When joined, the three pieces make a complete heart shape. Each of the pieces in the set is jewel-toned with a colorful rhinestone. This improves the glare.

There is a 20-inch long alloy on the chain that secures the pendant which is 1.8″.


This gift set has its own beautiful gift box and a soft wipe cloth


  • Elegant gift box
  • A wiping cloth
  • Good for adorning daily


  • The chain easily breaks off
  • Discolours easily
  • Quickly tarnishes

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