Best Friend Bracelets for 4

Best Friend Bracelets for 4

There may not be many 4 best friends in real life but you most probably have seen this scenario played in movies and television dramas such as Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or maybe Pretty Little Liars.

So, it’s only appropriate that jewelers should create BFF bracelets for 4. Chances of you finding friendship bracelets for 4 are slim.

bracelet for 4

Most shoppers end up buying one bracelet four times so that each of the members in the group gets one. However, this significantly increases the cost of the friendship bracelets.

In this guide, we are going to learn more about friendship bracelets for 4 including:

  • What are BFF bracelets?
  • Is it cheap or expensive to buy best friend bracelets for 4?
  • What to look for when buying BFF bracelets for 4
  • Cleaning best friend bracelets
  • The best place to buy best friend bracelets for 4
  • And a lot more!

Luckily, I found the best sets of BFF bracelets for 4. You will find below a list of the top 4 products. Keep reading to know more about each of the bracelets and how to choose this jewelry for 4.




VNOX Customize Friendship Jewelry-Set Medical Grade

  • Adjustable
  • Free Engraving
Pinky Promise Bracelets Wish Ritual

  • Individual Cards
  • Unisex
YOYONY Braided Leather Bracelets Genuine Leather

  • Alternative Style
  • Inspiring Messages
BBTO Howlite Black Matte Agate Bracelet Healing Energy

  • 2 Different Styles
  • Versatile
BALIBALI Mini Gemstone Bracelets Stackable

  • Healing Energy
  • Handmade

Overall Best: VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set

  • Engraving for free
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Can be adjusted

VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set


You will definitely fall in love with this VNOX rose gold coated bracelet set, your friends will love it too. You can wear them to any occasion be it casual, formal, or any other.

This bracelet set comes in a thin metal plate that you can engrave some wordings in it, be it names or symbols.

They are made of surgical-grade stainless steel that is water-resistant and causes no allergic reactions. Also, each of the bracelets can be adjusted to fit any of your four wrists.

The good news is that despite all the added attractions, it is not going to dent your wallet. They are high-quality and wallet-friendly bracelets, making them the best pick for best friend bracelets for 4.

5 BFF Bracelets for 4

  1. VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set
  2. Pinky Promise Bracelets
  3. BBTO Howlite Black Matte Agate Bracelets
  4. BALIBALI 4MM Mini Gemstone Energy Bracelets
  5. YOYONY Inspirational Message Braided Leather Bracelets

Best Friend Bracelets for 4

1. VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set

I really love these bracelets.


I already mentioned that it is hard to find best friend bracelets especially when the number of friends increases. VNOX does not only have a set for 4 friends but also 5.

VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set

Underneath the bracelet is surgical-grade stainless steel, so no need to worry if you have sensitive skin. This is the best set you can pick for your friends because they give room for personalization. You can engrave your bestie’s name or a touching phrase in the bar or you can choose to engrave small symbols such as a star or a heart.

The sophisticated style of these bracelets makes them match any outfit whether formal or casual. They are gold plated in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

They all come in black and can be adjusted so that all of your friends get it to fit their wrist sizes. To adjust you need to unclasp the lobster clasp and connect it to the larger or smaller link. You cannot adjust tighter than the last link, so you cannot buy them for children.


  • Nice color choice
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Can be adjusted
  • Free engraving


  • Cannot fit on small wrists

2. Pinky Promise Bracelets

Pipitree brings you friendship bracelets in a variety of colors. The bracelet set consists of 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 black bracelet.

I don’t know why this manufacturer chose these colors but I wish they were 4 different colors. The band is made of wax cotton and is super adjustable. It can be adjusted with lengths between 5 inches and 11 inches.

Pinky Promise Bracelets


At the end of each of the adjusters are a small silver bead and a right smack at the center. The bracelets feature a small tree of life right in the middle of the flat bead. The tree stands for hope.

Each of the bracelets comes with a separate gift card, something not common with other sets of bracelets that come with one card.

These bracelets are commonly referred to as wish bracelets. You simply close your eyes and make a wish while wearing it in either of your wrists. They make the best gift for your BFFs on their special day.

It is assumed that by the time these bracelets wear out, your wish will have already come to pass. This is something to tell your friends.

I love that this bracelet set is unisex. Men are known to be too sensitive with jewelry but your male friends will surely love one of these.


  • Each bracelet has a gift card
  • Carries a wishing ritual
  • Unisex


  • Inconsistent color scheme

3. BBTO Howlite Black Matte Agate Bracelets

BBTO Howlite bracelets have two of the most popular bracelet beads: black agate and howlite. Both of these stones are natural and are believed to have healing powers that people use in crystal healing.

Howlite stone creates a marble effect on the beads making if perfect if you are looking for a little elegance. The black and white contrasting colors of howlite look so admirable.

BBTO Howlite Black Matte Agate Bracelets

Two bracelets in this set are inverted with the bracelet being majorly black agate with a single howlite bead in the middle. The other two bracelets are all white howlite with a single black agate bead.

I believe that when it comes to best friend bracelets for two, or any other friendship jewelry, all of them should look the same. But this is a great way of offering different choices for your besties.

In the set, two bracelets are made of cotton rope while the other two are made of an elastic string. I wonder why they have to be different, shouldn’t all of them be made of the same material?

Elastic strings are good at pulling arm hairs if you are not careful. They can’t be adjusted and will not be the best option if one of you has a large wrist.

Howlite is believed to help in relieving stress and anxiety, it broadens your mind, opens opportunities, and allows wisdom to come in plenty.

It won’t hurt if you become a little wiser after wearing these bracelets.

Black agate is believed to be good in protection. It protects against negative energy and is good at keeping the peace.


  • Healing properties
  • 2 style varieties
  • Worn with anything


  • Cannot be adjusted
  • Elastic string hurts

4. BALIBALI 4MM Mini Gemstone Energy Bracelets

BALIBALI bracelets have tiny natural stones of different colors. The set features 4 different kinds of stones. Each stone carries a separate meaning and healing energy. You get to choose two options from a set of four bracelets.

BALIBALI 4MM Mini Gemstone Energy Bracelets

The image above shows the best friend bracelet for 4 that is made of black agate, snowflake obsidian, golden obsidian, and green aventurine.

We have already mentioned that black agate is a protection stone, it protects against negative energy especially the one that emanates from family issues.

Like black agate, snowflake obsidian also clears negative issues. It also works on your emotions by bringing all the unhealthy thoughts to the surface. Golden Obsidian is thought to protect you from controlling freaks and bring to light hidden talents. Aventurine is believed to bring prosperity.

This set of bracelets is not similar to other items on this list, they are much smaller than the usual 8mm beads that are common. The size is perfect for group members who don’t like bulky bracelets.

Because they are not bulky, it is easy to stack them on each other or other bracelets. The bracelets assume 6.5 to 7 with a bit of room to stretch but it remains nonadjustable.

The beads are connected using an elastic band which is a little uncomfortable especially when it gets tighter. It’s a good thing the beads are set side by side so the elastic is less likely to pull arm hairs.


  • Healing properties
  • Stacked on each other
  • Handmade


  • Elastic
  • No particular choice on color combinations

5. YOYONY Inspirational Message Braided Leather Bracelets

I already mentioned how hard it is to find friendship bracelets for men. This set of bracelets suits men best.

This YOYONY leather bracelets are unisex and are perfect for friends who enjoy outdoor activities. Each of the bracelets has been printed with an inspirational message on it.

YOYONY Inspirational Message Braided Leather Bracelets

One of them has the words “A true friendship is a journey without an end.” What a nice way to gift a BFF who is miles away.

Another is printed “Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart.” This is a good way of having friendship bracelets with a bestie who is far away.

The third and fourth say “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you” and “A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.” Respectively.

How I wish all of them looked the same, it’s not easy to decide which friend gets which bracelet in the set.

If they were all the same, none of your friends would catch feelings. Regardless of which friend gets what, all the bracelets carry the meaning of true friendship.

All the bracelets are made of high-grade pure leather, which means you cannot keep them in water. You will need a damp cloth to wipe the dirt off.

Each bracelet features two snaps for closing, hence the limited adjustment. Adjustment is limited to the first or second metal snap. The manufacturer has not mentioned the metal used. It might be an alloy.

These bracelets look a little different from the rest on this list because of their design and craft. They are perfect if you and your besties don’t like any dainty or traditional jewelry. It’s good for outdoor events and artists.


  • Real leather
  • Motivational quotes
  • Different style
  • Has a velvet pouch


  • Limited adjustment
  • Difficult to clean

What are BFF Bracelets?

Friendship bracelets were first heard of in Central America. The idea of such bracelets originated from there.

I like the way the old-fashioned woven bracelets are still popular in modern society. If your friends like earthy bracelets, tribal, or bohemian style, then rope bracelets will suit them.

Friendship bracelets have evolved over the years to include a variety of materials. You will find BFF bracelets made of volcanic rock that allow you to put essential oils in them. The oils diffuse a nice scent when you wear the bracelet.

Other bracelets come in form of metallic bangles like Alex and Ani, an industry giant famous for stackable bracelets. This brand sells individual bracelets but you can also find a few friendship bracelets.

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Other common bracelets are made of elastic, leather, wax cord, stainless steel, chain, and other materials. Bracelet constructions have since changed from ropes in 1970 to different materials used today.

Are BFF Bracelets Expensive?

There is no one price for all bracelets that can be termed as cheap or expensive. How high or low the price of a friendship bracelet is depends on the materials used.

Sometimes you will find BFF bracelets that are made of strong materials but cost less than weak ones. This may be the case if the bracelet has natural stones, they are handmade or have additional features.

In most cases, the prices are largely determined by the material. BFF bracelets made of medical-grade stainless steel will carry a high price tag compared to those made of elastic.

The priciest friendship bracelets are going to be those made of solid metals like sterling silver, gold, or platinum. The most expensive is a set of platinum friendship bracelets.

You will definitely find it hard to get solid metal friendship bracelets if you are shopping online. You will be better off looking for a professional jeweler to design for you the kind of bracelets you want. You, however, must be ready with your wallet for the high prices labeled on a solid gold bracelet.

Functionality also affects the price of all types of  bracelets. Adjustable bracelets cost more since they can be altered to fit your wrist. Bracelets made of elastic or cord are cheap because they don’t adjust.

Charm bracelets cannot miss on the list of expensive bracelets, but generally, the charm bracelet is not expensive when bought in the singular. The high price of charm bracelets comes from charms with real diamonds, birthstones, or precious metals.

Brands that have a standing reputation in the industry like Pandora and Alex and Ani sell their bracelets at high prices compared to non-popular brands. It’s a good thing charm bracelets build over time, not all at a go.

Some bracelets have stones in them. When the stone is precious, the price goes up. Some bracelets have Swarovski crystals, diamonds, cubic zirconia, or birthstones.

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Buying Best Friend Bracelets for 4

Before you think of buying bracelets for you and your friends, do you know what they like? It is good that no friend in our squad feels left out because of the kind of bracelet they get.

Different people have varying styles and preferences, it’s good to compromise if possible.

Pick a bracelet set that will look good on your friends and last long to work with. I mean pick bracelets that suit the kind of job they do so that the bracelets last long.

If one of your friends works indoors as a secretary filing papers and answering calls, avoid picking a charm bracelet, or clanky metal cuff bracelet for her. Such will attract attention every time the wrist is moved. You may not be able to choose something to favor everybody but this is something worth considering.

Also, select a bracelet set that represents your friendship and carries some meaning to it. Do not concentrate on appearance, practicality, and functionality only.

The best bracelet is not necessarily made of solid gold, it should have sentimental meaning to your friendship.

Cleaning BFF Bracelets for 4

The easiest way to clean bracelets is to use warm water and mild soap. If the bracelet has grooves or stones, use a brush with soft bristles to scrub the dirt away.

Once done, use a paper towel or dry piece of cloth to pat dry. This method works for all kinds of friendship bracelets aside from genuine pearls. Do not immerse pearls in any liquid, instead use a damp cloth and clean each spot.

If your friends like bracelets made of precious metals like gold and sterling silver, and that is what you bought, they made have to buy commercial grade cleaners. Generally, gold cleaners clean any kind of gold.

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You still need the small toothbrush to clean off stubborn dirt. Simply dip the bracelet in the cleaner then rinse with clean water and pat dry.

Sterling silver cleaners have strong chemicals. You should not leave it on the bracelet for long to prevent polish from being stripped off. Because of the high acid level, dip the bracelet in, out, rinse and pat dry.

Best Place to Buy BFF Bracelets for 4

Generally, best friend bracelets are not easy to find. It is harder to find friendship bracelets for adults and even harder when the number of friends increases. I think because traditionally best friend bracelets have been for children.

It’s a good thing online stores like Amazon exist. You can shop there.

Amazon has the widest collection of best friend jewelry for 4. The bracelets come in different styles such as bangle, charm, and rope bracelets.

If you want bohemian or earthy bracelets, try your luck at keep in mind that things sold at Etsy are handmade and their prices are going to be higher than the other stores.

You can also find affordable bracelets at however, eBay can be somewhat confusing for new shoppers. I stick with

Best Overall

All of the items on this list are good bargains and complement your friendship well, but one has to top the list. I choose VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set.

There are more benefits of buying this bracelet set and negligible drawbacks.

VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set


These bracelets are the best for 4 friends because of:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Can be adjusted
  • Can be engraved
  • Plated with gold
  • Dainty
  • Similar bracelets

If you feel this is not the bracelet set that your friends would love, the other sets should do too. These friendship bracelets unite friends both near and far.

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