5 Best Friend Rings For 3

5 Best Friend Rings For 3

Do you want to buy the best friendship rings for you and your two other friends?

Look no further. In this jewelry guide we will tackle:

  • What best friend ring represents?
  • The cost of the best 3-way friend rings
  • Top picks for 3-way friendship rings
  • What to engrave on the friendship ring for 3?

best friend rings for 3

Check below for the products topping the list. To get more information about choosing and using rings for best friends, keep scrolling.

Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings
  • Adjustable
  • Inspirational Positive Message
  • Tons of Customization Options


Personalized Sterling Silver Rings
  • Stone and name personalization
  • Sterling silver
  • Lifetime warranty


Long Tiantian 3-Piece Adjustable Rings
  • Adjustable
  • Wide ring size ranges
  • Comfortable to wear


Gem Stone King Stainless Steel Rings
  • Looks like gold
  • Simple, classy design
  • Lifetime warranty


3PCS Personalized Custom Engraved Name Initial Rings
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Personalize 3 names and stones
  • 3 separate gift boxes


Best Pick: Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings

  • Flexible
  • Inspiring Positive Message
  • Variety of options for customizing

My top pick for this 3-way friendship ring is the Inspirational Positive Message Opening Ring.

Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings

The main reason for this is that this piece has more than 25 varieties of phrases to pick from. It is best for 3 friends to use as a symbol of their relationship.

This ring comes in different colors plated in brass. They include yellow gold, rode gold-tone, and cute silver.

One of the best features of this ring is it’s easy to adjust and very comfortable on the finger. If the ring is big, press with your fingers to tighten it.

The ring is designed to be very adorable. This makes it a perfect gift for anyone. It can be baby boomers, teenagers, and any other group of close friends.

5 Best Friend Rings for 3

Quickly check out this list of the top 5 best choices for the ‘BFF rings for three’. For information about these collections, keep reading.

  1. Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings
  2. Personalized Sterling Silver Rings
  3. Long Tiantian 3-Piece Adjustable Rings
  4. Gem Stone King Stainless Steel Rings
  5. 3PCS Personalized Custom Engraved Name Initial Rings

What Does a Best Friend Ring Stand For?

Close friends will tell you that best friend rings are the perfect symbol of appreciation. The rings also indicate the friends’ willpower to keep the friendship going.

For a 3-way friendship ring to be awesome, it has to be in triplicate with a compelling message. The message needs to make sense only when the rings are fit together.

This ring is fancy and can be worn any time, any day, and on special days such as International Friendship Day.

What Can be Engraved on a Best Friend Ring for 3?

Getting what to engrave on your ring and those of your two other friends should not be a hard task. Think of the moments you cherished together, places you visited together, activities you did together, or those quotes that represent who you are as friends.

Similar to pendant necklaces, engraving dates on friendship rings, engagement rings and wedding bands is popular. The dates could be birthdays or a special date you wish to commemorate such as an anniversary.

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You can also engrave phrases on the rings. There are very many different phrases available for you to use. Choose from ‘I love you’ ‘best friends forever always and forever’ or ‘BFFs for life.

Moreover, you can pick out those phrases unique to your friends or those words you picked up throughout your friendship.

If phrases do not work for you, symbols will. Go for symbols bearing special and personal meaning to you and your friends. Common symbols include crosses, stars, animals, automobile emblems, and many more.

Is it Expensive to Buy 3-Way Friend Rings?

3-way friendship rings are relatively cheap.

For friendship, jewelry focuses on creativity and meaning and not luxury.

There are a variety of designs and types of best friend rings. Their designs are very creative and imaginative and you are likely to get overwhelmed in the chasm.

If you are ready to spend a little more money, platinum and classic gold best friend rings are a good choice. They are not as costly as diamond rings.

The perfect addition to your friendship ring is a gemstone. There are new arrivals that add a nice touch to it.

There are those pieces that are rather costly. Always be on standby for the discounts, offers, and price tags.


Best  Friend Rings For 3 (Reviews)

1. Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings

Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings

If you love shiny rings then this one is perfect for you. It is made using brass metal that is very durable. It can further be polished with different colors depending on what you choose. It is a piece that your friends will love, just as much as you will.

There are several phrases for you to choose from. This makes this ring special for any occasion like family gatherings, weddings, or even birthday parties.

You can have this piece shipped to you by MePlus. There are awesome aftersale services put in place for you after buying this ring.


  • Suits 3 people
  • Variety of options to customize


  • Few ring sizes
  • Easily tarnishes

2. Personalized Sterling Silver Rings

This ring is a high-end piece of jewelry. It comes as only one ring yet prettier than most of the other rings.

There are few personalization rings available. You can engrave names on these rings. The major complaint is it they do not look as good.

Personalized Sterling Silver Rings

This friendship ring is of very high quality. The ring is made from cubic zirconia and solid 25 sterling silver simulated birthstone. These rings can be found in big jewelry though they will cost a little more than natural gemstones.

Even so, you can get the three birthstones accompanied by 3 names and inscriptions on the inner part of the ring for a lesser price. This ring also has plenty of personalization options available.

There are accessories accompanying this ring. A jewelry box and a cleaning cloth accompany these rings. You also get a 2-year warranty for free against the stones and tarnish. There is a 30-day replacement warranty as well. Customer service for this friendship ring responds within 48 hours.


  • A 2-year warranty
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • 3 birthstones, personalized names, and inside inscription


  • A single ring
  • Simulated stones

3. Long Tiantian 3-Piece Adjustable Rings

This is an adjustable best friend ring set. It is made of elegant sterling silver and suits BFFs of any age group.

The set has each piece with a different design. Each piece is handcrafted to suit your friends’ personalities. Hence it is a very thoughtful gift.

The set has rose gold and gold variants. These cute designs make the set stackable and very simple.

Long Tiantian 3-Piece Adjustable Rings

There is a wide variety of ring sizes. These sizes can fit any size of a finger. The available ring size for Long Tiantian ranges from size 5-12.

You can also put this stackable ring together with different gold jewelry. Combine it with lockets, friendship necklaces, and any other pieces of jewelry. It makes a beautiful gift to a necklace set.


  • Extra comfortable
  • A variety of ring sizes


  • Outer rings are noisy
  • Causes finger discoloration

4. Gem Stone King Stainless Steel Rings

If you want a subtle piece, then this rings cuts it. Your friends will love this ring.

The 3 piece set is made of stainless steel and features a trifecta look similar to yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

Gem Stone King Stainless Steel Rings

It works best for those friends that do not wear funky or flashy jewelry to professional settings but need jewelry to symbolize their friendship.

Gem Stone King is a reputable retailer at Amazon. They are known for their affordable rings. The awesome thing about them is that they have a free lifetime warranty. You can also get a full refund if you don’t like the ring.


  • Gold like look
  • Fancy design
  • Warranty lasting a lifetime


  • Can’t be resized

5. 3PCS Personalized Custom Engraved Name Initial Rings

This set is similar to the high-end product but it is way cheaper and personalized.

This set is made using sterling silver. The simulated gemstones glued in are either glass or crystals. They look rather cheap but still do the work.

3PCS Personalized Custom Engraved Name Initial Rings

It is best to leave these rings separated as they do not look beautiful when stacked together. They are well known in mother’s jewelry.

As an added advantage, there are 3 gift boxes that come with the ring. Furthermore, there is a 1-year free lifetime warranty and a 90 defective exchange too.


  • They are hypoallergenic
  • A single year lifetime warranty
  • Variety of personalization options.


  • Cheap look
  • Shipping takes long

Best Pick: Inspirational Positive Message Opening Rings

To make best friends ring more special, inscribing a message in it is the best way. This is what MePlus does with their pieces. There are over 28 phrases to pick from giving you a variety of phrases you will love.

The ring is coated with a brass band in rose gold, yellow gold, or rose gold tone. All these features combined make an overall best set of best friend rings.

I recommend you buy this ring as a birthday gift for your friends. It makes an elegant gift.

Conclusion: Best Friend Rings For 3

The nicest way to show love to your friends is to give them a best friend ring in addition to a gift card. These rings are easy to find as they are gaining ground in the market. they are also versatile as they are customizable, adjustable among others.

These days, anklets, keychains, and charm necklaces are not the only gifts for your friends. A ring is a unique way to gift them.

Since there are several options of best friend rings in the market finding one is not hard. If they are not in the local store, then you will find them online. The rings come in different metals such as silver, yellow gold, white gold, and many others.

You do not have to spend a lot of money buying friendship jewelry. Just find a beautiful piece then customize it to suit what you like as friends.

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