5 Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

5 Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

Friends play an important role in our lives. Having a friend and more so one you consider the best is something you most likely value.

There are many ways to show your bestie how much you love and care for them but none beats gifting him or her a great piece of a friendship bracelet.

Bracelets meant for best friends have been in the jewelry market for a long time. You can find them in several styles made of different kinds of materials.

adult best friend bracelets

Most friendship bracelets have either ropes or bangles. However, not all bangles are long-lasting. Similarly, not all ropes in bracelets are the same. With all the different bracelet styles in the market, it can get a little daunting when trying to select the best piece for your best friend.

Below you will get a review of the best BFF bracelets for adults as well as information about:

  • The best friendship bracelets that can be worn by adults
  • Is it cheap or expensive to buy adult best friend bracelets?
  • The most important things to look for when selecting the best bracelets for you and your friend
  • Cleaning your bracelet
  • the 5 best pick
  • And a lot more!
1. BTYSUN Bracelets for Women
  • Choose your quote
  • Surgical steel
  • Expandable
2. BOCHOI Distance Bracelets for Best Friend
  • Goes with everything
  • Gift card
  • Adjustable


3. Katie Loxton A Little Reminder Charm Bangle Bracelet
  • Looks expensive
  • Comes with Poem
  • Dangly heart charm


4. CDE Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet
  • Trendy infinity design
  • Solid 925 sterling silver
  • Adjustable


5. Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets
  • Multiple colors
  • Goes toward Charity
  • Waterproof


Best Pick: BTYSUN Bracelets for Women

  • Choose from several inspirational quotes
  • Can be stretched
  • Fashionable cuff design

BTYSUN Bracelets for Women

My number one pick for the best bracelets for adult best friends is this piece from BTYSUN. This bracelet is small and pretty and is the best choice for best friends who want to inspire each other through inspirational quotes.

There are more than 30 different inspirational quotes for this BTYSUN Bracelets for Women, all available in the sassy and sweet language. The quotes also feature different icons at the end.

The bracelets are adjustable and can be worn either as one piece or multiple bracelets stack on each other. If you have been looking for a bracelet set that you can use to make your best friend understand how much they mean to you then you have found it.

5 Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

  1. BTYSUN Bracelets for Women
  2. CDE Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet
  3. Katie Loxton A Little Reminder Charm Bangle Bracelet
  4. Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets
  5. BOCHOI Distance Bracelets for Best Friend

What are Friendship Bracelets for Adults?

Best friend bracelets originated from Central America. The first friendship bracelets were woven using ropes or beads.

There are many bracelets in the market with the same beaded and rope styles today.

Friendship bracelets are also known as long-distance bracelets and are used to symbolize the bond shared between best friends. Apart from friends, these jewelry pieces also make the perfect gift pack for sisters, brothers, mothers, child or bridesmaids.

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Are Adult Best Friend Bracelets Cheap?

In general, jewelry pieces mean for friends are not expensive and BFF bracelets fall in the same category too. Best friend bracelets are made using inexpensive materials like leather, stainless steel, beads, rope, or string, which makes their final price less expensive.

However, there are a couple of best friend bracelets that may have higher prices than average the few exceptions include charm bracelets since they are meant to add on.

Bracelets that are made using solid metals like gold, platinum, or sterling silver will cost more. The same applies to BFF bracelets that have real diamonds or a birthstone.

Expensive bracelets are also ones that are branded. The common ones include friendship bracelets branded with Ani, Alex, or Pandora.

Choosing Bracelets for You and Your Friend

The most important thing you should be looking for when buying friendship bracelets for adults is how long the jewelry piece is going to last.

After all, the bracelet is supposed to symbolize how long your friendship has or is going to last.

You also want to own bracelets that cannot be lost easily. While cuff bracelets look very beautiful, they do very well making you feel like you are about to lose it.

The bracelet must fit your wrist very well too. Go for bangle bracelets that have clasps that close with ease and whose hinges do not easily become loose.

Do not just concentrate on fashion statements made by the bracelet but consider how practical the bracelet is too. It should be stylish as well as practical.

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Cleaning Your Bracelet

The widely accepted and effective way of cleaning bracelets and friendship bracelets, in particular, is using a mixture of water and mild soap. A toothbrush with soft bristles should be used to scrub the bracelet to get rid of any stains and extra dirt. Once done, you should pat dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.

If you have a friendship bracelet made of solid gold, you may want to clean it using a commercial cleaner. For example, if you have a bangle bracelet made of solid gold, clean it with a commercial gold jewelry cleaner.

For a sterling silver bracelet, you should be extra careful as its commercial cleaner has harsh chemicals which may erode the bracelet’s polish and any antiquing on the jewelry. Any rhodium plates on the bracelet will also be affected the same way.

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Best Place to Buy Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

There is a couple of places from where you can buy the best friend bracelet for adults but the best place is online at Amazon. You are going to need a lot of luck buying this kind of bracelets in local jewelry stores.

Amazon offers several styles of best friend bracelets 2 (for both men and women).

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If Amazon is not your liking, go to eBay, where you will get less expensive varieties of friendship bracelets for adults. Etsy is a good place too, although their pieces are more expensive because they are handmade.

Best Friend Bracelets for Adults (Review)

1. BTYSUN Bracelets for Women

BTYSUN Bracelets for Women

This friendship bracelet makes it to the top of my list since it is a great choice for the modern-day woman and her best friend.

This beautiful cuff bracelet is made using surgical stainless steel, so you can rest assured that it will not stain, rust, or tarnish.

This bracelet scores high points with its great customization options. There are more than 50 different quotes that you can choose from for every pair of bracelets you pick for your friendship. There are quotes for any kind of friendship you may have, be it with your friend, spouse, or parent.

This bracelet is not only durable but also flexible enough to be adjusted to fit your wrist size. You can also put it on casual or formal occasions.

By observation, this cuff bracelet is plain silver with arrows on each of the ends.


  • Can be stretched
  • Has sentimental aspect
  • Can be stacked on each other


  • A little noisy
  • Not ideal for some activities

2. CDE Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet

CDE Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet

This particular bracelet stands out from the rest of the items on this list.

This friendship bracelet has the common, fashionable and meaningful infinity symbol with a row of crystals in a line to the center of the jewelry. This infinity symbol works very well to show your BFF that your friendship is going to last forever.

On the side of the bracelet is a heart charm and you can choose what stone color to put in. this bracelet is made using the purest grade of sterling silver and features a rose gold color. There is the option for silver color as well. I am a little discouraged thinking that for its price tag it is not 14K rose gold plated.

This BFF is a little expensive compared to other items on this list, maybe because of the 925 sterling silver. The price is also due to the dainty look that makes it appear classy and expensive.


  • Varying stone colors
  • Can be adjusted
  • Infinity symbolic meaning


  • More expensive
  • Not plated with gold

3. Katie Loxton A Little Reminder Charm Bangle Bracelet

Katie Loxton A Little Reminder Charm Bangle Bracelet

Katie Loxton is one of those brands that endeavor to make sure you get classy and fashionable jewelry pieces plus other accessories at a budget-friendly price.

From them comes this charm bracelet that has its charm heart logo on it.

Although the bracelet looks like silver that has a gold charm, there is no trace of gold or silver in the elements of this jewelry piece. It is made of stainless steel.

This bracelet is elastic but not adjustable. The elasticity may not be an advantage to some people as it can cause some hairs to be pulled from the skin. The bracelet has beads that can be moved around.

This bracelet is perfect for women as it has more feminine features and can be used to add a statement to your appearance on any occasion.

This friendship bracelet comes with a card that states: “This golden heart I give to you, you have been a heart of gold, and it’s true.” Aren’t these the right words to tell your long-time friend?


  • Comes with a short poem
  • Looks a¬†little expensive
  • Heart charm dangles


  • Cannot be adjusted
  • Elastic string may hurt
  • High price tag

4. Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets

Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets

If you are a lover of handmade jewelry, then you definitely will love this friendship bracelet. It has been hand-made using bundled wax strings by Pura Vida, an artisan company in Costa Rica.

This bracelet has been made in such a way that it can be adjusted. You can choose from more than 10 different blends of color with only a few of them being neutral.

If your friendship is casual, then these color combinations will work well for you and your friend. You are also not going to be deterred from carrying out any activity when you have this bracelet on.

While most people do not really go for rope bracelets because of durability issues, the rope used by Pura Vida is completely waterproof. You don’t have to worry about the rope being damaged when you go swimming.

The bracelet features a charm with the letter P that represents the Pura Vida brand. How I wish they had a symbol that is friendlier to friendships.

Pura Vida says through the sale of their products, they raise funds to help more than 140 charity activities. This means that your purchase also benefits other people other than yourself.


  • Several colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Funds directed to charity


  • Looks simple
  • Too casual

5. BOCHOI Distance Bracelets for Best Friend

BOCHOI Distance Bracelets for Best Friend

This is a set of bracelets that is very affordable especially for couples or unisex BFFs.

This bracelet is made using a single stainless steel bead, threaded and adjustable all handmade with a rope.

This friendship bracelet is simple and features color combinations that are great for any event. The bracelet also comes packed with a gift card, which you can gift to your friend on his or her special day.

This bracelet set has a lower price tag than most other bracelets on Amazon. However, this is not the ideal piece if you are looking for a bracelet that is classy or flashy.

With BOCHOI, you can also get other bracelet styles like heart bracelets that have a stainless steel heart in place of a round look.


  • Comes with a gift card
  • Compliments other accessories
  • Can be adjusted


  • Too plain
  • Prone to scratches

Best Pick: BTYSUN Bracelets for Women

You now have an idea of the best five bracelets for adult best friends are. All of the items reviewed are great jewelry adornments but the best of the best is BTYSUN Bracelets for Women.

Just a recap of why this particular piece is the best on my list:

  • Adjustable
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Modern look
  • Comes with a gift card
  • Minimalist
  • Carries sentimental aspect

With this in mind, hurry up and get a matching bracelet set for you and your best friend from Amazon today.

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